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CBS Chicago reports that a 71-year-old man with a concealed carry permit defended his neighbor’s home last week. It was around 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, October 18, when the man spotted the break-in attempt in progress. He shot the suspect in the hand, after which the suspect was arrested and taken to the hospital in non-critical condition. (This story was incorrectly reported by other sources as a defense of the man’s own home, but we’ve confirmed the police report with CBS news correspondent Jim Williams).

Darryl Washington, another neighbor, said that he had no problem with what happened:

“The two neighbors could be very close friends, and so they’re looking out for one another – I’m not mad at them.”

Video coverage via CBS here:

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  1. “everyone I know on this block has a concealed carry license and they go to the gun range.”

    That’s great, but why the F$#% do they keep electing some of the worst gun-control proponents in the country?

      • Don’t bet on it.
        In some cultures, there simply is no other choice but to be a Democrat and to vote accordingly. Democrats who call themselves Pro-2A still vote for Democrats.

        • Yeah, and when you ask them why, they explain that you don’t understand the background issues, can’t see the big picture. They’re correct, I sure can’t.

  2. Too many things unclear to really figure out what was ‘the right thing’ to do.

    Plenty of those folks carry. Sounds like they’re looking out for each other. To that, I say great job. We should all carry, and we should all have each other’s backs. The bad guys have the guns, always. And always will. The only answer is good guys who are ready to shoot back.

  3. It looks like people are getting fed up with all this crime being forced on us by lack of Police Officers and patrols in susceptible neighborhoods, and light sentences given criminals. Granted calling 911, is part of reaction , but response time in most places does not meet needs. He said that all his neighbors have guns to protect themselves. Apparently, his use to protect his neighbor’s invasion was condoned by Police because he was not charged. In the minutes before Police arrival, anything can and will happen if not protected. If not stopped, his house could have been next.

  4. The burglar got a slap on the hand & I bet he will think twice before trying to break in to another home in the future. This is a prime example of why the 2nd must not be chiseled away from us. We should all be so lucky , as to have neighbors armed and ready to defend our homes , loved ones , and ourselves if need be.

    • “…I bet he will think twice before trying to break in to another home in the future.”

      Far better chance he sues the shooter for malicious wounding and wins a 100,000-dollar judgement against him.

      So now the guy who got shot is living in the house of the guy who shot him…

    • Please. If these people learned from their own mistakes, there wouldn’t be so many of these people.

  5. Where’s all the goofball’s with “Chicago has strict gun laws”?!? It doesn’t-for NOW. Look for a wave of oppression after fatboy Prickster is immaculated…mebbe he’ll have a HEART ATTACK😖😦 Good on this senior citizen in a chiitty hood!

    • Pill Hill and Calumet Heights are NOT the hood. They are an island in a DMZ. I know people from the area. They use the carry before “permission slips” and the cops never gave them a hard time. You do not want to be a gang banger in that neighborhood, they will shoot your ass.

    • Chicago does indeed have strict anti gun laws. Along with the whole state of Illinois. Not as bad as some other states, but still far from good.

  6. But did he shoot him with a Ruger Alaskan in .454 Casull, or is that just a random stock photo?

    • Yea, I saw that too. Stock photo I’m sure. Depending on the round used. If hit the center of the hand. I wouldn’t think a person wouldn’t have much use of that hand after that if shoot with such a round.

  7. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Betting that he still doesn’t learn his lesson and that the punishment of getting shot in the hand is worse than the punishment the judiciary assigns him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets no cash bail even!

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