Pink Guns Are Now Legal in New York

Hey Samantha dear—come on down (once again) to Nassau County, NY and go through the draconian hurdles needed for a pistol license because it is finally legal to possess a pink pistol. Because of an obscure piece of legislation, it was illegal for any of us residents of Nassau County to pack any color other than black. Then came grey, green, and silver. But because of a big fight from a firearm activist group led by Alan Chwick, a judge has just ruled we now can pack any color we want. The reason for the insanity?

They wanted to protect cops from mistaking a real gun for a toy. What did it really do?  Infuriate firearm owners and shopkeeps in the county for yet another silly law making it more difficult to exercise the second. I understand the logic, but aren’t criminals sophisticated with Krylon already? After all, doesn’t the first gateway to the underworld start with graffiti in the Fifth grade?

More importantly for me, does Wilson Combat do cotton candy / bubble gum pink camo? Perhaps Lauer can custom mix me a few batches of Nassau County special Duracoat…


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    The revolva as a fashion accessory? In Noo Yawk? Fuggedaboudit.

  2. avatar John Fritz says:

    Re: Video… Where the hell did those bullets go?? When I watched I though that maybe I’d be able to see the holes in the paper when the camer a got a little closer. But no, what we saw was what we got.

    And I was going to give her credit for not flinching when she shot the empty chamber too. I take that back.

  3. avatar Robert Farago says:

    They went north of the target. One of them clipped the top of the paper (left). Sam’s a magnificent shot with her (used to be my) Smith & Wesson 686, especially with .357s. Go figure.

  4. avatar John Fritz says:

    Robert, her stance and her handling of the revolvers did make it appear that she knew what she was doing. I thought that maybe someone had improperly explained to her how to use the pistol sights???

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Well, anyone will get better at shooting any gun with practice. I have no scientific data on this, but I bet that most snubbie buyers don’t practice much—if at all. Why would they? The guns are difficult to shoot accurately and more than a little painful in the recoil department. This video demonstrates the genre’s inherent unsuitability for self-defense; if a competent shooter can’t hit squat from that distance, the average “it’s a parachute” owner will be in a world of trouble in a life or death situation. Not that they aren’t already, but you know what I mean. And as I remember it, both Charter Arms revolvers had rudimentary sights. As is the fashion.

  5. avatar Asher Black says:

    But pink guns are still banned in NYC right, because of how the state law says “except NYC”?

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