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Pachmayr’s Guardian Grip gives you a full three-finger hold on your pocket snubby. See our review here. I have one on my 642 and that third finger makes a big difference. Now Pachmayr’s added a model for Ruger’s LCR.

Here’s their press release:

Pachmayr’s GuardianGrip is now available for the Ruger LCR. What makes the GuardianGrip™ so unique is its patented finger extension. With the simple press of a button, the spring-loaded finger extension drops down out of the grip, converting a two-finger compact grip into a controllable three-finger grip. This is the first grip which offers the concealment of a compact grip with the shooting control of a full-size grip. The grip is constructed of high strength polymer material that is impervious to moisture, weather or chemicals. In addition, the GuardianGrip™ is contoured for the easy use of speed loaders and is designed with an open backstrap for greater concealability, along with textured panels for positive control.


  • Patented Design
  • Converts from a 2 finger boot grip to a full-size 3 finger grip with the press of a button
  • Contoured for use with speedloaders
  • Impervious to moisture, weather or chemicals
  • Open backstrap design with checkered grip panels

Pachmayr GuardianGrip Ruger LCR (Part #02607) MSRP: $49.98

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  1. This makes total sense to me, thanks to Pachmayr. But not just for concealed carry. Small game hunting
    with a 2″ or 3″ barrel .38 Special for rabbit, squirrel, and even grouse. A .38 Special 148 grain lead target
    wad-cutter for the former, not to mention vermin such as raccoon, skunk, possum, etc. For rattlesnakes
    CCI’s classic .38 Special shot or “snake load” of 9 shot. Even for butchering livestock. Next to a .22 or .32
    the .38 Special remains perhaps the best for these applications. Pachmayr or Uncle Mike’s hard rubber
    combat grips enhances the practical shooting comfort and accuracy of both revolvers and semi-automatic
    pistols. I installed a pair of Pachmyr K-Frame grips years back on my 4″ Smith and Wesson Model 15 .38 Special Combat Masterpiece revolver. They are flush with the back-strap and are a big improvement over
    the skimpy S&W factory Magna grips.

  2. Will get one. I have an LCR, and when shooting the .357, it’s got quite the kick to it. An extra finger would help to control the beast a bit more. Thanks for the article.

  3. Idea of the century! I’ve put pachmayrs on every firearm I’ve ever owned that they have a set for, even a pistol grip for my old “Maverick” 12ga, since 1981 when I put them on my 5″ model 10 S&W service weapon on my first LEO job! Best grips ever! But they’ve out done themselves this time. Think I’ll go and buy an LCR. just so I can justify buying the grips to the old ball and chain!! *Note- And if I want my lovely bride to know that I said that, I’ll BE the one who tells her, heh heh heh!!!

    • A 5″ Smith and Wesson Model 10 (K-Frame) .38 Special Military and Police Revolver?
      If I recall this is the barrel length the RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued
      as standard until finally replacing their old S&W Model 10’s in 1996.

    • The controls on both are passively activated. They’re engaged by you gripping the gun. Similar to a passive saftey on a gun. No conscious thought required.


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