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“The NRA is the best friend the killer’s instinct ever had,” Bill Moyers pronounces re: the “relationship” between the Midnight Movie Massacre killer James Holmes and America’s most powerful gun rights org. Wow. And Bill’s from Texas? Go figure. Meanwhile, David Neiwert’s Crooks & Liars blog (which embedded the video) reckons the NRA is guilty of creating a toxic “pollution of American life [with] the gun fetishists’ violent worldview, manifested in the permeation of guns into all corners of our modern culture — particularly those where males are involved.” Neiwert’s j’accuse! relies heavily on Jill Lepore’s ill-informed anti-gun polemic in the New Yorker—ripped to shreds by TTAG’s Bruce Krafft. Click here to read Mr. Krafft’s evisceration. I wonder if Mr. Neiwert has. I wonder if he would.

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  1. What a bunch of crap! This S**t really pisses me off, blame everything and everyone else execpt the murderers themselves that did the heiness horrific crimes.

  2. let’s put as many restrictions on bills 1a rights that i have on my 2a and see how fast he’s howling for justice.

  3. What an intellectual A hole. I thought this pompous ass had bought the farm. I can’t even take the sound of that whinny voice of his let a loan his uninformed misconceptions. And the MSM is still directing the issue. No news on the threats to our liberties or substantial information on the theft of our savings. Just the addled babbleings of a senile ideological elitist. Notice all the Antis spokesmen have private armed security? But guns are bad, m’k?

    • I like gun ownership increasing, but prices are getting absurd. I was a a LGS and the owner made the statement that BHO is a greater gun salesman than Col. Colt.

    • Bill O’Reilly. Nut-job, too. Just comes from the other side to end up in the same place as Moyer. Admittedly, he did do a little better at “getting it..”, but still a fail.

      Nous Defions

  4. Bill Moyers’ license to operate as a journalist should be pulled, revoked, torn to bits and burned, and to never be issued to him again. Muddy, twisted, deceitful, ingnore the facts, to hell with intents, nut-job that he is.

    Nous Defions

    • Muddy, twisted, deceitful, ignore the facts, to hell with intents, nut-job…”

      I’m pretty sure that’s actually the job description for any would-be “journalist.”

  5. The comments section was pretty funny. I laugh when people who seem to have never fired a firearm comment with “facts.” One poster claimed that “5.56 ammo is military grade and will jam in a civilian rifle.” He or she has no understanding of the ballistic relationship of 5.56MM or .223 Rem ammo and associated firearms. They seem happy of their ignorance.

    • LMAO yeah I am going to have to read the comments…
      Well given the tragedy, Everyone should have some pause, and consider is there something that we could or can do differently that would prevent a future mishap. I think after much review and discussion the answer is no. Minus of course making CCW allowed in Cinemark theaters!

      Barring house to house raids confiscating all firearms and banning them completely nothing would have stopped this from happening. Even a complete ban wouldn’t have stopped it, he would have built bombs or used some other method of mass destruction. Complaining about his firearms is kind of mute. He was planning and going to do something for what ever reason.

      I am not ready to give up our right to own firearms.

      Even Bill whether you like it or not is availed his opinion, as silly as it is. It is important to educate others as much as possible on the myths and fear associated with it. It is a hot button issue and most folks don’t react rationally towards it.

  6. If Bill Moyer and I ever wind up in the same place when something bad goes down he can hide behind me. I’ll have a gun…no thanks necessary Bill.

  7. Wow, where to even begin… I’ve never heard anyone suggest that people on the Oregon Trail should have gone unarmed, so that takes the cake. Did more accidentally shoot themselves than Indians? Who knows, but the primary threat on westward passages was white robbers, not Indians. Of course, Moyers has a liberal cartoon image of western expansion as white people shooting Indians at every opportunity… the reality was small bands of frontiersmen and families for whom a Winchester or two provided the only security they had against probable death after being robbed of their food and horses. The inability to see things from the perspective of the individual hobbles the thinking of progressives like Moyers.

    I also love how he calls the NRA “paranoid” and “delusional,” yet he’s the one who describes modern America as a place of “murder and mayhem.” Of course, the reality is that violent crime rates are at record lows and have declined at the same time that assault weapons have become the most popular long arms and it has become easy for people to carry concealed in most states.

    • Well, the NRA is paranoid, maybe even delusional. You can rely on the top brass to spout off some sort of conspiracy theory every time they start talking about national politics. But considering the constant attacks gun owners and orgs that support them have to endure, maybe it’s not surprising that the NRA is paranoid.

      I just have a real problem with people who don’t let little things like facts, let alone the truth, get in the way of their pet fantasies. Unfortunately for Moyers and his ilk, 99.9% of available information supports the wisdom of normal, law-abiding people owning whatever type of gun makes sense to them.

      Heck, Moyers can call me a gun nut all he wants — I might actually be one — but in equating millions of people who responsibly exercise their 2nd amendment rights with the actions of one psycho who not only thought he was a comic-book villain but wasn’t a gun owner in any normal sense of the word, he goes too far.

      The only paranoia and delusions Mr. Moyers is showing are his own.

  8. I was looking over the comments in Niewart’s blog, and oh my god the utter idiocy of the commentators there is unbelievable. One woman said that “assault rifles” should be banned because you can’t hunt ducks with them (?!?) nor deer. Which is true, but not because they will leave you with nothing to eat. You can’t hunt fowl with anything but a shotgun, and states that ban .223 for deer do so because the round is too light. Then there was a guy who said that the reason the mag jammed was “it turns out that 5.56 jams in the civilian version of the weapon.” (?!?!) I don’t even own an ar/ak style rifle and I know better than that!

    I also suspect that nonconforming posts are deleted, because I saw none before I got too fed up to go on. These folks do not want to listen. And they are seriously misinformed. They should all be required to read Heller for a good history lesson.

    • “I also suspect that nonconforming posts are deleted, because I saw none before I got too fed up to go on.”

      Have you ever met a gun-grabber that didn’t delete opposing viewpoints? Lies and misinformation are all their arguments have to stand on, they can’t allow such nasty things as truth to be spoken.

    • I think you can hunt dear with a 308 right? So you can get a 308 upper and use that during hunting season no?
      You get a gun you can use year round that way.

  9. Another day, another whackjob that doesn’t deserve to live in the US. I never understood why, if these people hate guns so much, they don’t just pack up and move to a violence-free utopia across the pond? Or south of the border?

    Just remember, people, it’s not about the guns. It’s about control and it’s about these peoples’ deep emotional and mental defects. It’s about disdain toward freedom and the willingness to accept light chains. If this were Nazi Germany, Moyers and those like him would be manning the gas chambers to kill the rest of us. Remember that next time you try to have a “sane” conversation with those not at all interested in logic or facts.

    Freedom is not the natural state of the human condition. Overwhelmingly, people desire to be controlled and will fanatically fight to be dominated. Those of us that have transcended that cannot afford to give scum like this respect, consideration, and least of all any opportunity to gain power. Being American on paper does not give one an American spirit; these people are NOT our countrymen.

    Unfortunately, here in the US, the inmates run the asylum.

  10. It’s the federal government that’s demanding firearms proficiency from citizens who can’t find work elsewhere. I didn’t join NRA until after ten years of active military duty service.

  11. “particularly those where males are involved”
    — He’d rather American men be a tribe of soft weak panzi-azz wimpy sheeple that anyone could push around.

    Despite all the anti-gun propaganda during the past 30+ years, more people own guns and others are thinking about buying guns. The anti-gun main stream media keeps bashing gun owners and calling for more gun control. The MSM just keeps alienating more of its audience with its ideological preaching behavior.

  12. I keep saying: Hundreds of millions of gun owners being law-abiding and responsible equals no headline news (and no juicy ratings for these guys). You want ratings for your network, stoke up the fear and outrage. Distort it. Spread it around, aim at any convenient target.

    So one monster goes on a killing spree, and it’s all our fault. (Apparently it’s more our fault than Holmes’ fault, since we’ve somehow created this whole “toxic pollution of American life”.)

    How does anybody figure that responsible gun owners/2A supporters either individually or in any organization support crime, murder and massacres? (Actually, don’t we support the exact opposite? Please correct me if I’m somehow unclear on this…)

  13. I am a Democrat
    St. Paul Scout — 7/21/12 8:11pm

    And I love to go to the range with my son. We own assault rifles, bolt action rifles, numerous brands of hand gons both sa and revolvers. Keep your hands off of my private property. Voted for Obama and against Bachman. Don’t touch my guns. No one is saying you must buy them.

    more ▼

    mudshark’s picture
    I have to ask
    mudshark — 7/21/12 8:26pm

    Why the need for so many firearms? I mean, what possible reason could you have for feeling the need to have so many firearms? And please, don’t say it’s because it’s your right. I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t. I’m asking why? It must have something to do with fear. Do you have body armor as well?
    Is it the threat of invasion? Is it the threat of this countries govt turning on it’s own? A military coup? What possible reason could you want with assault weapons? Hey, they issue them, for free. all ya gotta do is enlist. If you need a semi automatic weapon, to take down a big buck, then yes, you need more time at the range working on your marksmanship. it should only take one shot. with a bolt action. not a semi auto with a clip holding 20 or more rounds. Which raises this question, do you think you’ll need an assault rifle to defend yourself? and if you do, why?

    What is your conceptual, continuity?

    more ▼

    Cthulhu’s picture
    Good questions.
    Cthulhu — 7/22/12 5:54am

    Look, I’m pro gun. I’m an ex cop, ex military. I LIKE to shoot, even though it’s expensive.

    But the 2nd Amendment ISN’T a suicide pact. And it’s rapidly becoming obvious that the NRA is selling us a pig in a poke. They don’t give a shit about gun ownership, they care about $$, and the gun SELLERS.

    We NEED, desperately, to have an adult coversation about guns, and how to regulate them. Nobody is saying ban guns. Thats an impossibility, and a rational person knows this. But you should NOT be able to order 4 guns and over 6000 rounds of ammunition (Including 3000 rounds for one weapon alone) without some alarms going off, and questions being asked.

    *If you say you need or want guns in case of the rise of a totalitarian government takeover, invasion, or zombie apocolypse, you shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun.

    *If you say you NEED 6-7-8 Thousand rounds or more, or if you burn up a thousand rounds each time you go to the range, you’re NOT practicing, you’re masturbating. As a former firearms instructor, I and any other worth the title will tell you that too much training is as bad as too little. If you’re shooting THAT much, all you’re doing is masturbatng with a gun, and you’re not getting that much ammo.

    *Extended magazines and drums are an affectation, not a neccessity. See above. The US Military doesn’t put 100 round drums on its M-16 (AR15), FOR A REASON. If they don’t need it, neither do you. If you cannot solve your life threatening issue with 10 rounds, you ain’t gonna solve it with 15, 30, or 100 rounds.

    *If you absolutely HAVE to play with military grade weapons, join the frikkiin military.

    There should be zero reason we cannot have a common sense discussion about guns. But first we have to get the kids (The NRA and it’s supporters) out of the room.

    “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.” — Robert E. Howard

  14. Since every one of these mass murderers did it to get attention in the media, and since the media is more than happy to oblige, maybe Moyers wouldn’t object to an infringement on the First Amendment, prohibiting reporting of the crimes. I’m not advocating that, except for possibly a little self-restraint on how the media reports things. But in terms of what comes closest to an actual cause, the media’s eagerness to give the perps their 15 minutes of infamy is at the top.

    Mercy for the families.

  15. Ah, yes, the paid mouthpiece for LBJ, one of the most corrupt and venal politicians in US history, flaps his gums again.

  16. I never understood why someone who would thank me for my Military Service and going out and killing others – in that they were okay with this – but when I come home and have a conceal carry , they seem to have a problem with this. I don’t get it.


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