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The Californiazation of Nevada continues…

(Nevada Gov.-elect Steve) Sisolak told The Associated Press that he wants to see the state ban assault weapons, silencers and bump stocks, which the gunman used in the Las Vegas shooting to modify his guns to mimic the firing of a fully automatic weapon.

Sisolak, the chairman of the Clark County Commission which oversees the Las Vegas Strip, started a fundraiser for the victims that amassed millions and cited the shooting on the campaign trail as a reason for change.

He says he doesn’t have specifics of his proposals yet but isn’t advocating a buyback of those weapons and devices. – U.S. News, Tougher Gun Laws Among New Nevada Governor’s Top Priorities

“This is something that’s extremely important to me,” the 64-year-old (Sisolak) said. “I’ve already been in discussion with some law enforcement and intend to get going on that very, very quickly.” – News & Observer, Tougher Gun Laws Among New Nevada Governor’s Top Priorities

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      • You can thank ignorant young American for this debacle. They will be the generation that gets devoured by the freeloaders of the rest of the world. They face a dismal future of extreme violence and poverty that will linger for centuries. The 2020 elections will be even worse.

    • (Nevada Gov.-elect Steve) Sisolak told The Associated Press that he wants to see the state ban assault weapons, silencers and bump stocks, which the gunman used in the Las Vegas shooting to modify his guns to mimic the firing of a fully automatic weapon.

      The gunman did not use silencers. There is nothing wrong with silence the lack of ringing ears.
      “Assault” is already banned. “Assault weapons” are a relative, subjective term. And since they have purposes other than “assault” they should not be banned, because “assault” is already banned. If you ban them both, then you also ban the other purposes they fulfill. And those purposes are positive, good purposes.

      Bump stocks are range toys, that are difficult to master and not easy to control. One has to push forward with the left hand with just enough force while holding tightly with the right and keeping the finger straight. And they are not very accurate. Furthermore, they are a small luxury, afforded to the common plebes to enjoy a small fraction of what the rich people can enjoy (full auto weapons can be legally acquired for tens of thousands of dollars that common people can’t afford). It’s ironic that the democrats want to disarm the lower class and keep the elites legal ability to acquire legal full auto machine guns.

      Also – I can make a bump stock with a rubber band. Just saying. So even if banned, it’s not effective.

      • And I’ll bet he’s planning on some “shock-and-awe” events to scare people into compliance.

        • That useless fat sack of shit can come get them himself. He was an utterly useless commissioner, and won in the state based on his name recognition only, coupled with massive illegal turnout. Fuck him. Make me a criminal for no reason, and I’ll *give* you a reason.

      • “It’s ironic that the democrats want to disarm the lower class and keep the elites legal ability to acquire legal full auto machine guns.“

        Actually, it should not surprise anybody. In order for them to rule us they way they want, they have to disarm us. The mega-rich will slide in behind the left to latch onto power, and the left will welcome them with open arms. But, in order for Socialism to work, they need serfs…a subjugated population to serve the leftist elites.

      • Dad burn it, stop with the “I can with a rubber band, shoestring, belt loop , two by four”, I’m afraid the I cans with, is going to get semi- autos banned too. I wouldn’t tell a jailor I can make a handcuff key with toothpaste and a bik pen. ( They already know about that though so now you get this little tube of liquid ) If we make it, “they”.break it.

    • Assembly has a super-majority BLUE
      Senate is one vote shy of a super-majority BLUE

      Given how well Republicans have held the line in NV in recent years, I don’t think that single seat will be holding the line for long.

    • Ever wondered what it felt like to be in Hungary or Poland in, oh say, 1947 or so? Now we know.

  1. Shouldn’t this sour-faced anti be tending bar in Springfield, serving Homer, Lenny, and Carl?

    • If he gets his way, it may motivate me enough to take a photo of my bare ass, use a marker to write “kiss right here” on it with an appropriate arrow, and mail it to the turd.

      • Then you might find yourself with the FBI kicking down your door to arrest you for “terroristic threats.” You won’t be convicted, but you will lose a lot of property.

    • Don’t forget he has the power to make it happen. You do not. Well, actually you do, but you won’t exercise it.

  2. People who run for this office, that office, serve on this commission, chair that commission, they are control freaks. Of course somebody has to do it. But ya gotta keep an eye on em. It’ll go to their head. Before you know it, they turn into a Sisolak.

  3. Voting patterns and demographic shifts often coincide with HUD/housing subsidies.. you’ll probably have noted the trend in Nevada which has bought them to this sad state. Pun intended.
    Nevada, much like California; used to be a place to go and start over . Sadly those days are ending.

    • I fully agree. These states used to be bastions of rugged individualism and new beginnings. Now they’re cess pools of resignation and sour defeat. Like you say, the West in general used to be a place to start over. Now it’s a place to go and give up.

      For a pittance in federal welfare dollars, Nevada should become going forward as reliable a Democrat electoral vote stronghold as D.C. is. Bonus: it comes with a couple of Senate seats, too. Way to betray your heritage, Nevada.

      • It started in the east coast, then moved on out to the west coast. Now the people in the middle are surrounded and taking direct fire from the west, east and south.

      • Illegals had babies who are now registered voters. Blacks have moved to Nevada—mainly Las Vegas from all over the country. Californians have moved to Vegas in droves. Northeasterners move there too.

        The Hispanic and black population in Nevada is 25% of the total. They vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Californians vote Democrat.

        Lots of members of those ethnic groups are on some sort of welfare handouts. Welfare, EBT, WIC, Medicaid—and they will vote to keep that coming.

        The Democrats have basically created a totally dependent voter class. They’ve bred them, in essence, for decades.

        Things are going to go very badly in this country in the next 40 years.

  4. At some point people of the gun are going to haave to decide whether to go along and comply or completely defy.

    It does not matter what polititians or .gov does……….my/ our rights came from G*D and no human has anything to say about it.

    “If there is to be a war, let it begin today so that my children will live in peace”

    • The political corruption and oppression progressively getting worse may not be so bad. It’ll give a kick in the ass to people to actually do something about the socialist pandemic.

  5. To those saying they don’t see this happening in Nevada, look at the legislative math: the numbers are on the governor’s side. He can do this and probably will.

    We need never to let down our guard.

    • It’s like saying the Japanese couldn’t attack us unless somehow they were able to invent a way to launch fighter planes off boats, but that will never happen. Go ahead leave your positions and go party.

  6. NV is one of those states where all the power is concentrated in a small area allowing an entire state to be controlled easily. They will get their pound of flesh on this.

  7. Keep electing these old fart politicians. touchy is what you get. A dauer oldman out of touch with reality and power hungry. Party affiliation doesn’t always count.

  8. Nevada has moved from purple to blue by 5 points (a lot). The Senate seat up flipped from GOP to Democrat, the legislature is now solid Democrat, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate ran publicly advocating a lot more gun control and owes Bloomberg. They will get some of these. They will ban suppressors and bump stocks. They probably wont get an assault rifle total ban but will get a lot more control on AR-15 there this term. Ongoing demographic shifts in favor of the Democrats there though mean they probably will get an assault rifle ban say in four to six years.

    • The Senate seat flipped to the Dems, true, but she won with just 50.41% of the vote. Not exactly a mandate. It says even less that GOP Senator Heller only got 45.38% of the vote. Who got the rest of the votes? Well.

      “None of these candidates”, yes, that’s a real ballot choice, got 1.57%

      “No political party”, meaning the candidate who officially identifies as nonpartisan, got .95%

      The Libertarian Party guy got .95%, too.

      The Independent American Party (constitutional party offshoot) got .73%.

      So there is support out there from people who are more constitutionally minded than Heller and the mainstream GOP. The GOP just won’t govern or campaign that way. The problem with the GOP is that for many of them conservatism is just a brand image. It isn’t their real ideology. Their real ideology is “get elected, get re-elected, expand government and spending to achieve election victories.”

      In tough races, they find that they can’t out-Democrat the Democrats. Liberal voters want the real thing and will vote for only that. Conservative voters want the real thing, too, but will vote Republican while holding their nose, or else just stay home.

      Those staying home cost Heller the election. I know, those percentages aren’t enough. Oh, but they are, when you consider the disaffected voters who just stay home. Voter turnout was just 62% in 2018. It was 81% in 2012 when Heller last ran. (He won then, but with a weak plurality percentage.)

      Heller lost because he’s a squishy RINO ranked 36th out of the current 52 GOP senators on conservativism. This isn’t so much about the Californiazation of Nevada, but rather the Democrat-ization of the Republicans.

      • It is still five points. That is not purple but Blue. five points is big.

        And look at the trend as well, it is not going back and forth but relentlessly more blue

    • Assault rifles are select fire by definition, heavily controlled since 1934. OTOH, rentals abound in NV, there will be people who would even oppose banning them!

      • True – POTG all know and understand the mechanical difference between select fire and semi-auto, and how that defines an assault rifle. But the semantics don’t matter – here in Washington, the newly passed initiative included a definition that just turned ANY semi-auto rifle into an “assault weapon.” That’s all it takes – a rewriting of the legal definition.

        If the legislature was so inclined, they could pass a law with a definition that included flintlocks as assault rifles.

      • Larry the authors of TTAG refer to semi auto only as Assault rifle often enough.

        Now sure I will make that disticntion you make on a general news blog, but we know what he is talking about here. the US Assult rifle ban had to do non-select fire rifles, as do several other juristictional bans/ regulations sets in place now. I like you disagree wiht the defenioont but the laws go the other way.

        In law there is a definition and it is not select only. We can say it is wrong but it doesnt change the fact that the laws have defined it as semi auto rifles with certain attributes.

        it also doesnt change the core facts. he can probably easily get a suppressor and bump ban, and his “assult rifle” definition is likely semi auto rifle, probably with grip below the action (although maybe not) wont make it this go around. Instead he will get some limits on them, and nevada demographics will put the Nevada Dems in a position to get a full ban in five years or so.

        There are less and less “blue dog” type democrats, even in Texas, nevada, NM Arixona etc, they are almost all now lockstep with the DNC on gun control since it is sch a profoundly deep funding source. it is no loger the “third rail” for Demcorats at all

      • With the passing if I-1693 in WA in November 2018, any and ALL semiautomatic rifles are now defined as “assault rifles” in WA. In WA, semiautomatic rimfire rifles with fixed tubular magazines are now “assault rifles” by legal definition. It is illegal for 18 to 20 year olds to purchase ANY semiautomatic rifle, regardless of the rifle’s features and/or ability to accept detachable magazines. This is the new anti-2A plan that is coming to all states and all age-groups. The is the way the anti-2A mob is going nation wide. They want a complete ban and confiscation of ALL semiautomatic rifles. For the moment, all the anti-2A mob want you to have is a pump, lever, bolt action or single shot rifle. But they won’t stop there.

    • He sure looks the part of crime boss, but I am betting he is just a crooked politician. He is likely owned by the unions and organized crime bosses, and willing to do as told to continue getting his payoffs.

      • The five families don’t like people resisting their member’s requests for involuntary donations.

  9. Once they ban ‘assault rifles,’ bump stocks, silencers … THEN we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a ‘mass shooting’ where the killer uses … a .22 pocket pistol! He has, say, one of those Kel-Tec .22 magnums with a 30-round magazine. He manages to kill (still waiting for actual bodies at some of these presumed shootings) 8 or 10 people … and THEN ….

    ‘We MUST ban ALL guns, of ALL calibers, because they are ALL weapons of death. Look — even a .22 (all by its lonesome self) kills people in huge numbers!’

    It’s all step by step. These people are patient. Each ‘win’ they get, is one they never give back. They are relentless, they have virtually unlimited funds, and the communists have unlimited abilities to stage false flags that look perfectly real — just like at the movies. They use ‘crisis actors’ who are as convincing as what we might see on the screen. Which of course we DO see on the screens of our TV’s when these are televised.

    This guy’s put in office to do his bit toward communism.

    • There would have been many more deaths in Las Vegas if the shooter had instead rented or stolen a large truck and driven it through the crowd as was done in Nice, France. The potential for “assault” exists with any object. We need to keep pushing for a stronger SCOTUS pro-2nd Amendment decision. This is why voting for Presidents is SO important for People of the Gun.

      • That location makes sure that isn’t a possibility. The crowd was not open for a car attack until they fled the venue, which is why the shooter tried to blow up the fuel tanks.

        Las Vegas already knows there could be shooting from a tall building to the street, it’s already happened in the past. They have the ability to fight back, they decided not to that day. The let people die.

        Trump could be a much better president than he is currently. He hasn’t been as successful as people thought he would be, but that doesn’t stop them from pretending things are much better than they are. He has the right mentality, he doesn’t have the proper execution. His words alone could change more than law or taxes could. It’s not looking like he will get a second term.

        Imagine if we had Ron Paul for eight years instead of Obama? The country would be in a much better place right now. But the culture wasn’t for voting for the old white guy who doesn’t want war or a police state, it was to vote for the half black man because he looks black or vote for the war mongers because Murica. That culture shift ruined the country… It has been said that it will take 15-30 years to fix it if there are people here that understand and willing to do the work. We’re still in the denial stage.

        • “Las Vegas already knows there could be shooting from a tall building to the street, it’s already happened in the past.”

          Obviously, we need a tall building ban.

          It’s the common-sense thing to do. And if it saves only one life, it’s worth it.

    • I am waiting for the first mass shooting committed with a Shockwave. I guarantee you if someone with a Shockwave and a box of buckshot walks into a place filled with unarmed people, everybody’s dying.

  10. I read an article on the Republicans in Nevada during the campaign. Many of them failed to campaign, and then they did campaign they ignored Vegas. In essence, they gave the state up with less than a whimper. Nevada looks like it is about to fall behind the petty tyranny curtain very soon. The anti’s have been winning at the state level for months and Republicans are just rolling over.

    • Republicans rolled over in California, also:
      -Held none of the contested Republican House seats
      -Lost every proposition and there even were Republicans campaigning against Proposition 6 (essentially making these a Republicans tax and spend Dems)
      -Dems have 75% of both State legislative houses
      -Dems took Governor and all statewide offices
      -Republicans even had some cross over to vote for legalizing vote harvesting (which would have passed without Republican support) in the name of “compromise”. Now, vote harvesting by paid Dem labor organizers is blamed for flipping some Republican seats.

      Republicans are their own worst enemy and Dems just thank Republicans for being stupid and defeatist

  11. Ah for the good old days when we in NY and CT were ridiculed for taking this kind of shit. Now so-called “free” states are on the brink.

    It’s always been about the STATES. That’s how they dismantle our rights and they’re making excellent progress.

  12. Firstly, its never been definitively established that bump stocks were actually used in the LV shootings or who was doing the shooting. Secondly, POTG are left with the only alternative, of defying these unconstitutional laws as has already happened. In VT. Only TWO bumpstocks were collected when that law went into effect. Widespread resistance has also occurred in CT,CA, and NY. Trust NO politicians to live up to their promises, or get your hopes up regarding how SC Justices will rule. We’d better get used to the idea that its the people vs the System and act accordingly.

    • Yep, only way to win against a rigged game is to not play. Feds and globalists are like a kid that cheats at a board game, don’t play anymore. Whats legal today may be illegal tomorrow according to certain gangs, and friends of today are enemies of tomorrow. Need to know basis only for all things.

  13. Nevada now has me wondering how it will go in Colorado. The state went solid Blue. They even threw out two outstanding Republican Sheriff’s in the metro area who were A Political and replaced them with no experience flunky Democrats. Both from a department where cops go who can’t make it or are fired. The new Sheriff elect in our county had two restraining orders by his ex-wife. So much for #ME TOO.

    Neither have any command experience. You just took two privates and made then Generals in large metro Sheriff’s Departments.

    • Add into the mix a new dem governor for CO who is wishy washy on a ban. A few years back he was against gun control, now he’s for it. I’m afraid CO will go the way of CA, NV, and others. But I think the majority of us will not comply (mag ban for example). It’s coming to a head.

    • I don’t see Colorado going g much farther with gun control.

      The reason is simple: money. The one thing Dems love more than gun control is money and the last round of gun control, which as we all know is generally ignored, cost them a metric fuckton of cash when it scared out of state hunters away.

      That whole sector still hasn’t recovered.

  14. The fat f##k in ILLinois got emaculated on the same vague promise. THIS old guy reminds me of Richard J. Daley…I’m thinking in Nevada the 2A will rise up with a big middle finger. Lock & Load.

    • Nope.

      Anyone there that knows liberty and protects the 2A is greatly outnumbered. It’s an overloaded plane running on a single engine.

      • ” It’s an overloaded plane running on a single engine.”

        Bad example – A loadmaster that failed to secure a load of armored vehicles killed that cargo 747 :

        “Investigators from the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation of Afghanistan confirmed the load shift hypothesis as the starting point: three armoured vehicles and two mine-sweeping vehicles, totalling 80 tons of weight, had not been properly secured. At least one armoured vehicle had come loose and rolled backwards against the airplane’s rear bulkhead, damaging the bulkhead. This also crippled key hydraulic systems and damaged the horizontal stabilizer components – most notably the jackscrew, which rendered the airplane uncontrollable.[10] Control of the aircraft was therefore lost, with the abnormal pitch-up rotation, stall, and crash to the ground ensuing.[1] The damage made it impossible for the crew to regain control of the aircraft.”

  15. this will only harm the working voters. the c.i.a. suppilied the props for the cameras in the vegas shooting .the entire hand-out from the “authorities” was bullshit .this was orchristated by the democrat ANTI-GUN GROUP OF SOROS CLINTON OBAMA CLOWNS.

    • Alex Jones helped a lot. He got people to believe a bunch of BS. He made sure to do his job at concealing things and spreading disinformation to make his followers look crazy.

  16. I think this is GREAT NEWS!
    Now all those gun snob a$$-brains in Nevada that have been mocking California for years while ASSuming it wont happen there will get EXACTLY what they deserve!
    Two years ago when NEVADA went SOLID BLUE for Hillary I was on a forum with Nevada ar-s-wipers bashing California and I told them then that they would soon find themselves in the same boat as California and here it is!
    Maybe NOW you idiots will WTF UP and stop bashing where your dumb a$-$es ain’t and start supporting efforts EVERYWHERE to stop the antigun movement…maybe, but y’all some stoopid mow-foes so maybe you should get ready for YOUR ROSTER, and YOUR microstamp law, and YOUR no ammo sales by mail plus a background to buy a single box locally!
    I will be laughing and hooting with EVERY victory the antgun machine achieves in YOUR “fine” State – you bunch of arrogant, self-righteous, fools! YOU elected a full Democrat slate and you deserve their very best efforts – to take YOUR AR-15s!!!
    WooHoo !!!

    • This is bad news. I dont wish gun control on any freedom loving American. As some who keeps seeing a few folks point their finger at Californians for liberal/leftist growth in there own state, I hope they wake up out of their own complacency. The “mass shootings” will unfortunately contiune, but what are we doing about it? If it’s little to nothing, the politicians, state and federal, will keep chipping away at our 2A rights. Be proactive or wait and be reactive?

  17. The handwriting is on the wall. The only question remaining is:

    Will gun-owning, soon-to-be-a-demographic-minority Trad Americans fight to the death defending their birthright or will they surrender meekly to Leftist tyranny?

    We will know the answer in 30-40 years tops.

    • The Australians surrendered. The English surrendered. The Canadians are trying, but they will ultimately fail as they are already at the point where there are arguing just to keep the onerous restrictions that they already have. Americas will also surrender. One state at a time.

      • One does not have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms in Australia, Firearms ownership has always been about hunting or sport and there was never going to be any violence just civil disobedience the United States will be a different story.

      • It’s down to total numbers and proportional numbers. Australia at the time of Port Arthur had a population of less than 20 million and a much lower rate of firearms ownership than the USA. Because of laws and requirements, the rate of handgun ownership was also a small percentage of the handgun rate in the US.

        And then the carrot of paying above market rates for now banned firearms and the stick of large fines and long jail terms if caught in possession.

        I will agree the laws were made in haste and ignorance and are used as a punitive memorial. The laws are rep represented as a memorial to the victims of Port Arthur and to punish firearm owners with increased burdens and restrictions.

        According to the anti gun groups firearm owners were supposed to fade away with the increased restrictions making owning firearms such a burden people will leave the sport. Some did. But the process became the new normal and more people are getting into shooting sports, and are owning more guns as well. Sometimes you have to play the long game.

      • I’m not so sure the Aussies surrendered. I saw somewhere where the authorities only collected about 20% of the firearms they expected to get.

        I never bothered to verify this. Not my backyard, ya know? Just put another shrimp on the barbie…

    • Who are those leftists? White people who have fooled minorities into do their bidding.

      White demographics are irrelevant when more than half of them are leftist and the other half are slowly turning into them. You cannot stop the whites from bringing in Hispanics to use as tools because both Republicans and Democrats want/need them to dilute the people that understand liberty.

      Some white people are too busy trying to save white America, not realizing they are saving the wrong people, thus destroying America… You should focus on building a connection with other “tribes” that support liberty instead of trying to fill America with whites. The original Americans realized that they couldn’t fight off the Europeans all by themselves, there was endless ships/caravans, they had to unify with tribes they didn’t like but shared their interest. Maybe that’s why Trump is trying to let in more east Asians than before.

      Don’t forget Europe is filled with whites and communists. It’s always been that way, which is why people escaped to build the U.S.A. Let’s not pretend that whites didn’t introduce communism to Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia.

  18. “…“This is something that’s extremely important to me,” the 64-year-old (Sisolak) said.”

    Politically, I mean. All this noise is going to do nothing to actually save any lives but if I make enough anti-gun noise I can get some of that sweet-sweet Bloomberg money!

  19. i don’t trust any candidate and politician. Rick Scott (Republican) was In favor of the recent gun control laws in FL. It’s not always the dems who screw us.

    • That’s true. It’s not always the dems who screw us. But Dems will always screw us. And not just on gun control. Civilian disarmament is only a symptom.

  20. When the government fears the people, there is freedom.

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

    Tyranny is exactly what politicians want.

    • I for one would much rather fight tyranny sooner than later. Another commenter said it best … so my kids and grandkids can live free without having to fight for their rights.

    • Americans are too dumb to know to fear their government. They have been trained to love their government, to support them and defend them regardless of their actions. They have battered wife/woman syndrome.

      The day they see reality is the day they keep and bear arms.

      There are four stages that women who develop battered woman syndrome typically go through:

      1) Denial: The woman is unable to accept that she’s being abused, or she justifies it as “just being that once.”
      2) Guilt: She believes she has caused the abuse.
      3) Enlightenment: In this phase, she realizes that she didn’t deserve the abuse and acknowledges that her partner has an abusive personality.
      4) Responsibility: She accepts that only the abuser holds responsibility. In many cases, this is when she’ll try to escape the relationship.

      Some women in abusive relationships never make it past the first 2 or 3 stages, as domestic violence can be fatal.

      Apparently there is “battered man syndrome” too. Let’s say it’s when good men are owned/controlled by their government. They will sit down, shut up and take it.

      It looks something like this:

  21. At one time the L.V.P.D. had one of the best SWATs in the country. They were issued both state of the art, custom, .300win. and .338lapua, model 700s’ in McMillian stocks. They were featured in the popular firearms (paper) magazines at the time, as such. They were tasked with everything from counter-terroism at the dam to maintaining ammunition and proprietary glass deflection information for just the kind of anti-window shooting that occured at the hotel. They were probably the only city police department able to produce a 1,000 yard DM and spotter any time the bell rang. What happened? I think all that publicity and info. got them noticed by someone and now they probably don’t train past 75yrds, because of the risk of “potential” collateral and property damage running up the governments insurance premiums. “Do it for the children.” “If it saves one life.” As long as the communists can keep us arguing amongst ourselves over hypothetical issues that will never be resolved and keep us looking for the incorrect answers by asking the wrong questions we are going to be…well, I’ll just leave that to our collective imaginations, OK. -30-

    • Alex Jones is a great gatekeeper now. He has been doing a fantastic job at keeping people on the right where they are at.

  22. Utah is starting to look real good in my future. Hopefully the “Mormon” wall will hold the Commiefornia wave back for a few years. I hope.

    • Salt Lake City and Park City are already going blue because of the influx of medical / pharma people. Once there is enough of a blue edge in SLC, it will tip the whole state.
      College education makes people blue, so the demographics favor Democrats as younger people are much more college educated than previous generations.

  23. It seems the Dems were able to wrap up CA.,OR.WA . and now NV. . If anyone knows , did the Dems of NV. employ the ballot mining that the Dems used in CA?If so , we we have to step up our game .

    • Awhile ago I have visited California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona. Some of my family have seen Colorado. While in these states I have seen how the police and people are. I noticed the transition of these states from what people consider them to be to what they actually are now. A lot of these states have been infected with the California/Hollywood/Silicon mindset. They are blue states with remnants of old red. Oregon and Washington are like that too.

      Utah is hanging in there for a little while longer. What are Idaho, Montana and Wyoming like now? I know Texas is becoming a blue state, it’s about split now.

      Californianized states: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas

    • The short answer is yes the NV dems employed ballot mining. The right didn’t anticipate that it would be that effective given the rural vote but the city of Las Vegas is where Sisolak reigned supreme.

  24. If american citizens had just started running and tar and feathering these corrupt bastards out of office around 1912 everytime they came up with unconstitutional crap….we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now…

    • That’s not going to help you. It started in NY, then went to CA. Now CA is exporting to red states the thing that ruined that state. Its only a matter of time for you to experience it. In the end, America will not be what it was intended to be. That won’t be just there fault, it will be everyone’s.

  25. Who runs on: “I commit to imposing a bunch of ineffective burdens on people who aren’t you.”

    Who votes for that? Oh, right.

  26. Sad. Sadder that we’ll just take it. I wish POTG cared about their rights as much as the pot heads cared about their weed.

  27. Sounds like a good future court case for the Supreme Court. Hopefully Trump wins in 2020 and can make it a 6-3 court.

  28. The fault here lies with the Republican party. For decades they have rolled over for the left, getting along to go along. The truth is there is no ideological foundation in the Republican party. Their primary competency is mouthing platitudes to the rubes back home and cashing checks. They are uninterested in fighting. They simply want the band to keep playing while they pocket the silverware, before the whole thing burns down.

    The left has extended an invitation to a brawl. Conservative Americans need to accept. We need to stop pretending the rules haven’t changed. The days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil are long gone. Democrats of past may have been wrong, but they didn’t hate our country, heritage and culture. That is no longer the case. It’s time to start punching back and hard.

    Had Nevada been known as a place that didn’t tolerate leftist and made them miserable, it would not be where it is today.

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