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Chicago held municipal elections on Tuesday. With the votes mostly counted, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has lost. And it wasn’t even close. Windy City voters, exhausted by rampant crime and violence, have sent the Mayor packing after a single term. They’d apparently lived through enough of her feckless leadership. Among the highlights of her woke thug tenure, there are highlights such as . . .

And then there was the violent crime. The top three issues for voters in the Windy City were, quite simply, crime, crime and then crime. Frankly, residents had seen enough of Lori Lightfoot dancing while the city burned.

Breitbart has the news of Lightfoot’s demise . . .

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) on Tuesday failed to secure enough votes to advance to the runoff on Tuesday, losing her bid for a second term in office, according to an Associated Press projection. 

Lightfoot becomes the first Chicago mayor to lose a bid for reelection in 40 years, when former mayor Jane Byrne was ousted in 1983.

Lightfoot’s loss sets up former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas (D) and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson (D) for a head to head faceoff in the runoff election on April 4. 

Lightfoot’s first term in office was marked by the coronavirus pandemic and a massive increase in crime…

Vallas earned approximately 35 percent of the vote when he was projected to advance to the next stage. Johnson earned close to 20 percent of the vote, while Lightfoot came in third place at roughly 17 percent.

The runoff election will pit law-and-order candidate Paul Vallas against hard-left Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson who strongly advocates for additional defunding of the police and spending that money on “the people.”

CNN has more on the candidates and the news of Lightfoot getting the axe from voters . . .

Paul Vallas, a long-time public schools chief who ran on a tough-on-crime message, and Brandon Johnson, a Cook County commissioner backed by progressives and the Chicago Teachers Union, will advance to the April runoff, CNN projects.

Tuesday’s municipal election marked the first time in more than 30 years that Chicago has ditched its mayor. Lightfoot could not overcome years of fights with the police and teachers’ unions, a spike in violent crime during her administration and Chicago’s slow recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lightfoot conceded Tuesday evening, telling supporters that she is now “rooting and praying for the next mayor of Chicago.”

Vallas built his campaign around a pro-police, tough-on-crime message – one he highlighted in celebratory remarks after Lightfoot had called Vallas and Johnson to concede.

Given Vallas’ tough-on-crime campaign and his strong showing in yesterday’s election, he’s probably the odds-on favorite to win the run-off election on April 4th. Then again, we’re talking about Chicago, so nothing is a sure bet where an election is concerned.

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  1. Well, you can party hearty but all it comes down to is replacing one Dem with another.

    …same as the old boss

    • I posted a comment here when this article first appeared, but it was immediately removed within 30 seconds. As usual, I have no idea why.

      I then came back a little while later and posted a “really?…another comment removed, TTAG?” follow-up, and it was held for moderation. As usual, I have no idea what could possibly been the offending word(s).

      It’s now several hours later, and neither are here. But then, it’s a Wednesday and the TTAG/WordPress filters need something to do, I guess. Here’s a coin flip to see if this one sees the light of day…

        • The name of her namesake ghoul is the word that has been made a NO No by the Moderator.

        • “Did not even post.”

          This happens to every message I try to post, whenever connected to my home DSL. Here at the shop (also DSL, same telco) they all go through, at least to moderation. Other locations, they go through. I found I can post at home with impunity if I set my mobile to connect through Verizon, set it up as a hotspot, and then connect the tablet through it (bypassing the DSL). No problems with posting from the daughter’s place, or from my Mom’s (both cable internet).

          Apparently, there’s a gremlin in the system that doesn’t like my home DSL IP address. This laptop may work at home through the mobile, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    • Interesting political system where Democrat vs Democrat vs Democrat. Is it designed to make sure one-party rule stays in place?

      • Columbus, OH is like this. Over time, they passed bits and pieces that made it increasingly difficult for an outsider (i.e., Republican) to get a seat on the city council. The office of mayor is a bit more open, but has been liberal leaning for decades (couple RINOs in the ’80s and ’90s), with woke leftists running the whole shebang lately.

    • The only difference will be a new new CPD superintendent shaking his head every Monday on the news.

      “I cant believe that 40 people were shot over the weekend, this has to stop!”

      Vallas has been an epic failure his whole career which was education.
      Johnson came out of nowhere with a bunch of money and was bought by JB.
      Both are the same old BS in Chicago but probably have one thing that Groot always wanted, an attached real penis. Nothing will change in Chicago.

  2. I am actually shocked. I fully expected that the dems would generate enough ballots to ensure her win. Wow. When you’ve lost the fraudsters you really f’d up.

    • She’s not the anointed one the puppetmasters behind the curtain want for this election cycle.

      The irony is that any Dem stronghold (Chicago, Los Angeles, San Fran, NYC, et al) will simply install another Dem, and the people will continue to suffer. New boss same as the old boss.

      • NO ONE is indispensable to the Leftist Scum ™.

        A Leftist is, above all else, a Leftist…

      • I Haz a Question,

        She’s not the anointed one the puppetmasters behind the curtain want …

        That inspired an interesting thought: the actual power-brokers of the Democrat Party may view high-profile city Mayors’ and state Governors’ offices as testing grounds for potential U.S. Senators or even President of the U.S. If that is the case, the actual power-brokers may have decided that Lightfoot is not a viable candidate for higher office and bounced her out–in order to put someone else in office who they can evaluate for higher office.

      • When the electorate will reliably vote overwhelmingly for whoever promises the most free stuff, without regard for even whether any of the promises are ever fulfilled, then this will inevitably be the result.

  3. Congratulations Chicago!

    The mighty midget’s antics and rhetoric finally became too much even for your jaded voting predilections.


    You need to get rid of the local Prosecutor(s) and the Elitist Governor.

    • “What’s the point? Like replacing Fidel with Raul.”

      Exactly, there’s always someone younger to come along behind and pick up the gauntlet of fascism… 🙁

      • Shire-man,

        While I agree in principle, see my comment above. The Democrat Party may be using high-profile city Mayors’ and state Governors’ offices to test the viability of the office-holders for higher office. If that is true, replacing a Democrat incumbent, who has proven him/herself to be un-electable for higher office, with another Democrat is important because it allows the Democrat Party to see if the replacement is electable for higher office.

        So, whether or not there is any point in replacing a Democrat incumbent with a new Democrat depends on the identity of the real benefactor of that public office. If the real benefactor is the voters, then it is indeed pointless. If the real benefactor is the Democrat Party, then there is a point to it–testing the electability of the new office holder.

  4. vallas mealy mouthed some republican leanings.
    braindead johnson is a full on marxist.
    the math shows 20% plus 17% to be enough to overcome.
    unless there is enthusiasm and turnout, as the vallas campaign has been weaksauce while johnson berates his opponent.

    • Yeah, she converted them from the thoughtful, considerate, fair people who elected her overwhelmingly 4 years ago, a feat most would expect to be impossible.

  5. I have said this before. The core Dems will give lip service to the new woke ideas and vilify everything the US has stood for since 1776. When the majority of the Dems get tired of the crime and hate, watch out, because the purges are not far behind.
    It has happened with every democratic government that allowed in communists. There is a point where communism gets a foot in the door and that means they start using the government to control the people.
    The fact that we are NOT a democracy may be what has stopped the concentration camps, but we have to remain vigilant
    We also can’t expect the Republicans to save us, they have their own agenda and it doesn’t include most Americans.

    • No one is trying to “save us”… it comes down to choice – would you rather be eaten alive by the mountain lion or the coyote pack? The only difference is how long they play with you first.

    • I have been saving myself for over 70 years and expect to continue. Those who expect me to save them will continue to see their troubles increase.

  6. I got some bad news for you.
    both of the contenders in the runoff election are Chicago Democrats. They will not be the champions of crime victims much less gun rights. the only thing that might reform Chicago would be either a few dozen neutron bombs detonated at moderate altitude or alternatively, a few dozen photon torpedoes.

    • To a Chicago Dem, “tough on crime” means “assault weapons bans,” crackdowns of CCW holders, and other gun rights violations. It has nothing to do with putting criminals in jail. The defund the police candidate is around 14% behind, and 46% of voters need to choose another candidate for the runoff. It’s anyone’s game. Since I’m 1000 miles away, I’ll just grab the popcorn and let Chicago be an example of how not to do things.

  7. why doesn’t the image portray the moron sniffing baby groot’s hair?
    “it smelled like a wet dog fresh out of the canal.”

  8. It sounds like we’re celebrating another first! More to come! Congratulations Leah. Because what’s inflation? Inflation is at the end of the month do you have less money from your paycheck or more money from your paycheck. Everybody under 15, come here. Come on honey. I like ice cream.

  9. Boch, are you getting a commission from Zero Hedge? I never saw that many links that were behind a paywall. Thanks for nothing.

  10. Internet recoils as Biden talks of nurse doing things ‘I don’t think you learn in nursing school’: ‘So gross’ >

    “Twitter users recoiled after President Biden gave intimate details of his treatment in a medical facility Tuesday.

    Biden was speaking about healthcare policy in Virginia Beach, Virginia, when he told a story about a nurse he said was named Pearl Nelson.

    ‘She’d come in and do things I don’t think you learn in nursing school,’ he said.

    ‘She’d whisper in my ear, I couldn’t understand, but she’d whisper, and she’d lean down and actually breathe on me to make sure there was a human connection,’ Biden continued.

    ‘I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear, go home and get me pillows.’ He later claimed, ‘They would actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving.’

    Many Twitter accounts expressed their distaste at the latest telling of this anecdote from the president.

    Radio host Jenna Ellis asked, ‘How does the Cabinet watch this and NOT invoke the 25th Amendment??’

    She wasn’t the only one to question Biden’s mental acuity.

    ‘This man has lost his mind. Good thing he’s not in charge of a nuclear arsenal or something like that,’ conservative commentator Justin T. Haskins wrote.

    KCEN news anchor Kris Radcliffe commented, ‘What a strange thing for a President of the United States to say.’

    ‘President Joe Biden making it weird for everyone,’ Sen. Ted Cruz’s communications advisor Steve Guest said.

    Podcaster Mike Crispi tweeted, ‘Joe Biden has managed to top his ‘I may be a white boy but I’m not stupid’ line. Took only 24 hours. Very impressive.’

    Rita Panah, an Australian opinion columnist, wondered, ‘His nurse did what? Where are the men in white coats?’

    ‘Why is he so weird?,’ Dana Loesch asked. ”


    • Why is he so weird?
      It’s called being a Democrap. Look at their conga line of loonies.
      Next thing he’ll be telling us is that Guam might tip over if there are too many people on it🤣

    • Relax everyone: this is all part of the Democrat Party plan which many people outlined more than 18 months ago. And what is that plan? After Biden has completed two years in office, he somehow demonstrates that he cannot execute his duties any more and steps-down so that Kamala can step into the Oval Office–to incredible fanfare for not only being the first woman President, for also being a “black” woman President. Of course the Democrat Party is hoping and praying that she wins re-election riding on the momentum of being the first black woman President. (That hope would be well-founded: Democrats would expect to shame voters into support even if Kamala is an abject failure since it would be RACIST! to not vote for her–and voters would probably oblige.) That enables the Democrats to hold the Oval Office for six years–and possibly even for 10 years if she would somehow be able to win a second full term in office.

      Thus, Biden’s latest “gaff” is intentional and justification for him to finally resign from office–or justification for his Cabinet to remove him from office.

      • u_s,
        I think that was the goal from the beginning. They probably weren’t sure they could drag the puppet through one full term. The problem is, even they can’t force Que Mala on the populace. She’s so awful, Democrats don’t even like her despite her box checking ability.

  11. wanna talk about the proverbial anti-gun ‘rivers of blood in the streets’ …. In Chicago Lori Lightfoot put it there by her very-soft-on-crime and disgusting racial bias ‘policies’, then she ‘metaphorically’ danced in it and blamed it on law abiding gun owners.

  12. This is just not right, Lori was only halfway through her Diversity, Equity,
    Inclusion Social-Justice Plan for Chiraq. So much more could have been accomplished.

  13. Wow I’m so surprised. I never expected this. So is the solution to getting rid of a liberal, is to allow them to have their way?
    And let crime rise to the point to where it affects even the most wealthiest, isolationist, White and black liberals??? Now they really have found a personal limit to this BS.

    • Best way to torture your average leftilibtards. Give them what they want, then lock the door behind them.

  14. May the ghost of her namesake haunt Chicago as long as Democrats continue to control Chicago. That name is what has been made a NO NO word by the Moderators.

    • Darkman,

      What exactly is that name? Can you please be more explicit–using some technique to avoid this site deleting the comment of course.

      For example, if it is her last name, you could simply say:

      Chicago Mayor Lori [last name] … her last name “redacted” to avoid sending this comment into moderation limbo.

  15. I love how they are now defending their new choices as not being “uber liberal” and just “traditional democrats”

    Absolutely hilarious.

  16. My brother who had to live in Chicago for a short while for business although he like myself are from Montana fervently hopes that if the US gets nuked, it’s CHICAGO that gets it.

    I’m not entirely sure what he’s talking about but I have to take his comment at face value.

    • It does suck knowing we will be the first ones targeted.

      I’m thinking Arizona sounds nice. Maybe Nevada or even New Mexico… I don’t care. I truly do suspect Nuclear war will be a reality in my lifetime. So anything further away from that possibility is sounding pretty good right now.

      And no, I’m not joking. Moved to Montana for obvious reasons, and now I’m considering moving away for obvious reasons but looking to retain a bit of reclusiveness as well.

  17. I already knew that Shitcago is a sick city. Lightfoot’s election merely confirmed what I already knew. How can any city elect a progressive who hates America?


    • Paul,

      How can any city elect a progressive who hates America?

      The answer is surprisingly simple.

      ONE. Probably 99% of the masses in Chicago have zero awareness of history, current events, public policy, and Democrat Party goals. Thus, they simply vote Democrat because that is what they have historically done.

      TWO. Probably 97% of the masses in Chicago want to maximize “freebies” (a.k.a. entitlements) which they believe means voting “D”.

      THREE. The few “enlightened” people who live in Chicago are under the false impression that the Democrat Party is for the masses and will provide the most care for the masses. Thus these “enlightened” voters support the Democrat Party out of pity for the masses.

  18. Both candidates are Democrats.
    Vallas “Tough on Crime” means more restrictions on the gunm rights of the law abiding citizens. And Johnson’s “Take away from the law enforcement to give the money back to the people.” Only means more freebies for the criminals and those great citizens of the Chicago area that simply refuse to work.
    The lake needs to be much bigger.

  19. Congratulations to Lori Lightfoot – due to her very-soft-to-no-policy-on-crime, letting gangs run wild ’cause black, and her racists bias activity and radical left-wing agenda and just plain stupid, her overall mass dead-body count surpasses the number of mass shootings across the country last year. In recognition of and due to her efforts in facilitating the killing in one place (City of Chicago) of so many she is hereby awarded the “Top Mass Murderer 2022” award.

  20. * “facilitating the killing” as in unlawful killing = murder

    Yes Lori, you did this by your efforts to facilitate it. It wasn’t guns or law abiding gun owners or lawful gun ownership or those law abiding who carry guns or those law abiding who used guns for self/home/other defense or the Second Amendment – you did this Lori. Everyone of you ‘progressive’ left-wing idiots have country wide facilitated and aided the largest expansion of overall crime, including violent crime, this country has ever seen and only in left-wing controlled areas in this country is the overall combination of investigation-capture-prosecution rate of criminals decreasing.

    • and along with Lightfoot being kicked out of office, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown will resign his post later this month after the election defeat of Lightfoot. Its a kinda necessary thing, he can’t survive in that office without Lightfoot because he’s basically incompetent and weak and she loves incompetent and weak because they roll over and does what she wants.

  21. I work in Chicago. Thankfully I am done for the week and safely back in my nice little MAGA area. Heard more than once yesterday that the “racist white guy” just wants to lock up black people. If Paul Vallas wins there will be riots because of “racism”. If Brandon Johnson wins things will just get worse as he is an even bigger apologist than Lightfoot. Either way Kim Foxx will still be in there.


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