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Dan Z for TTAG
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Yes, boots. Spend any time outdoors in the wild — whether it’s shooting, hunting, hiking…whatever — and you’ll quickly learn the value of a pair of good boots.

I’ve owned a number of pairs of “tactical” or military-style boots. I’ve worn them while hunting, hiking and training. These are — without question — the most comfortable pair I’ve worn.

Danner FullBore Coyote Hot boots
Dan Z for TTAG

Danner makes the FullBores in two models, a smooth leather waterproof (Danner Dry) version and these, their suede and mesh style (Coyote Hot). They’re light and breathable which works really well here in Texas and adds greatly to their comfort factor.

Whether you’re out there shooting doves, breaking clays, or hunting hogs, FullBores will keep your feet happy.

Danner FullBore Coyote Hot boots

Danner calls that Vibram sole their MegaGrip technology. Yes, that’s marketing speak. But the FullBores are incredibly sure-footed over virtually any terrain.

I’ve worn them around town and hiked with them now for a couple of months and it’s hard to take them off. I know…that sounds like an exaggeration. It’s not. Your feet feel cushioned, letting you go all day in them. These aren’t boots that that you’ll be dying to get off your feet at the end of the day (I have pairs of those, too).

They’re literally the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. They’re not inexpensive (they run about $180). But when it comes to shoes you’ll be relying on for day-long trips outdoors, what you put on your feet isn’t a place to cut corners. I’ve done that it it simply isn’t worth it.

I can’t recommend Danner FullBores highly enough. They definitely do not suck.


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  1. I have the Danner Ft Lewis thinsulate that are recraftable but regardless Danner boots don’t suck for sure.

      • Any chance you’ve worn the same boot in the uninsulated version? If you have what I’m wondering is how are they in warm weather? I’m thinking about buying a pair for the warmer months. I like my Merrell shoes but a lot of the time I’d rather have a pair boots instead. Thanks in advance.

        • Yes. I have both the insulated and uninsulated from my days on the Harley chasing taillights.
          The uninsulated were great in the summer months. Feet still sweated a bit, but I was straddling a motorcycle engine. Even working crash scenes on hot pavement, they were still a lot cooler than my 400 gram thinsulated boots.
          Having suffered severe frostbite years ago, I mostly wore the insulated version. Gloves too up until mid June. Then I would switch to the uninsulated and pilot gloves until around mid September.
          That frostbite did a number on me. Even now, it’s 57 here and I’m wearing Sorel sheepskin mocks. I don’t like feeling the cold in my extremities.
          Hope that helps a bit.

        • Good deal and yes it is very helpful thank you. I think I’ll go ahead and order a pair of the uninsulated Ft Lewis. As for the frostbite I can only imagine. I got contact frostbite from putting my bare hand on a metal gate while stationed in Ft Wainwright AK. When it gets really cold here I have to wear gloves otherwise my fingers develop a severe ache that is debilitating. If it’s that bad for me with only contact frostbite I can only imagine how bad it for you.

    • Why do they all have round laces? Round ones come loose. I never had to make a double knot until I got shoes/boots with those round ones. Bring back the flat laces!

      • Round laces work better for speed lace eyes. Danner round laces don’t come loose. They are not the small hard round laces that doesn’t compress very well. They are softer and compress so they bite into each other and stay tied. This of course applies to what I have experience with which is the Ft Lewis boots.

  2. My coyote Sears Diehards have lasted for years, are bullet-proof, and still have plenty of years left on them. Very durable for protecting the toesies.

    But yeah, at the end of a long day hiking or training at the range, I can’t wait to take them off. Built to last, but not for comfort. I might look into these Danners.

    Because 5.11s are *so* yesterday.

    • I had a pair of Sears Diehards. They were not comfortable but would not wear out. They were lost in a tragic boating accident.

  3. Thank you for this post! I finally tossed the trusty boots I’ve been wearing for many years. They were so durable, comfortable, and cool looking, and America made. No longer in production, and no longer American made, they could not be replaced.

    It was a sad, emotional moment resulting in hours of grief counseling, sleepless nights, and a refusal to even look at another pair of boots. It was like refusing to get another puppy because your good friend had moved on.

    But, then this post appeared, and a wave of relief, hope, washed through me.

    I guess I’ve gone through the 5 stages. I am ready to meet another pair of boots.

    • Life Savor
      I know too well what you mean. I have custom inserts due to right leg being slightly shorter from army training accident.
      Wore out about 4 pairs of locally produced well made boots with carbon fibre toe caps. Went to buy another set three years ago and they are now Chinese made and a much narrower size fitting. Cost a lot of money to find a almost as good replacement.

  4. I got some Danner boots on a black friday sale. Best boots I have ever owned. Had them a few years now I use them everyday. They are lasting a lot longer too.

    I want to get more from them.

    • Agree…don’t buy through Amazon.

      I use it for research, but I do not shop there. I prefer local ‘Mom and Pop’ shops. Generally, brick-and-mortar. When it is not available, locally, I order online but not through Amazon.

  5. No thanks. I prefer to wear my Timberland Pro Hyperion. Been wearing them all most everyday for the past two years and they are still going strong.

    • Hoodlum,

      Timberland Pro Hyperion. Ouch! Even pricier that the Danners. But, the Timberlands do have the alloy safety toe. That is a plus.

      • I have the 4 inch alloy toe and the 6 inch soft toe. The alloy toes are almost 5 years old. I love the anti fatigue insoles

  6. $150 may not be cheap but it’s a reasonable price for GOOD hiking boots. But that’s a very broad and subjective category. The real money comes in when you take a good boot and make it lighter…

  7. The most comfortable footwear, not just boots, I have ever owned is a pair of Lowa waterproof leather boots (Swiss made) that I bought a few years ago for $225. When I first put them on, they felt like they had been custom made to fit my feet. I wear them almost every day.The waterproofing is no joke–they’ve been tested more than once and nary a leak. Danner makes a solid boot. Lowas are better yet.

    • +1. And for those of us cursed with narrow (A width) heels, Lowa’s are just about the only decent off-the-shelf boots out there that you can wear for miles.

      Of course, you can have the very good folks at Russell Moccasins make you a bespoke pair of boots. Pricey to say the least, but they will probably be the last pair of boots you ever buy.

        • Their stuff is awesome.

          Due to the odd shape of my feet, I would typically wear out a pair of Church’s or similar well-made dress shoes in 3-4 years of daily wear, and after 12 hours or so my feet would be killing me. Got my first pair of Russell’s made in 2000 (3-eyelet calfskin shoes in brown); loved them and quickly had a matching pair made in black. For the last 20 years those two pairs have been the only shoes I wear with a suit or slacks. I can wear them for the 18 hour days you often have during a trial without any discomfort.

          I’ve had them resoled and reheeled more times than I can remember, but they will probably outlast me.

  8. Bought a pair of Danner’s from Gall’s when there was no such thing as buying on line. I believe they are the Ft. Lewis. Wore them for uniform duty. Paid $180 +S&H if a recall a looong time ago. Still have them, but the soles are nearly slick I walked in them so much. I wear Browning Feather Weight when shooting birds and Lacrosse neoprene knee boots when deer hunting. However, I’ve been looking for a good pair of GP boots. I think I just found them. $150 for a pair of Danner’s is a bargain. Good review and right on time. Thanks.

      • No One Special, we all learned a long time ago Vlad is confused about which restroom to use. Even in a restaurant with unisex restrooms he probably goes outside to the parking lot, squats down and pisses in his panties. This guy is too easy to fuck with.

        • Some people now days bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “this world takes all types”. To each their own I guess.

      • If you’re a trans, you can change with the seasons. Just make sure you’re not white after Labor Day.

  9. And…just like most companies they don’t make anything wider than 3E. I need at least 4E, but 5E is more comfortable.

  10. The only boot that I’ve seen put up to hard use is the Danner ‘rat boots’. They are heavy as bricks but don’t fall apart. Everything else hasn’t lasted nearly as long as my china walmart synthetic work boots. I can’t comment on the ‘ full bore ‘ but I used to buy bates lites / combat boots off fleabay and while comfortable, they don’t hold up. The soles get absolutely destroyed doing farm work, rubber is too soft.

    Now… I would love to have a new pair of bates lites (Vibrams) to go out into town in, ultra comfy as walking / light hiking boots.

  11. I am a huge Danner fan, I have been wearing them for over 20 years. They are so comfortable and durable. I took them to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines and they never once failed me. $150 is a great price for a boot that will last you your life, they continue to take care of you even after the purchase. Just an outstanding company, hurt a little when the had to sell part of there business, but they still standby their products. I have owned many different styles of there boots all are great.

  12. I like my McRae Panama boots. Comfortable, cool, and plenty grippy for when it rains after the detail shop armor all’s the floors in our vehicles without carpeting.

  13. I’ve had the same hiking boots for 20 years. You mean boots can be durable AND comfortable?

    Dammit! Now you’ve planted the seed for me to get new boots!

  14. I don’t own a pair of ‘Danner’ boots but I do have a pair of knock-off ‘Donner’ boots from china.
    Great survival boots; comes with removable leather Sols that you can cook and used for food. In fact 90% of the materials used can be consumed. Although I usually go with another partner and never had to cut into one so I don’t know how they taste.

  15. Amazing how many comments there that have little to no relevance to the boots reviewed, or that seem to dismiss them with no experience with them. I have a pair at home waiting on me. They may be my new field/hiking boots. I know some have knocked amazon, but being able to have them sent to me to try for no charge is quite nice. Can’t wait to get them on my feet this evening.


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