Philadelphia Eagles DT Fletcher Cox
Courtesy Philadelphia Eagles
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Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is not a small man. He’s 6’4″ and tips the scales at 310 pounds. So he’s not someone who the average person would want to tangle with. But when a Pennsylvania man showed up at his New Jersey home on October 15 with a baseball bat, damaged some property, and tried to force his way into Cox’s home, the big man took no chances.

According to, the attacker, Corbyn Nyemah, was looking for his ex, a woman Cox is currently dating.

Nyemah allegedly damaged her vehicle before attempting to forcibly enter the home by throwing rocks through the front door.

Court records also reveal surveillance cameras at Cox’s home capturing Nyemah walking around the exterior of the property with a baseball bat and attempting to enter the garage multiple times.

That’s when Cox got a shotgun and dialed 911. That prompted Nyemeh to take off in his car and led police on a chase, ultimately escaping them.

As reports, US Marshals eventually caught up with Nyemeh and he’s since been charged with burglary, criminal mischief and eluding police.

Nyemeh is now out on bail and a judge has issued a restraining order against him (he “allegedly sent her a photo by text while brandishing a firearm after the police pursuit”). As pieces of paper don’t always persuade crazed individuals to leave their targets alone, it’s good that big #91 has the means to effectively protect himself and his girlfriend should Nyemeh decide to pay Cox’s home another visit.


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  1. I’m not an Eagle fan, but I support Cox’s action 100%. He dropped back and stayed in a defendable position and called 911 while arming himself. By doing this and not going outside to confront the idiot, he proved he was a responsible gun owner, he did not do anything to escalate the confrontation, those are two very smart moves from both a legal and ethical standpoint. So while not an Eagle fan, I could be a Fletcher Cox fan. He presented a good positive image of a responsible gun owner. He used the gun for self defense (and that of others) not stuff defense.

    • You might have to like Carson Wentz as well. I remember he was attacked by the liberal media over his hunting and stance on guns, and he didn’t back down.

  2. The title of this article is misleading on an MSM level.


    Article: “…Cox got a shotgun and dialed 911. That prompted Nyemeh to take off in his car and led police on a chase…”

    So, did the interloper even know Cox had a shotgun, or did he skedaddle when he found out the cops were coming? We need more details before we can nod our heads in agreement that a shotgun saved the day.

  3. A good move would be for cox to move out of NJ. If that state has a chance to punish you for using a gun, they absolutely will.

  4. Wouldn’t that be neat if this is one of the Berettas’ that Wentz bought his O-Line but was lent to a D-Linemen.

    • The smaller crazy dude outside had a bat. But he could have had a gun on himself as well. A pro football players career and financial health depends on keeping himself uninjured.

      • A bit difficult in that sport, even with all the protective padding.

        Progressives will minimize the injury risk by having the players wear sumo suits.

    • Size makes no difference when being struck in the head with a blunt instrument nor being cut on the neck or arm with a small blade, not to mention projectiles…

      • Thank whatever gods you believe in there were no hockey players involved. They would have locked the state down.

        • I actually played hockey as a kid. Trust me, players are nothing compared to parents.

          Where I grew up parents arrested for brawling over calls in peewee or squirt hockey are not uncommon. Occasionally someone actually gets killed. Guy from a couple towns over from where I grew up is got life for beating another parent to death in the stands over a crosschecking call.

        • I witnessed basically the same. Had my kids in all sorts of youth sports. Watched a two hundred and fifty pound moo-moo wearing mother chase an ump around the diamond with a bat. If she’d dropped fifty she might have caught and killed him.

  5. “The chase was called off for safety reasons, but U.S. Marshals captured Nyemah days later. ”

    U.S. Marshals? Did he cross state lines? Is this SOP?

    • Fugitive warrant. If there’s credible evidence he crossed jurisdictions then the marshal’s get involved. And they are good at what they do.

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