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Bravo to Patrick Rudnicky, a recently turned 21-year-old who has a Florida carry license peeking out of his wallet for today’s EDC Pocket Dump of the Day courtesy of Everyday Carry.

Patrick calls it his “Updated” EDC.  Titles don’t really matter.  Besides, he’s young and learning.  On the other hand, I’ve been carrying since before Mr. Rudnicky was even a gleam in daddy’s eye which makes me feel old.  Really old.

He’s got the P365, a fantastic general-purpose carry piece.  Great choice Patrick!

He writes that he carries it in a Crossbreed Hybrid holster that he left out for aesthetic reasons.  (Don’t worry about pretty, Patrick.  Functional trumps appearances any day of the week and twice on Sunday.)

Since I got my CCW I have updated my carry to include my p365 as my EDC. I carry it in a Crossbreed hybrid holster that isn’t pictured for aesthetic reasons.

Speaking of “leaving out,” I cropped out his smart phone.  Nothing exciting there, but you can see it if you really want to (here).

Throw in a Gerber Dime multitool, a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian that looks like it has a little bit of wear on it.  Most of his other stuff looks brand new or close to it.

The Olight S1mini is a great light.  Just wish it had a momentary switch.

He checks all the boxes except for a reload.

Good work Patrick!  We need more young folks like you carrying.


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  1. Forgive him the reload. He’s young. I didn’t think I needed one either at his age. Then I began to listen to my elders. To paraphrase Samuel Clemmons. “When I was seventeen I was convinced my father was the most ignorant man on earth. When I was 27 I was amazed at how much he had learned in ten years.”

    • We’re not all concerned with carrying as many rounds as possible. For me it is about maintaining secrecy. I’m constantly surrounded by antis.

      Only time I have a reload is when I’m attending something like a parade.

      • you can conceal a second mag, but don’t always because you are worried it will expose you? k den.

      • P, hide all that but not a spare mag no larger than a knife. One day I would like you to tell me about the armed confrontation where you felt like you brought to much ammunition.

        • Viejo…you an old man if you remember the Rogak.

          Mostly vaporware….i have a friend with one….i dont think it has ever delivered more than two shot without a jam.

        • I’ll never understand the people who knock carrying a spare mag or two. The chances of using your EDC are slim are they not? Up until they aren’t. So as someone carrying simply to be “prepared” to defend yourself, how is having extra ammo a thing to frown upon? It’s not like a spare mag takes up so much space it’s the same as saying, “why are you carrying two 10 inch ka-bars in your waistband?”… they make holsters now specifically for such carries and they conceal very easily with little to no sacrifice of comfort. And lastly, by your logic of wanting to see the people who actually needed a spare mag… I am sure the numbers won’t be there, because they will just be counted as casualties. Maybe we should start a “if they had more ammo” statistic… but even then, is there not too many variables to consider? Basically what I am saying is, don’t be a douche. And carry what you can, without knocking others for wanting to carry a flashlight, spare mag, a secondary knife, multitool, chapstick, a small pack of butt wipes… etc etc… if they can carry it without it being over the top and looking like it belongs in a backpack, then who the fuck cares.

        • Nobody knocks carrying a spare mag- some of us push back against those that knock those who do not. I’d never criticize someone for carrying extra ammo but I think it is entirely reasonable to choose not to carry one. The chances of needing to fire a weapon as a conceal carrier are very long. The chances of needing to fire, reload, and fire more is as close to nil as you can get (again- conceal carrier, not cop or home defense). It’s all a spectrum of risk. But at the point where I would feel the risk of needing to attend a gunfight at which I will need to reload I think I’ll be worrying about wearing a helmet when driving… which would be much more likely to safe a life.

          • This was my point. The 21 year old has between pistol and phone close to a thousand dollars. I see no value in criticising him for not spending another fifty dollars.
            Secondly if I find myself involved in a serious fight with “adiment adviseries” I will likely run out of time or opponents before I run out of time.

      • It’s not just about ammo. The most common point of failure for a semi-auto is magazine related. Having a backup is good in case one fails. Yes the chances are slim with modern guns, but still.

    • “When I was 27 I was amazed at how much he had learned in ten years.”

      Ain’t that the truth?

      I have no kids, but watching my friends go through theirs, I realize I wasn’t nearly as bad of a fuck-up as I thought I was… 😉

      (And even they agree!)

  2. I forgot my flashlight yesterday when I went to work. Very annoying. Things I carry in order of usage….
    Phone (internet access device)

    • I forgot my spare mag once… felt naked. So I got a second kydex mag pouch made for the extra’s I have in my backpack just in case. It’s weird how you get so used to carrying certain things. It’s like not having sunglasses if you wear them regularly, or a hat, or watch… all of those thing, forget one, and you feel naked. Might as well have skipped the socks and shoes that day too 😉

  3. Well….I like it. Not ready to trade my 43 in for a P365 yet though.

    And i find i can conceal my 48 OWB with an unbuttoned shirt. Couldnt do that with the 19

    On a fun note…got my Beretta 81 in today. Very good plus….it will be fun to shoot.

    They say they came from Italian Corrections System. Molte bene!

    • I can’t justify trading my g43 for a p365 either…

      …because it costs money to do it. lol. Otherwise, it would have been done a while ago. Hoping for a nice tax return to assist. My P365 will be the first one I add optics too, so that’s extra, plus more 9mm ammo to compensate for another 9mm (It will only be my second), a new holster (AIWB w/ spare mage attachment) and of course, extra mags.

      On second thought, I don’t think taxes will cover it…

  4. I will echo what one person said above. Show me a citizen dgu that required more than 10 rounds to save the person. Sure there’s a chance it can happen, but there’s also a chance a meteor will hit me but I don’t wear a helmet everyday just in case.
    I’ve heard reloads are more for magazine failures. That’s why I carry a revolver (with no reload)

  5. Keep my carry permit in a pocket away from my license completely hidden. Friend keeps his in a transparent sleeve by license. Pulled over in a state thay honors his permit but requires disclosure. Cop got a glimpse the permit and was not happy. Fortunately friend got a whole load of grief rather than jail.

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