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We don’t watch The View because we value intelligent, informed opinion no matter what the topic may be. Not to mention that spending that hour pulling our fingernails off with pliers would be far less painful.

But props to Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise for venturing into the lionesses’ den and defending Second Amendment rights in a forum that includes such learned experts and civil rights supporters as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

Scalise, you will remember, was the most seriously wounded Congressman that day in June, 2017 when Bernie Sanders fan James Hodgkinson opened fire on a bunch of GOP House and Senate members who were holding a baseball practice. Scalise was the House Majority Whip at the time and spent months in recovery before returning to Congress.

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    • At minimum he should have been minority leader. Instead we got another anti-gun “Republican” who will be Pelosi’s dog.

    • You know what would be the sweetest ‘The View’ *revenge*?

      Nikki Hailey goes on ‘The View’ to be interviewed about being UN ambassador, and then drops a bombshell on them and announces she is running for President.

      The looks on their faces would be *priceless*. The first woman POTUS announces her run on Leftist TV…

      *snicker* 😉

  1. He’s articulate, intelligent and lucky. For President, sure, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat, but, he just might be too smart to run. -30-

    • Other than his stated view on the Second Amendment, what else do you know about Scalise? People jumping on bandwagons in reference to one topic or statement drive me crazy and point out the incredible lack of knowledge, practicality or strategic mindset of much of the American public. Let’s see, now, in the past we had major efforts to draft Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Jeb Bush, Allan Keyes, Arnold Schwarzeneger (who doesn’t qualify), hundreds of others who sounded fine in one soundbite but probably know nothing about running a small business let alone a nation of 330 million and the largest or second largest economy in the world, along with the strongest or 2nd strongest military. I like what I know about Scalise, but think, folks, there’s more to learn…

      • I like what I know because he’s represented my district for awhile now and I really like how’s he’s done the job. Also, while its probably just as much a political affectation as genuine, I really like his personality and disposition.

  2. Seems he missed a perfect opportunity to bring up a particular George Mason quote, but…

  3. The reason its called “The View” is because these crunts don’t want you to think for yourself.

    If they did, it would be called “The Views” because freedom of thought and expression.

  4. Since we’re ‘just leaving’ stuff here;

    85 years ago today the 21st Amendment to the Constitution was ratified ending Prohibition. So…


    Should be a national holiday IMHO.

    • Beeotches man. They pass the 18th then the 19th. Sadly the men of this country didn’t make the 22nd amendment repealing the right for women to vote.

      We would be so much better off…..

      • As much as I believe that women SHOULD have the right to vote, I don’t believe they’ve EARNED the right as of yet. Originally it was land owners (i.e. taxpayers) who got the right to vote, perhaps we should go back to that standard (those who pay in more than they receive).

        • My wife is a conservative constitutionalist; only let conservative women vote, could you imagine the outcry from the femi-nazis? ROTFLMAO!

        • Gov:

          Actually, most states originally did allow women to vote and didn’t require the owning of land for them to do so. However, that right/privlidge was taken away rather quickly (the early 1800’s), by popular vote(!!!), because it was deemed to give rural men too much influence on elections since a rural woman was far more likely to vote the same way her husband did as compared to an urban woman. This was considered to be effectively giving rural men two votes.

          It was about 40 years later when the woman’s suffrage started and started promoting the idea that women never had the right to vote. Not only was this a disingenuous statement on history but it was a flat-out lie because many of the women that led the suffrage movement were alive, well and old enough to know what was going on when women, quite literally, gave up the “right” to vote.

    • “Should be a national holiday IMHO.”

      Here here!
      If I were at home and not on the road I’d pour myself a shot of moonshine to celebrate, and then a double scotch to chase that evil stuff down! Lol!

    • Actually it was. No mailman. Dumpster didn’t even get emptied like it’s supposed to every Weds. Heard it was for some liar who said “read my lips”.

      • You know, if you go over to that dark corner of your parents’ basement, and squeeze yourself into it really tightly, you just MIGHT be able to have sex with yourself.

        Go give it a try. Take your time.

      • The only thing I remember from that man was “read my hips” when he brought us the biggest tax increase in history!
        Never forget!

      • We went to war and spent more money. This was back when the president and congress actually tried to keep the budget deficit under a trillion each year.

        As a taxpayer (if you are), your current share of the National debt is somewhere between 200,000 to 400,000 depending who you ask. Don’t forget about the 100 trillion estimated unfunded liabilities.

        You can thank every president (including Clinton) since Bush Sr. that Americans have sent to D.C. for that.

        George Bush senior was a man of character, conscience, and a friend of all Americans regardless of political affiliation. I will remember him when the dollar collapses for doing the right thing raising taxes. May he Rest In Peace.

    • Yeah. Nothing to really celebrate.

      The do-goody-two-shoes pass Prohibition, causing a black market crime wave which gets law-abiding citizens the NFA. Then they repeal Prohibition.

      Then, 34 years later, a few high-profile shootings by a few nuts (possibly sponsored by powerful organizations or government actors) get law-abiding citizens the GCA.

      George Washington would have given the “fire at will” command a long time ago.

  5. I like Steve, but he could have answered that better. The founding fathers meant for us to have the same weapons as the military. Period, end of story.

  6. They are not Lioness, not even cougars. Those are Hyenas. They come only in a pack.
    Ever seen any of them show up at say, Tucker Carlson?

    • “They are not Lioness, not even cougars. Those are Hyenas. Even that’s too good for them- maybe not even up to the level of jackals. My favorite quote coming from Bahar was that the Republicans kept and advanced the Senate by” gerrymandering the Senate districts”. (Probably some around this site that think it was the NRA who did it…)

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