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Anyone who has actually analyzed a school massacre scenario knows that guns aren’t the way to inflict the maximum number of casualties. But a bomb is. And it looks like one Oregon teenager figured that out, too, planning to attack their Albany, Oregon high school with homemade explosive devices that he had constructed and hidden in his home. While no one was hurt and the plot apparently didn’t involve firearms, it nonetheless has the potential to provide more, um, ammunition to gun control advocates . . .

As we have reported previously, Frank Lautenberg has once again whipped out his “Explosive Materials Background Check Bill”¬†which would make it as difficult to buy gunpowder in the US as a brick of dynamite. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the Boston marathon bombing, one that would have had exactly zero impact on that scenario and wouldn’t have prevented the attack in any way. But it’s a “feel good” measure that puts the screws to gun owners, so naturally the Democrats are all over it.

The issue is that in the wake of the epic failure of any form of “universal background check” bill in the Senate, the Democrats (and president Obama) appear weak — unable to pass any of their disarmament agenda, no matter how much public support the media claims they have. Especially thanks to recent events, the Obama administration needs something to get the public’s mind off their cascading series of scandals and failures and once again get control of the narrative.

Obama has been floundering around trying to latch onto something — anything — that he can trumpet as a win for peace and justice. Something that would paint him once again in a positive light in the media. Which explains his recent speech highlighting the Guantanamo Bay prison and his promise to close it, despite that issue being on the political back burner for four years.

This planned school attack, even though it was been foiled, has the potential to put gunpowder regulation at the front of the line for things Obama and the Democrats can push in the very near future. They now have two recent events where explosives were the weapon of choice, and events which evoke a strong emotional response from low information voters. They can even try to piggy-back this onto the post-Newtown gun control fervor, claiming it as a “common sense” gun control measure.

In short, it looks like this might be the perfect storm for gunpowder regulation to finally take center stage in Congress. And given the current political climate, I doubt that they will let such an opportunity go to waste.

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  1. Good luck to anyone trying to use smokeless powder to produce an explosive…black powder is a different issue…and it does NOTHING to help us when the dipshits on shows like Sons of Guns and FPS Russia are using Tannerite to create massive explosions…which are done for kicks and don’t do much to help the 2A cause.

    • Exactly. Another weak-minded liberal kid “encouraged” to be a hero by bringing about gun control? Perhaps. Just too damned convenient given the propensity for demoncrats to know no boundaries in their push to make us slaves.

  2. Ammo for the anti gunners? Did the sun come up today? They don’t need ammo. They just make it up as they go along.

  3. You can’t really outlaw stupid, but we certainly should start prosecuting anyone in government office who endeavors to violate The Bill of Rights!

  4. Dynamite doesn’t come in bricks.

    That said, ewww! What s with these dipshits? The would-be bombers and our would-be nannies both?

    From a previous comment, I’ll presume that the propellant (explosive) was smokeless powder – a hard, but not impossible, thing to make work.

    There are so many ways to make a boom that regulating gunpowder would serve as a bar to only the bottom few percent of terrorists/spree killers/agents provocateur.

    Kudos to the police, but can Lostenberg and Feinkenstien please just elope and hobble off to Bermuda?

    • I think marooned on a deserted island would be better. We wouldn’t want to screw up Bermuda like that.

      • Well, I was kinda hoping they’d hobble off into the ocean and their skeletons wash up on Bermuda…

  5. One would think a better way to get scandals off the news would be a major infrastructure renewal program, bridges first.

  6. If that bill is passed, good luck on getting fertilizer for the lawns and garden. And don’t forget pool chemicals and lubricating oils. And another highly explosive compound which can be bought by almost anyone in hundreds of outlets across most cities and thousands across any state without restriction (although some vendors may have an age restriction on the handling of the material). Every day millions of tonnes are transported on the roads, rail, sea, and even air transport posing a risk to millions of individuals. Smaller quantities are stored in most dwellings with absolutely no storage security. “Something must be done to protect the children”….

    I am talking about gasoline, which is far more explosive than many propellants and many actual explosives.

  7. Okay, here we go again… are they going to ban basic chemistry? Maybe have us register to purchase charcoal or order chickens and cows not to defecate and so proactively prevent the creation of saltpeter… make sulfur an illegal substance? 75%+15%+10% = Black powder for at least the last 1000+ years…

  8. Worst school massacre (I think) was a bombing in Bath, MI in 1927: 44 dead, 56 injured. While this was horrible, it could have been much worse; a second bomb, 500 lbs of dynamite, did not go off when the shock wave of the first blast disrupted the opporation of the second bomb’s timing trigger. Again if I am not mistaken, this attack led to the regulation of dynamite by the federal government.

    Yes, the bomber was pretty damn insane.

      • I know you are being funny, so this is just informational. The bomber was an engineer and described as very smart, but he was also very volatile. On the day of the bombing, he also killed his wife, burned down his home, and killer the superintendent of the Bath school system in a suicide bombing.

  9. How can they claim that the 2A only refers to muzzle loaders yet claim that we need to ban or severely limit citizens access to gun powder?

    • Trogdor the Burninator! Just what did you use to create all those fires when you were burninating the villages? And what about all the burninated peasants? Hmmm? I have a notion you wouldn’t pass our background checks. Not to mention, what’s with that one beefy arm you’ve got? It’s all very suspicious.

      They can make any claim they want because they’re so right that such things as logic, common sense, human rights, civil liberties, truth, and even the laws of physics are irrelevant quibbles beside their monumental rightness. Their end goal justifies anything they feel like trying.

  10. Wasn’t this guy underage as is? I thought it was 18 smokeless/21 black? To the extent he purchased loose powder the law was already broken.

  11. If they want to stop bombings they will have to ban a lot more than just gunpowder. Basically, they will have to ban all chemicals, closed all libraries, and eliminate the internet. Also, they better stop teaching chemistry in school too. This crap is getting ridiculous and I’m sick of stupid reactive legislation.

  12. What we need is a ban on shit parents and a background check on the rest. It’s pretty clear your parenting skills suck when you raise a mass murderer.

  13. This quote by CNN doesn’t say anything about powder.

    “The bombs were made with napalm, drain cleaner and flammable liquids, authorities say”

    They did mention pipebombs, I don’t see how those would be liquid based, but I guess they could be.

    • It doesn’t say pipe bombs. It says ‘pipe and drain cleaner’ bombs (quotations mine). Meaning, Drano + aluminum foil. And since you can make ‘napalm’ with gasoline and styrofoam, here’s what I’m assuming the “six type of explosives” that they found were:
      1) Gasoline
      2) “Napalm” (gas + styrofoam)
      3) Pipe & Drain Cleaner bombs (Drano + aluminum)
      4) “Molotov Coctails” (half empty liquor bottle with rag)
      5) Lighter fluid (in the lighter that he would have used)
      6) Any other easily obtainable gas-producing combination, ready to be put inside an empty 2-liter bottle (bleach + ammonia, dry ice + water, mentos + soda, etc)
      Kid probably wouldn’t even know where to buy black or smokeless powder.

  14. Sadly, no matter what ignorant laws get passed, these sorts of things will continue. You can’t ban anything with the possibility to be dangerous and expect that to fix a broken society.

    Maybe a public hanging, drawing, and quartering of the would-be bomber would be a good start. Even that might not accomplish anything though.

    The problem is, these kids have grown up in a world where there are no sacred values other than selfishness and pursuit of material comfort. They get disillusioned, imbibe some bad (but consistent with their experience) philosophy from some modern death metal music or whatever, and decide that killing a bunch of people at school would be a suitably nihilistic way to end it all. The only way to fix that is to give kids an idea of purpose in life -something which has been considered pass√© and discouraged since the ’60s or so, when our society seems to have collectively decided that “brave new world” was far preferable to religion, morality, family life, tradition, and patriotism. I predict that as time goes on, these events will become more frequent -which of course necessitates all the more for the rest of us to have arms, in order to dissuade and stop these sorts of things.

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