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Jacob Roy from Iowa sent in his pocket dump with the following comment: “The addition of Talon Grips on the Glock 42 are a very much welcome add-on given that most of the my “commuter” gloves are slick on the Glock’s factory grip texture. Most everything else stays the same… for now.”

It’s the Sabre Red Pepper Gel that caught my eye. Sabre advertises their pepper gel as being ideal because, they say, it has 20% greater range than pepper spray. The pepper spray versus foam versus gel debate is a common one on the less lethal tactical side of the industry. Which one do you prefer, and why?

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  1. I started carrying paper gel when I bought my MAGA hat.So far all i get is very nice people telling me they love my hat.

    ANTIFA be warned. I plan on spraying it on my knuckles and punching them in the eyes.

    • Troybuilt. You don’t deserve to be a citizen of this great country. Read the whole constitution or leave.

      A patriot.

      • Why? For defending himself is he’s attacked by political terrorists? Granted, I’d advise he use the pepper gel as intended, but to each his own.

      • You sir are taking the internet comment sections way to seriously. Calm down it was a joke. And we say that libtards are the snowflake?

    • Good god man take a chill pill.

      What is the point of saying anything after “I started carrying gel”

      grow up.

  2. I also carry a SabreRed pepper gel thingy. Mainly for 4 legged critters. Before that I carried a Pepper Blaster. Much larger and not really superior but it’s close to being the size of a sub compact semiautomatic(thicker too). It made me realize no one EVER made out what it was…

    • I once had a discussion with a guy I know who was a National Guard MP Officer and is now a State Policeman. He had just finished a military class that touched on technical aspects of pepper spray. Apparently it is formulated for individual species and not that effective against others. Bear spray, for example, is not intended for use on humans and spray intended for humans is not intended for bears.

  3. Some kind of pepper spray isn’t a bad idea these days, considering the hyper aggressive left likes to pull aggressive harassment of random people that don’t appear liberal enough in public.

  4. I gave up on all things pepper gas after thrice gassing myself by accidentally leaving containers of the stuff in a locked car during the height of Texas summer.

    I like the fact that the link for the Sabre stuff goes to a bunch of plushy blankets on Wayfair. Perhaps I can throw one of them over the eyes of my assailant. Bit bulky for EDC though.

    • Did it happen with the newer Sabre sprays? I bought my wife a small one, it has a twist lock safety you have to move 1/4 turn sideways before you can access the trigger, it is located above the trigger so it’s convenient and takes a fraction of a second to disengage.

      • No, the containers were different versions of an older more standard type pepper spray. They were not exposed – they were in a console, to be carried when I was in the car or going running as at that time I hadn’t yet been exposed to guns at all – but even so, the heat of a hot Texas day can blow the windows right out of a car, let alone cause a canister of pepper spray to explode, it’s that hot.

        I will say this – those experiences also pushed me eventually toward guns as, while it’s unpleasant to be closed-chamber gassed even, it’s also not likely to actually stop someone determined to kill you. It didn’t stop me from cursing my lungs out as I dug out the stupid things and tossed them out of the car.

        • No ones windows have ever been “blown out” by the heat. Im pretty sure the bottle says not to store it beyond certain temperatures. Your fault, not the heat’s

        • as a fellow Texan i cannot say i have ever heard of windows being blown out by the heat, but i think she got her point across. it is HOT in the Texas summer. I’ve experienced quite a few blow ups myself. (soda cans, water bottles, etc.) Never pepper spray, because we don’t really do that. Once, when the kiddos were little, an old formula bottle popped open… I think i would have rather been gassed with pepper spray….

        • just googled “car windows shatter from heat”. Mostly an urban myth. However, extreme temperature changes will shatter a windshield. For example, if you windshield is iced over, the car is warmed up, then the defroster is turned on, blasting hot air on the glass, it will shatter. (my aunt actually did this once.) I imagine the inverse could happen, (blasting cold air on a hot windshield), but i’ve never heard of it personally.

        • Yep. Super hot day, you get in and when you turn on the car your A/C is cranked, cool too quickly and windows can shatter.

          This news report isn’t even from TX where it gets way hotter.

          Was more common when I was a kid, less so now. Different glass I guess. But can happen. You can give yourself burns accidentally sitting on change left in a seat if bare skin touches. Especially when it gets above 105.

  5. Just be keep in mind pepper spray/gel may not be very efficient on some people. It is rare, but like many tools it does not always achieve the result expected. Someone who has ben exposed before and who is determined, may be able to fight through it. He/she will not be at 100% of his/her capacity but maybe still enough to remain a threat.
    Other than that, it is a good thing to have and it is not just for ladies. As long as you can carry it and know how/when to use it, then why the hell not!

    Stay safe.

    • Many people can fight through it. It’s pain and visual impairment. That’s about it.

      And even that takes time before it really kicks in. Pepper spray has applications, but it’s not as useful as people think it is.

    • Irritants and pain compliance devices only work on sober people who don’t do any kind combative sports/training… which is majority of the people.

      Just don’t try to use it on an NCAA wrestler who is high on Angel Dust and it will likely be pretty effective

  6. Pepper spray doesn’t qualify as deadly force. You can use it in situations that don’t justify defense with a gun. It can be carried many places where guns are prohibited by law.

  7. If you use pepper spray be sure and move just as much as if you are using a firearm.
    Criminals will often try and bullrush forward after being sprayed.

  8. I’ve found Sabre Red pepper gel, to have far greater range,a decent amount of “ sprays” and best of all not effected by the wind as much as streams and certainly fogs.

    I always buy a few and test some out .

    One daughters a RN the other a CPA who travels a bit for work sometimes out of state , it’s one tool that fits their lifestyle ( long hours,late hours often alone ).

    • Seriously I carry pepper gel for critters…these “I’ll just shoot ’em” comments make me chuckle. Yes gel is nasty.

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