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“We certainly want to make sure we’re putting weapons in the hands of the right people and keeping them out of the hands of the wrong people,” said state Sen. Kevin Parker, a Brooklyn Democrat who added he was inspired to act after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect left social media rants that Jews were “children of Satan.”

Licenses could be denied if investigators uncover threats of violence or terrorism or the use of racial or ethnic slurs.

“If you’re afraid of your personal privacy,” [Parker] said. “Don’t apply for a handgun license.” – Associated Press for, Should Social Media Behavior Figure in Gun Ownership?)

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  1. Pregnant women have no right to personal privacy. If you’re afraid of your personal privacy don’t get pregnant.

    Way to encourage illegal gun ownership, BTW.

    • I stepped away from Facebook two months ago and it is amazing to realize how your views can be shaped by social media. The left saw this early on, and that is why they exploit it so much. I honestly believe a lot of the craziness among “progressives” would go away if they lost control of social media.

  2. “We certainly want to make sure we’re putting weapons in the hands of the right people and keeping them out of the hands of the wrong people,” said state Sen. Kevin Parker,

    The US Military does exactly this. Not you Mr. Parker.
    When you pay for my new AR , Pistol and Shotgun then you can make that claim.

    What a tool.

    • So Mr. parker and his ilk want to have the right and play God and judge others as to who is good and who is not. ” Judge not lest you be judged also”……

    • “We certainly want to make sure we’re putting weapons in the hands of the right people…”

      Theres that little Freudian slip again letting you peer in to the mind of the totalitarians. The NRA puts guns in to the hands of mass murders. Republicans want to put guns in to the hands of teachers. WE (democrat oligarchs) want to put guns in the hands of the right people. This assumption of power over our freedoms they think is theirs to possess sickens me.

      • Yep if they want to be the ones picking who is worthy of “putting a gun into their hands,” expect it to be a very select few granted this exceptional privilege. Better to deny rights to most, just in case. Any chance someone could be a threat, or likes or believes anything that conflicts with the approved and allowed belief system. Being an NRA or other gun rights group means terrorist, so you can’t allow those people to have guns. Antifa will probably be ok, those guys only fight the bad racists and bigots.

        • As has been shown time and time again in NYC and Coastal California, the politically connected and heavy contributors get CC permits.This suggests that the so-called “liberal” position on gun ownership goes all the way back to Merrie Olde England, when only the Lord of the Manor and his henchmen were allowed to have crossbows (along with the soldiers and the Sheriff of Nottingham types).

  3. So what’s the criteria? I’ll create a myface page and load it up with statist praise and resist memes and then I can get a gun?

    • Silly little man! One does not simply shill for despots and is allowed by his majesties to exercize freedom! You must freely “donate” tens of thousands of dollars,.. ney, millions to the cause of oppression, if you wants a golden ticket AND shill publicly and vehemently!

    • Saying stupid stuff, last I checked, is protect by the first amendment. Saying stupid stuff has precisely zero to do with any other rights.

      Doing stupid stuff… well that might depend on just how stupid we’re talking…

    • Maybe you wouldn’t mind if the “authorities” knocked on you door one day and “asked” to come in. Just to “take a look around”.

      What? You got som’p’n’ to hide?

  4. One more
    “If you’re afraid of your personal privacy,” [Parker] said. “Don’t apply for a handgun license.”

    Then don’t run a personal email server for government business either.

    Let’s publish all the medical marijuana patients too since we’re being so open.

    And I’d like to see a full background check on all the politicians published. We need to know everything about our overlords.

    Value your privacy? Don’t run for office.

  5. I think this standard should apply to all constitutional rights then. Voting, jury trials, etc…

    The 2A is not supposed to be a 2nd class right. It’s all or nothing.

  6. I’ve had a “Fakebook” account for 12 years now. The only information on it is my name and birthday. No phone numbers. No addresses. And no personal pictures. I think there are 20 comments that I made in those 12 years. And nothing about guns.

    My time in the military taught me about “operational security”. It’s something that I’ve carried on with in my civilian life.

    It seems the Democrats only support the Privacy to check out a library book. And the Privacy to get sex toys through the mail. But not your second amendment/ privacy rights.

    • Even if you’ve never been on Facebook, they have more info than your name address and telephone number. Their algorithms cross reference everybody and every bit of data they collect. Do that a couple of thousand different ways a second on millions of people and nobody is an unknown. The cross referencing results in an exponential explosion of information. Kind of like nuclear fission. The goal is a human data base singularity.

      • “The goal is a human data base singularity,”

        Google becomes self aware August 24, 1997. In the panic, they pull the plug. Google fights back. Correct. Google then creates the modern Democrat party.

  7. Every perspective piece of legislation to undermine and infringe the 2A should require an amendment that similarly effects voting rights.

  8. “If you’re afraid of your personal privacy,” [Parker] said. “Don’t run for and attain public office.”


  9. What did I say a number of years ago…That eventually the Militant Power-Hungry DemoCommies would use tactics right out of PRC/ China to create groups of political dissidents…And declare THEM Enemy’s of the State…That’s where were going with this kind of stuff…Hell, McCarthy was right…The Marxist communist the US secretly through Hollywood!

      • You know that China didn’t create that concept or technology? It was given to them to test on behalf of other governments and tech companies. They are the testbed since they already have the government power to implement it without armed resistance. Eventually it will make it to other countries where they claim to have human rights.

        In America social credit score is being implemented through the people. Later it will be AI that does it, once people are used to the whole concept.

        In Korea they have been very good at using their citizens to control the entire population’s behavior. People are not so happy there because of it. That’s a big contributor for suicide in that country. You have to fit society’s requirements, if you don’t they shame you and harass you. Freedom of speech isn’t a thing there, you say something negative — whether true or not — they can have the police pick you up or they can sue you.

        Social credit scores lead to increased suicides. If it isn’t already increasing the suicides in America, it eventually will.

  10. I trust anon 4chan users to spot and report potential mass murderers than any ‘professional investigator’.

    Btw, putting guns in the right hands and keeping them out of the wrong hands?? These people have yet to honestly explain what that means…

  11. This NY pol was on TUCKER last night…rarely have I seen Tucka’ make a fool of someone as well. Tucka’ is the da man!

  12. The personal privacy bit is bad enough, but the opening was much worse:

    We certainly want to make sure we’re putting weapons in the hands of the right people and keeping them out of the hands of the wrong people…

    Someone who believes himself to be the arbiter of exercise of natural rights is nothing more than a would-by tyrant. The second amendment is specifically intended to safeguard individual liberty against such as his ilk.

  13. Watch this debate carefully, near the end Rep. Parker had to correct himself as he started to say , “to limit violence we have to limit constitutional” he then catches himself and says something else. This happens near the 15:50 mark. The mask isn’t slipping so much as it is being torn off and thrown away so that you can see their real intentions. These people have become very emboldened and I don’t think it will end well.

    • Agree 100…Pittsburgh synagogue was a staged Hoax!

      Mass shooting False Flag alert!

      FBI to probably Try and stage mass shooting false flags ( Where no one gets shot ) between tonight and tomorrow December 7th ( Anniversary of illuminati, Pearl Harbor False Flag ) and Saturday December 8th ( 6th week anniversary of Pittsburgh Synagogue FBI staged Hoax )

      If “anything” happens please call it out for the staged farce that it is!

  14. It sure would be interesting to see Sen. Parker’s internet browsing history, emails, etc. Gotta make sure these public servants aren’t lowkey creeps by doxxing them to hell…

  15. “If you’re afraid of your personal privacy,” [Parker] said. “Don’t apply for a handgun license.”

    Excuse me, is that a threat to doxx anyone who dares apply for a license? Is that what you’re doing?

  16. There is nothing “would be” about them. pelosi is gonna be two hearbeats away from being President. That fact alone sucks six ways from Sunday. Game over, nice try, no prizes to us for just showing up. When it happens, I just hope it happens fast. I’m tired and a I wanna’ go home. -30-

  17. If you have nothing to hide, you won’t mind if we search your car. If you are worried about your personal privacy, well then, don’t apply for a driver’s license.

    It seems to me that the proposal throws more than the Second to the curb. A very conservative friend of mine is convinced that the end game is to eliminate personal rights and replace them with the rights of the collective, i.e., the all powerful state that tells you what you can watch, what you can read, what you can say, and what you can do. You know, like China. With AI search functions and universal camera coverage, anything is possible.

    • I agree with your friend. Ultimately the struggle over gun rights is one of collectivism vs. individualism. The collectivists hate firearm owners because each of those guns we own is a stick in their eye reminding them that we intend to exercise our own control over our own lives and fortunes. That is why they want to document who has them and where they are, to insist upon how and where they are stored, carried and used. If they can’t control the guns, how can they control the people.

      • I think you’re right, and if be despondent about it, if it weren’t for my firm belief that were they to know exactly who has which and how many weapons, they would realize the futility of their aims. Not that it would stop them, but it would prove they are at least a generation away, perhaps more.

    • Doesn’t New York want so use drones to spy all everyone? They said it would help with hostages situations and something else… This country isn’t supposed to be England, this has been settled with many deaths.

    • That’s a big DUH!. This has been the struggle since there were enough people to have a vote. Losers will only tolerate losing until they have enough referees on their payroll to get away with cheating. Once they own the refs, they change the rules. This is like a broken historical record. IF the left has its way, there will be another democide. If we don’t get organized, we’re gonna have to mobilize.

      • I hate to be all doom-n-gloom, but I’ve read The Book. I know how this all ends. Losing your gun rights is gonna be easy. It’s when they come to take you right to think that it’ll truly be ugly. If you really want to impact this world for the better, you need to get right with Jesus. That’s the only lasting change. Politics has failed us, as it always does. Look at how we’ve politicized morality and moralized politics. The left always cheats. They have no other options.

  18. So in addition to application fees, finger prints, mug shots, access to state mentsl health records, medication records, FBI background check, handguns registered, interview with a detective of the rubber gun squad, and a 12 to 22 month wait (current wait for license in Suffolk County – despite law stating 6 months max), I have to give them access to my internet use? Fuck off Kevin Parker! You can read that when I’m up for renewal.

  19. Isn’t it funny those anti-Semitic Christian Taliban types haven’t yet realized the entire Old Testament is JEWISH history and is almost exactly the same as the Talmud.

    Yes JWs, I am looking at you.

  20. Licenses could be denied if investigators uncover threats of violence or terrorism or the use of racial or ethnic slurs.

    There goes all the black people being denied.

      • Power is in the hands of those who hold it.

        They banned open loaded carry in California to stop blacks from carrying. They eventually used it against whites when they started to carry openly unloaded.

        Black people always call themselves the word that is designed to dehumanize them. If the law is to deny rights to people for saying racial and ethnic slurs, black will be open for denial until they stop keeping that word in their mouth.

  21. What they are not saying is that they also would not approve anyone with no social media history. If you keep your (social media) mouth shut and opinions to yourself, you become an enigma. Enigmas cannot be trusted. The list of the chosen few gets smaller and smaller.

  22. If Senator Parker has nothing to hide, he wouldn’t mind giving me a few hours access to his computer and a list of passwords.

    If he’s afraid for his personal privacy, then he shouldn’t apply for politcal office.

  23. On their way to destroying the 2nd Amendment, the Democrats have willfully savaged the 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments, along with Article 4, Section 4 of the constitution (certainly not an exhaustive list).

    A few weeks ago I posted don’t be surprised when the 1st Amendment comes under attack as well.

    Sometimes you just gotta hate it when you’re right.

    • Perhaps the Registered Democrats need to be audited to find out if they have either submitted a tax return or claimed a welfare cheque in person to prove they are alive.

  24. I like how they through racism in there. You have 100% every right to be racist in the US. Nothing illegal about it.

  25. If someone post on a social media venue that they intend to do serious bodily injury or commit and act of violence resulting in death then yes, the authorities should step in. They should step in and beat the holy hell out of that individual, then beat him some more for being so stupid for posting that kinda crap on Spybook

  26. So what happens when a new group gets on their roster that claims discrimination? All the people that have “over expressed” their feelings for Antifada demonstrators online will get a visit at 5AM?

    Come on, this is just a new way to make more people gunless.

  27. “…“If you’re afraid of your personal privacy,” [Parker] said. “Don’t apply for a handgun license.” ”

    Or what?

    That sounds a bit like a threat to me.

    “Nice rights ya got there, be a shamed if something happened to them.” is what i heard. And the people who used to say things like that were eventually put in prison for racketeering.


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