Howard: Gun Deaths Highest in 40 Years

record gun deaths in 2017


Nearly 40,000 people in the United States died by guns last year, marking the highest number of gun deaths in decades, according to a new analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s WONDER database.

CNN replicated that analysis and found that 39,773 people died by guns in 2017, which is an increase of more than 10,000 deaths from the 28,874 in 1999. The age-adjusted rate of firearm deaths per 100,000 people rose from 10.3 per 100,000 in 1999 to 12 per 100,000 in 2017.
CDC statisticians confirmed with CNN on Thursday that these numbers are correct and they show gun deaths have reached a record-high going back to at least 1979, which was the year firearm deaths started to be coded in mortality data. – Jacqueline Howard for CNN, Gun Deaths in America Reach Highest Level in Nearly 40 Years)


  1. avatar Ed says:

    CNN’s analysis also showed that, within the total number of deaths, 23,854 people died from suicide by guns in 2017, the highest number in 18 years. That’s a difference of more than 7,000 deaths compared with 16,599 suicide deaths by guns in 1999.

    1. avatar Big Sky says:

      One would think that with the increased effectiveness of 21st century ammo that there would be a corresponding increase in those bullet recipients moving from the injured column to the dead one.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        Trauma medicine has reduced the fatality rate. Doctors have prevented more murders than the Police.

        1. avatar johnQ says:

          This. I would also say that EMS has prevented more murders that the police. That said, again, your defense is on you. Homicide is only there to record the event for the court.

        2. avatar Jeff says:

          I don’t even understand the meaning of your statement. It is NOT the job of the police to prevent having to shoot someone. Their only job is to shoot (with the intended purpose of killing them) when it is necessary. Then, after they do shoot a person, they attempt to render aid, which they are probably not as good at as doctors are.

        3. avatar tdiinva says:

          That is because you spend too much time here. The police prevent murders by deterring crime and keeping civil order. Doctors prevent murder by saving victims of violent action.

    2. avatar DDay says:

      The population of the country is much bigger than in 1999 and 20 years from now will be even bigger. The number of “gun deaths” including BS like suicides will probably be higher since the country will be bigger. Just another lie about guns from cnn, just another lie from cnn. The least trusted name in news.

      1. avatar Jeff says:

        I agree with you! Also, do they count for people who die via gun when others are justified in killing them?

      2. avatar Mark Landsbaum says:

        the population has increased about 17% during that period but homicides increased about 39%

        1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

          suicides are not homicides…please do not include them

      3. avatar Craig in IA says:

        Be nice to see the MSM report how many of the actual murders were committed by illegals… Just sayin’

      4. avatar Endlesspath says:

        This is a grossly oversimplified comparison by CNN on gun deaths. The increase is due to a variety of factors not even significantly addressed: as stated by others the U.S. population has increased from 223 million in 1978 to the current 329 mil (47.5% increase). Other factors to be considered:
        1) Gun ownership in 1980 was 45% of pop, in 2018 it is 43% of pop (100 million to 141 million);
        2) Great “Depression” of 2008 (at least 8 years of a depressed economy & significant job losses);
        3) “War” related returnees PTSD (1991, 2001-current of middle east/etc.);
        4) Crumbling of U.S. societal values (religious affiliation, personal ethics, school discipline, social skills) from 1978 to 2018, demonstrated by the significant increase in school shooting by students;
        5) The great gorilla in the room: The incredible increase in gang-related violence (vis-a-vis Drug Cartel gangs, Ethnic gangs (MS-13, “Bloods”, “Crips”, etc.) – think of Chicago shooting just for 2018 alone!

        So no – the increase has very little to do with guns – it is all about people!

      5. avatar Mephisto33 says:

        Well, the statement actually does take population increase into account, assuming they are using accurate population data. By stating that the increase was from 10.3 per 100,000 to 12 per 100,000,they’ve captured the population increase. Still, I think it is disingenuous of CNN (at the very least) to mislead on the actual underlying issue. 7K of the overall 11K are suicides. That’s what they should be talking about. Not the firearms.

    3. avatar MLee says:

      Also in 2017, nearly 1000 people were killed by police.

      1. avatar Jeff says:

        That figure should be broken down in terms of when the police are justified and when they are not justified in the shootings.

        1. avatar Red in CO says:

          Numbers can’t help you there, even the Mesa hallway execution was deemed “justified”. Most police uses of deadly force truly are justified, but there’s no way to compile the data you’re asking for unless you personally comb through the details of every officer involved shooting for a given year and determine if each one met the (supposed) threshold for deadly force

    4. avatar frank speak says:

      shouldn’t that be in a different category?…

  2. avatar Helms Deep says:

    Pittsburgh , Pa. City Council proposes ” common sense ” gun ban proposals , vows to enact AWB – accessory and ammo restrictions – Erd Flag confiscation laws.

    Soon … we will be as safe as Chicago /s/

    1. avatar Same Ol says:

      So here are those “common sense” proposed laws

      An assault weapons ban making it unlawful to man manufacture, sell, purchase, transport, carry, store, or otherwise hold in one’s possession an assault weapon within the City, such as the Colt AR-15 automatic rifle used in the Tree of Life shooting
      An accessories, ammunition and modification ban barring items such as bump stocks, armor-penetrating bullets, sawed-off rifles and large capacity magazines often used in mass shootings
      Adoption of Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), which enable courts to temporarily prohibit a person from having guns if law enforcement or immediate family members show that the individual poses a significant danger

      My understanding is that AR-15 refers only to the civilian market SEMI-automatic rifle. Is there even such a thing as an automatic AR-15? Does anyone know what rifle was used? Do these lawmakers ever research anything? Do they ever retain an expert before writing laws?

      I’ve seen so many examples of ignorance with a variety of subjects, that I no longer have confidence in any legislatures, at any level. Their governing is about 90% emotion based. In their defense, people mostly vote based on an emotional response, so what do you expect?

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        If a law has actually been proposed, I would bet it is carefully crafted as to have zero actual effect on firearm deaths. Mentioned here was a bunch of stuff about rifles, while handguns account for 97% of deaths, cannot possibly have a significant effect, and was never intended to.

      2. avatar Anymouse says:

        There are several models of full automatic AR-15s (true select-fire assault rifles). Armalite’s prototypes were called AR-15, and there wasn’t a semiauto vetsion that I’m aware of.
        Colt’s first version (Model 01 or 601) was made before the Air Force even considered adopting it and calling it an M16, and they continued to call it an AR-15. They later made the model 614, which was equivalent to the M16 604, except most were rollmarked AR-15. Of course, there are many AR-15 that were converted to machine guns by later parties by machining an auto sear pocket or adding a drop in auto sear or lighning link.

        1. avatar Batterycap says:

          It seems Professor Irwin Cory has checked in. Facts? Who needs any stinking facts?

        2. avatar frank speak says:

          conversions require federal registration….either for the gun, the auto-sear or the auto-connector [lightening link]….

      3. avatar Alan says:

        Another good and all to valid question is the following. Do these “lawmakers” and media types know the difference between the breach end of a firearm, rifle or handgun, and the muzzle end? It appears not, though given that the information is not “classified” or otherwise secured, one wonders why.

        1. avatar Michael Davis says:

          Do you know the difference between breech and breach………?

      4. avatar frank speak says:

        Pittsburgh’s still feeling the impact of that recent shooting….and it’s probably one of the few times a “red-flag” law may have had some impact…this guy had been posting vile, hateful messages for some time..then began posting images of himself with weapons…the final one being “I’m going in”….

      5. avatar Big Bill says:

        When I was in training at Ft. Dix in 1966, I actually handled a rifle marked “AR15” that was select fire.
        So yes, they exist.

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      Pittsburgh’s hard left leadership…including their gay mayor…have to know these laws are purely symbolic…and unenforceable….all just for show…the state is the only entity empowered to pass and enforce gun laws…something the media needs to stress…

  3. avatar GunnyGene says:

    YaddaYaddaYadda. All this tells me is that there are way too many gang bangers still breathing. Suicides don’t count. The CDC and CNN can go pound sand.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Short answer is that I agree.
      Long answer is that I wish there were more aggressive approaches to suicide preventions.

      There has to be something we, as a society, can do to get that number reduced.
      What that is, I don’t know.

      1. avatar Elaine D. says:

        Some thoughts on a personal level from a MH professional.

        The largest portion of suicides is middle aged white men. Mostly without college degrees. From what I’ve seen the biggest factors are these:

        1. Lack of economic opportunity and work that gives a sense of pride and accomplishment
        2. Divorce after empty nest. Kids leave home, couple realizes they have grown apart and divorce. Women tend to keep up social networks while raising a family. Men less so – so once the kids are gone and there is a divorce, many men are left completely alone. Loneliness a huge factor in feeling like one lacks worth. Kids gone, no good job huge factors in lack of feeling purposeful.
        3. Lack of peer/support system
        4. Depresssion related to all of the above.
        5. Substance abuse related to depression that creates a downward spiral.

        Identification and treatment of depression is a start; the bigger issue is that the factors involved in that depression are in many cases societal, not individual, problems that are hard to fix. Substance abuse and depression can be addressed on a MH level. Social networks, jobs, and relationships, more complex issues, more complex solutions needed.

        1. avatar CTstooge says:

          …or from watching CNN for 3 hours non-stop at an airport or local bar.

        2. avatar want2racer says:

          Elaine D.
          You have made many good ideas and thoughts about cause and effect and that is a great start. If we could only get the right and left to stop shouting at each other and listen to each other maybe we could get some good ideas and solutions everyone could live with but in today’s discussions everyone shouts and no one listen to the other parties concern. Everyone is so deeply divided it just become a game of who can shout the loudest and my team has to win at any cost. If your on the left the only answer seems to be ban any and all guns and those on the right refuse to consider even trying to find any solutions that might offer even a little help. I am glade tho that you have thoughtful incite into things we should all be looking at. I just wish we could get more people to contribute meaningful and honest conversation like you offer. Politics being what it is today I fear no one is willing to sit down and talk and see what we might be able to fix if we quit our fixation on the guns and realized that many of these problem have social origin like gangs, drug, income and job disparity, divorce and lack of mental health. None of these problems are easy to fix tho. Problem is most people don’t want to look that deep into things they want simple quick fixes that seldom provide any real solutions. Sprinkle in the far left and far right and people in the middle get left out of the conversation. I am pro gun but believe that we are all responsible to help end the horrible events that happen almost daily.

        3. avatar Pg2 says:

          Every point you made was created and exacerbated by leftist policies. Well done.

        4. avatar want2racer says:

          Pg2 all of your comments have the usual hard right wing talking points. If people don’t start having real dialog and finding some solutions to today’s problem there will be an event somewhere down the line that will galvanize the extreme left and you will see laws passed that will further reduce gun rights. Look to state that have 10 round limits and some states that have passed weapons bans already. Look to the past and remember the last weapons ban on a national level. If you don’t think this can happen again you are are kidding yourself. Your hard core talking point deflect the real need to have a positive conversation about what can be done and if you didn’t notice part of my conversation did say that guns were only a symptom of a greater problems of our country. If we as gun owners don’t help fix this problem we as gun owners will be the ones that will have the most to lose. I don’t think that its so hard to talk to each other and find things that can be fixed and in the long run help preserve our gun rights. If we are not part of the solution we are a part of the problem. Many of the other commentators here do talk about things like inequity in divorce and social issues that we can work at. If they were able to pass gun bans it could be a felony to own such weapons. I for one do not want to face the prospect of jail time for owning a ban weapon and think it would be smarter to see what positive things we can do to head this off before it becomes a reality by positive involvement.

        5. avatar Pg2 says:

          @racer, thanks for the troll post. If supporting individual rights is a “hard right wing” position that needs to be further compromised, then the American experiment with indivual freedom is already lost. Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but I suspect you already know this because you are trolling here, the extreme left doesn’t need to be galvanized. The extreme left runs the world through the banking system and our rights have long been under attack by these people who understand that unarmed, poor, sick, weak, and dumber populations are a hell of lot easier to control than armed, healthy, informed individuals.

        6. avatar Elaine D. says:


          Thanks for that. Well, I work in the field of mental health. I have men as clients. They talk to me. I’m not making this stuff up; it’s stuff I hear directly from them, especially about the loneliness factor, and the struggles with substances. But just that lack of good male companionship, too, is a thing.

          One of my clients was telling me that he’s recently joined a weekly coffee meetup with a bunch of semi-retired guys from all different professions. They get together regularly and just hang out and discuss politics and talk about life and drink coffee. I notice that in Vietnam my uncle and other male relatives all seem to have those circles of male friends that they hang out with and keep close contact with and socialize with at least once a week. Keeps them happy. Keeps them strong.

          I ponder a lot how it is that we’ve gotten so lonely in the United States. part of it is definitely the shifts in families and communities many of which are driven by things like jobs. Part of it is probably over-valuing work in general and under-valuing community time. No matter where in the world, people have been shown to be happiest when they have these five things:

          Meaningful work
          Creative/leisure time
          Spirituality/philosophical belief structure

          There are laws against working too much in VN – it’s a very work driven culture – to make sure people have sufficient time for their families and communities. Without the balance money and the quest for money takes over everything.

          Seems like everything in the US is measured in terms of money. Also not all kinds of work are valued. In VN I’ve seen how if you’re a hard worker the kind of work you do is less important, it’s more your work ethic that reflects positively on you. Here the kind of work you do, no matter how hard you work, can cause people to look down on you because of what it pays or doesn’t pay.

          Status can really be the killer of connectivity if that becomes the focus of an entire culture without any balancing factors.

        7. avatar want2racer says:

          The things you have written are spot on. I have seen many examples of the things you write about in the people in my own life. Keep on posting and maybe more people will join in and maybe some day we will see more people add positive dialog and changes that we truly need in our country. I see the loneliness in the people in the nursing homes before my dad died and I remember conversations with my great aunt and grand parents many years ago as well. I remember them talking about a time when neighbors did know each other went on outings and attended softball games of the kids of there families. They spent time on the front porch talking and playing cards. They never thought twice about helping out with a problem even if it wasn’t there own problem. People from work knew each other went bowling together or other events.
          Now we barely know the guy sitting in the next cubicle or the next door town house.
          We are a long way from that time.

        8. avatar Pg2 says:

          Priceless troll exchange….Elaine who soft sells gun control conversing with racer who plays the pretend role of the common sense gun owner who soft preaches gun control because it’s common sense.

        9. avatar want2racer says:

          I will be just a little blunt with you. Perhaps you are to stupid to understand that I wasn’t selling gun control you don’t seem to understand written language very well but what else could I have expected from you. Many of your post come off as shallow and offer little in terms of honest dialog. Elaine D offered ideas there were well grounded and offer things to look at and while they will not offer complete answers she offered a good starting point. What did you have to offer my friend did you offer any ideas at all on how to help reduce the offal things we see each and every day in the news. Did you offer any ideas on how to reduce suicides or violence in general or the all to often child shots sibling. Come back to the table when your old enough and considerate enough to add some value to the conversation. You have offered nothing and maybe next time it will be your friend or loved one that is the victim of any number of offal acts committed daily. We do have a problem in this country and it does need to be reduced or fixed. Guns violence is only a symptom of many other social ill. But good ahead and say I’m wrong but prove it thu honest dialog. We do have to many stolen gun out on the streets with to many of them never properly secured to prevent theft. We do have to many people who will pick up a gun to commit and act of violence over minor disputes. We do have to many men who will murder there mates and its not acceptable. I for one believe we can do better. I also believe we don’t need to violate the 2nd amendment to do this.

        10. avatar Pg2 says:

          @racer, when your called on your trolling BS Act indignant. Troll 101. Amateur troll hour. I don’t believe you’ve read any of my posts. Elaine makes no disguise with her gun control posts….your act pretending to be a gun owner who wants to compromise is laughably transparent.

        11. avatar want2racer says:

          Let see. I am a NRA member and have actually gone to the NRA museum In DC(great place and its FREE to visit and has free parking) along with Buffalo Bill museum in Cody($$$ but a great place also) , am an active member and belong to a local gun club, and am in the top 2% of gun owners and have owed guns for roughly 40 years. I have written more letters to Presidents and congress critters to support the 2nd then I can count, but hey what do I know. But hey keep SHOUTING and stomping your feet maybe nothing will change with that strategy but I think we will lose this game if we don’t get in it and help create solutions that will help stem the tide of violence. We are at risk of losing this game if we keep place the same hand. WE NEED to bring forward things that can help if we choose to or NOT. Place your bet carefully tho I for one don’t want to lose.
          Start talking and even more important start listening> You can learn way more that way.

        12. avatar Pg2 says:

          Wantracer=AstroTurf profile pretending to be a concerned, willing to compromise gun owner. Priceless.

        13. avatar pg2 says:

          @wantracer…if you’re not an autobot troll, you have the spelling and grammar skills of a 3rd-4th grader, and that’s being generous. Loaded with errors serious enough to believe you’re either a mentally challenged adult or you’re an autobot troll. Guess these automated troll profiles need some upgrading?

        14. avatar Scoutino says:

          What kind of conversation can prevent desperate people from ending it all? What do you propose to lower the death count from gang bangers killing another gang bangers?
          Which further infringements on constitutionally protected human rights?
          If you think that job and income inequality is a problem, then it’s you and your jealousy that’s the real issue here.

          My personal hypothesis is that guys suicide when they suddenly realize that they can’t write one proper sentence to save their lives. (This doesn’t apply to me, since English is not my first language. Or fifth.)
          “I am glade tho that you have thoughtful incite into things we should all be looking at.”
          Be careful, you might be next.

          Yes, I’m an asshole. And I hate progressives, because I have seen first hand where their leftist policies lead.

        15. avatar want2racer says:

          Hey Scoutino as per your statement that “you are an asshole” I have to agree with you. But hey that’s your statement and your problem not mine. As per the jealousy about income you claimed. I actually have a good job and soon I will draw a retirement from it. I don’t care about you personal hypothesis you can think what you want but some of us actually think about problems and ways to solve them. A good example would be to make divorce more equitable for both men and women as Elaine D spoke of the men who are divorced alone and depressed a more fair split in there marriage might reduce the suicide rates among both men and women. But hey maybe you to will catch on some day to this higher form of thinking.
          Some of us in the gun world happen to think the best way to preserve gun rights is to work with others and seek out opportunities to show that we are respectful of others and willing to find ways to reduce unjustified death. In lower income areas gangs are more prevalent and jobs are often none existent. Jobs and training program can and do help. I hope that helps you. Sorry about your asshole problem I hope you get over it.

        16. avatar pg2 says:

          @scoutino, read want2racers posts closely, I’m pretty sure its not a real person. The spelling and grammar mistakes are so egregious that it’s not possible a literate adult wrote those posts. Looks like the autobot posting programming needs some upgrades.

        17. avatar want2racer says:

          yawning, tell me when you say something intelligent

        18. avatar Pg2 says:

          Coming from the profile that spells awful as offal, and is either unable or unwilling to use proper apostrophe ‘s, and has grammatical and spelling errors so egregious that you’d fail the 5th grade MCAS given In my state, I’ll take that as a compliment.

        19. avatar want2racer says:

          Pg2 You know its a funny thing. The debate wasn’t about my typing skills its an article about guns/death. Your ability to keep on task and add anything of value to the article is about junior high level and that I think is an overstatement. On this entire forum you were not able to add a single comment that helped convince others to protect your gun rights, or show others that you care about the safety of our friends in our communities or in any way counter points made by me or other people. You were a 2 year old crying about your gun rights but never came up with even one good idea to help protect the very rights you claimed were so important to you. Maybe you should take some time out to think about what you can do to present some fact and ideas to others to show why they should care about any of this very important issue. Show them that there safety is important to the gun community that we value them and are interested in exchanging ideas that make everyone safe and still protect gun rights.

          PS I care about this issue more then you could ever know but I also care about finding ways to befriend others that will take the time to listen and work across the isle to keep gun ownership safe legal and also keep others out of the line of fire.

          PS2 it looks like the president is going to sign a ban on bump stocks. All the hard core gun owners did was piss in the wind about gun rights instead of offering ideas about how we could improve vetting of people to help prevent the wrong people from get an item that had the ability to hurt many people as it did. If we had offered to elevate the security level of bump stock to the same security held on silencers perhaps we could have found a path that would show others we are concerned about everyone’s safety and willing to find a solution that while not perfect but would have made continued ownership possible. I had no personal need for a bump stock but hey they were fun and now possible lost forever. Many good people that worked there are now out of a job also and our rights took a beating and we look like we have little concern for the safety of others. Its a lose, lose deal and now lots of money will be spent in court. Money that could have been used to fight a bigger battle in the future if needed. Think about it next time before you go on people who are afraid of guns and what you can do to help show them that we are responsible and we operate safely and responsibly. Or we can put our head in the sand, screaming loudly about our gun rights and pretend we are winning.

        20. avatar Pg2 says:

          Its not your typing skills in question, you don’t accidentally type awful as offal, and you don’t accidentally say things like “and am in the top 2% of gun owners”…wtf does that even mean?!? You’re a fake profile, maybe an autobot, pretending to be a concerned 2nd Amendment supporter willing to further compromise what gun rigs rights we have remaining….very transparent wantracer. Classic Hegelian dialect.

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      would be nice if they’d differentiate between legally owned and illegally possessed firearms…

    3. avatar Jeff says:

      Totally agree!!!

  4. avatar Tom Edwards says:

    There were 3 million murders by abortion last year! But that is all right The Democrats Approve of that!

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      I hear you and agree.

    2. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

      3 million? Around the world? Because the average USA figure is about 600,000 a year on average lately.

  5. avatar Tom T says:

    Just out of curiosity once, some friends & I googled various aricles on “______ killed ____ people last year”. Smoking, obesity, guns, etc. Added up they were over 3 times the total number of actual deaths. Since then I ignore these articles. They play with the numbers to suit there agenda.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Yeah, I figured that out a long time ago. If a fat guy who smokes is murdered by a dumbocrat with a gun, his death is recorded 4 times. I don’t think it’s deceptive as much as simply stupid to the point of making all such declarations useless.

      1. avatar DrewN says:

        They do that with drinking and driving as well. Asleep in the back seat and get into an accident? Alcohol related. Passenger in the not at fault vehicle over the limit? Alcohol related.

  6. avatar dph says:

    F*** em, it wouldn’t matter if there was no deaths caused by being shot, they would still be trying to ban everything firearm related. It’s not about safety, it’s about control.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      really just that simple…people have to know they’re pushing an agenda aimed specifically at legal gun owners…

  7. avatar Mathgod says:

    Erroneous data

  8. avatar tdiinva says:

    Suicides are up because the population is aging. Suicide is positively correlated with age. The age effect is much greater than the Ferguson effect.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      I know someone who works in elder care helping dementia patients. She says it’s depressing as hell, they’re basically broken and waiting to die, and they know it. There is a guy at one of the homes she visits that asks people to kill him. He’s serious.

      Not at all surprised that suicide rates would be going up as the baby boomers start hitting their mid-70s.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        It’s going to get worse because an increasing number of people will be alone in their old age.

        I wonder if physician assisted suicides are included in the suicide rate. I bet they are not

        1. avatar frank speak says:

          depression’s a nasty beast…it can sneak up on you or even strike without warning…all of a sudden life just doesn’t seem worth living…and it’s hard to fight through it…a gun is just one option of an exit strategy…but it beats going out and driving your car into somebody…as some have done….

      2. avatar Fully Involved says:

        Your friend’s not wrong. I volunteered for a hospice oganization and those homes are a horror show. I don’t care what I have to go through, my parents will never see the inside of that place as long as I’m still breathing.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Don’t bet on it. My Mom went that way, after watching her father do the same, decades before. She kept his condition from his grandchildren, and when the time came she checked herself in after giving me power of attorney to use her funds to pay the bill. I was visiting often at first, then less and less as it became obvious that she was not there anymore. Brother came once, let me know he wouldn’t be back, a very old friend came once, told me she wouldn’t be back, I told them I understood, and so did Mom.

      3. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

        My girl is a nurse at a old folks home (rehabilitation center) and I hate to go. Last time I was there, there was a woman with dementia with an open door moaning pitifully “kill me, kill me, kill me. Shoot me please.”

        Look, I get human life is precious but I’d shoot some of these patients suffering that don’t want to be here anymore and sleep better than if I’d shoot a broken up dog.

        1. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

          Humans live longer and one of the side effects is our brain now goes before the body. That being said we live in a self centered culture of death, who worship vanity and comfort over meaning and wisdom. The true answer is that as the boomers age most are finally faced with how capricious, and ego centric they lived their lives and they can’t handle it. We talk about respecting our elders, and we should do more of it, but it’s harder to do when the elders generally have little wisdom to bestow.

      4. avatar Lugnur says:

        Bill Burr May be right. Time to steady sinking a few cruise ships. Thin out the herd. :). /sarc

        1. avatar frank speak says:

          easy to say…till your time comes….

  9. avatar Ogre says:

    We don’t call CNN the Communist News Network for nothing.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      purveyors of blatant propaganda…all the networks do it…but they are, by far…the worst…”the most (dis)trusted name in news”…

  10. avatar Shire-man says:

    Murder rate is at a 33 year low:
    So the “gun death” number is inflated by what? Suicide? Self defense use? Accidents?

    1. avatar MAGA says:

      Yep. Bloomberg’s “Everytown” listed Tamaerlin Tsarnaev (the Boston Bomber, killed in a shootout with police) as a victim of “gun violence”.

      It is a sure sign of a bad argument if you have to artificially inflate your numbers to make a point.

    2. avatar rosignol says:

      I’m pretty sure suicide has been the leading cause of firearm death for decades.

      1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

        Pretty consistent at 60-655 of gun deaths each year.

        1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

          should be 60-65%…no way to edit any more

  11. avatar MAGA says:

    Japan has TWICE the suicide rate, and gun ownership over there is almost ZERO.

    Also, Robin Williams, Gia Allemand (contestant on ABC’s The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka’s season), Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) all committed suicide by hanging. It sounds like we should ban rope, or propose red flag laws to confiscate it from people who are a danger to themselves or others.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    The US suicide rate is up by 25%.

    I’m hoping that at least some of those poor people were Democrats.

    1. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

      I’m sure some of them were, but of course they’ll still vote Democrat regardless.

      1. avatar Some Guy says:

        Joke of the day. That, sir, is funny!

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          I wish it was funny.

  13. avatar Ken says:

    1999 is always used as the comparative year because that year was an anomaly having an exceptionally low gun death rate.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      ‘Zat right? How many guns actually died in 1999? Sha-ZAM!!

      1. avatar Perry says:

        You correctly point out that guns do not cause violence. They do not load themselves, transport themselves, aim themselves, or pull their trigger.

  14. avatar Bob Jones says:

    The cost of 24/7 care for elderly and the demented runs $10,000+ per month in most places if you are doing it legal and paying withholding & social security taxes on the hired help. Suicide is a much cheaper alternative, particularly if your quality of life is rock bottom. The medical profession should make it easier to sign out using drugs which would reduce the use of guns. Forget long term care insurance, it will not pay all of your costs, it will write you a check for a fraction of your costs…….based on your premiums……it is NOT the lottery.

    Nursing homes provide only a minimum of care and require you to provide your own 24/7 caregivers if you are truly infirm or demented.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      “A place to go while you wait to die”…may as well post that sign over the front door…..

  15. avatar merlin says:

    has been easily refuted.

  16. avatar 2aguy says:

    The FBI actually shows gun murder is down from 2016 to 2017…..I follow the FBI on gun murder data since the CDC is filled with anti gun extremists…

    Expanded Homicide Data Table 8

    The gun murder rate for 2016…..11,138

    For 2017…..with now more than 17.25 million Americans carrying guns for self defense….10,982

  17. avatar 2aguy says:

    The CDC Wisqars site hasn’t uploaded 2017 data….so where did CNN get their data that they state they “replicated” in their own research…….something tells me this is fake….since they don’t link to the CDC for any of this data……

  18. avatar Quest says:

    Is anyone else bothered by the constant “highest x ever!” headlines? They seem to ever so conveniently ignore the fact that an ever growing population SHOULD have more individuals killed by x, y, or, z on a year over year basis.

    If it ain’t per capita, it’s is a bullshit statistic.

    1. avatar dph says:

      Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”
      – Mark Twain’s Own Autobiography: The Chapters from the North American Review

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      essentially….some death rates however….auto accidents, for example…have held firm or even been reduced…

      1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

        and there have been lots of safety features put into cars…and they cost 10X as much, too…

  19. avatar CG123M says:

    News outlets love statistics because you can get any set of numbers to tell your desired narrative.

    US Population in 1979 – 225 million (Gun Death Rate – 14.7) (Firearm Suicide Death Rate – unavailable, overall rate approx 8.3 based on
    US Population in 1999- 275 million (Gun Death Rate – 10.5) (Firearm Suicide Death Rate – 6.03)
    US Population in 2017 – 327 million (Gun Death Rate – 12.1) (Firearm Suicide Death Rate – 7.3)

    Using their own numbers (per 100,000)( for the 1979 homicide rate)

    US Murder Rate 1979 -10.2
    US Murder Rate 1999-4.46
    US Murder Rate 2017 -4.43

    The data suggests a staggering Suicide problem, not a staggering gun violence problem.

    The gun homicide rate has remained largely constant since 1999, although it has fluctuated between the low and high 4’s. There has been no spike or rapid drop.

    And remember in 1999, the Assault Weapon Ban was in full effect.

    Liberals MUST use accidental and suicide death numbers in order to further their narrative that guns are a problem.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Where can I find those dead guns? I am willing to bet I can resuscitate a lot of them.

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      about all the AWB accomplished was less pseudo-assault rifles encountered by cops on the streets…there were plenty of ways around it by those in the know….which [apparently] did not contain very many of the bad guys….ended a lot of political careers, though…something that has not been easily forgotten…

    3. avatar Big Bill says:

      There were 489 people killed in unintentional shootings in the U.S. in 2015, the latest figure I can find. That’s not many, and won’t have a really significant effect on death rates by gunshot.
      Including them will have an effect, though, so of course they will be included.
      That figure pales, though, when compared to the number of deaths caused by auto “accidents.” Which seems to tell me that cars are actually much, much more dangerous than guns.
      I’m told that cars are “necessary,” but we got along without them until the end of the 19th century.
      But I see no movement to ban cars, despite the fact that they are, indeed, much more dangerous than guns.

  20. avatar tNt says:

    40, 000 people died from guns last year. Well that’s worth celebrating.

    1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

      600,000+ by abortion…but why bother comparing…right?

  21. avatar Same Ol says:

    Who’s sounding the alarm bells over the increase in suicide? Not only is this a major issue for our country, it’s obviously a symptom of other major issues for our country.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      religion’s on the decline…and the family structure is disintegrating… as people live longer and longer lives frequently encumbered by financial hardship…just aren’t enough lifeboats anymore…

  22. avatar Bierce Ambrose says:

    Gun deaths are high?

    Maybe the anti gun people should stop killing them?

  23. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    If suicides were only caused by guns, then Japan would have one of the lowest rates in the world instead of one of the highest.

    1. avatar Same Ol says:


      Firearms accounted for 51% of all suicides in 2016

      The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular.

      In 2017, men died by suicide 3.54x more often than women.

      On average, there are 129 suicides per day.

      1. avatar Same Ol says:

        White male privilege in action right here folks.

      2. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Outlaw suicide by men. Jesus, that wasn’t even tough!

      3. avatar Pg2 says:

        No fault divorce laws and the heavily biased against fathers family court system may be a significant factor in middle age men suicides.

      4. avatar Scoutino says:

        Come on, ladies, take up the slack! Are you going to stay forever in man’s shadow?

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      Japan is a separate entity…it’s cultural there…how quickly people forget WWII…..

      1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

        black culture in America…violence…so???

  24. avatar Kman says:

    Need the parameters and breakdown.
    Self defense
    With legally owned
    CCW holder
    With illegally possessed

  25. avatar former water walker says:

    Suicide is up-murder of someone other than YOURSELF is down. Simple chit…

  26. avatar GS650G says:

    Plenty of crooks assumed room temperature and there isn’t much wrong with that

  27. avatar tome says:

    23854 died of gun shootings. But do not care if 3 Million are murdered by abortion. That is different! But you look at how stupid people are today. Maybe it is for the best! Says Doctors save more gun deaths than Police! There always been more people killed by doctors than guns every year for the last centuary!

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Murder, by definition, is a crime. Abortion is not a crime. Either your terminology needs attention or you are simply a moron determined to control other people’s lives.

      1. avatar frank speak says:

        if you kill a pregnant woman can you be charged with a double-homicide?…

        1. avatar Elaine D. says:

          You can. Just happened to that dude Christopher Watts in Colorado.

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      “Death by Doctor”…[medical mistakes]…will always be a well-concealed stat…

    3. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

      My figures show about 600,000 or so abortions each year in the USA these days…still a huge number
      Where does the 3M figure come from? PlanB pills included?

  28. avatar Chiefton says:

    And amazingly that is still less than motor vehicle deaths over the same time period. But of course, under the liberal agenda, that does not matter because all liberals own a car. Because of that, liberals will never want to ban cars or reduce engine sizes and speed. Hipocrites.

  29. avatar Red in CO says:

    Sounds like a huge part of that is just a lack of truly meaningful male friendships, which makes sense, and it’s also an interesting, rather complex phenomenon. If anyone is interested, there’s an old article on The Federalist called How to Stop Sexualizing Everything that makes some really interesting points in the topic

    1. avatar Red in CO says:

      Dafuq? That was supposed to be a reply to Elaine’s point way up toward the top where she’s talking about most auicides being middle aged white men. And since when can we not delete comments?

      1. avatar Elaine D. says:


        YES. I didn’t see your comment here because it was so far down on the page, but I just wrote a response up there that said exactly what you just said about male friendships. Super hugely important.

    2. avatar Pg2 says:

      They use sex to control us like farm animals. And yes this place sucks without the edit/delete option.;

  30. avatar Rick says:

    Cnn failed to mention however, that these same 39,773 voted for democrats in the midterm elections.

  31. avatar Rich Myers says:

    CNN and CDC are so anti gun that they are not believable at all. The CDC should stick to disease control, not guns. These two are so biased against guns its pathetic.Turn them both off for good.

    1. avatar Pg2 says:

      The CDC is terminally corrupt. They are owned and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, who makes money from you being sick, not healthy.

  32. avatar Fred D says:

    America’s problem isn’t guns or capitalism or immigration or racism !
    Un-checked crime at the highest levels !
    Hell , the fact that we have social LEVELS is a crime againts humanity !
    History has shown us time & time again , that the most corrupt & evil among us are the wealthy ! Only thing is , they infiltrate governments and then buy their way to even greater wealth ! The lobbying system is nothing more than legalized crime !
    Why ? Because the wealthy didn’t incorporate a law enforcement agency to monitor our PUBLIC SERVANTS for illegal activity , lobbiest with huge pockets of money are allowed to meet privately with PUBLIC SERVANTS , Leaving the door wide open for crime in the form of ” pay for play ”
    Those with money can play , those without are forced to set on the sidelines & they give them welfare ! And tell those with the least , to go vote , it’s their voice in the governing process !
    Can anyone tell me the name of the law enforcement agency who’s sole purpose is to monitor PUBLIC SERVANTS activities ?
    I’m not aware of even one such agency !
    While WE THE PEOPLE have over 10 such agencies monitoring US for criminal activity !
    This huge hole in our system makes it child’s play to put in place their own fox to guard their hen house !
    I will give you one ” undeniable ” example , exxon had a ship with their name on it , it was crewed by exxon employees , carrying oil with their name on it , from an oil rig with their name on it !
    But when that ship crashed & spilled millions of gallons of oil into public waters , exxon says it isn’t their responsibility to clean up their huge environmental disaster !
    And then order their baught & payed for CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS to force the TAX PAYERS to pay to clean up exxons mess !
    To this day ” 20 + ” years later exxon has not payed a dime for cleaning up the ” EXXON VALDEZ ” spill !
    And the TAX PAYERS haven’t recovered one dime of the hundreds of millions of dollars WE were forced to pay to clean up exxons spill !
    One of the highly praised KENNEDYS Drove his pregnant lover into a river , drowning her & his bastard child , left the scene of the crime , clammed he was drunk & therefore not responsible ! He was never arrested , never charged with a crime , never spent a single day in jail ! ! And we are TOLD that WE THE PEOPLE voted to keep this adulterer, alcoholic
    & killer in high PUBLIC SERVANT OFFICE for another 25+ years ?? Lies & corruption !
    How can these things be ? Because the wealthy are the very most corrupt in society & they set themselves about becoming far more wealthy while brainwashing American adults into watching E.T. and aff & simpsons & lifestyles of the rich & famous !
    Brainwashed into being thankful that the wealthy gave them a job to help make the wealthy even wealther !
    Never forget , absolute power , corrupts absolutely & money is a root of evil !
    If you allow children to guard the cookie jar ” unsupervised ” some cookies are going to come up missing & eventually all the cookies !
    Proof = how many people own the bulk of the world’s money ?
    Ok now , let’s get it on , start pissing at me that I’m jealous of the wealthy !

    1. avatar Pg2 says:

      The was effectively annexed by private interests in 1913. The full takeover and elimination of rights takes time, and has been done piecemeal since 1913.

    2. avatar Pg2 says:

      The USA was effectively annexed….this forum sucks without the edit button.

  33. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    The study starts from a flawed point of origin…. guns aren’t the cause of all those deaths. Guns were used, but it wasn’t the gun’s fault. Removing guns wouldn’t reduce the number of deaths to anywhere close zero and anyone who says it would is worse than a crooked politician.

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