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23-year-old gun owner Robert Boyd Adair says of his pocket dump, “This is my favorite set up for everyday use and personal protection, with style and class.” Gear includes a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0, a Kershaw folding knife, and a tactical pen.

If you’re wondering why I mentioned the gun owner’s age, here’s why: we all started shooting and carrying at different points in our lives but many if not most of us started fairly young. Would you buy the same first-EDC today that you bought back then? Why do you think your first carry gun was a good – or bad – idea?

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  1. He’s doing better than I was, my first carry was a commercial .380 acp Bulgarian Makarrov. Heavy and uncomfortable, so I didn’t carry it all the time.

    I’ve had several others over the years, but now it’s mostly either an LCP II or Kahr PM9 in the pocket. My job is physical in nature and involves moving heavy objects often near my belt line so other carry methods are pretty much off the table. I also live and work in a very low crime area, so I don’t feel undergunned for my situation.

  2. When I was 21 and I got my concealed weapon permit I was also a infantry Marine and knew I NEEDED a .45ACP. I also knew I was poor being a young Marine and a 1911 was too expensive so I got me a Springfield XD45. Oh man looking back at me carrying that gun in a OWB thumb break holster there was no such thing as concealed. I walked around like that for 3 years before coming to my senses and accepted 9mm and a Glock 26. Took another year or 2 before switched to a proper way to carry concealed IWB and still have that set up to this day.

  3. I got older and learned less is more and learned to prioritize.
    Gerber dime multitool replaced big Leatherman.
    Small Coast flashlight (if I even carry it).
    Biggest gun is PPS m2 and today was LCP in pocket. Never carry the Glock 17 anymore.
    Spare magazine only when working in bad areas.
    Never have owned tactical pen.

  4. My first carry gun at 21 was a g26 gen 3 carried iwb. Since then, I have bought and sold hundreds of pieces. I still consider my first carry piece to be a great option for my application.

  5. Kinda funny to think about it now.

    My first comcealed carry was a Bauer 25. A stainless copy of a Browning Baby.

    My winter carry was a Smith and Wesson Highway Patrolman in a shoulder holster.

    There were no carry permits in Mississippi in those days and carry could result in a misdemeanor and/or loss of the gun.

    An LCP would have been really nice back then…..

  6. First handgun was an 357 SP101. Great gun but too heavy to ccw. The real mistake was the 2nd purchase a PF9. Gun ran like a dream but felt like a jackhammer. Looking back I would have gone P32. Bet it wouldnt shoot underwater though.

  7. Would you buy the same first-EDC today that you bought back then? Why do you think your first carry gun was a good – or bad – idea?”

    At 21 my first pistol wasn’t an EDC because I couldn’t afford a CCW permit and wasn’t allowed to carry on campus anyway. So it lived at my residence, which was a shithole in a shithole neighborhood.

    It was an unaltered Star BM and yes, I’d buy it again. It’s not the best gun in the entire world IMHO, but it’s still a great gun. Affordable, reliable and accurate. Still have it, still love it.

    • Oh, and also, other than the glasses I detect little style or class in this.

      Not that everything has to be expensive high-end gear mind you but a Casio watch doesn’t scream style or class. Nor does a $16 flashlight that’s effectively off brand. Spend the same on the watch, but shop smarter, and $40 on the flashlight for upgrades on both style and class.

      I mean, if you are trying to bullshit your way through style and class at least get a knock-off of a nice watch or get an Invicta or something. If you’re gonna lie at least try to lie with style about your class.

  8. First handgun was an SP101. Not a bad choice. Second, on the recommendation of someone, was a Taurus PT145. He was right that it feels good to shoot and conceals well for 10+1 rounds of .45 but I just don’t like the manual of arms.

    Plus the recalls.

  9. I don’t think Id go and buy a S&W Model 66 2.5″ barreled gun today as my EDC. It was a good choice back in the day when we still didn’t have many reliable semi auto guns.

  10. “Spare magazine only when working in bad areas”

    “I also live and work in a very low crime area, so I don’t feel undergunned”

    I find these two comments interesting because it assumes that a threat will stay from good areas or low crime areas. That’s that same assumption that Gun Free Zone signs work.

    • The analogy is too simplistic.
      I’m at a point in my life where I can pretty much control where I go and when I’m going.
      Areas of criminal activity have been mapped for half a century.
      When we got calls and took reports, 90 percent of crimes took place within about 1.5 mile radius in my county.
      Never say never, but knowing what I know based on work and living with my eyes open…it’s easy to identify increased risks and mitigate being a victim.
      Just my experience and opinion.

        • 556SBR, agreed. I live in a safe, small town in a farming area. On Saturday morning a man was gut shot down the street and last I heard they still hadn’t caught the shooter. It was a rare situation for my area but it was damn near my doorstep. You just never know.

  11. No I would get something better.T he first weapon I used, to protect my Mom, was a Ben Pearson Bow with field arrows, she worked a local bar and a couple drunks followed her home and tried to break into the house. The first guy just about shit when that arrow stuck in the wall right under his nose, then I threw a the cat on him, it was quite exciting. The guys left in a hurry when Grandpa pulled up with his shotgun.

      • *Every* cat with claws is a ‘Tactical Cat’, especially when deployed as our possum did…

      • probably some form of calico or sphinx. or a manx with a bobbed hammer. the russian blue wears thin too quickly.
        if i had a maine coon, i’d name it monica.

    • LOL, no it was just a striped yellow tom cat, I was twelve and scared, I had three arrows but I thought throwing that cat on his face was faster. Mom was yelling, on the phone to grandpa, doors getting kicked in, more yelling. Dad’s working construction, won’t be back until next week. I got my first shotgun out of that though, 12 gauge Model 10 Remington. She’s a closet queen now but it still shoots.

  12. Young, not much money, in the Army, and didn’t know squat. Went to a pawn shop and found a gun I could afford. (60s). I found a very “James Bond-ish” looking gun and bought it. Still don’t know if it was a good one or not. Shot sweet, 6+1. .32 acp J.P. Sauer (as in Sig Sauer sp) traded for cash so I could get a Ruger .44 Super Blackhawk. Wish I still had the .32. Sold the .44 for a SS226.
    At 23 I could carry 100# on my waist, now I’m happy w/a LCP. PS any info on the JPS .32?

    • Ha!
      Progression of life.
      Young patrol officers carry everything but the kitchen sink.
      Investigators drop about half of that.
      Chief carries .38 airweight and a cross pen.
      As I aged I got a gut and lost ass and hips. Makes carrying an arsenal difficult.
      Did that Sauer look like a Raven that was built by someone who knew what a pistol looked like? Maybe like a ppk got drunk and mounted a Raven?
      I think I remember them.

    • Googeled JP Sauer and shon .32 acp. Looks like I might have had something special. Young AND stupid, oh well.

  13. si, una p380 de tortilla harina para llevar mexicano, por favor. aye chihuahua, esta no bueno. feliz vende rapido.

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