David Hogg march for our lives
David Hogg (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)
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The post-Parkland March For Our Lives operation is a phony grassroots movement. It’s actually an Astroturfed effort organized and orchestrated by group of experienced gun control and PR veterans (meet them all here).

But in all of the media accounts of the kids’ hijinks, all you hear about are those plucky survivors who just want to #DoSomething about “gun violence.” Now they’re out with their own ambitious proposal for doing just that including a variety of unconstitutional restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

Imagine that.

Survivors of the Parkland, Florida, high school massacre on Wednesday released a sweeping gun-control plan that would ban assault-style rifles and take other steps in hopes of halving U.S. firearms deaths and injuries within a decade. …

The Parkland students’ plan includes measures such as a national gun buy-back and disposal program and a federal system of gun licensing requiring background checks and annual renewals. It also would boost federal funding for gun violence research, which has been limited since 1996 under a law prohibiting the use of federal funds to promote gun control.

The plan also calls on the government to automatically register all U.S. citizens to vote when they turn 18, a measure that March for Our Lives has pushed in an effort to turn out the youth vote and sway elections to yield tighter gun policies.

– Gabriella Borter in Parkland massacre survivors post sweeping U.S. gun-control plan ahead of 2020 election


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  1. That’s cool but I like my proposal better. Free ammo and firearms for anyone who passes the current federal back ground check.

    • I’m not for any background checks, period. Whatever happened to “presumption of innocence”? Why do we feel it’s acceptable to ask permission to exercise a natural right?

      Allow everyone to carry anything, anywhere, open or concealed. Very few people will get out of line, and those few dingbats that do will be taken out quickly, leaving us the “more polite society” we all pine for.

      • You’re assuming that most would want to carry, but they don’t. Even among the few that went to the trouble of getting a carry permit, only a portion actually carry. Plenty of people that have a home defense firearm don’t even practice with it.

        • The right to bear arms includes – by default – the right NOT to carry, if one so chooses. I have absolutely no issue with those who choose to abstain (in some cases, it’s likely for the better). My issue is with those who want to tell ME they don’t want me to carry.

      • ‘Whatever happened to “presumption of innocence”?’ – Presumably NICS only logs criminal convictions, not accusations. However, I agree that if someone is a threat to society they shouldn’t be denied legal access to guns but denied access to the public. Although a prohibition on arms for people who’ve been granted early release could be appropriate.

        ‘Allow everyone to carry anything, anywhere, open or concealed. Very few people will get out of line…’ – Despite what the hoplophobes say, possession of a gun doesn’t magically turn people into homicidal maniacs. There will always be one or two percent of the population that will be trouble makers. Would you rather be in a room with 100 people and only the 2 trouble makers have guns, or a room with 100 people where everyone has a gun? The trouble makers will be on their best behavior (or dead) in the latter situation.

        • Just one example of many. The number of people almost daily getting gunned down in road rage innocents proves more guns do indeed lead to more murder and it refutes your statement in regards to the low numbers of gun owners than commit such crimes simply because they had a gun when they lost their temper. An armed society “is not a polite society” (as is mouthed off by the Far Right) rather an armed society is a homicidal society. Road rage alone proves it beyond all doubt.

        • Uh… you do know that the homicide rate is at a 50 year low and half of what it was before the right to carry movement, right?

        • Gun sales have skyrocketed since the Clinton/Brady time. Yet violent firearms related crime has gone down. Soooo, no correlation between more firearms more crime. Just doesn’t work!
          It’s relatively safe to say that unintended consequence of the lefts gun ban attempts has promoted and help sell these rifles. Tell American’s they can’t have something and watch the sales increase.

        • Gov. William J Le Petomane says:
          August 22, 2019 at 09:44
          quote———————————-Uh… you do know that the homicide rate is at a 50 year low and half of what it was before the right to carry movement, right?—————–quote

          The number of murders rose 8.6 percent nationwide in 2016, according to the FBI’s newest round of crime statistics, released Monday. There were an estimated 17,250 murders1 last year, up from 15,883 in 2015. The murder rate also rose for a second straight year, but it’s still roughly where it was in 2008, far below the levels of the 1980s and early 1990s. Meanwhile, the share of murders committed with a firearm rose to a record high.

          The findings are from the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Reporting program, which gives the first official data on last year’s national crime trends. The UCR shows the number of murders increasing nationally for the second straight year in 2016.

        • Hey Vlad, learn to read your own copied texts before you paste them.

          ‘The murder rate also rose for a second straight year, but it’s still roughly where it was in 2008, far below the levels of the 1980s and early 1990s.’

        • @ VD
          Most, if not all, road rage incidents happen in dimnocrap controlled areas.
          You need to get a real life. Are you incel?

        • Vlad Tepes – That same report also says more people were killed with hammers than with guns.

      • “Whatever happened to presumption of innocence?”

        That, as the Kavanaugh trainwreck showed, is something liberals have thrown out with extreme prejudice. We are all guilty in their eyes, even if proven innocent.

    • Pass a 4473 check and that should be approval for nationwide concealed or open carry without additional request/carry of any “permit” or papers. In return the progs can confine any democrat that is judged to be crazy (voter registration EVER as dem would suffice).

  2. The first AWB lasted a decade. Did it halve firearms related deaths?
    I know for most of these children history begins when the God King Obama smited the demonic Bush the Junior but civilization is a bit older than that and we’ve been here before.

    • “The first AWB lasted a decade.”

      The didn’t have the votes to do it without a ‘sunset’ provision.

      And we got lucky by 300-odd votes in Florida in 2000, had Gore won, ARs and Glock mags would be a *lot* more valuable today.

      They won’t make that mistake next time…

    • Well the left does seem to be promoting the idea of having fewer kids due to environmental impact and not being able to make as much money so you can always have a nice car and the latest smart phone because priorities.

    • “This is why you don’t let leftists reproduce.”

      Free government-paid abortions for all Leftists. I will voluntarily raise my own taxes to pay for that.

      You sure were having fun yesterday, Serge, on another comment section. (A law page of some sort? the article author claimed ‘Heller’ was wrongly decided…)

  3. How the hell can the government “buy back” a gun I didn’t buy from it in the first place???

    And how about “just compensation?” The government wouldn’t know the very concept of fair market value if it jumped up and bit every Congresscritter on the ass. Everyone I know who has been affected by eminent domain would attest to that.

    • A federal gun ‘buy back’ for the purpose of destroying guns would be blatantly unconstitutional under the Takings Clause of the 5th Amendment. The federal government only has the authority to take property (with just compensation) for public USE. The word use was used deliberately as opposed to public ‘purpose’ or ‘benefit’. Seizing property for destruction could be construed as serving a public purpose but there’s no way a reasonable person could contort the intentional destruction of property into a public use.

      Of course David Hog doesn’t care what the Constitution has to say.

      • I might add history has shown the Courts do not care about Constitutionality either. Example, the Reagan Republican machine gun ban. So why should Hogg feel guilty?

        • Kelo v. City of New London would be a better example, but true, historically the courts haven’t cared any more about the Constitution than the legislatures.

        • What machine gun ban?

          I can buy one right now…if I have the coin and fill out the paperwork.

        • hogg should feel guilty because he is using the deaths of his classmates to further his time in the spotlight and line his pockets. He is profiting from a tragedy. And he knows it.

          You, vlad, should feel guilty because of your support of the ongoing genocide of black Americans.

        • I mean, Vlad should mostly feel bad that he is flushing his life down the toilet being an internet troll instead of learning a skill or picking up a hobby or making friends.

          But that’s Vlad’s choice, which is why I recommend using a selective comment blocker so you don’t have to see certain people’s commentary. 🙂

          • BLOCK VLAD? Dude, Vlad is about 2.4 % of my daily entertainment, whatever IT is it is funny and reading those rants keep the fact that there really is a segment of the population that actually believes that shit foremost in my mind… No Vlad really does serve a very real purpose so yeah by all means block it if what it posts offends you or you just don’t like disagreeable assholes, but a world without all the Vlads would get pretty boring, pretty quick, unless you actually take them seriously and that could make you crazy in a hurry…

        • Manse Jolly says:
          August 22, 2019 at 10:09
          What machine gun ban?

          quote—————I can buy one right now…if I have the coin and fill out the paperwork.—————————-quote

          You cannot buy a new one that is why the used ones are not affordable and since your so smug you then should agree on my proposal to do the same for semi-auto assault rifles i.e. ban all new sales.

        • You said there was a reagan era machine gun ban.
          Now you say you can;t buy a new one

          So when someone corrects your misunderstanding you act like you knew that already.

          10 year olds do this a lot. Maybe you re a ten year old.

    • They can also “buy back” every round I’ve sent downrange practicing the art they would deprive me of.

    • My complaint with “buy backs” is that there’s a lot more to it than just buying back the gun.

      My gun represents an investment. In money, yes, but mostly time. I have spent YEARS learning, practicing, teaching, and competing with guns. I was a staff instructor at one of the biggest firearms training facilities in the country. I now run my own shooting school, with really nice ranges, a wonderful classroom, and flushing toilets.

      If guns go away… or even just the AR15 platform… then a very large chunk of MY LIFE is down the drain. I can’t go back and pick a more-acceptable hobby. I don’t get to spend my teens learning to play bass, my 20s perfecting my technique in a grunge band, my 30s making bank on tour, and my 40s just snorting coke and having sex with aging groupies. Instead, I have a wealth of information and a finely honed physical skill which I AM NOT ALLOWED TO USE.

      I’m not selling out my own life for a $20 starbucks card. I’m just not.

  4. “It also would boost federal funding for gun violence research, which has been limited since 1996 under a law prohibiting the use of federal funds to promote gun control.” They contradict their lie right after they say it. That law DOES NOT prohibit research, it prohibits gun control ADVOCACY. They’re allowed to lie to our faces the same way politicians and deep state bureaucrats are allowed to lie; as long as it fits the narrative, then the media goes along with it. An honest media that holds the powerful to account would make the world a better place.

    • Correct. The ban directs the CDC to NOT advocate for gun control. Private money can do that all day and does. The CDC has studied guns and they didn’t like the results. They want guns in the same category as cigarettes.

    • I believe some of the current batch is trying to be Tyrants. But I also believe that many conservatives aren’t voting and contacting their elected officials to express our views in a polite and supportive way.

  5. Isn’t it about time those kids found jobs and got off their parents’ insurance?

    • David Hogg is about to attend Harvard even though other lesser schools turned him down for not being impressive enough. His SAT score is 1270. The bottom 25% at Harvard have an average SAT score of 1460. The average score for Ivy Leaguers is 1520. He didn’t get in on merit. He got in for taking part in left wing advocacy. Meanwhile, that other kid from Parkland that had less desirable opinions got in on actual merit, but was then told to go somewhere else after someone (David Hogg, et al) feeling bitter about it, alerted Harvard to some racist postings from a teenager.

      So to recap: You will be rewarded for the correct opinions and punished for the wrong ones.

      • Also, the days of Harvard being an elite college are long gone. At least to anyone who’s paying attention.

        • In my corporate job I teach new employees, many of which are fresh Ivy league grads, many Harvard.

          They are all dumb as a box of rocks. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to teach them how to take notes in a meeting or give a customer bad news or get to the airport on time.

      • (sigh)

        Anyone here remember the good ‘ol days when the SAT maxed at 1200 points, and didn’t include a subjective essay portion? It had actual questions that required actual definitive answers.

        • You mean back when education required actually learning a concept rather than this current standard of the answer feeling right?

        • But actual yes/no, the answer is 862.25, it happened in 1066, the word “under” is a preposition types of questions are unfair to minorities and immigrants.

          You got to get with the times man.

      • Harvard today is just an overpriced trade school for progs and a black hole for fed grant $. Doesn’t amount to shit.

    • Even adults cannot afford insurance because most work part time minimum wage jobs in the utopia of today’s Capitalvania.

      • Where do you get this stuff? Most adults? What???

        I’m blue collar, I know no adults in my family, my wife’s family, my friends or their family who work a part time minimum wage job, with the exception of fresh out of high school summer jobs.

    • quote———————-Gov. William J Le Petomane says:
      August 22, 2019 at 08:53
      Isn’t it about time those kids found jobs and got off their parents’ insurance?————-quote

      Wake up the kids cannot get off their parents insurance because your living God Herr Drumpf and the gangster criminal Republicans watered down Obama care and took all of their insurance away from over 20 million Americans.

      Try again Governor General of the Out House.

      • Absolutely no poor people were using obama care. The subsidy was not enough for them and the penalty for not buying in was non existent for them. The only people who liked it were the uninsurable population. My wife has to go back to work because her privately purchased policy cost four times as much. You are repeating things you’ve heard or read. It’s obvious you have no real life experience

      • =====Try again Governor General of the Out House=========
        Small minds resort to petty stuff like this.

        Now go clean up your room

  6. I’m all for free speech and people advocating for their nonsensical pet policy projects. But his whole power-to-the-people, fist-in-the-air spiel is painfully phony. What a joke.

      • I was thinking yesterday I hadn’t heard a statement from David Hogg in a while. And BOOM he makes a grandstanding statement to get himself back in the limelight.

        • Over exposure. His use is 2/3 shock value. Pull back for a while to refresh the “novelty.”

          The people running him are good.

    • I mean, keep in mind that Jon Snow kinda won, right? And killed all his enemies? After climbing to power on at the heels of a tyrant?

      • The losers are the fans that watched the slow train wreck of Dumb and Dumber after they ran out of Martin’s source material to copy. Those two arrogant twat “writers” are talentless hacks, that believed “subversion” can replace an intricate plot and meaningful story arcs. #RemakeGOTSeason8

  7. When the day comes that the SHTF, Hogg and all the rest of these whiners will find out bullhorns don’t stop bullets.

  8. I watched the interview on CNN. Some of their proposals are long overdue in a civilized society and some go to far and lack an understanding of the complexity of banning weapons.

    Automatically registering voters is nothing new in advanced civilized countries and this has already been done and this panics Republicans that have always and continually and illegally try and prevent young people and working class people and minorities from having the right to vote. What strikes absolute terror into the Neanderthal skulls of
    Republicans is a law that some advanced civilized countries have and that is “requiring ” people to vote and making it very easy to vote by letting them vote from home with their computers or cell phones. Its worked out very well in civilized countries with voting rates as high as 95 per cent and the Republicans know they would be become totally extinct as a political party if such laws were ever passed.

    Requiring a license to buy all guns is long overdue in the U.S. as well as the thorough vetting required to get all guns used as well as new ones. Psychological testings should be absolutely mandatory as part of the test to get a licence but I think the every year requirement goes a little too far rather every 2 years should be sufficient. All civilized Nations have had requirements similar to this for decades and decades.

    Safe storage laws are another requirement absolutely necessary to prevent 1,300 children getting killed every year from unlocked guns laying around the house as well as the mass shootings done by children who used their parents guns to do it with. Safe storage would also reduce thefts substantially.

    Limiting magazine capacity has its merits and if assault rifles are not banned altogether they could be vetted with the same requirements as machine guns get. Reducing the numbers of them by making them expensive to purchase with say a $1,000 dollar licencing fee every year per gun and a years wait in vetting paperwork to purchase and a Reagan Republican style ban on the sale of new semi- auto assault rifles would create enough hoops to vet out nut cases and discourage the average Joe blow from even bothering to get a license to own one or pay the astronomical prices to buy one that would result as happened when the “new” machine gun ban went into effect. Its worked well with machine guns by limiting them in ownership with the general public even before Reagan, a Republican, banned new sales of them and drove them to astronomical prices after the sale of new guns were banned. Love those anti -gun Republicans (sarcasm) I might add no Court ever declared the Reagan Machine gun ban illegal making a semi-auto ban a slam dunk legality with the court.

    Lastly guns should be placed under the supervision of the Consumer Protection Agency because there is nothing to prevent people who make striker fired plastic pistols like the Glock and its copy cat forms from manufacturing an inherently unsafe weapon that are being sold to the general public with the resulting and totally unnecessary deaths and cripplings.

    • Crippling… is that like when a crips member has a baby?

      Vlad I agree with everything you don’t say… but not really with what you do say. Luckily it’s a free country… if only you lived here and not in some spam farm in Russia.

      • I thank my dear comrades Pres. Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell for permitting me to come to you daily. I work for Pravada as well so I do not have the time to post more than I do.

        Just joking I live in the U.S. and probably own far more guns than you do comrade.

        • PRAVDA is the Russian broadsheet newspaper, formerly the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
          PRAVADA is a privare label cosmetics company… But they probably pay better than PRAVDA what with your imposing intellect….

        • I gotta admit, Vladskie. You are certainly one of the best fake-Ruskie trolls I’ve ever known. Nearly everything that comes out of your mouth (hands? fingers? keyboard?) is pure shite, but you know it, we all know it, and somehow it just wouldn’t be the same TTAG without you. Entertaining. I particularly enjoy reading all the replies to your comments, just to see which people here know you’re entertainment and roll with it, and which ones get all riled up.

          Now pardon me, I just read your shite, and now I need to shite.

        • to Mad

          quote————————PRAVDA is the Russian broadsheet newspaper, formerly the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
          PRAVADA is a privare label cosmetics company… But they probably pay better than PRAVDA what with your imposing intellect….———————quote

          Congratulations you were the only one that caught on. No one who actually lived in Russia would have made that mistake.

          • Unless they were trying to make people think they were not actually Russian and you are probably capable of that level of deceit with that massive intellect you are always bragging about…. we.re watching you…

        • Mike V says:
          August 22, 2019 at 09:55
          quote——————–Why? What?—————-quote

          Why would I not with people like you running around loose on the streets.

          By the way the Reds would never have taken over Russia with out weapons.

        • MADDMAXX says:
          August 22, 2019 at 10:51 quote———————–Unless they were trying to make people think they were not actually Russian and you are probably capable of that level of deceit with that massive intellect you are always bragging about…. we.re watching you…——————–quote

          If you were not watching me Comrade Putin would be very upset with me.

        • MADDMAXX says:

          quote———————–Unless they were trying to make people think they were not actually Russian and you are probably capable of that level of deceit with that massive intellect you are always bragging about…. we.re watching you…——————–quote

          If you were not watching me Comrade Putin would be very upset with me.

          Where is comrade Trump when you need him

        • Vlad Tepes says:
          August 22, 2019 at 10:31

          quote———-blah, blah, blah, fart, snort, blah, blah——–quote

        • OK Vlad…so you will be first in line to give up your guns?
          For free, of course…to make a point…right?
          Probably live in a gated community with armed guards…

    • And when those proposals aren’t deemed sufficient, then what?

      You obsess with being protected and kept safe, aren’t there places elsewhere that take care of all a person’s needs within the context of the societies/ States needs?

      We don’t want that.

    • Voting is dangerous. We should require testing for voter registration to prove literacy, understanding of the Constitution and current events. You can only vote for one electoral office a month, and must wait 3 days to certify your vote.

      Sounds as reasonable as your other ideas.

  9. You would save more lives and prevent more mass shootings by banning Millennials and Gen Z from the internet than by taking away everyone else’s civil rights.

    • The way it looks they are going to take away your rights and far sooner than you can imagine. Your a dying breed of cat with the advent of the internet as the truth can no longer be banned from the general public.

      • Vlad, I nominate you to lead the charge to “take away our rights”. Change starts with you, remember? I’m sure momma would let you out of the basement to do that.

      • So just out of curiosity, what are you going to do with all those guns you own when they are outlawed?

        • The exact same thing you will do, obey the law and whatever that entails. That is what law abiding citizens do.

        • Does he actually have guns? Seems to take to much pride in doing what the state says to do. Seems dubious that he owns items the state would like him not to own. Unless he views himself above it or better than those to whom he would dispossess.

        • LOL you commie pole smoker. You don’t have any guns and there’s no way I’m giving up 40 years and 300 thousand dollars worth of guns to anyone.

        • Klaus Von Schmitto says:

          quote———————-LOL you commie pole smoker. You don’t have any guns and there’s no way I’m giving up 40 years and 300 thousand dollars worth of guns to anyone.——————quote

          Laughing Out Loud. Ha, Ha, tough talk key board commando but you will do as your told “or else” as the German Nazi’s used to say. And the people at Waco found out what “or else” meant. Good luck surviving when your “Waco’d” and your dwelling is burned to the ground.

        • “Laughing Out Loud. Ha, Ha, tough talk key board commando but you will do as your told “or else” as the German Nazi’s used to say. And the people at Waco found out what “or else” meant. Good luck surviving when your “Waco’d” and your dwelling is burned to the ground.”

          Good luck with validating threeper like factions that you really are coming for peoples guns, forcing hundreds of thousands of otherwise non-identitarian gun owners, especially OIF/OEF vets experienced in counter-insurgency operations, to join a nationwide upheaval.

          Thats intelligent! /sarc/

          And good luck having the manpower to actually start burning people out of their homes.

    • Generally speaking, millennials were born/raised on social media and because of this the FBI has been able to arrest folks making threats to shoot up some place. FBI was able to threat detect and identify via social media. But how do we catch the potential shooters that did nit make online threats, like this guy:https://fox5sandiego.com/2019/08/21/long-beach-police-arrest-man-they-say-was-planning-mass-shooting/amp/
      For this case, the cook made his threat known to a coworker. This is a he-said-she-said situation that can easily be abused by a pissed off boy/girl-friend.

  10. He’ll end up being as insignificant as Emma Gonzalez(shaved head chick)…liberals will just be on to the next “flavor of the day” when their “gun control” viagra expires…

    • Emma who? Oh, yeah, now I remember. If you hadn’t mentioned her name, I would have never thought of her again in my lifetime.

      Oh…I get it now. That was your point, right?

      • I would not discount Hogg; he still has social media presence and influence. When he starts school, asumming he take a full load of credits, his time and energy may change? He is a puppet like congress woman AOC.

        • 16 credits leaves plenty-o-time to do other things.

          Maybe he’ll discover booze and women. Or men, whatever floats his boat. Hopefully not beak though, he’s skinny enough already.

        • And Trump is not a puppet of the NRA and the Moscow Mitch McConnell. We speak with Mitch regularly.

      • strych9 – It’ll probably be dudes. It’s the woke thing to do and I hope he gets cancer of the AIDS of the herpes of the clap of his fucking eyes.

    • The left has to speak in euphemisms. ‘Buy back’ doesn’t sound as harsh (or truthful) as ‘confiscation’ or ‘seizure’.

  11. The key word here is KIDS. And when they become ADULTS and other adults select them to fill leadership/lawmaker positions they can assert their OPINIONS for CONSIDERATION, but until then go back to your mommas house crank up the Xbox and leave the running of the country to the grownups…. Could it be that the loudest of these “little darlins” have a guilty concience… Bullying did play a part in setting that little freak off and I could just visualize Hogg showing out with a few of his buddies around for backup….

  12. And just how many criminals do they expect to abide by the new laws??? They remind me of the kids I attended high school with who insisted if we would unilaterally disarm so would the USSR. I chuckled and giggled for years. They understood the USSR about as much as they did Neptune.

  13. Hogg-boy has not been in the headlines lately, so he and his Marxist-Progressive handlers from Bloomburg & Co. dreamed this up. Every time I see his photo, I think what an angry, young and melodramatic image he projects. His photo at the top of this page reminds me of the painting of Liberty, flag in hand, leading the commune revolutionaries against the authorities in Paris in 1848. Or one of Comrade Kim’s propaganda posters. Oh, well…Harvard classes start soon and he’ll be occupied with his class load and tutoring to keep up. And maybe he’ll find a revolutionary Harvard chick to keep him busy, too. We can only hope.

  14. What we have here are bunch snot faced needing some old fashion piece of Tail,its obvious they are trying to get 30 seconds of fame but I was home and got on my bike and ran there

  15. This Hogg puke is as phony as every other Libtard breathing my air. Libtards exploit every event that fits their agenda. ( never let a tradigie go to waste ). They have legislation already written to try passing knowing that the monsters they create will do what they do so they can show us all their doing something. As that old saying says ” Don’t Piss down my back and tell me it’s raining Senator”. They started with malls and public gatherings. That didn’t get the traction they need. Moved to churches, nope, public schools killing children, still not working. Shooting up Republican Senators, still no go. The next shooters trying to best the last one with a larger body count. You can call tinfoil hat conspiracy all you want, but look at the obvious. Taken right out of the Communist and Olinsky play books. Make the population afraid enough to surrender their liberty for more security from the Government they run. We end up as subjects not citizens. If you can’t or won’t see what’s happening you’re a blind fool or a liberal Democrat.

    • Assuming you meant noted communist writer Saul ALINSKY and his Rules for Radicals.. Cloward and Piven set the stage with thier Alinsky inspired strategy to create a Social State which included Gun Control – by removing the peoples ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.. Control Healthcare, create poverty, increase debt, remove God from the schools, use class warfare to divide people, control education, use welfare to control every aspect of peoples lives.. If any of this sounds familiar thats because they have accomplished everything but disarming the population and they are going after that one full bore following “Brother Sauls” (as they affectionately call him) rules to the letter, and yes there is a possibility that many of these mass shooters could be tools of those that would take ALL of our guns..

  16. Hogg wasn’t even there. He just another Libtard asshole looking to make a carrier in political corruption. He’ll probably run for office and then for President

  17. Any additional gun control legislation is unconstitutional. No more sacrifice of freedom for bandaid Security. We need to remove certain laws and force the ones on books to be punished to the maximum penalties. No plea deals allowed. Federal call concealed carry laws and zero gun free zones

  18. Once you start to see a thing you can’t unsee the thing so you see the thing everywhere…..

    “…and take other steps in hopes of…”

    So they aren’t even trying any more, they just ‘hope’ that their ideas will accomplish something.

    Which I guess makes a kind of sense when you consider that none of the many, many existing gun laws have reduced crime in any way, maybe this next one will be the one that finally does something. We hope.

  19. Easy way to fix this problem. Let the Clinton’s know that attention Hogg and crew cut have dirt on them.
    In a few days, nothing to worry about.

  20. The hypocrisy from these Parkland nut jobs is unbelievable. In the past, they’ve repeatedly stated “we’re not for confiscating anyone’s guns. We don’t want to do away with the 2nd Amendment” and now today, they introduce the most outrageous gun control of any group. Even more outrageous than any of the far left candidates running for President. As usual, the left ALWAYS over reaches and they’ll get absolutely nothing done. None of these proposals will come close to being enacted. These kids are being used and are in love with the attention they’re getting. That Hogg and his sister are complete clowns. I can’t believe anyone would take this douche seriously.

  21. The quoted material seems like common sense. Plenty of other countries have done similar things and have much lower gun violence. Why does US have to be the exception? Should I leave if I don’t like it? 🤔

    Also, this is old information from a year ago. How is this trending on Google? But don’t mind me, I’m just a leftist troll right? 😆

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