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What is a “velocity round”? You’ll have to ask the 100-odd students and teachers, sponsored by Gabby Giffords and her gang, who assembled in Washington, D.C., this past weekend to restrict our access to them.


The Student Gun Violence summit was designed to merge existing plans to reduce gun violence and merge them into a single “Students’ Bill of Rights,” after a weekend conference. The group, a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt social welfare organization, was formed by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Melissa Falkowski, along with Jami Amo, a survivor of the Columbine shooting; and Abbey Clements, a teacher from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

That fourteen-item “Bill of Rights” is such a spectacularly bizarre display of misinformation that we have reproduced it in full as published on the Student Gun Violence Summit website… just in case they wise up and realize they’re making fools of themselves. (Wishful thinking, yes).

Besides prohibiting the sale of “semi-automatic military style weapons that fire velocity rounds,” the demands include universal background checks, “red flag” laws, copious licensing, age restrictions, waiting periods and storage policies.

Here’s the full list:

Editor’s Note: As mentioned by astute commenters, the 14-item list below does not match the 15-item list in the embedded tweet. The 14-item list, however, was pasted directly from what was most recently posted on the official web page for the initiative. 

1. Establish a school safety committee whose meetings are open to the public at every school equally composed of students, parents and faculty.

2. Provide immediate access to qualified counselors in safe spaces for students of all demographics at all levels of education.

3. Encourage all school personnel to foster positive relationships at all levels of education.

4. Provide professional development around mental health awareness and interventions for students, parents and faculty.

5. Require cultural competency and de-escalation trainings each quarter for law-enforcement provided by the local police department in conjunction with equity training organizations and companies.

6. Implement equitable funding to traditionally under-resourced schools specifically allocated for after school programs open to students and youth under 25 in the community year-round.

7. Support marginalized communities by educating and recognizing systemic and institutional oppressions, as well as implement programs that remedy the inequities for those marginalized communities.

8. Allocate sufficient funding for mental health programs including, but not limited to, school-based safety and security initiatives; violence intervention programs; healthcare services, including counseling and mental health evaluations, to be provided by a trained racially and culturally diverse team of mental health professionals.

9. Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and illness by educating students and faculty on mental health; establishing support networks such as peer counseling; creating pathways for anonymous reporting, identification and intervention of at-risk youth based on mental health and Alternative Childhood Experiences (ACE) evaluations.

10. Require all gun dealers, sellers and owners to report stolen guns; prohibit the sale under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of semi-automatic military style weapons that fire velocity rounds, bump stocks and other accessories that alter the original firing capacity of a firearm.

11. Require universal background checks before all gun purchases; eliminate loopholes by connecting local, state, and federal databases of prohibited purchasers; require a minimum mandatory waiting period of 10 days to purchase a firearm; and raise the age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 with exceptions for responsible training, like military service.

12. Promote responsible gun ownership by requiring safe storage policies and modeling gun licensing after drivers’ licensing (i.e. application, testing, etc.).

13. Invest in reducing gun violence by funding Center for Disease Control (CDC) research.

14. Ensure people who pose a heightened risk to community safety, such as domestic abusers, don’t have access to guns by allowing extreme risk protection orders where family members, law enforcement, mental health professionals, educators, intimate partners and former intimate partners can petition the court to disarm the abuser.

For our part, we at TTAG find the use of children to promote political agendas to be despicable.

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  1. So, does this means throwing a rock will be counted as a velocity round?

    And we need more safe spaces.

    • They wanted to use the word, really they did., But High means something else to them .
      They could not figure out how stoned or baked rounds would work so they dropped the work high.

      • Guns aren’t the problem, physics is, we must ban velocity altogether. And while we’re at it gravity is a problem too.

      • Do they realize that jumping in the water to escape bullets didn’t work in the Civil War where we used ‘low velocity’ rounds?

    • “And we need more safe spaces.”

      This student manifesto is an instruction manual for a communist gated community. It’s kinda like when the Russians put up the Iron Curtain. The Warsaw Pact was a Stalinist safe space.

    • I’m sure they know that very well. They also know that the actual Bill Of Rights enjoys broad popularity, at least in theory, so they try to frame every policy position as being a “right” somehow. They probably pull up at the Burger King drive-through and demand their right to a large combo #3.

      • No kidding… Right to healthcare, right to be a transvestite, right to be offended, right to a “living wage”. I wonder how the hell these people can be so dumb. It’s the bill of rights… Yes that’s correct. All that other nonsense is you being a mental midget in a land built by giants.

        • Most of the teachers in this country these days are utterly incompetent, many are idiots. That’s why the kids are soooooooooo dumb. Teaching, like true journalism, is a nearly dead field. The teacher’s union stresses politics over competency and teachers are encouraged to pass illiterate students on to the next grade so that “official” failure rates are low.

        • When I was in school I thought most teachers were idiots. After I graduated high school I got a sales job where I dealt with teachers. They only reinforced my earlier opinion with some of the unbelievable demands they made. After I had a family, and my children started school, there was no doubt in my mind that the people educating our children were, mostly, complete fools. I spent many long hours teaching my children how this world works, how to think independently, and how to analyze situations. Now that they are grown, with children of their own, they, too, see our public education system being run by fools and have pulled them out of the system and and are “home schooling” them all where they all are getting a proper and decent education. It’s no wonder this country is in the shape it’s in with all the crap being taught to our children. Where did we go wrong that this could happen?

    • They redefined what a right is.

      Now kids think they have a “right” to force a doctor to treat them for free. They think they have a “right” to free internet access and schooling.

      The new generation think hunting isn’t a right and should be banned because animals are as important as humans and you can get protein elsewhere.

      We live in a time where we can’t have a conversation until we define the words first. We can literally be talking back and forth yet be on a whole other page the entire time. When we agree to the definitions then we can debate. We might spent all day just trying to speak a common “language” and not get to what it is we wanted to talk about. This is intentionally designed…

      • “The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. …” –
        Protocol 5, section 11, -page 7,

        You were saying something about debate being impossible since the sides fail to understand each other???? You’d be astounded at what else is in this book that also happens every single day all around us… Well, maybe not YOU, but with a few other exceptions, everybody else ought to give it a read. Still it sits there… waiting to inform anyone who dares to read… now some 13 decades later…..

        • Kenneth, you bought into that bullshit? It’s a total hoax. It’s not some secret text no one has read. It has been extremely widely disseminated, and appropriately mocked and dismissed. It’s pure made up propaganda. Be smarter than that.

        • So rather than name call and set up strawmen, why not ADDRESS THE ISSUE???
          Which is: HOW does a non-fiction book from a century ago, describing exactly what effect the plans therein will have on the future, now become instant “garbage”(at least according to some random stranger) even though it is clear for all to see(czjay noticed…) that this century old prediction has proven to be right on the money?
          OR, perhaps this is an attack that you two don’t even have any knowledge of, nor any idea why you’re doing so? PERHAPS, just perhaps, This might be a pre-programed mental reaction that you aren’t even aware that you are exhibiting?
          I’ll show you an easy way to tell. If your anger will allow you to still think, go to that link and read just a page or two. Come back and tell me which pages you read and what you found to disagree with, and why. Just about the same as we(most of us anyway) would try to gently introduce an anti into a new and bigger world, outside of the Mom’s mental box.
          It’s kind of like a better way of addressing the quote I posted by talking about the words in it(which is what a brain free to think would do), rather than simply a knee jerk attack on something that you have been trained to attack without even knowing why.
          Conversely, you might try discussing another part of the book with me, right here, right now. OFC, that would require the two of you to have some knowledge of the document in question, which I will bet ten to one odds neither of you have even read a single page. I will bet big that nether of you have the slightest idea what the protocols say, but only what some other guy(likely from childhood who you don’t even remember) TOLD you they said(but just made shit up, exactly as all the ‘religious’ leaders have done with the Bible, the Koran, the Tao, etc). There’s big money in human ignorance, so long as you can convince your following sheep that only YOU know what is in those documents, but they must NEVER read them for themselves!
          So what do you say? Up for a little open discussion on the Protocols of the Elder Men of Zion, and whatever one might find out in there? Or, back to some more insults while you pull the figurative blankets back up over your heads?
          Either way, useless insults or common sense, I’m ready.
          “There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

        • “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a PROVEN fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination. The forgery was first published in Russia in 1903, translated into multiple languages, and disseminated internationally in the early part of the 20th century.

          IOW, you have to be a total moron to believe it’s legitimate. Even Wikipedia got it right. Do some research before you spew this nonsense.

        • Peter: “is a PROVEN fabricated”
          Proven to have been fabricated WHEN, and by WHOM? I know the answer, but I’ll bet an awful lot that YOU do not. You see, I long ago learned to get my info from real sources and not wikipedia. Wikipedia makes that ALLEGATION, right enough, but they never bother to back it up with any specifics. I guess they figure that the allegation alone is enough.
          Hmmm. Left wing loonies behaving as if allegations are all that is needed, facts not welcome….. Now which congressional committee did I just notice this attitude being so prevalent in? Just a couple weeks ago??????
          ANYBODY? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

        • And, while I’m attempting to pry some useful answers to good questions out of you posters, I’ll asm JWT some, so that Peter doesn’t feel lonesome.
          JWT said: “It’s a total hoax. It has been extremely widely disseminated, and appropriately mocked and dismissed.”
          WHO told you its a hoax? What PERSON told you that? Surely you understand, and have watched them make many stories up out of whole cloth, time and time again, that no media can be trusted. Only primary sources. You, yourself, have said as much.
          WHO, In your opinion, dismissed it and mocked it “appropriatly”? If your only source is wikipedia, you already know how easy they are to tear down in any serious discussion.
          So let’s hear a NAME. Somewhere where you got this opinion that this book is only to be attacked, but never, EVER, to be quoted from? So that we can examine their motives and bona fides?
          How else is a serious discussion to go, other than degenerating to: “garbage”, “moron”, etc.? Any human with a brain has to know that those aren’t points, or even arguments, but just infants yelling at something they “feelz” bad about, devoid of any logic or reason. And mostly they can’t even remember WHY said thing was so important to oppose. Only the force of old habit, which is a strong force indeed. At least, amongst sheep it is.
          Don’t act like sheep. Man up and examine yourself and your personal motivations. Why does just the mention of a book (that you never even read) cause such violent anger inside of you, and for no reason that you can even put a finger on? If I reacted to something so strangely, I would certainly effort to find out why. Aren’t any of you even SLIGHTLY curious why this subject has such an emotional hold over you, such that I can bring out all these negatives in you so easily??

        • Just FYI, might as well note:
          “Wikipedia can be a great tool for learning and researching information. However, as with all reference works, Wikipedia is not considered to be a reliable source as not everything in Wikipedia is accurate, comprehensive, or unbiased. ” -

          Now, since wikipedia itself says : “not everything in Wikipedia is accurate, comprehensive, or unbiased”, just what leg does anyone using them as a source have to stand on?
          In addition, Education World cautions: “Wikipedia has long been bemoaned by the academic community as an unreliable source for student research. Some educators, however, have embraced the site—not only for pointing students in the direction of quality information, but also for teaching information literacy skills.” –

          That’s all I’m attempting here. To create some basic research skills. And perhaps to inject some logic and reasoning in place of all the hurt feelings, which I have no idea why such simple questions can create such a stir… 🙂
          I lie. I know why, and how, this subject became so forbidden to you all, but I’ll bet you yourselves, haven’t the slightest.

        • “Aren’t any of you even SLIGHTLY curious why this subject has such an emotional hold over you, such that I can bring out all these negatives in you so easily??”
          So I have the answer to that question I see. Nope. Nobody.
          Well, enjoy the covers over your heads. Careful of under the bed. The Kenosaurus Rexbookus might get you…….

      • This is what happens when education goes off the rails due to the work of socialist activist leadership that has been at work in the public education arena since the late 1970’s. The disinformation effort that began back then has brought us generations of ill informed and ignorant people who think they know things but what they know is not based on facts. What they know is what some person told them was true and while they were at it they told these people that there is no other truth, no fact, no logic that can supersede what they have been programmed to believe in. Logic, truth and fact are meaningless to them and they are unable to accept anything but what they have been indoctrinated to believe. This is the same process that the former Soviet Union used to insure the state has unlimited power over the people. Talking to these young people is a frightening experience – not for what they say to you, but for what it means to them.

        Only by ridding the education system of the programmers who are teaching them this corrupted information can we be rid of this mess. They have had great success in twisting the language to suit their purposes to the point that most of these young people have poor writing skills and vocabulary that is far below that of earlier generations of public school graduates.

        This is the truth of the matter; unless we can restore the public education system across the country to pre 1970’s levels of scholarship we will soon not have a country. This is the result of liberals and socialists joining forces to make the population dumbed down enough to be ruled by them because of the fear they instilled in them of conservative, limited government that isn’t going to coddle them cradle to grave. These poorly educated young people expect to be cared for well past the age of adulthood because that is what the people who taught them everything they believe in want them to expect. Eventually real life happens and there is nothing you can tell them that the real world is not going to deliver the fantasy of those who brainwashed them. It all comes from their unwillingness to grow up and mature to become responsible adults and take care of their own responsibilities. Unfortunately the rest of the world does not operate in this fashion, and if they make bad choices it is a very rude awakening that they cannot wish on rainbows and unicorns to make things they way they want to believe. So what do they do once they have voted for the person who promised them paradise, only to discover that they voted away their freedom and liberty for nothing more than a bunch of ideas that will never be what they were told they would be, and instead have been replaced by people whose only interest in their vote was to take control of them.

        Teachers in the public schools and professors in universities have poisoned the minds of these young people and now there is no fixing that, the damage is done, but we can do something about what happens from here forward. Children in elementary schools through high school have a chance for a decent education centered on knowledge, logic, and facts instead of the politics of the teachers and their union. If a college or university is a state institution is politicizing the classroom that should be stopped and any instructor who will not comply should be replaced. Since state taxpayer funds are used to support these institution, the people have a right to impose some reasonable conditions on the manner and the messaged delivered to their students. Since state schools produce the majority of college graduates they should be the standard bearer of what an education consists of and no student should be pressured to agree with any instructor’s politics as a condition of a passing grade for the class.

        We have been asleep far too long, and it is time we the people took charge of the education system and eliminated these practices of politicizing our kids – the school is not a reeducation camp, so why do we allow the schools to be run in the same fashion?

  2. “For our part, we at TTAG find the use of children to promote political agendas to be despicable.”

    Worth repeating.

    All ideas, some good, some bad. The key here is learning and knowing the problems associated with each.

    MarkPa made a good point, the easiest answer is easy for a reason, most likely because its not correct for solving the problem.
    It’s easy to force law abiding people to do things, that’s why we’re law abiding. The NEED is to force criminals and the mentally ill to abide by the current laws.

  3. Sooner or later these dim wits will be demanding the registration of sling shots and a bag of rocks will be claimed as a magazine that needs to be banned.

  4. Perhaps they meant to say “high velocity rounds?”

    Not sure where the cut-off is between “high velocity” and “not high velocity,” though. Perhaps we could refer the question to the Missoula City Council.

    • Look at places like Mexico. Civilians are regulated to lower velocity rounds that cannot pierce government body armor. They try to keep civilians from getting “military” calibers.

      They don’t want you to have anything that can travel above the speed of sound. Eventually, they will leave you with .22lr only and low joule BB/airsoft guns.

      • I recently de-mil’ed an indeterminate* number of defective commercial rounds and reloaded them to SAAMI spec. It’s chilling to think what a Mexican National could do with a Lee Loadmaster and a Hornady Puller. What’s the Mexican Government gonna do, pull down the rounds, measure the powder, and guess what it is?

        * indeterminate: a number equal to, or greater than zero.

        • They ban calibers like 9mm and 5.56.

          So the idea is instead of you having a 9mm or better, they will allow you to have a .380 or a .32.

      • CZJAY,
        Not exactly correct. The caliber is limited, with some specific carve outs as well, but the 38 Super has remained popular south of the border for many decades, mostly because of its legality and its speed.

      • Marxist brainwashing and education aren’t exactly the same thing. In fact I could easily argue that marxist brainwashing is more reeducation or un-education.

  5. It’s benign feel-good stuff til you get to number 10:

    • 10 – FFLs have to report stolen guns. And most gun owners do so on their own. Also what sucks is that now your average gun control sociopath knows about the NFA so now they’re pushing to NFA all the things. Sadly there’s more of a threat for the NFA to expand than contract now.

    • 11 – UBCs coupled with a registry – NFA all the things – yikes.

    • 12 – safe storage just like the UK I guess.

    • 13 – same old shit.

    • 14 – ERPOs – same old shit.

    It’s all nonsense but the scary part is that now your average progressive knows about the NFA now…

    • California has 10 and 11, plus 12 for homes where minors are present, and some cities have enacted 12 generally. This has effected the crime rate…not at all. And beginning the first of the year, we will have 21 or older to buy any firearm (previously it was only handguns).

    • had that NFA debate back in the eighties…rejected as impractical…would be even more so now…

    • Ten-day waiting period. These MF’ers don’t realize how many people have died waiting to get a firearm for self-protection! Stupid prepubescent punks!

  6. The “bill of clueless snowflakes making demand” seems like a more appropriate name.

    A velocity round? Slow motion ammo is quite expensive, so no thanks!

    What a bunch of numbnuts, it’s scary to witness what this country is becoming.

  7. You know what, I’d take the 5,000 migrants with the caravan, if we can send them 5,000 of this ^ kind of libtards.

  8. I think I’ll take my scary AR out for a little range time to show thar kids I don’t give a shit about their little demands.

  9. if you’re going to quote the list, then do it right. #9 does not mention “alternative childhood experiences” ACES it mentions ACES – ADVERSE Childhood Experiences. It actually doesn’t even identify what ACES stands for. I know TTAG is not groundbreaking journalism but when you step outside the bounds of pocket dumps please make sure you’re reporting it correctly.

    Although it is accepted as part of the assessment of a child I don’t particularly like the ACES in the form it currently exists in now. I believe it clearly misses over some things that are “Adverse” and potentially traumatic. Not sure it has a place in the day to day operation of a school. Here is a link to Magellan of Va that gives an example of the ACES (

    As a provider of community mental health services I am familiar with the ACES and we used it regularly as part of an assessment for children that were facing residential placement. I believe the tool has stopped being used for this purpose but I could be wrong, in this process for my community I don’t review the ACES or clinical assessment for my current role.

  10. Maybe nobody has told them about acceleration rounds. Way fasterer and deadlyerer than velocity rounds. Google the physics.

    • Couldn’t force myself to read it all, but there seemed to be a lot of “funding” demanded. I recall that when my kids were that age.

  11. This ” Bill of idiots” is what you get with the forced public indoctrination centers disguised as schools. This idiotic list is drafted by the useful idiots that this system has produced. I noticed they did not suggest the licensing of their First Ammendment right to speak.

  12. ‘What is a “velocity round”?’

    It’s like a velocity raptor, only round.

  13. I have a couple small revisions.

    1) Your education is NOT a right, but a privilege. Sit down, shut up, learn, or GTFO.

    Erase the rest and your good to go.

  14. This is why 16 year olds should not be given voting rights. In fact most 18 year olds lack the maturity to vote, and many 21 yr olds are still unfit. But no political hack would ever say this.

    • These kids are clearly operating at a mental capacity roughly 1/2 their actual biological age so maybe push voting up to 36.

    • I’ve long maintained that for federal elections, the voting age should be the minimum age for the office holder: 35 for president, 30 for senators, 25 for house representatives.

      • Or make property ownership a requisite. No skin in the game? No vote! I mean a mortgage or sizeable car loan could probably qualify too. I’m just tired of life losers getting to decide what taxes I pay for being semi successful. I’m not voting to see how much they have to pay on their smart phone when they can’t afford a car or house so yeah…

      • I’d be fine with restricting it to tax-paying property-owning males as well (not so much out of “sexism” but to have as few people voting as possible)

        • luigi-

          We already have that in this country. About 30% of folks vote in the primaries and 40% vote during midterms.

          If anything you’d see a higher ratio of people voting if what you wanted was implemented… defeating your whole idea of as few people as possible.

    • If they want to move the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, then do the same with the age to vote (except for those in the military or 1st responders). That ought to shut them up.

  15. I like the first one. I think it’s a great idea to have elementary school students, or better yet, preschoolers, taking an equal part in determining their safety.

  16. Good Lord…
    If these idiotic ‘rights’ (demands) were all implimented these morons would be graduating HIGH SCHOOL with high five figure debts to pile on top of their six figure ‘political science’ college debts.
    I won’t even mention the mind boggling mix of misinformed, poorly understood, completely ineffective, nonsensical gun rights violations.

  17. This nonsense would need improvement to be considered sophomoric.

    Also, ‘youth under 25’? WTF? Someone who is 24 is considered a yoot? When I was 24, I was considered an adult, and I liked it that way.

    • They say your brain and body doesn’t finish developing until 25.

      It is not a new thing for people in their 30s or older to refer to people in their early 20s as kids. An 18 year old isn’t much smarter than a 20 year old.

      U.S. culture is designed to push out your kids at 18 so they can pay taxes, acquire debt and maybe join the military. The whole “This is my damn house. The day you turn 18 you are out. Got it?” mentality. That’s not how Asian Americans do things.

      • The whole “This is my damn house. The day you turn 18 you’re out. Got it?”

        Quit looking through my windows and eavesdropping on my conversations. Seriously, I mean it.

      • Yeah we should probably baby these kids even more and for a longer period of time. That’s worked great so far!

        • You don’t baby an 18 year old. You require them to contribute to the family, at the very least not to take more than they put in. You lightly guide them into becoming their own person without allowing them to destroy themselves in the process. You don’t let them go off and acquire an onerous debt that follows them forever, become drug addicts or having a child before marriage.

          Just because you are a “kid” doesn’t mean mommy is going to bring you breakfast in bed while you play video games as you wait for your mommy to clean your room and dress you. If you think that, you might be self projecting.

          Asian families tend to push their kids into higher education and higher paying jobs; they aid them in that goal. They don’t throw them out to fail, they make sure they succeed. It can be preconceived as overbearing and controlling, but ultimately the intent is to have their child be financially successful and married with kids on the right track.

        • Great plan, CZ, but something changed between raising my kids and observing my granddaughter’s growth. Now, 12 years of public indoctrination leaves kids with a sense of entitlement that even makes demands of their parents! Kick in for groceries? I don’t think so! Ejection from the nest is the only available option besides enslavement to your children.

  18. Interesting that the biggest whiners about “safe spaces” in schools and all that load of rubbish come from the same demographic as the morons who are doing the school shootings.

  19. I have learned through long endurance that an intelligent discussion of issues requires both sides possess intelligence, so they are losing from the getgo.

    • Often when the gun control types say they, “just want to have a conversation”, I tell them I’ll be happy to have a conversation just as soon as they learn enough about the topic to have an intelligent one. If they claim they do have a sufficient command of the subject I ask them to do something like, “define an assault weapon”. Things usually devolve pretty fast from there.

  20. Great. Now I’ve got to go out and buy some velocity rounds before they’re banned. Luckygunner, here I come…

  21. These children want to modeling gun licensing after drivers’ licensing (i.e. application, testing, etc.).

    Umm, it already is. Drivers’ licensing procedures vary greatly from state to state, and even within the state. Firearms licensing procedures also vary greatly from state to state. Want getting a drivers’ license hard? Go to Johnstown, Pa. Want it easy? Go to Punxsutawny, Pa. Both follow the same PennDOT rules, but the testing environments are way different.

    My drivers’ license is good in any state of the Union. My firearms license isn’t. It should be, but it isn’t.

    Testing? My current Pennsylvania drivers’ license required no testing, just an out-of-state transfer from Connecticut. My Connecticut license required no testing, just an out-of-state transfer from my Army drivers’ license with my discharge papers. And my Army drivers’ license required no testing since it was issued in Vietnam (and after it was issued I learned how to drive, the hard way).

    • Well, your drivers license is meant to be a national ID card more than it is to be an actual license to operate as a driver. Licenses are meant for businesses/entities…

    • They need to be informed (whether it’s true or not) that once people have these licenses they are demanding, those people can carry their loaded guns *anywhere*, including right into a snowflake’s living room, and there would be nothing they could do about it! EEK!

  22. Gosh darn it, now everybody is going to hoard velocity rounds…

    Those idiots appear to be the product of participation trophies and a gradeless school environment.

  23. This generation thinks that their feelings merit instant gratification and automatically trumps our Bill Of Rights !! They absolutely do not care one bit about anybody but the liberal lefts agenda and whatever helps promote their narrative. This is the same generation who also feels that they have a right for free contraceptives and birth control! Instead of taking responsibility of keeping their legs closed and the pants up until the responsible enough to pay for their own shit !

      • Hey! I bet they’d be dumb enough to go for free sterilization, instead! I mean, sterilization sure sounds like a good thing, right?

    • So stay a virgin until 65?

      Man, you must be one lonely fella.

      Contraceptives and birth control sure is cheaper then having us tax payers pay for the kid. Society would end up paying for the kid until the kid dies (either from old age or stupid choices)

      I’d gladly pay 50 cents for a condom for some stranger versus having a kid who’s a drag on all of society. (Plus condoms help in preventing the spread of disease, which is another huge drag on our society. And there’s a chance you could catch something if someone else didn’t practice safe sex. It puts our whole society at risk.)

      It costs 200,000+ to raise a kid to age 17. Probably double or triple that if the kid goes into the system…and the kid might live to age 80.

      Even if we get rid of so called entitlement programs, we’d still end up paying as a society if the kid resorts to a life of crime.

      Honestly, who is really ever ready for kids? We make due with what we got. Unless you’re already wealthy who can truly afford 200,000+ to raise just one kid. You’re looking at over half a million for just 3 kids.

      Good luck keeping your pants up. I bet you’re the kinda guy who’d drop em faster then the rest of us if a cute girl ever manages to smile at you.

  24. “…d modeling gun licensing after drivers’ licensing ‘

    So theres only going to be one or two classes of firearms? And my permit will be mine and not tied to a specific weapon, it will be valid for every firearm in that class? And its going to be good in all fifty states no questions asked? And will be easily renewed every seven years just by mailing in a form? And classes to obtain the license will be taught in high school? And will be good until pretty much death unless there is some incident that requires due process of law or medical adjudication to remove your license?

    This is going to be quite the improvement for firearm owners in places like California and New Jersey.

    • In my state if you’re over 18, just need to pass a multiple choice test with 20 questions and a 10 minute driving test. If you had a licence from out of state, you skip all that.

      Until recently, you didn’t even have to prove your citizenship status to get a drivers licence.

      I’ve had my license for almost 20 years now. Never had to retake a test or nothing. And thanks to online renewals haven’t stepped foot in a DMV since about 2005.

  25. I fail to see something in this “bill” that specifically deals with the usual perpetrators, namely the students and former students themselves. Perhaps that “something” would be secured entry and exits with full searches of all persons and bags. Then of course the students as well as their lockers should be be subject to random and arbitrary searches. Finally their identification badges should include DNA and facial recognition data along with tracking capabilities while on school grounds. These small steps while slightly intrusive are designed for the safety of the students.

    • Not sure if sarcasm or serious?

      What next DNA and biometric data to own and buy guns? And random search’s to make sure you securely store your firearms?

      Don’t give the gun grabbers any ideas. What you just described is a wet dream for them, except that would include our entire society…

      Anyways, kids are more likely to die or be killed off campus versus on campus.

      Plus, kids go to school in a mini police state; what do you think will happen when they are old enough to vote or hold office…

      • Definitely sarcasm. The students want this kind of thing for others, therefore, they should face the same “security theater” measures they’re proposing.

        Goose + gander + sauce = A teaching moment for students.

    • Don’t you remember how the Parkland punks bitched about clear backpacks being “an invasion of their 1st Amendment rights?” Dumbasses don’t know jack about the Constitution.

  26. A “right” is something innate that no government can take away from a citizen. Thus the Bill of Rights is a list of “donts”, directed at the government, reminding said government of this fact. This by contrast is a list of “dos” for the government, ie “laws” or the curtailment of rights. That is the opposite of rights. Any questions? End of your Civics 101 lesson for today.

  27. We already have a Bill Of Rights, in the U. S. Constitution actually, of all places; which thus supersedes this “bill.” The Second item of which grants a “right to keep and bear arms,” which “shall not be infringed.”
    By destigmatizing mental illness, are they proposing restoration of their gun rights? And, more importantly, I wish I had patented those darned velocity rounds, now that they will be flying off the shelves. As I should have patented the pesky microstamp, oh, you say, someone already did that!

  28. I support “SAFE SPACE” rooms in all schools, equipped with vents for stable breathing noble gas such as halogen to fill up the room and stabilize the heart rate of these poor children.

  29. Obviously a landmark demonstration of the failure of our “MODERN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM ” when one advances completely specious ( and false to fact ) arguments based upon an ego-centric definition ( i.e.”velocity ammunition ” ) right out of the Sugarman playbook . For all you little boys and girls partaking of this flavor of kool-aid our mosts popular military arm is chambered ( that it is they shoot ) in 5.56 mm which means its bullet is slightly less than a quarter-inch in diameter and weighs about 4.2 grams . This is far less than is considered by most state FG&W departments adequate for killing animals ! Which, ( if you can follow the logic ) means every hunting rifle is more powerful than those you’re targeting ! Similar levels of errors of fact, misconceptions and illogic are rife throughout your other bullet points as well .

  30. These kids are being socially engineered and coached by people that want feudalism back in the world. The very small wealthy elite, and the serfs. Maybe just enough room for a very small administrative class. And they’ll get it, they are brainwashing the youth worldwide.

  31. Marxism by the exploitation of children. Once these “rights” are enacted by the left they will need to be “reformed”. i.e., EXPANDED, with prohibitions and severe criminal penalties for those who don’t conform. Everything that these deluded nut jobs propose all have one endgame: PROHIBITION.

  32. In the original tweet it doesn’t say “velocity”. All of the other “amendments” are not rewritten word for word either. We shouldn’t have to change their words to make us look better. They were dumb enough in the first place.

  33. ” Establish a school safety committee whose meetings are open to the public at every school equally composed of students, parents and faculty”

    Can’t resist! So, how many schools are there equally composed of students, parents and faculty?

    • Really? Is the definition of committee really beyond your grasp? Or do you not know how to use Google?

      Equally composed would be an equal number of students, teachers and parents. Like 3 students, 3 parents and 3 teachers on the committee.

      Sorry, couldn’t resist. #notsorry

      The meetings would be open to the public

      • Back to high school English with you. Look at the sentence, the phrase “whose meetings are open to the public” can be removed in its entirety, leaving “Establish a school safety committee at every school equally composed of students, parents and faculty.” Google has nothing to do with it. Sorrynotsorry. The school should be only the ones equally composed of students, parents,, and faculty.

      • “Equally composed” modifies “school”, and “whose meetings etc” modifies “committee”. Stop googling and learn the language.

  34. How about we have a Bill of Responsibilities for Parents, to love and pay attention to your children, make sure they are adequately fed, clothed, and otherwise provided for, boundaries established, chores assigned, taught right and wrong, allowed to engage in unstructured creative play where success and disappointments are experienced while being exposed to controlled risks. Give up some personal time and self gratification to make sure your kids become civilized human beings. Basically, get your face out of your phone and do your job.

    • Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. What did you say?

      I was busy taking selfies with my phone. With the TV tuned to the Kardashians. While playing candy crush on my tablet. While Justin Bieber is playing over the stereo. While the wife is telling me about the cool thing Kanye just did.

      Not sure where the kids are. Wonder why I hear screaming and a smoke detector going off. Whatever not important, gotta give money to the GoFundMe account of Kylie Jenner so she can be the youngest self made billionaire.


  35. #14 “former intimate partners can petition the court to disarm the abuser.”
    Instead of “red flag law”, they should call this the “ex-girlfriend and ex-wife law getting revenge on their ex by depriving them of their rights” law. Who in this world, over age 30, has never had a relationship that ended badly?
    Who has never had an ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, or ex-wife who is angry at them and would love to deprive them of their rights? If every ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend, for that matter), can get revenge on their ex by disarming them and depriving them of their Constitutional rights without due process of law (guilty until proven innocent), many of them would.

    If the law is applied equally to both sexes, then it will hurt women even more than men, because women or more in need of guns for self defense. Imagine the following: A woman is being threatened by her ex-husband (let’s call him O.J.), so she buys a gun to protect herself. Her ex-husband O.J. then reports her under a “red flag law”, so she is immediately disarmed, without any trial, based merely on the ex-husband’s allegations, which an anti-gun judge rubberstamps! Then O.J., knowing his ex-wife is now unarmed, goes to her house and kills her (when seconds count, the police are minutes away!) because the “red flag law” took away her right to self defense.

    And after these Unconstitutional laws are passed, then what’s next? Can your ex also remove your First-Amendment rights to go to church, read a newspaper, read a book, write a book, etc. merely by making false and unproven allegations? Can your ex also remove your right to vote, merely by making false and unproven allegations? Or is it only the 2nd Amendment that is revocable without due process?

  36. How about just banning high school students since they seem to be the demographic most involved in school shootings.

  37. If you want any logic or critical thinking, a college campus is the last place you should look..

  38. Am I the only one who noticed that ANY AR-15, handgun ect. with a low count magazine would be “illegal” as written here? 10. Require all gun dealers, sellers and owners to report stolen guns; prohibit the sale under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of semi-automatic military style weapons that fire velocity rounds, bump stocks and other accessories that alter the original firing capacity of a firearm. A 5 round magazine is not how ANY original firing capacity is designed in all but some revolvers and other non semiautomatics.
    Ignorance is not curable but it sure as hell is teachable.

    • “Military style” is an oxymoron. Camouflage khakis would be classified as “Military style.” The way the Clearasil Cucks might define it would be strictly by its look, meaning those bad black AR’s have to go but those Mini-14’s can stay because they look like hunting rifles.

  39. Voting rights age needs to be pushed up to 21. Our Libtard ran schools are brainwashing kids more than usual into buying in to and trying to force the Libtards Tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god nosy can’t mind their own Fing business coward sheeple agendas. Libtardism is a mental disease that needs to be eradicated. Now the Libtards are trying to spread their disease onto children who don’t have a clue about anything.

  40. I think one big thing a lot of you don’t realize is LAWS are nothing but A Human and a bunch of his anus sucking sheeple followers puts down as their way of control. Most all of us want to be good and SO CALLED Law Abiding. However we have been brainwashed since we were young into this Power happy control freak society “HUMANS” have created. THE ONLY LAWS THAT MATTER are GODS LAWS PERIOD. Mans laws don’t mean a Fing thing. In fact they should be written on toilet paper so we all can wipe our Anuses with them. If you choose to be sheeple, like we all were supposed to be brainwashed into becoming, these servant sheeple to whomever human thinks they are in charge at the time. Then that is your choice and you can be so called a feel gooder “law abider” when in fact your nothing but a sheeple. Power happy control freak Tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god nosy cant mind their own Fing business Libtard coward sheeple can make all the toilet paper laws they want I won’t abide by them, My war will begin with ANY power happy control freak moron HUMAN and their lapdogs who try and force their power happy control freak ways on me PERIOD. That is SELF DEFENSE AND SELF PRESERVATION. AND YES I AM STILL A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN CAUSE I ABIDE BY GODS LAWS NOT MANS PERIOD. HUMAN LAWS DON”T MEAN $HIT We all have GOD GIVEN RIGHT that NO MAN CAN TOUCH, Self preservation/Self defense is one of them PERIOD. I don’t give a F if you had a Felony did your time and are rehabilitated or are depressed or whatever EVERY HUMAN on this PLANET has a right to have whatever they want to defend their lives PERIOD. It’s when they cross that line and hurt someone else or someone elses property in an act that is not defending themselves but being the aggressor have they committed a crime and should be held accountable PERIOD. We are not Gods we DO NOT have the ability to see into the future nor do we have the ability to know who is going to commit a crime. I mean seriously if you want to push your take away everything retardation view then the biggest criminal organization on the planet should be disarmed first the GOVERNMENT.

  41. Any student activists that who
    “want to Ban “Velocity Rounds,” for their safety

  42. A long list of free shit and coddling for the garbage of society and a long list of restrictions for productive citizens. Seems like the perfect Democratic plan to me.

  43. If you read the paragraph that “Velocity” rounds appears in, it reads as a ban on “semi-automatic military style weapons that fire velocity rounds, bump stocks and other accessories that alter the original firing capacity of a firearm.”

    I think that means they only want to ban “military style” (as opposed to semi-automatic civilian style fire arms?) that fire these mysterious velocity rounds. As there is no such thing as velocity rounds, logically they are calling for a ban on weapons that don’t exist. Also I don’t believe there is a legal definition of “Military Style” either, but I am sure they can create one. It’s an ackward sentence if you want to read it for absurdity they could also be calling for a ban on weapons that fire the rounds or fire bump stocks or fire ‘other accessories’. 🙂

  44. I still don’t understand what a “velocity” round is (as opposed to a “not-velocity” round.
    By definition, VELOCITY has 2 components: SPEED and DIRECTION.
    Since bump stocks and certain guns of similar ilk basically are “SPRAY AND PRAY” [not accurate], there is not much of a “direction” to the round.
    Does that mean we should also ban “Velocity Cars?” …. Any of these idiot students old enough to drive might not like that……No Mustangs, No Camaros, No…. well…..

  45. I drove by a school the other day. I rolled down my window and yelled BOO. 15 students passed out. 87 required counseling. And they had to cancel all classes for 3 days.

  46. The proposals mentioned strike me as one thing. Politely put, DOUBLETALK. That said, will someone, anyone be so kind as to inform me as to exactly what “velocity rounds” are. Possibly even what they might be would be helpful.

  47. 13. Invest in reducing gun violence by funding Center for Disease Control (CDC) research.
    I could be wrong, but didn’t the CDC release a report on “gun violence” during one of the Obama-nations terms? And because the CDC didn’t manipulate the data properly, and it didn’t support the gun controllers statements and demands, it was hidden away and totally ignored by all the media outlets?

    I assume number 13 is actually a call for the CDC to redo the study with the appropriate manipulation of the data so it says what the gun grabbers want it to say

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