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Some days it feels like the Biden administration is at war with Western Civilization. It’s almost as if they want to take Americans down a few pegs in terms of our standard of living. They’re actively working to decriminalize crime while restricting and criminalizing gun ownership.

Those who run government will always live large, of course, while the little people like you and me will just have to sacrifice and learn to live with less in order to save Gaia or rethink policing and criminal justice.

Are you ready for what’s coming?

Crime has been increasing rapidly for the last two-plus years.  In many metropolitan areas, it’s spiraling back to the levels of the dystopian 1970s. Utopian Democrats led by Joe Biden and his sidekick Kamala Harris have advocated and worked for defunding the police nationwide since well before the 2020 elections.

Kamala Harris
She could be the President of the United States. Are you ready for that? (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Today, with many politicians throwing the police under the bus and cutting department budgets across the nation, police agencies are struggling to keep the officers they have and to find suitable new recruits. Meanwhile violent crime grows as the bad guys get more brazen knowing the likelihood of getting caught — or remaining in jail if they do — shrinks by the day.

The best thing any of us can do to avoid becoming victims of these emboldened bad guys is to maintain situational awareness. If you look like a hard target and have that commanding presence about you, 95% of potential attackers will move on and look for an easier target.

Sadly, given the current state of political discourse, we should all expect more political turmoil and violence. This includes violent mobs blocking streets and attacking motorists.  Or lunatics running down people because they perceive them as having extremist political views.

Here in Illinois and places like California, intentionally self-destructive energy policies have limited traditional electricity production and will result in failures when the grid is strained. Adding larger numbers of mandated electric cars charging overnight without improvements to generating capacity and people should expect increasingly unreliable electric service in the next five years.

Biden I did that sticker gas gasoline price
And he’s proud of it, too. (Shutterstock)

Backup power capability for your home should be a top priority. That’s unless you don’t think you need your freezer, sump pump and your CPAP to work all the time. Or power for communications, surveillance cameras, and alarms, along with lighting for safety and security.

Given how winters in much of the nation can sometimes get mighty cold, it might behoove your family to have a backup source of heat. And no, that decorative fireplace isn’t gonna keep your family warm if the power goes down.

You may also need to get into better shape. Join a gym and work out. Lose some weight and gain some muscle mass. It’ll make you tougher and harder to kill.

If you’re older, start walking. Do mobility exercises to improve your range of motion. Get into shape now so you can react more effectively in an emergency.

Also visit the doctor. Get a physical and make sure you’ve got a 30-day supply of any life-sustaining medications on hand. A 90-day supply would be even better.

If you snore, get a CPAP. No, it’s not exactly romantic, but you’ll sleep better, live longer, and have a better quality of life.

What else? You need to acquire the basic skill sets to be a “Minuteman.” You need decent handgun skills along with a rifle that you can shoot well enough to score solid hits on a man-sized target at a hundred yards, minimum. Have some magazines loaded and ready to go, too. Unloaded magazines are useless.

Don’t have those skills? Seek out coursework at a local range or with a local instructor.  Here are some tips for finding better instruction. Also, Appleseed shoots do a nice job teaching gun safety, rifle marksmanship, and American heritage and history for a very affordable price.

Image via

You’ll need some basic gear to function as a “Minuteman” in any weather, including rainy, 30-something degree weather. That means gear made of synthetics like GoreTex clothing (preferably in discreet colors).

Good boots are a must as well. Boots that are broken in for your footsies. What’s more, you should have the knowledge of how to dress and work — or fight if it comes to that — in adverse weather without getting hypothermia or frostbite.

GSL Appleseed 2012 40 770
Image by Boch

Again, bonus points for seeking out training in any and all of the above. Buying a piano doesn’t make you a musician any more than buying an AR-15 or a handgun makes you an “operator.”

Hint: You don’t have to be an operator. You just have to have better skills than the ethically- and usually intellectually-challenged hoodlums who learned firearm skills from movies and music videos. These bad guys have a lifetime of experience inflicting violence upon others. A good skill set and situational awareness will keep you from becoming their next victim.

You’re probably already got the gun and ammo thing knocked out. Make sure you’ve got the first aid, fire suppression, and potable water things figured out at your home.

And because few of us can go it alone for very long, make sure you build your network of friends. Make mutual arrangements for a place to stay in an emergency, and make preparations to reciprocate with guests if their residence becomes uninhabitable during an emergency.

helpful neighbor bigstock
The pre- and post-COVID method of building relationships with your neighbors Image: Bigstock

Closer to home, get to know your neighbors as part of improving your general security posture. Make yourself a resource and an asset to them. They’ll be the same for you. Find out if they have some knowledge, skill sets or talents that might come in handy in a bad situation.

I know of several networks of great people with lots of skills sets that I’ve met through Guns Save Life. If you start regularly attending one or more meetings of similar organizations each month, you’ll probably meet some exceptional people, too. Gun clubs and ranges are chock full of good people. Go to monthly meetings, participate, and make friends and relationships.

Other folks have networks they’ve built from family, church, or the workplace. It doesn’t matter where you find them, just have them. The better the quality of people, the better your life will be.

If you have any network of successful, productive and talented friends, you’re way ahead of most. Keep working on it though. And do the networking now in decent times, not after an emergency hits.

Food: Most of us, myself included, could use less food. That said, compulsory dieting sucks. Make sure you’ve got shelf-stable food for at least two weeks on hand if you’re in an apartment and four to eight weeks if you live in a single-family home.

Even if nothing happens, you’ve bought the food cheaper now than it will be a year from now. Given fertilizer shortages, droughts, input and transportation costs for crops, food is likely to get much more expensive.

Water: Make sure you’ve got a source for potable water, either through chemical treatment, filtration, or other means. Diarrhea and dehydration isn’t a good way to live…or to die.

There are a lot of boxes to check to help make societal upheaval more of an inconvenience for you and your family than a life-threatening crisis. Put in a little effort now to get ready.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

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  1. Everyone who is thinking clearly should own guns a a few different calibers along with corresponding ammo stock. Multiple calibers allows you to scavenge what you can find if it comes to TEOTWAWKN. Hopefully we never need them, in that case it’s still fun to target shoot and hunt, along being prepared to defend yourself and our country if required, as there are always evil people no matter how good the economy or the government is.

    • Kind of hard right with the multiple calibers for the time being; .327 .357, .44, .45 out, okey time to go to Starline for some brass, out. Thinking most manufacturers are producing 9mm just to keep up with demand. How many new gun owners since 2008 election, millions? Haven’t even bothered looking for primers.

  2. Everyone thought I was crazy for continuing to prep for nuclear war since the end of the Cold War. Guess who’s laughing now.

  3. Some days it feels like the Biden administration is at war with Western Civilization.

    Depending on your exact definition of “Western Civilization”, that is EXACTLY what is happening.

  4. > Some days it feels like the Biden administration is at war with Western Civilization.

    This is – and I don’t say this lightly – incredibly fuckin’ dumb.

    • Dumb in what sense. That it is true or not true. It is clearly true and look at my explanation below if you do not believe it is true.

    • The large pile of recently pulled down statues (i.e. Western Art) across all 50 states would like to have a chat with you.

      Do you remember the outcry and horror of the Taliban blowing up Buddhas in 2001 and said how crazy the Taliban was. Now the Left does it on a daily basis.

    • jsled,

      Only for Kool-Aid drinking Leftist/fascists such as yourself, jsled. If an active enemy of America took control of the White House and Congress with “Manchurian candidates”, exactly what would they do differently than the “Biden” “Administraion”???? ‘Splain to me, Lucy, how they would have screwed up MORE than Biden on:

      1. Afghanistan withdrawal;
      2. Energy policy;
      3. Dealing with Iran;
      4. Fiscal policy (oy, vey es mir!!!);
      5. Border security;
      6. Seeking “national unity” (one of his campaign pledges, in case you are too mentally challenged to remember back that far)???

      What, EXACTLY, would Putin or Xi have done differently????

      You are too stupid to insult.

  5. People need to read Saul Alinsky’s 8 points of developing a socialist state all of which are in play right now in the USA. None of this is by coincidence it is by design. Anyone who thinks this is simply poor administration does not understand the overall objective of the radical left and Democrats who have gone along with all these changes. Everything being done is to destroy the middle class which allows the elitists to take control. Using safety as a reason for gun control is a farce since we have open borders and all these concessions to criminals only makes matters worse so there is no logic to this particular course of action. Crime is rising not because of guns but because of policies that go easy on crime and inhibit the police from doing their jobs. Joe Stalin had a term for the people who bought this philosophy and he called them “useful idiots”. After they believed in what he was selling he slaughtered 50 million of them. This is one of the reasons why the Left wants history denied. Because if you study it every dictatorship disarmed its people so that the military and police were the only ones who could really use significant weapons against the civilian population to control them. This is exactly what is going on here in this Country and people should resist and fight back if necessary. You cannot believe anything these hypocrites tell you as they are lying constantly and playing you for fools. Just look at all the rules they made for you and then got caught violating them. Wake up!!!

    • Yeah, but their own printed words are just an ephemeral ‘conspiracy theory’ and not really real. From Rules for Radicals to Manufacturing Consent to everything Kissinger has written and all the publications of the WEF. None of those things exist.

      While we’re at it Operation Condor and COINTEL PRO never happened either.

      This is the reality leftists live in or at least they believe they can convince others of this reality.

    • I agree 100% . But too many can’t see it like we do. What we are witnessing is the attempted communist takeover of America. And it’s soon to become the 2nd American revolution if things do not change for the better very soon.
      In the meantime eveyone should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    • Yea, next read Wayne Allen Root’s article published Oct. 6th. In it he tells of Obama’s college class of how they were taught how to bring America to it’s knees through communism. Sorry, I don’t know where it came from as I got it from a trusted emailer. But Root was also in that class. And Root is sure biden is not making any of the decisions calling bidens current term is really obamas third term. It all makes sense to me.

  6. I heartily second Mr. Boch’s advice in this article.

    There are two indisputable facts:

    1) Consolidation of pretty much every product or service almost always lowers costs to society due to simple “economy of scale” and efficiency gains. (Not counting government nor quasi-government entities of course.)

    2) Increasing production consolidation also increases vulnerability to disruptions–and therefore significant to severe shortages and price increases.

    Sadly, we have entered an era where the Ruling Class is capitalizing on production consolidation–especially disrupting it–in order to increase their wealth and power. Plan accordingly.

    • uncommon,

      Overall, I agree with your point, but . . . with respect to point No. 1, no. Not even. “Consolidation”, unless it means something different to you than to me (and your point #2 indicates that it doesn’t), consolidation (even in the private sphere) results in one-dimensional thinking, lack of innovation, and ultimately leads to inefficiencies. Adam Smith knew whereof he spoke. EVERY financial/commercial oligarchy in the US (Big Tech, financial sector, energy sector) is pursuing an agenda that is objectively inefficient and un-innovative.

      “Collectivism” in any form is “efficient”, if at all, only for the (very?) short term. Beyond that, it is a straightjacket, and NEVER as efficient as a free market.

  7. I am prepared. But I am hopeful as well that a correction is coming. I live in liberal land usa. The san francisco bay area. And people here are getting scared. Gas. Food. Inflation is actively destroying families. Hardships abound. And these people here are waking up to the cause. Look no further than the dems.

    People are beginning to see the truth. Is it too late? I hope not.

    • I’ve been the one in our household to proactively prepare, most notably ramping it up a dozen years ago in the aftermath of the Great Recession, TARP, QE+, Occupy Wall Street, the renewed hatred of the “haves” by the “have nots”, etc.

      Mrs Haz always politely tolerated my preps, but akin to a dismissal of my actions as a mere hobby. Ever since the WuFlu and related scams and crimes of all sorts (fraud, riots, assaults, gross government unconstitutional overreach) over the past two years, she has not only bent her ear more to the ground to pay attention, but she’s begun shifting her own mindset to ask the smaller “what if?” questions.

      Begins with “what if my favorite [food or sundry] isn’t replenished at the store?…should by an extra pack now and store it for the future?”

      Then becomes “what if there’s another unruly protest while I’m at work, or an earthquake, or the roads are closed by police?…I should put some old tennis shoes and socks in my car’s trunk, should I have to walk home.”

      And evolves into “what if our (California) electric grid does down again like it does in our neighborhood every year, but for an entire week due to overload, or maybe a month due to terr0rism?”

      It’s unfortunate that such things should be today’s impetus to minimize dependence upon outside factors, but really all we’re doing is reverting back (within reason) to the modicum of independence (or at least a buffer to absorb shocks) Americans enjoyed a century ago.

      • I am fortunate. I claim no religion. But my wife is old school lds. She is on board with prepping and has been since day one.

        She was hoping that gay marriage would open up plural marriage rights. Every couple of years she brings up getting me a second wife. I keep telling her no.

      • I Haz a Question,

        At this point, I am thinking that Southern California residents may very well face the highest risk of major resource/infrastructure shortages/disruptions due to both natural and man-made factors.

        You may not have to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, or ice-storms. You DO have to worry about major earthquakes, Santa Ana hurricane-force winds, dangerous heat, forest fires, and even mudslides (often following forest fires) as well as intentional water, electricity, and gasoline rationing on top of bans on gasoline powered contraptions (e.g. supplemental electric generators, all-terrain vehicles, and automobiles).

        When you factor the probability and severity of those considerations (classic risk management theory), methinks you win the prize for most dangerous region of the country.

        • uncommon,

          You are not wrong, my friend. Although severely exacerbated by idiotic policy decisions of “Hair Gel” Newsom and several prior administrations (Gray Davis, Governor Moonbeam, The Gubernator, et. al.), SoCal suffers from the FACT that . . . it is a desert (the textbook definition of ‘desert’ being 10″ or less of average annual rainfall, and MOST of SoCal qualifies). Without the water SoCal steals from northern California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, etc., they would be screwed, blued, and tattooed. There is a STRONG movement to renegotiate the Colorado River pact. If SoCal’s political clout with the Dimocrats doesn’t save them from that, they are in deep guano.

      • My wife has also become more on board with Being Prepared as more Scheiße keeps coming down the pike.
        Like yours, at first she just tolerated and thought me eccentric. Now, she’s active participant/partner in mayhem.

    • I’m fairly well prepared. #1 I trust in JESUS. EVERYTHING else is secondary. If you think you’ll survive a nuclear war anywhere near a big city you’re deluded…

    • They will never admit their failures. Most of them don’t know anybody unlike themselves so anything that isn’t D or Progressive D is a mythical entity they’ve only heard stories about but know the other must be feared just like Eastasia.

      Reading through the Twitter replies regarding the racist comments the LA selectmen were caught making, including our pal De Leon, demonstrates this nicely.

    • I used to live live in So kalifornia. I retired on 7/19/05 and moved to the Central Utah mountains 2 weeks later. Happiness was definitely seeing Kalifornia in my rear view mirror. We also live in a rural community. Closest Walmart is 35 miles either north or south. Closest gas station is 13 miles away. Our property is fenced and cross fenced. Horses get their barn and pasture, dogs get their 1 acre fenced yard. Unfortunately, it’s in a forest of Junipers and Pinyon Pines, without a very good field of vision. Our driveway to the road is 55 yards and clear. There could be a bad guy behind every tree. We have a ton of deer, so a driveway alarm would be useless. But, we are well supplied. Being retired allowed me to reload for almost every caliber of weapon I own. And I’ve been reloading forever. Not LDS, but they taught me well when we moved up here.

      The one thing I never see in these articles is water storage, I mean real water storage. I have a 5000 gallon poly water tank, serviced by our well. It’s among the trees and above ground, so we have to keep it heated with a tank heater during the winter. It has gotten down to minus 35 degrees here but the stock tank heater has kept the water flowing. We also have a hand pump for our well, a ‘Simple Pump’, probably one of the best on the market, and no I don’t work for Simple Pump. So, basically what I’m saying is why don’t more folks use these large water tanks. When I put mine in about 16 years ago, it cost $2700. Don’t know what they cost today.

  8. Some very good advice in the article above. I would also add go out and vote next month in the midterm elections, because that is the only way we can push out the bad people who are causing the inflation and letting the criminals run wild.

  9. Leftists believe every day is Opposite Day, and they’ll never do what’s right. My family has always geared up for when leftists are in power.

  10. My grandparents survived the Depression. My parents, Aunts and Uncles were well aware of the hardships and the teaching from my Grandparents stuck with them. My cousins and I inherited the teachings. Grandfathers were both tradesmen, they also hunted, fished and grew gardens. No one I knew growing up took game to a butcher, it was all done as a family. My Grandmothers taught us all to can, cook, sew and those skills have benefited two generations and the third generation is catching on. My children are asking and learning these skills now. My wife thought I was crazy keeping months of staples stocked and rotated. She is on board now since the riots and covid restrictions.

    We have skills, we have the will. Let’s hope it is not made necessary and that the pendulum swings back to normalcy soon.

    I would add getting 3M respirators and plenty of filters for them. Avoid Warsaw Pact surplus filters if you want to go cheap. They used asbestos and other questionable items for filter media.

  11. That is all well and good.
    But try the Make Your Own Pizza challenge.
    Step 1, Plant winter hard wheat.
    Step 2, Buy a breed pair of hogs.
    Step 3, Buy cow.
    Step 4, Plant garden.
    Step 5, Raise/Process the above into finished products.
    Step 6, Make pizza using finished products.
    Step 7, Cook pizza using open fire or wood stove.

  12. Biden has said the mass murder by assault rifle has got to stop and the majority of the American people overwhelmingly agree with him as poll after poll has shown. Biden has supported Universal Background Checks and safe storage laws because without them any criminal or nut case can buy all the firepower they want with no paperwork and no questions asked. Again the overwhelming number of Americans support these laws because they are tired of living with everyday mass murders and in a country gone completely insane with an out of control gun problem.

    Biden has consistently stated he “will not” defund the police.

    The reason for the lack of police is that the usual sadistic thugs that are drawn to police work are no longer applying for such jobs because since the outrageous George Floyd slow sadistic torture murder the cops are now being prosecuted for the torture and murder of innocent civilians.

    In reality it has been the out of control Far Right that stormed the Capital and tried to overthrow the elected government and replace it with a Hitlerite one party system with Herr Drumpf appointed as Der Fuhrer for life. The FBI has stated the most dangerous thugs in American are the Far Right Jackbooted terrorists like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers who were behind the attempted overthrow of the Capital.

    Biden has no control of how much Opec raises the price of gas or that they now are directly supporting Putin by helping him make more money by raising the price of gas.

    The world is burning up under our feet from the millions of gas guzzling polluting vehicles on the road and it is the Republicans who have become prostitutes of big oil that are blocking the switch over to green energy. Europe has several decades head start on us in using and producing thermal energy, wind energy and solar power. Europe is now constructing a huge green energy storage area tying in the European states to the Middle East. When all these nations have to share an electrical grid it will not only reduce the likelihood of more wars but will reduce the price of energy as well.

    I heated my home exclusively for almost 20 years on nothing but fireplace heat. A collector hood was placed over a woodburner stove in the basement which was tied into all the heating duct work. I burned old free surplus scrap oak skids avoiding buying huge amounts of firewood but did mix in firewood when I got it for free by cutting down friends trees that wanted me to remove them.

    Studies show you are 800% more likely to suffer death or injury when you have a gun in the home. Husbands shoot wives, kids pick up loaded guns and kill themselves and their neighborhood playmates that came over to play and suicides’ are astronomically higher in homes that have a gun because the gun makes it too easy and so much more deadly. First responders have stated they have saved many people from drowning, wrist cutting , deliberate overdose on prescription medication, hanging etc but First Responders have stated they can do nothing for someone who who blew his brains out with a handgun.

    Once again the gangster criminal Republicans ignore global warming and refuse to do anything about it even though global warming is causing crop damaging droughts worldwide which will soon lead to food shortages that will kill millions of people and also cause outbreaks of new diseases because starving people cannot fight off diseases as easily as healthy ones.

    • EVs cost more in fossil fuels to extract the rare earth elements than a regular gas powered vehicle.
      EVs cost more in the use of copper, nickel, and cobalt.
      The US would require 100 nuclear power plants in order to charge all those EVs.

      Unless you are ready to go all Amish Paradise like lifestyle, the green economy is nothing but a pipe dream.

      • A Toyota Prius hybrid has about 150,000 miles of carbon debt built in with the extraction, transportation, and processing of the raw materials plus the production costs. A full EV is even worse.

        Driving a well maintained old car has less environmental impact than a new hybrid or EV.

      • Oh, and there is the fact EV batteries, are toxic.
        No one ever discusses or factor in the cost of SAFE disposal.

        Currently only 10% of solar panels are recycled. The rest are landfill bound, where unless disposed of properly, can contaminate the water table.

    • From the land of peace, free love, mung beans, and lots of recreational pharmaceuticals.

      A reality cheque that really bounced.

      But Supreme Commissar Dacian knows the people will need guidance (and more than a few massacres) to reach utopia.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      You remain a living parody of the most insane of Leftist/fascists . . . but I believe you are actually that demented. “Studies have shown . . .” and yet you RARELY cite the “studies”, when you DO cite a “study”, it is inevitably i) old, ii) frequently and thoroughly debunked, and iii) utilizes questionable (and I am being polite; the reality is totally gamed) methodology . . . and the actual statistical results rarely support the publicly announced conclusions.

      Whenever anyone here challenges your mentally-damaged rants, points to a different (usually newer, ALWAYS more rigorous) study that contradicts your narrative, you freak the f*** out, immediately denigrate the source as a “right wing fascist” . . . and then continue citing, as ‘authoritative’ sources, Slate, VOX, CNN, MSDNC, etc.

      You are bereft of the ability to engage in rational, skeptical analysis of ANYTHING you read (if you can even read, which I begin to doubt), and you take ANYTHING from your “trusted” (i.e., Leftist/fascist) sources at face value, without inquiry.

      And you presume to tell the rest of us, who are FAR more analytical than you, what is “right” – always based ENTIRELY on your own prejudices and the propaganda you have swallowed whole. If you weren’t so pathetic, you would be a funny joke of a human being (I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, there).

      Please go fornicate thyself, vigorously, with a telephone pole. GO AWAY, and I don’t give a f*** if you go away mad, or not. You are of no benefit above the ground, you should be below it, inspiring the cabbages.

    • Recent FBI whistleblowers have exposed the higher up management has instructed agents to conflate the numbers of white supremacists cases and even classify some cases where there is no evidence.

    • You say you have heated with wood for heat.
      The trees you fell, Did you use a gas powered chainsaw?
      The HVAC, does it have an electric blower? What is the source of your electricity?

      The Jan6th riot, was just that, a riot.
      That only lasted 4 hours. Not much of an insurrection.
      I have been to Afghanistan for a year. Insurgents, they bring firearms. According to the FBI, there were no firearms found inside the Capitol building, except by the CPD.
      Ashley Babbit was the only person killed during that time. She was unarmed.

      • “I heated my home exclusively for almost 20 years on nothing but fireplace heat.”

        You should be ashamed, emitting all that carbon into the atmosphere! Think of all the islands that will soon tip over. Think of poor Greta and her friends, doomed to die in the dusty deserts of Sweden. I hereby #cancel you, Dacian. You are a monster, and anything good you ever did must be erased from memory. All at TTAC are absolved from paying attention to you forevermore. Begone, beast! Begone!

    • I agree climate change is real.
      It has been ongoing for millions of years. We know there have been 5 significant ice ages over millions of years.
      The idea that we can mitigate climate change and still maintain our 1st world lifestyle is absurd.
      IF you were really serious about climate change, you would go to your electrical box, trip the main breaker. Then, pull out all the sub-breakers, take a sledge hammer to them, rip out all your electrical wiring. You would sell your car/EV or not and use only foot/bicycle/horse power. You would grow all your own food. You would heat with only wood that was taken by non-gas powered means. You would never use your computer, smartphone ever again.
      Now, get all Democrats on board with that.
      That is how to affect climate change.
      Are you on board with that?

  13. America is experiencing a Slo-Mo Pearl Harbor from within….nary a shot fired in defense. Not “enemy in the wire” scenario. Today, and for decades, the enemy sits in the Command post.

    “Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice.” – Barry Goldwater

    • StLPro2A,

      I do not disagree with your observation, but (and isn’t there always a big ‘but’?) . . .

      When the American Revolution occurred, the best historical information I’ve found indicates only approximately 20% of the ‘colonists’ were affirmatively “pro-Revolution”, and only about 3% actively supported the Revolution. A solid 20% were adamantly pro-monarchy, and wished to remain subject to Britain (and indications are that the pro-colony sentiment, overall, may have been as high as 40%).

      As many historians and authors have noted, history is often made by the acts/beliefs of individuals or small minorities.

      T. Jefferson gave us the blueprint, but every individual must decide for him/her self when the f***ery of the current “Administration” constitutes ” . . . History of repeated Injuries and Usurpations, all having in direct Object the Establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.” A more individual decision is hard for me to imagine.

      I, personally, will decide for myself when I have gotten to that point, as TJ intended. When I do, I will act as I feel appropriate, without regard to what anyone else does. Part of being a sovereign individual is, you make your choices, and you accept the consequences of your actions.

      No, there clearly isn’t sufficient motivation among enough of the American body politic to instigate a violent revolution . . . yet. There are some alarming parallels to the political divisions among the colonists in the early 1770s, but the spark hasn’t been lit on the fuse, as of today.

      We will see if the average American turns from our continuing descent into authoritarianism, or continues to be the frog in the slowly-heating pot.

  14. Coming soon to a paycheck stub near you: extreme taxation brought about by uncontrolled gummint spending. Wasn’t their some thing about taxes that caused the first revolt? Just wondering aloud. I’m so jealous of you Marty you are in paradise.

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  16. Been carrying since the 60’s. Most of us had rifles, shotguns, and pistols back in our high school days! Never had an incident involving the weapons! I’ve been carrying since those days as a cop, deputy, and Chief Master at Arms in the Navy! All law abiding citizens should get some basic training and be armed in todays lunatic run country!


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