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Okay folks. I don’t even celebrate Christmas except for driving around, drinking cheap cider and looking at the lights. But it’s that time of year, and if you have a gun-toting lady in your life (or hell, even just for yourself), here’s how to find a big variety of good gun-related doodads on Etsy.
The key with Etsy is knowing what search term to use. Use the wrong one and you’ll just flounder around like at the First China Buffet. Search wisely and all kinds of interesting things will come up.
You’re going to see a bunch of gun stuff mis-identified (pistol as revolver, revolver as pistol, “machine gun,” etc.) Ignore this. Or, better yet, write to the vendor and offer a correction to their listing. They usually appreciate it and it will make the search feature work better on the site.
Personally my favorite gun doodad is this necklace.
It isn’t made anymore. Yes, I added the skull and heartbones pendant for obvious reasons. Nobody puts baby in a corner. Anyway.
“Rifle necklace” yields this…well over 1000 items to choose from. Bullet necklaces get randomly lumped in with gun necklaces, in general:
Here’s what you get with a “revolver necklace” search:
And searching for “gun bag” gets you this:
And so forth. Make your searches as broad as possible. Gun bag. Gun cup. Gun patch. It’ll take some sorting through all the offerings but you can find things from just a few dollars to many, many dollars. Have fun shopping!

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  1. BEWARE the ‘ Bullet ‘ keychain or necklace in Nazi Jersey. According to Evan Nappan , gun lawyer , a citizen was CHARGED for a Hollow Point Bullet ( Banned ) even though it was on an Inert dummy round on his keychain.

    Tell me again how N.J. cops arent EAGER to screw us when given the chance.

  2. Any girl that wears such items will:
    1) scare away any non-country man
    2) make herself the target of never ending ridicule by friends and neighbors
    3) probably get stop and frisked in many of the locations police practice such crime prevention methods
    4) trigger many people in public settings which may result in sodas or coffee being thrown at them or possibly having security called on them
    5) make themselves the targets of political campaigners

    I can’t see anything positive coming out of wearing gun jewelry

    • 5) be red flagged and all their firearms will be confiscated
      6) be placed on every government watchlist and subjected to constant surveillance
      7) become the primary target of every burglar within a 50 mile radius
      8) have their family kidnapped by Antifa
      9) become barren (any living children will get tuberculosis)
      10) have their home burned to the ground, their fields ploughed asunder and they themselves forcibly exiled by an angry mob

      • Whether you meant it to or not, this made me LOL.

        Anyone who thinks that wearing a little sterling or metal fake gun could somehow be more incriminating than going through 800 rounds of 9mm a month, having many people already know you from showing up at competitions and your range, and writing for TTAG…methinks the damage was already done long ago—

      • Heh.

        My wife used to have one of those concealed-carry purses…with a big, shiny metal revolver decorating each side. She wouldn’t have chosen it for herself, but it was a gift and a very nice purse, so she used it.

        Everywhere she went, that thing attracted attention…all of it positive. Maybe they assumed she was carrying (she never used it for that) and didn’t want to piss her off? I dunno.

        We haven’t been run off our land, nor have our kids contracted tuberculosis. She must’ve stopped carrying it just in the nick of time.

        • That’s hilarious – she didn’t even need to carry with that purse.

          My little necklace is the only gun themed thing I own other than actual guns and gun stuff. It’s probably started more conversations about guns with gun-curious women than anything else in my life.

          I resigned myself long ago to the fact that everyone would know that I shoot. I’m out of the closet and have been for a while. Once you’ve lived through the FBI trying to fake jihad you up on Facebook and you get the special treatment at the airport every time anyway, you might as well just be a queen about it.

    • Exactly. You should be ashamed of your gun ownership. You should your sin. If you are ever outed as a gun owner/carrier the great liberal masses and your elite betters will ruin your life. You’ll be laughed at in public, all your insurance will be instantly canceled, your kids will be kicked out of school, your family will shun you, the police will find you and harass you, every prosecutor in a 90 mile radius will add all your information to their weekly planner, and you’ll instantly be added to The List. Probably best to just hand your guns into your local police department for safe keeping, or hide them in your closet and never bring them out for any reason ever.

      • Liberali Wave,
        I know you meant that to be sarcastic, and those of you in the other 49 states probably had a good laugh, but unfortunately, in Nazi Jersey all of what you said is true, all those bad things really will happen to you in NJ if you’re outed as a gun owner! I know this because I live in NJ and had some of these things happen to me.

  3. Hey, I’ve got several thousand spent brass cases sitting around in buckets, and I already have an Etsy shop…maybe I’ll turn some of them into jewelry. Wonder why I never thought of that before.

    • I have a friend who works in metals and also shoots. He’s been trying to create a cast brass mini bullet pendant with embossing on it, which sounds amazing but I guess it’s really hard to do because of the tiny scale. I’ve seen some shops where people recycle the casings by using them as mounts for crystals and such, they’re pretty cool.

        • I’ll have to ask him. He’s done a lot of welding and so forth in the past. I was hoping his experiments would eventually lead to a real-sized embossed cast 9mm bullet pendant – it would be so cool to have a piece of bullet jewelry that was made from actual bullet casings – but I don’t think he’s been able to make it work yet. Lost wax is not really his thing. I suppose I could save up some casings and find someone who specializes in it to see if they could give it a go. I’ve mostly seen lost wax method done in sterling tho.

  4. Visit our nation’s capitol wearing some piece of jewelry made out of a casing or bullet. You’ll be charged with a felony.

    • It’s easier to just weld a bail to the tail end. But it’s also easy to send a message to the jeweler and ask them to put the rings at the correct points. Probably most people prefer the look of something dangling from a single ring, especially for a longer rifle piece. Easily changed though.

  5. When I was in school, my dad gave me an inert .357 mag round with a keyring through the primer hole he’d made in shop class when he was in school. Around 2005, after going through airports a dozen times over the past few years, a TSA agent in Houston told me it was “unacceptable,” so I dutifully took it off my keys and handed it over. She securely disposed of my dangerous contraband by dropping it in the nearest shin-high wastebasket on her way to the breakroom.

    I can’t imagine a necklace with a revolver charm on it that actually revolves would last much longer than my keychain when faced with such authority.

    • Nearly forgot, I also had a cheap Swiss+Tech UtiliKey 6-in-1 tool with a 2 inch knife and pointed screwdriver tip that lived on that set of keys from 2003 until I retired it last year. Still mostly harmless but, in the days of not being able to travel with nail clippers, it had to have been a bigger no-no than a lump of copper jacketed lead sitting on an empty brass case. It was never taken from me in 15 years of air travel, ballgames, and jury duty summonses. I’m sure the only reason is that it looked roughly like an ordinary housekey.

      • Yeah. TSA is super random like that. I just take all things of any metal and put them into checked luggage since I always end up having to remove all of that stuff anyway for the triple super duper security check waltz.

  6. I haven’t seen this type of jewelry on a woman yet, but a guy named “Cheeto” that has a neck-tat in scrolling font that says UNSUNG was wearing some in a photo I saw online. Something about taking grape Laffy Taffy from the local Walmart even though “he was gonna pay for it” and “had the money right here.”

  7. Back in the day ( why do most of my posts start this way?) when guys wore ties I used to make tie tacks from the brass or nickel base of a fired round. Cut the base off with a hacksaw, a couple of licks with a file, and then epoxy a pin from Hobby Lobby to the back. Most of my sheriff buddies wore them when ties were mandatory for our winter uniform. You could probably do the same for a pair or ear rings and they wouldn’t look any worse than the iron mongery I see these days on people whose gender I can only guess. Sorry – the cranky old man is strong in this one today.

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