Versacarry's New Decree Line of Buffalo Hide Reinforced OWB Holsters
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Lots of concealed carriers like leather for its form-fitting finish-friendliness and overall good looks. But many go with Kydex instead because it retains its shape and is generally easy to re-holster. Versacarry’s new buffalo hide Decree Series holsters solve that problem with a carbon fiber or metal inlay that doesn’t come in contact with your pistol. Here’s their press release . . .

Versacarry is Proud to Introduce its Finest Leather Holster Line Yet – the Decree Series

Bryan, TX – Versacarry, the company that created the Zerobulk® Holster – one of the smallest, most comfortable, handgun carry devices on the market today, is pleased to announce its finest leather holster line yet – the Decree Series.

The Decree Series is handmade in America and features hide that is hand-selected from premium water buffalo, offers a double-layer, raised upper backing for comfort and protection along with reinforced triple layering around the belt loops to provide an optimal foundation for carrying.

Versacarry's New Decree Line of Buffalo Hide Reinforced OWB Holsters

The Decree has been designed with an inlay in-between the front pouch that acts as a re-enforcement to keep the holster from collapsing without the inlay touching your handgun. Three models in the Decree Series are currently available – Standard Carbon Fiber Inlay, Standard Metal Inlay and Scroll.

Decree Series – Standard Carbon Fiber Holster Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Inlay (Does not come in contact with handgun)
  • Non-Collapsing Design
  • Triple Re-Enforced Belt Loops
  • Meticulous Detail and Craftsmanship
  • Handcrafted American Quality

Product Specifications:

  • Left or Right Hand Available
  • Available in Distressed Brown Leather with Black Leather Overlay
  • Sizes Available for Most Handguns
  • Retail $89.99

Founded in 2011, Versacarry is an American-owned and operated company that produces an extensive line of innovative holsters for inside and outside the waistband, pocket holsters, belts, rifle slings, magazine pouches and rifle ammo management carriers.

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  1. Considering the total lack of fitting to the gun, I suspect its garbage. I would not waste my money to try it out.

    • Cause they’re idiots that don’t actually understand the concept here. All they know is molded plastic and if they can’t see an “outline”, it isn’t “fit” to the gun. Snowflakes carry guns too. 😉

  2. beautiful real leather holster i love it.
    i guess the guys that want the hard plastic holsters so they match their plastic fantastic pistols? im more old school give me wood and deep blue steel and a nice leather holster and belt!

  3. I own the decree carbon model, and it is absolutely the most rock solid, best fitting holster i have ever purchased.

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