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Red Jacket, the business featured in the Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns “reality” show, has gotten themselves into hot water with our friends at the ATF. Seems their inventory system isn’t any better than their safety practices. The loss of the FFL, according to, has resulted in the business’s owner, William Hayden, along with his daughter Stephanie, having to work for an employee in order to stay in business…

Things went swimmingly until 2009 … when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms conducted a routine inspection of RJF and discovered 10 guns registered to the company could not be accounted for … a big, BIG problem. We’re told the feds pinned the blame on William and Stephanie — and were looking to take serious action that could have resulted in the end of RJF.

But law enforcement sources tell us … the Hayden’s struck a deal with feds in 2010, in which the two agreed to surrender their gun-making licenses … and in exchange, they could appoint a LICENSED person to take over the company. It didn’t take long for William and Stephanie to pick their successor  … they went with Vincent Buckles… — another gunsmith often featured on the reality show.

Buckles has evidently left the business, too, and now the Haydens have dug up another FFL holder to be the licensed firearms dealer for Red Jacket.

They’ll likely use anyone with a pulse – and an FFL – in order to keep the business going and the Discovery Channel dollars coming in. We’re sure that the Haydens avoiding a frog march and criminal charges had nothing at all to do with the fact that they have a television show. Guess no one ever told them the ATF can be sticklers about keeping track of guns. Unless they’re headed south of the border, that is.

[h/t Ryan Finn]

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  1. I can not stand “Sons of Guns”. I think that show makes gun owners look like back woods rednecks to the rest of the world and the “Antis” love it. What a bunch od idiots.

    • I concur. I watched one or two episodes and could not take it anymore. Not only is their custom work crap, apparently nobody explained to them how to handle guns in a safe manner. I always felt that this show will give the gun grabbers an excuse to lobby for more gun-restricting laws. I wish they would just go away.

      • The most nausea inducing gun-related thing on TV. Finally, the BATFE (and really big fires) did something that most people will agree with.

      • “[..] apparently nobody explained to them how to handle guns in a safe manner” – whoa, a lot of people jumped on the band-wagon following this comment..:)

        On the one hand, you’ve got those ghey guys, that handle guns like they’re radioactive (on camera); and then shoot themselves in the leg, in front of students, in a training center (check on YouTube, hehe); && on the other, you have Red Jacket that just handle guns.

        “I think that show makes gun owners look like back woods rednecks to the rest of the world and the “Antis” love it. What a bunch of idiots.”

        – Gun owners usually are. ;-P ;-D

        • your grammar is incorrect wright meaning correct and rigkt meaning direction such as in left and right but your intention was well

        • Oh my god this is too funny. Please don’t try and correct someone again.

          Write: To form characters or symbols on a surface. “I’m going to write down the things I want from the grocery store.”

          Right: The direction (opposite of left) or being correct.
          “Are you sure we’re going the right way? I think we should have turned right.”

          The only thing “wright” was used for is the two brothers that discovered flight.

    • Well you probably are more interested in TMZ. May be cheesey, but their shows dealing w/ Saigas got me looking at them. I now own a 12, two 7.62s and a .223. Care to go to range?

    • wow i see people here with nothing better to do than find fault in others as if you have never made a mistake or screwed up and since they are on tv that gives you all the right to be pompas self rightious jerks get a life there craftmans ship is great they will attempt to build anything you want where else you gonna find that my guess is you all dont know the first thing of being backwoods (damn city slickers) cause if you did you would shut your mouth and find something better to do with your time

      • I would think this thread would be more interested in the RJF FFL situation rather than a pissing contest about grammar, typos, and spelling. I think all of you need to get a grip and and leave the English discussion for another time.

      • I see so many errors on this webpage it’s amazing. When we see the same errors multiple times it can’t be a simple typo. You learned, or at least had the opportunity to learn, this stuff in elementary school! Spellcheck can’t rescue clowns.
        If you write for adults and want their respect, if you want to be taken seriously, it’s best to write like an adult. Otherwise most of us dismiss you as an idiot. Instead of taking the time to learn how to do it right, you’ll spend your time flaming those of us that try to set you straight. That’s OK though, this was my first visit to this page, and you’ll be happy to know I won’t return.
        Nothin’ to see here, move along…

    • Whatever you do DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE MORONS!!!!!! I have been waiting 8 mo. to get a stock from them. They have lied to me everytime I call (twice a week) they tell me another lie. SEND THESE MORONS BACK TO THE FRICKEN SWAMP WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!!!!

      • If Discovery was to cut Sons of Guns, they would lose the inbred rednecks that watch that crap. I am one that bought a Sig 40 cal and had their supposed gun smith do some custom work on it, I waited months for it and when I got the dam thing it constantly jammed. Those Idiots need to dig a hole and burry themselves

        • Well if you want to talk redneck all you have to do is listen to yourself talk .I’m sick and tired of you people crying about you did not get this or you cant stand the show if you dont like it turn the damn thing off and stop all the whining

        • Well you must be an inbred recheck. You had to of watched the show to at least be able to bring you’re gun over there to get it worked on. To Rick the prick

        • Uh-huh, sure you did; & where’s a photo of it – and the receipt, proof of purchase.

      • Will’s a flat out egotistical jerk, and Ive seen not one person in shop with the slightest common sense or gun safety habits. How do you” make a deal with the feds?”,,anyone else “losing 10 firearms” esp if they were class 3, as I”m wagering they are, would send them to prision 10 yrs on each count.

        • I’ve often wondered what kind of dope deal did Will Hayden-U.S.M.C. make with the feds. I’m wondering if he sold out for money and fame as well as staying out of jail to put on a show that makes gun owners look like idiots. The show portrays an image of what a former Marine becomes and acts, how gunshop employees behave, and how a typical gunowner looks and behaves. This is what people expect to see. They are not disappointed.

        • good thing drug testing isn’t a part of Wills mandate, that chris gun maker wanta be is so druged up he can’t keep his eyes
          open lol

        • A “dope deal” means a secret arrangement between two or more people and/or company/organization which benefits both parties.

        • This show is what makes people think all Americans are fuckwits I know 99.9% of Americans are sound decent people but these fuckwits all of them especially the daughter and her boyfriend. You have to blame the network for giving this show and the people on it air time in the first place.It has done nothing but damage to the country and to the decent educated people in the us.

      • I love this show… I had several weapons until I got robbed, and plan to replace them eventually… I do still have my little hand gun and will always have it… I will watch this show until it is canceled, which I hope is not too soon…

    • Redneck, what is wrong with being a redneck? If you knew the origin of the term, you would be proud to be one. What self righteous rock did you crawled out from under? Don’t critique what you don’t know. Go back under what ever rock you crawled out of and stay there. It’s TV, they are on it and you are not.

      • I think its a fine show, Lots of cool firearms, Lots of nitpickers, here but thats life.Why people have to complain, on everything,

      • I agree 100% as I’m a proud redneck. I guess all these haters are perfect. Hell I’m not, I am having trouble getting my ZK-22 working properly. Lets see what kind of a response I get on my e-mail before I judge.

      • I’m not ashamed of being called a redneck, but I know that there are 2 different types of redneck kludges. There’s “Wow, that’s really cool/ingenious/creative/resourceful”, and then there’s “Yikes! What a monstrous piece of junk! I’m glad that is nowhere near my house.”. I don’t watch TV, so I can’t say which group their pieces go in.

      • Hello, sorry for being thick, but what does “Redneck” mean? all i know its sombody from the south usa ish, thats all i know being from England, but im all up for being indulged, thanks..

      • As far as redneck, I’m proud to call my self, my father, my uncles, grandmother, grandfather etc. rednecks. The term started with hippies traveling out in the country meeting people who physically worked hard outdoor jobs, thus their necks were red from sunburn. These were the people who MADE THINGS rather than sold things other people made. The derogatory bit came from people who couldn’t do that, but were saying they were smarter then the ‘rednecks’. Of course whatever it was that they did wouldn’t exist if not for ‘rednecks’ making it. Having a red neck means you are a working person who actually produces a product.

      • I’m from W.V. & also a proud redneck!!! I love the show. They do have & handle some awesome firearms. Has anyone on here ever even met or talked to Will in person? I have & you couldn’t ask for a better person to be around, & there was no business between us either. So to whom ever don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Turn the channel & check your damn stocks on CNN or anything. Don’t come down on something until you know something about it. NUFF SAID!!

    • Well, Steve, the thing about this show is that it’s airing international, in countries where it’s impossible to even see a gun let alone own them and fire them. And I still tune in week by week just for the thrill. You’re part of a lucky community, mate. Spare the rest of the world your opinion.

      • Minh, you have stated the biggest reason for us over hear to fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights. Sorry, I don’t watch those RJ idiots either but only because they don’t back up the junk they sell. I paid $299 at the NRA meeting in Houston last year for the ZK-22 conversion. Sure Joe signed it but it was $249 on their website and the thing never went together. Numerous e-mails just got me a ticket number but no conversation. No wonder Kris wanted to start his own business. BTW – I don’t buy from him either.

  2. Quite frankly, I find 99% of their firearms to be ugly, stupid, uncreative, and distasteful. Rails upon rails does not a fine arm make. Their integrally suppressed AK was cool, however. Will “searching for the right word” Hayden is painful to listen to. Good riddance if they go off the air.

    • Every week, they come up with something that’s never been done before because (as they claim) it can’t be done. But then they do it. So obviously, that’s not the reason it’s never been done before. It’s because it’s a stupid idea in the first place.

      Oh, and the daughter on American Gun is waaaaaayyyyy hotter. So, there’s that.

      The wife ain’t bad either. So, there’s that too.

      • And they’re not a bunch of backwoods rednecks either, so there’s that too, lol. All their guns look like crap, and all their ideas are stupid. An “AK Rail Gun”, really? They also have an ak shotgun, yeah, that has never been done before.

      • All of you bickering bickers can go back to doing what you do and not love this great country of our’s, look at the list of people that has been on air with RJF’s T.V. show, then look at “American Guns” tv show, GO HAYDENS & FORDS! Not to mention a FORMER HELO GUNNER, A TEACHER, AND KRIS’ MINIONs! Look at Gunsmoke, Rich and his son fighting about him going to Italy, man that’s some stupid crap, Will atleast loves Kris and stood by him when he asked for Steph’s hands in marriage like any further should do, Rich is looking out for his business and NOT THE FUTURE like his son! LIVE IN THE FUTURE, RJF is opening doors to their’s Gunsmoke… I like them but someone need’s a lesson in future door openings, Mark Shereth sure came in so did his (Rich’s) ole buddy from the police force, but RJF had F’ING America’s greatest SEAL SNIPER on the show. As I said, I do like American guns but come on! Only perve watch that show! Will, Steph, Kris, Flem, Joe, Charlie, if you all come across this one day, you may be in the backwoods as these people say, YOU RULE for being in the middle of no where and living the American Dream! The Way God Intended – Will Hayden.. The best quote from TV since I can remember, that hasnt been censored!

        • OOWWW!! My head is hurting after trying to read your rant. I can understand what you are trying to say, but it would help if you could write in coherent sentences. The jumps in your story support the others saying only knuckleheads are viewers of both show. Although I am not a fan, they have hypnotize me like a car accident waiting to see what next will happen.

        • #1, paragraphs. If you don’t know what they are, please go back to school. Or jump off a near bridge.
          #2, even beyond that, I read the whole thing and still have no idea of what the heck you are talking about.
          Try making your point when you are sober…

    • Any of you fags actaully make or work on guns ,if so I know none of you are even close to theses guys in any aspect of the trade ,hence all this rampling must then by default mean that you are all just jealous.

      Get A Life
      Thank you kindly

      • Here Here!!!
        All you haters in US have no idea how good you have it!
        You would not believe how hard it is in the UK to just get the privilege to own a .22, so to be able to see some of the amazing weapons that are worked on and shown in the show is fantastic. If you don’t like what is shown DONT WATCH. Its not difficult to work it out.

        Thank you muchly


      • Will I agree completely… I have been handling weapons since I was 7 years old… Breaking them down, cleaning, and putting them back together… My father taught me how to handle them and I will never stop. I love your show and everyone that is on it, especially your daughter… It is amazing that another female can handle shotguns, handguns and rifles of all kinds… Just remember there are more people out there that love your show than don’t…

      • Well, I’m a veteran United States Marine Corps armorer and I can personally say that 85-95% of the stuff I’ve seen on your show is either A:Idiotic or B: just plain screwed up. Eyeballing it to try to make a sniper rifle is quite simply a bad idea in and of itself. Playing mix up with gas tubes on 3 direct impingement rifles is rather silly. Also cutting down and destroying guns that will never be made again to make some idiotic “tacticool” version of it is quite simply desecrating parts of history that we will never be able to see again.

      • You tell them Will!! People are always going to “hate ” what they can’t have.I watch the show when i can catch it.As for all the haters..”If you dont like the show, change the damn channel! not hard to do. also at least make an effort to appear as an adult! Douchebags!”

    • I think your comment screams jealousy, in fact I think most of us would to be making the buck’s RedJacket is making.
      So chill dude, and don’t be so harsh, besides I think his daughter has a nice but.
      And at least it’s something to which we all can CONCUR on AAAAAAAA….

    • Jealousy has nothing to do with telling the truth. I still watch the show when nothing else is on but it seems to get worse with every episode. Half the firearms they claim has nver been built actually have been built. I would rather watch Future weapons of whatever is on the Military Channel. But hey! For people who have never picked up a firearm in the entire life this show can be entertaining, only bad thing is it also gives the wrong outlook on firearms.

    • I record it and fast forward it to Phlem/Flem working on the actual weapons. It used to be the blonde haired guy working on the weapons before but he is one of the bosses now. I think watching Will or Kris work on weapons is a waste of time. Their elaborate setups where they blow tons of stuff up must be paid for by discovery channel. The cost of the explosives can’t be cheap.
      I still don’t get how he has anyone working from him after promoting Kris to a manager for marrying his daughter.
      I didn’t realize Vince bailed Will out with the FFL stuff like this but I am suspicious where those 10 guns went. At least the show did not portray Vince as a very trust worthy person. I can understand him having enough of the shows BS.

  3. Or the flip side of that opinion are these shows, seemly hated by veterans of the firearms community, do bring the genre to a wider audience and thus make firearms more mainstream in our day and age.

    Just as everything in life, pros and cons…

    • I’ll probably get booed off the site for this…I first became interested in guns through this show. At that time I was 21 with zero guns and, while I had gone shooting twice, was not really interested. I’m now 22 with 2 guns and a wish list of about 16 more :). Plus I now get to hang out with all you cool people, as this is a website I would not have been interested in before. Like BWCustoms said, pros and cons.

  4. I gave up on the show after they mounted a machine gun in police helicopter. Not to mention the dynamic entry weapons Sons of Guns created for SWAT teams.

        • the floating AR, the largest flame thrower, the decision to promote the one sleeping with your daugter, allagator kill stick, on and on and on with stupid moves and builds. the longer i watched the more i felt like vomiting, besides multiple times i contacted them for purchasing of items and no response what a load of crap. wanna watch firearm manufactering GUNSMOKE is the shop to watch, they have thier petty BS but at least they build real viable weapon systems and DONT bolster thier own puffery with nonsensical BS

        • Rich from gun smoke is a chiseler. His builds are twice as much as they should be. I know its all about profit in the end, but dam! Charging 5 grand for putting a stock on a rifle and doing a trigger job. Out here in the north east that would have been 2 guns and a weekend of rounds. Plus gas and jerky

      • Im a vet from Iraq and those gun ships were used a lot by some of the private contractors over there. As for police using them, just the swat teams. Again hillbillies pretending to be gun experts. As far as the daughter being hot, make up works miracles..hahaha

        • Rick,

          Why on Earth would anyone use a firearm (in a combat zone) that wasn’t backed up by more than a 3 man (and I’m being nice) business?

        • Well Rick FUCKING get over it. You should know by now that PMC’s are going to get all the good stuff because the U.S is too fucking cheap, again look at the piece of M16A3. If it came to it the average PMC squad would kick a U.S military unit’s ass.

  5. Interesting article Dan. The last straw for me with that show was an email promotion I got from a certain prominent gun magazine featuring a Sons of Guns episode where they made weapons for the local sheriffs “gunboat”. Said gunboat was needed so that the sheriff could protect the Louisiana coast from attack. By who or what? Why in the world does the local constable need a gunboat? They are plenty dangerous enough with current sidearms and driving habits.

      • Oh don’t worry, he’s not just putting mk:19’s on gunboats. Off the show, they’ve sold at least another dozen of them.

        I’m guessing that because BP decided to just pour money on Louisiana to cover soak up the oil they spilled the local law enforcement has been going slightly overboard on purchases.

      • If you paid attention they made mention of the reasons. Drug traffickers with large guns need to be met with equivalent or better firepower. I’m no fan of militarizing our local police forces (not unless the citizens are allowed to arm themselves similarly!), however, until the Feds take their jobs seriously (protecting the border) it’ll always be an arms race between local law enforcement and the cartels/gangs.

        • Since when does truth matter on these blogs? Many are haters. Some have little or no knowledge of what they post anonymously. They vent? Thanks for posting accurately, though I am not sure what good it will do.

  6. I never liked Sons Of Guns very much, but this reveals the entire premise of the show to be a fraud. Hayden is hardly ‘The Boss’ since he’s actually *forbidden* to manufacture or deal in firearms unless a real FFL is looking over his shoulder! And if the daughter were partly responsible for the unaccounted-for guns, they must have a real office manager (who stays hidden off-camera) to make sure they don’t accidentally commit any felonies.

    If I were an FFL, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be putting my license and my livelihood in the hands of Hayden & Daughter. It would be like a practicing lawyer (such as me) hiring a disbarred attorney to do my legal work for me, putting my bar number on the line, and hoping he got it right.

    • I am a active FFL holder, and i have watched this show several times. I have had several questions about some legal “issues” that I have seen. I’m not a lawyer but I am familiar with the laws regulating my trade and I see some questionable things from time to time. I have always chalked it up to being a tv show. Lost/or missing firearms is a big deal. The main pooint the ATF inspector will be interested in is your aquuisition & disposition book. I’m suprised a company in the spot light like that would take a risk like that.

  7. It’s a reality show and I can’t stand ’em, you can put all the firearms you want on it, and it’s still a reality show. As Mick Foley once said “The real world is faker than wrestling”, and that applies to any reality show. I’ll stick with the Military Channel and my History Channel DVDs.

    • They have a lot of interesting items, they provide historical background, so it’s educational, the personalities are entertaining and most importantly, they keep the petty and contrived human drama to a minimum. It doesn’t insult your intelligence.

      Do they still build motorcycles on OCC or do they just yell at each other for an hour? Haven’t seen the show in years.

      • Actually, since they went to their separate corners there hasn’t been any fighting and twice the bikes being built. Each ass clown builds their own bike in every episode.

        • Theme bikes are stupid. Heres an idea….BADASS. Thats your theme. And actually build it,not buy the parts and put it together

  8. I guess I’m in the extreme minority because I get a kick out of the show. I take it for what it is – a ‘reality’ show – and for me its fun to see all the different wacky guns. Being that I’ve worked with many Cajuns and found them very personable the crew at Red Jacket doesn’t bother me a bit. American Guns, however, is an entirely different story….

    Its a shame Red Jacket (as with any gun shop) didn’t keep on top of their books. Missing guns should never, ever happen. Being that it was TMZ that reported it I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to the story. Apparently Vince just registered a new site,

    • Thats close to what I was thinking. All this hate for the show, Will and Steph, why do they even look it up if they hate it so much. A guy says watched it once, then still looks it up and goes online to what ???? Complain. Really? I look for shows I like and comment on those. Makes no sense. I hope they get it straightened out and are back on for 10 years.

    • I was watching American Guns just for the hot mom and daughter. Whoever the dad always seemed to have something stuck up his ass. And just seemed obnoxious with pulling out huge blocks of cash or bars of silver. Maybe that’s how it really works in their world but I only have a credit card so I can’t relate.

  9. Considering the Discovery show wasn’t in production until late 2010, and didn’t air until 2011, it would appear this happened well before the show ever existed. If, in fact, it did happen as described. TMZ isn’t what you’d call a reliable news source.

  10. Will is careful with his words, saying things like “we have to do some paperwork” and other vague references. It’s entirely possible he’s a shell for the company. I’m sure he’s got backers and investors who don’t want to see it collapse.

  11. Trash show, trash guns, on a trash network, featuring a lot of trash people. That show doesn’t do a damn thing for gun rights, and it seems most of the shit they make goes to the fatassed local SWAT uber-tacticool mouth breathers. If I lived anywhere near there, I don’t know which I’d be more afraid of, the insane SWAT, or their garbage weapons, which I’d guess are severely lacking in the mechanical safety area.

  12. Maybe the missing guns went to Fast and Furious?
    I thought the show could be sort of interesting, but the goon squads they make the guns for are play toys at taxpayer expense.

  13. Perhaps I misread the article, but why are these people still legally in business?

    They ‘lost’ ten firearms. As a result they had their FFL rightfully revoked.

    So why are these people still in the commercial firearms industry? Had my local FFL lost ONE firearm they’d be closed before sundown.Permanently

    • Technically, Red Jacket Firearms does not sell any guns. They are a – pick your term here – showroom, front, tv business and use a legit FFL who is actually the seller of the firearms. This is a setup that could only happen in tv land.

  14. For all the complaints voiced here I’m still glad that we no longer live in the Clinton days when just showing a gun on tv was forbidden.

  15. I do not think the majority of the folks that comment on this site, have any clue about anything relating to “guns” and/or “reality shows.” On the other side some of them are totally green with Envy, and and blue with jealousy.

    Oh that right.. They all work as gunsmiths and film show-runners, producers, directors, editors and network executives. That must be it! Sorry i missed that behind all the trolling going on in here. Ya know there is a button ..err.. Many- buttons on the remote to get to other channels and clicker to othar places on the inter-webs dare any one to start throwing rock into your glass house. Sorry for the bluntness, Just think about it from their side as what i ask you to try.. These folks on these “Reality Shows” are under a 50,00000 power microscope with the camera following them all day weather it is sweeping the floors or taking a dump Would like to see a few of you all getting that treatment. Would not last 1 day let alone 13 episodes. Then all of the “Raw footage” goes to “Editors” . Who have the Show-Runner tell them how he wants it edited for drama. Then we get to see the sideshow antics, just so he can hopefully win a crappy award. Then there are the stars of the show Worst of all, the folks that are being filmed, the stars of the show, get the least amount of money for 1 or 2 seasons, depending the contract That is mostly how it is before any real money comes in.
    I say good luck to whoever stays and hope things get better for you all!

    • Reality TV show or not, someone f**ked up. 10 weapons unaccounted for?

      If a private owner has ten weapons stolen from his car because he failed to lock the doors said owner would be rightly ridiculed. I again submit that had any local FFL ive done business with been investigated for the same thing they would be shut down cold-forget changing owners or finding another FFL holder, they’d be out of business .End . Of. Story.

      Yet these folks get a pass.
      I guess some FFLs are more equal than others.If anything the cameras are what saved their necks.

    • This is America, my friend, and I don’t know where in the world you’re from, but out here, people are entitled to their opinions.

  16. i see teh lolcats haz struk agan. Now to get back on topic. Being an AK mechanic does not make you a gunsmith. It’s reality TV. It’s supposed to be stupid.

    • It is rather puzzling that they still have a FFL after misplacing 10 or so weapons. I smell something rotten here. What kind of deal did they have to make with the ATF to keep the FFL with the gun business? Remember the ATF let weapons bought from Arizona gunshops go south of the border into Mexico to arm drug dealers. What is the ATF requiring Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms to do for them? From what I can see from the reality show is to make gun owners and gunshops look like imbeciles that should not be allowed to have weapons. If you can’t beat them use someone from the inside to work for you. GUN CONTROL.

    • You mean TMZ didn’t use accurate information and printed a story for hype value? My faith in humanity is shattered!

      Whatever you may think of RJF, when they get called to consult in Jordan via the DOD, they must be doing something right. Sure many of their “builds for TV” are hokey. It’s a TV show after all! But for them to have such a mega backlog on orders they must turn out a decent product. Or maybe everyone of their customers are blithering idiots? Heh

      I can’t stand WWF but that doesn’t stop millions of people from paying the $50+ to watch it. If you don’t like the show, DON’T WATCH IT!

  17. I have watched the show from the beginning for about 10 episodes. I got tired of seeing all the “gunsmiths” only ever using a die grinder for all machining operations (I realize it makes pretty sparks for the cameras). That plus the unsafe gun handling just made it too hard for me to watch. I’ve been shooting for almost 40 years, was a certified NRA rifle instructor for over 20 years, so I feel my opinion is worth the same 2 cents as everyone else’s here. Had they actually done some inovative design and work instead of the Orange county chopper machine gun (ugly toy), or the full auto grenade launcher on the sherriff’s boat (the taxpayers of that area REALLY need to think about where their tax dollars are going), I would have enjoyed the show a lot more.

  18. While I’ll agree that according to the site that Shawn provided, the FFL is licensed to Red Jacket Firearms, LLC, NOT William or Stephanie Hayden. So, the business has a FFL license, but it may be that keep it open they’ve had to find a new FFL holder to own the business.

    On the other hand, so far, TMZ is the only place I’ve seen this reported, but then I’ve really just started looking into it.

    Thanks for the link, Shawn.

  19. IF … if there’s any truth to the rumor, it bears repeating that we trust the ATF no further than we can spit. Maybe not even that far. So losing 10 firearms? No, more than likely losing track of 10 serial numbers. The definition of firearm to the ATF is muddled at best, so the real problem is serial numbers, not functional weapons. Given that they routinely mangle, tear down, mix-n-match, and otherwise disassemble multiple weapons on the show, it’s more than likely the 10 serial numbers don’t correspond in any real world manner to any actual weapon out in public. It wouldn’t be the first time the ATF went all medieval on a paperwork problem.

    I have my own issues with the show, but I’d be dipped in shit before I take the ATF side of any controversy.

    • BINGO! The ATF has “lost” a lot more than 10 guns in the recent past, have they not? Oh, but since they are the government, its all okay…like you said, probably some paperwork snafu…

    • They were missing 10 firearms, they didn’t find 10 unregistered firearms that needed serial numbers/paperwork. It’s not a controversy as they are not denying the MISSING GUNS. Instead they struck a deal to keep the business/show running.

      If the serial numbers are on pieced together weapons that are on the street, they should know where they are or at least who the next owner was. Either way, they’re missing.

  20. “The ATF can be sticklers about keeping track of guns. Unless they’re headed south of the border, that is.”

    Oh ATF, you so crazy..

  21. this is about right a man and his fam try getting the us dream by running there own bissnes and some dam foll steps in and jerks the rug right out from under them.thats a dam sham the man severd his country and they kick hime in the ass.and you the dam publek whout the hell do you now about guns and sales of guns.when the shit hits the fan you will hope he will be there to help your sorrey asses.if there is anyway that i can do to help them i will. i have serverd in the usmc and we never leve one behinde. Semper Fi will carrey on.for the rest of you commeys kiss my usa ass.move if you dout like guns .

  22. You know not one single red blooded American will stand behind almost anyone in government these days due to their inability to tell the truth oh and not to mention most are traders to what America is all about so Will I don’t have to tell you that every american is on your side except maybe the jealous ones right I have been through that deal all my life any way have a merry Christmas everyone at Red Jacket from me and my wife and to all good Americans that love America and to all who are traders to America get the Hell out!

  23. First off the so called NRA instructor maybe should have listened better. See the work done for the sheriff boat was not at tax payer expense as was said, but at RJF cost I believe. This is based on the comments made in the show on that very subject! In the show it was plainly stated it was there time to give some back. Now as for did they or did they not lose there FFL. Well if they did I would not be surprised for the very fact if the ATF go’s for you they will find some thing. That is unless you are one of the few that has never in your life forgot to cross a T or dot an I or ever made any mistakes in life! Be it a paper mistake or what not. Most gun smith and people that know any thing also know in almost every build the ATF can walk in and find some thing period. fact is if they (ATF) in there shop can make your build go full auto after 8 hours work you will get nailed if they want you. Now almost any gas operated gun (semi auto) that can be done end of story! By the way how many of you can list all the Kinds of FFL that one can get? Ya there is a lot more then just one kind!

    Now before the ATF starts going after people like this the first thing they need to do is find there own over 1,300 missing guns that they let walk as a part of there operation to circumvent the constitution of the US and the 2nd amendment rights of this countries people!
    last point this shop also dose not have your run of the mill FFL at all but they do have a special one that allows them to build set guns that a average Joe FFL would get to see the inside of prison for. So that brings up other things like one there not that easy to get. Two you will not find a replacement FFL of that kind at the drop of a hat! So that makes this whole story very very suspect. Coming from a very anti gun based leaning media source it’s not being true or it being way over embellished would also not be a surprise at all. now people that read and believe this stuff in these so called entertainment media well maybe you need to do some research on your own and stop believing every thing they feed you because they are feeding you a lot of what just is not so.

  24. I’ve only watched a few episodes but from what I’ve seen I have to say that this is sad news indeed. They had just invented the master key shotgun and I was looking forward to them “inventing” the 1911 or maybe the AK-47.

  25. I been playing a cat mouse game with RJ over a suppressor / they had my money
    since 4/01/2011 atf approved the suppressor / AND THE LITTLE DARLING HAS BEEN GIVING ME RUN A ROUND /STILL NO PRODUCT


  27. According to jordy’s link, the first part of the story is confirmed, Buckles did indeed take over. Nothing about him leaving since though.

  28. After looking at your “Proof” with the SOS of Louisiana only looks like Will made his company a LLC rather than a Inc which many companies are doing for tax purposes.

    So I would say the TMZ report is wrong

  29. Love the show. There are too few shows on TV that are about skill and creativity. American chopper was OK until it became a soap about the Father ans son relation ship. I hope Red Jacket comes back from this without a scratch.

  30. First off, you can not believe anything TMZ says, they are ran by anti gun liberals who do nothing but make up gossip about celebrities, now Vince did leave but only because he wanted to move on and he created his own company. Red Jacket Firearms still has there FFL according to the ATF, it’s public record, there could be many reasons why they changed to an LLC. I like the show and will still watch it, I also watch American Guns even though their shooting skills are a joke, they are supposed to be expert shots but they don’t shoot like they are, they jump for joy when they hit a milk jug at 5 yards, my 7 year old nephew can do that. The real person who should be in trouble for loosing guns is Eric Holder but nothing will happen to Obama’s pet stooge. People should be outraged by that story instead of some Internet rumor.

    • Kennith thanks for clearing up the crap and giving us the truth, and by the way don’t use SNOOPS to verify anything as they are owned by a left wing radical and spin everything in that direction, if you get my drift.

    • Kennith/Dno, How in the hell can you guys make claims about companies, without providing sources for your accusations? Just being your “word” doesn’t mean crap, unless you cite your source, personal knowledge or experience.Guess what! I’m a Liberal too!!! I’m still active duty military (27 years now), own three guns, served in Korea, Iraq, and Kuwait, and defend your rights of free speech. But that doesn’t mean there is any truth behind your speech!

      • Rob unless you wear a few stars on your shoulder you’re not active duty still!! I love the way that liberals can criticize people about everything and yet have NO actual point in their comment’s. But they always find time to mention their personal accomplishment to make them feel good!
        Red Jacket and Gun smoke are fine examples true American innovation. Which is what this country needs more of now more than ever. I have checked the facts and made many calls and found Red Jacket Firearms Is doing fine. Vincent has branched out under his own label.
        As to Eric Holder and the other Obama groupies. He hide their faults better than his birth certificate!

        • Shupp,
          Had you called Enron prior to their collapse, they’d have told you they were “doing fine,” as well. 🙂

          I’m a liberal, and I’m a Vet (U.S. Army 71-77). The notion that only “conservatives” enjoy firearms is a stereotype that’s hurting the (your) message. I could stereotype you based on your last sentence, but I won’t. Fair enough? 🙂

          My firearms range from a Colt Woodsmen and a Remington XP-100 through to a 22-250, 243, 250-3000, 308, 300 mag. and a 45-70. I own no AR “M-16” wannabe look-a-likes. They bore me. An old school M-16 could be fun, at least it had full auto.

          And what’s with the “stars on shoulder” comment about Active Duty? I was enlisted (E-6), and active duty for 5 years, 10 months, 24 days. Never had a single star on my shoulder. ???

      • Korea, Iraq, Kuwait in theater campaigns or are you just naming places you’ve been? My 17 years of service as a grunt may not stack up against your 27 but I feel no need to field guns although I respect their power and occasion will fire a few rounds at the local range but back to the point, but I think Kennith referred to the public record that anyone can see. This isn’t a formal article but a blog and where even your words may not carry merit as well. By the way, I defended OUR rights of free speech along other past, present, future true service members. I don’t reserve that punchline when it only serves me, something you missed in your “27 Years” of service.

    • Dear mr.Kennith that is the truth about Obama if you have been keeping up with the news.Obama doesn’t even have a real birth certificate or a ssn number that is legal in this country in fact he is leading this country right down the drain.we need to get him out of office this election year or he will take all of our rights and freedoms away from everyone in this country!!!!!!

        • Seems as if Will has to bring Vince back into the show to spice it up some because it’s really a boring show now. The whole team doesn’t know what the other hand is doing encluding Will. The team is scrapping the bottom of the barrel with the show. That Kris is about like obama he has no place where any calls of importance is required. He’s a Vince Wantabe. lol

  31. I found some legal documentation and it appears that Joseph Radford sued the Haydens becasue Mr. Hayden gave Joseph some stock certificates to Red Jacket that evedently gave Joseph 10 percent ownership of RJF. It is also documented that “Hayden told the Plaintiff (Joseph) that he should throw the stock certificates away becasue they are worthless.”All of this happened way before the show even came about, on or araound 7 September 2002. It would appear that Mr. Hayden is not a very good guy and evedently has made some mistakes that have affected his business.

  32. Let me also state that if you go to that counties government page, there is record of Buckles owning RJF on paper that is so that leads me to believe something is going on…

  33. I think it might be true……if you go to Vincent Buckles facebook page he says that he is relieved that the truth is finally coming out. As far as the show goes I think its a joke. It is so scripted and fake it is not even funny (along with that American Gun show). Don’t get me wrong, I am a gun owner/collector and a 2nd amendment rights advocate. I just cant stand bad acting in what is supposed to be a reality show.

  34. I enjoy the show. After all it is only a TV show. Did you see the show where they made a yellow-boy rifle? That was one beautiful gun. Some of the gun building they do is a work of art. Sometimes if you don”t have something good to say about someone, it is better to keep your mouth shut. We all had better get out and vote for someone that will protect our gun rights. Our sitting President won’t have to face the voters after this election. So he can grab our guns if he is elected again, and not have to pretend he is for gun rights.

  35. I like the TV Show just for all the variety of unusual weapons you get to see these guys build and shoot. You would not see these things anywhere else. Yes, I agree that the Show has some challenges, but overall it’s still a lot of fun and everything they make is well crafted. This background story about the loss of the Hayden’s FFL just makes it more interesting and I an intrigued to see who took Vincent’s place. I really liked him and wish him all the best in his efforts. He will be missed. Insofar as our Second Amendment Rights, we should all view the Government that seeks to disarm the American People it governs as tyrannically contemptuous of the intelligence and responsibility of the vast majority of law-abiding Recreational Shooters and Hunters. A properly minded government has no reason to fear such a populous and should never pander to the lowest common denominator of the minority who use firearms criminally or irresponsibly.

  36. I think that any tv show that gets the public involved, or interested positively into gun ownership is a plus right now. RJF is one dealer, I am sure there are a lot of behind the scenes issues that come up with other dealers, however there is added scrutiny to being in the public eye. I love the mom and pop shops, they are the true essence of America.

  37. Weather you like the show or not, I was robbed by RJF, and it’s employees!ALFRED REED (Plaintiff)VERSUSRED JACKET FIREARMS INTERNATIONAL, RED JACKET INC., RED JACKET FIREARMS L.L.C, WILLIAM, & TRUDY LEE HAYDEN, IT’S EMPLOYEES, & SHAREHOLDERS (Defendant(s)FACTS OF COMPLAINT AS OF THE 13TH DAY OF DECEMBER, 2011I, ALFRED REED, on the 9th day of November, 2011, purchased, online, 1-KMP DI AR-15, with my Credit Card. In the amount $1,258.95. On the 14th day of November, 2011, without notification, I, Alfred Reed, was transferred to the state of Nevada, (temporary), by my employer for emergency purposes. On the 29th day of November, 2011, I called Red Jacket Firearms LLC, @ 225-448-3167. I, Alfred Reed, spoke with an employee, “Christine”. Christine stated, “your firearm is complete, I was just about to call yah’. You can come pick it up”. I, Alfred Reed, I won’t be in, or around the state of Louisiana, anytime soon. I’m taking care of some business on the west coast. Christine, “ok, then we’ll hold it here, til you make it back”. Lost the call!! On the 1st day of December, 2011, I was notified by my employer that I would be on the west coat for a while, I, Alfred Reed, emailed Red Jacket LLC, To: Ms. Jennifer & Red Jacket Firearms Team. I noticed I had a missed call from a Jennifer. On the 2nd day of December, 2011, I, Alfred Reed, recalled Jennifer, ask if she received email? (Exhibit B)Jennifer, “No, I don’t believe so! Can I give you a call back after the weekend? Ok!I, Alfred Reed, on the 7th day of December, 2011, received a phone call from Red Jacket Firearms LLC, employee, Stephanie. Stephanie, “you have called and emailed us so many times inquiring about certain things that lead us to be suspicious. It is our policy, if suspicious, we terminate the business. We don’t want to do business with you, and your credit card will be fully refunded. We believe this is an illegal transaction”. I, Alfred Reed, ok, I’m sorry for any mis-communications. I did mention that this was my 1st purchase of a firearm and I’m excited! Again, my apologies that we can’t do business, and thank you for your time. Oh, by the way, I’ll receive my full refund? Stephanie, “Yes, in the amount of $1,258.95. It’ll go back on your credit card.” Thank you again!I, Alfred Reed, request that the Owners/Operators of Red Jacket Firearms L.L.C, International, Incorporated, Mr. William, and Trudy Lee Hayden, Employees & Shareholders, return to my Credit Card, in the amount of $1,258.95. Due to the Non-Purchase of Item(s), and Cancellation by Red Jacket Firearms, L.L.C, Inc, International, Per Stephanie. As of the 30th day of Dec. 2011, I have yet to receive a returned charge, money order, check, phone call, or an e-mail.

    • First off…You are a real idiot…if you go on their site it takes 6MONTHS to get the fire arm made, let alone transfered with back ground checks… you claim this all went down in less than two months? some one has either to much time on their hands to write this stupid lawyer sounding crap, or can be laughed at by the judge that sees this…and by the way…they have 90 days to refund that money…so we are talking about a total 9 month (6 months to build and recieve) (90 days to refund) period of time in which you are JUMPING THE GUN on a gun purchase, just suing them because they have a tv show…. you are,as you stated, obviously a first time gun purchaser…good day and get your facts straight before you post some dumb crap like this!

      • Jman I am a ffl dealer it take the atf 4 month to approve the
        making of the suppressor then i have too go through a background check be fore you call names ck your information

        • As a dealer you would know this guy has 60 days (or 90 in some jurisdictions) to get a CC charge reversed with a phone call and signing some paperwork. He seems to want attention because he feels blown off by some tiny gun shop in Louisiana. Can’t blame him really, but there’s a simple way to make sure he doesn’t lose his money if he calls the issuer soon.

      • Agree with jman. Just call the credit card company. Most card companies have protection plans and would cancel and reverse the transaction. …Unless paid with a Debit card. That’s a different deal.

      • Hay jman it sounds like to me that you are one of the jackass’s who work for that idiot show red jacket.and y’all want give that man back his money…..

      • If I was purchasing my first firearm I would just go down to a local dealer. Not try to buy one over long distance. Duh.

    • I too was robbed by RJF. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. They are poor business people and not professional AT ALL! Anyone who buys a weapon from them is JUST STUPID!!!! Oh and the show is nothing but whining and drama..Definitely WILL NEVER watch those idiots again!!!

      • Thank you for sharing that “whining and drama” that also apparently extends to this blog and not just the show. If you were really robbed you would contact law enforcement and not the better business bureau you brain child.

    • Yeah Im with jman, and darrell in what state are you in and do you know how different the laws are for LA with which ever state you’re in. Your info has holes in it too. And Al, seriously why did you bother posting all of this. Is there pending litigation or was this just filed and thats all thats happened? It’s a TV show about guns, don’t like it then don’t watch it. Although you have the right to your opinions it doesn’t always mean you have to share it in such detail. To be honest from the emails it looks like you’re a difficult customer to deal with.

  38. Mr. Zimmerman, I’m going to ask that you contact me immediately via email, which you now have. Your article, from it’s “headline” through content is completely false and damaging to the business and reputations of the people involved. It’s grossly irresponsible to publish things like this and actionable. I look forward to hearing from you.

  39. I won’t even waist my time with you or your show. Your li*s must be attached
    to someone’s rear by being on the air.
    You got off easy and maybe you should kiss some govt officials a**.
    Get a little education before anymore ventures.
    Most joints could use a firearms maker. Notice I did not say good.
    Wonder when that channel you use will be shut down for showingf how to make
    illegal ******s.

    • Their show does not show how to make illegal stuff, it is entertainment. No where have they shown how to make the firing mechanism or how to ream the barrels or even to make a receiver. They are very careful that nothing they show can be completed by the average person. And for the most part it is not illegal to build your own weapon so long as its not fully auto or other restricted weapon. Currently in the USA it is perfectly legal to build your own weapon for yourself without a FFL. It’s when you sell the weapons you go from a builder to a manufacturer and need an FFL. I have made my own receiver and built an AK around it and am considering doing a handgun next possibly 9mm maybe 6 months down the road as I have other projects to do first.

  40. Seems like a lot of animosity from people that don’t have a TV show. Reading all the drivel and hate from members here, I certainly won’t be affiliating with people here.

  41. I have a tactical ar the rjf made its the best firearm I own I got to meet chris and will when I picked it up two of the nicest guys id ever meet so all of you that like talking sh!t about people you dont even know well screw you. RJF 4 life

  42. I dont why they need a licence i was buying estes rocket at the hobby shop when i was twelve I feel sorry for the company thats going to use them against the pirates off africa ,will should feel ashamed is there no sand down there to bury his head in

  43. I only watched one episode of Red Jackets “Sons of Guns”.
    I know I won’t watch anymore, it’s just a “gun” version of Orange County Choppers.
    First it’s about a family company making interesting custom items.
    As time goes on, it devolves into a soap opera about the friction and interactions of the workers/ family.
    Who gives a flying fart?

    • If you have seen only one show, as you have stated, tell me how you know how the show progresses “as time goes on”. Come on now, Keith. Show a little intelligence if you can’t show respect.

    • Agree with earlier poster. Trust me, it is tough being the “go to” guy while others get credit, praise and money, and then call YOU out when you decide to take your talents somewhere else….Vince was getting boned, and will never EVER buy anything from RedJ….For being a former Marine, Will should know you would NEVER put the most junior guy in charge for something big–his head must be the same place Chris’s is, somewhere near Steph’s ass!

      • “being a former Marine, Will should know you would NEVER put the most junior guy in charge for something big” – DaBus

        Obviously you never spent time in the FMF. Being given a huge responsibility with a chance to prove yourself is how you train and build that junior guys confidence to excel.

      • Vince has had a bad attitude on many occasions and the way he “crybabied” the piston AR build simply because he didn’t get the lead is simply childish. Vince has shown that he is not a team player and proved that with the AR build. The FFL issue is certainly troubling, but at the end the day it’s Will’s money going into these projects, not Vince’s. As a Vet myself I’m surprised that so many of you are taking his side especially the Marines, who live by “Adapt, Improvise, & Overcome”. Vince (at least on camera) seems to follow “Cry, Pout, & Leave”. Vince has shown an on camera attitude which shows someone incapable of being a team player who appears to have left the show in a tantrum.

        • Vince was treated like crap, he saved the business from going belly up and Will gives the project to a guy who had no experience building a AR instead of his head gunsmith, then when Chris couldn’t finish the job, Vince had to complete it yet Chris got the credit, I would be angry too. No wonder that shop is going down. I know people who ordered from them but never got their guns,. The shop is history.

        • Dear vapatriot did it ever occur to you that he has a lot on him with tuning a failing business with all the shit will&stephnie puts on him

        • Dear vapatriot did it ever occur to you that he has a lot on him with runing a failing business with all the shit will&stephnie puts on him

    • What a bunch of whinnying ass ex military bitches posting on here. Don’t you know everything you’ve seen on SOG’s was exactly what they wanted you to see. Damn, what a bunch of dumb asses. I happen to like some of Red Jacket’s stuff, works pretty damn good on the few guns I have.

  44. It’s unfortunate there are so many haters on here. If you don’t like guns don’t watch, if you do, take it for what it is. It sucks to have to deal with legalities, especially with firearms, while maintaining an image acceptable to the public eye. Mistakes can be made, and it may suck. But why bust someones balls about it

    • Why is someone that voices their honest opinion is considered a hater? Is it because it’s a negative opinion?

  45. hang in there it will work out if you keep the fight going aganist the goverment gun haters. The ATF will fall in line when the gun owners in the U.S.A HAVE just let them try and take a good old boy’s gun away from him? The japenese new most american’s are armed they didn’t attack the US because of that reason. The US goverment should take note of the reason ! Being the 2nd amendment! Give your gun up to the goverment and what will you do if the economy crashes totally and you need to feed your family are you going too throw rocks to get your food? take a bear, moose,dear,elk,rabbit protect your self from snakes while hunting. How long will it take for the wild to take over with no population control?For get growing a garden just to feed the over populated wildlife.Give your gun away god help you! You can’t help your self without a gun? UNLESS YOU ASK FOR GOVERMENT HELP OR AS THEY SAY ENTITLEMENTS! GO GET YOUR GOVERMENT ENTITLEMENT, FOOD BASKET. ONLY IF THEY TRY AND TAKE YOUR GUN OR IF THEY DO? You will be the goverment puppet they are pushing for pull my strings!!

  46. Loved the show till the last two episodes….Chris dropped the ball on the new AR gun and Vince had to bail him out but Chris gets to go to Las Vegas because he is didddling the bosses daughter and Vince gets blamed for the gun not operating right..can’t blame Vince for quitting an dhope Chris figures out he doesn’t have a third of the knowledge that Vince had when it comes to fixing and building guns

    • Vince does know alot more then Chris which is why he should have put that gun together with the right parts for full auto before shipping it to Vegas.

      • If you were being treated like shit during the shows,you would have done the same thing.Don’t blame Vince on his gunsmith skills,it’s just the way, he was being treated.Think of it this way.Would you put someone in charge of possibly the most important project for the company,that is only a apprentice in the shop,or someone that has great gunsmith skills like Vince,but get kicked in the ass for it.If you ever watched the shows,Will would always appraise Kris for his work and not Vince,but Vince always did the work.After a while it takes a toll on you and something is going to break.That was a very bad business decision by Will,even though Vince owned the company.If that AR-15 project in the last show was that important, and I was Will,why did Will not tare apart the gun himself and find out the reason why it did not fire correctly before taking to the range.Kris didn’t have a clue when he tore apart the gun himself what was wrong with it.An he was in charge of the biggest project for the company.That’s Real Scary.Vince good luck to you and your family.I hope everything works out for your new company.God Bless

        • If glory and notoriety is what he’s looking for then he really wasn’t part of the team. Pretty poor attitude of slapping parts together and walking out shows his true character I guess. He was given the responsibility of being a leader, which from what I can tell did not show any of the characteristics. I may not agree with tasking the project to the apprentice but Kris was the “project leader” on this one. Vince failed in recognizing that and let his arrogance get in the way. He’s a great gunsmith but attitude and work ethic is not desirable.

        • It’s easy to sit here on our couches and monday morning quaterback who did what about people we don’t know. Yea there’s probly some favortizum toward Chris because of Will’s daughter and that’s life. But Chris was the project leader, which means you appoint certain things to certain people and make sure the project gets done. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it all from start to finish and when he did go to the had gunsmith at the shop for his input, Vince which was supposed to be the shop leader walked out in a temper tantrum. That being said, we don’t know what all was going on in Vince’s life either, way have been personal things that fueled that or could be that Vince was mad he wasn’t going to get all credit for the build? He did keep saying that Chris was in charge of it and didn’t feel like he should have to help. Last time I checked there wasn’t an I in team. Maybe we are all jealous that we don’t have a national t.v. show or get to do what we love for a living, I know I am. Bottom line is the team chain is only as strong as the week link, maybe Vince left out the full auto part on purpose and put it under Chris’s bench or maybe he just didn’t think about it because he was there all night trying to fix the problem Chris was having, which he did. Where ever the ball was dropped it should have been a team sport and when the quaterback Chris ask the best player on the team to catch the ball and run with it that player walked off the field for what ever reason. Chris may not ever have the skills that Vince has but he wasn’t expected to, he was in charge of appointing certain problems toward those skills to get job done, weather he’s with Will’s daughter or not. Let’s not forget also that Will’s the boss and can do what he want’s with his shop, good or bad. If an employe dosn’t like Will’s rules then they are free to leave and open there own shop if want to. Or this could be all a ploy on Discovery’s part to have a spin off show, bottom line is none of us were there.

        • In the episode before the finale, right after Will yells at Vince, but before Vince walks in to help kris you can clearly see kris drop the part on the floor.

        • what about Kris throwing the gun down after it failing in his test fire session. There’s where the scuffed up muzzle brake could have happened.

    • My problem with Vince is that he makes sure to let everyone know how big a Christian he is and then acts like a spoiled little child. What would Jesus do? Lot likely he would cover himself in tattoos and throw temper tantrums.

    • Dear LD that’s the truth chris is more of a follower not a leader. Vince was more of a leader. Everytime I watched the show Vince was pulling Chris’s but out pf the fire.

  47. i used to love this show, but ever since kris started banging wills ugly azz daughter, its gone down hill….vince should have been put in control of that project since day one, but Will screwed up and put that idiot kris is charge. the relationship between kris and steph killed this show. im wit Vince, i was happy to see him leave. Will is a dirtbag on a “PAUL Sr.” like level.

  48. Anybody else smell set up to a spin off or atleast the American chopper formula, one show 2 shops? While makin neat guns can be pretty cool, it can get kinda bland after even half a season. No matter how much explosives they pack into whatever they were shooting at, guess ya also have to add unoriginal creative ideas to spice a show up.
    Just started watching this series,it hooked me & lost me in the same day. Towards the end it started feeling staged. Nobody craps on there bread & butter which obviously Vince was.
    Thanks for being more about ratings than actual discovery DSC. Youve really raised the bar in mediocre crap tv.

  49. It’s a shame Will put Vince on the back burner because of the issue with Stephanie and Kris. One could see how it was going to end as each shows progressed.
    Vince figured out why the gun didn’t work properly as was shown when Vince test fired it in auto mode. The sad part is Vince put the manual part back in the gun after he test fired it knowing it would fail once the spring was replaced and test fired again. It didn’t take Will long to find the problem and have the hydro piece shipped to Vegas .
    In the filming of the last show it’s evident Vince wanted Red Jacket to fail and lose any type of contract.
    It’s a shame Vinces crimal actions may mess up his chances of working in his chosen feild of work
    I would not hire Vince to work for me

    • Vince started his own company, you should know what your talking about before running your mouth. Criminal action? The only criminal action was from Will when 10 guns disappeared, this shop is history.

      • Well Mr know it all that gun would not work in auto mode without the proper hydro part installed in it as it did when Vince test fired it for the camera prior to being shipped. Do tell Mr know it all how the part was taken out and the other one installed ? With that said I guess you aren’t as informed as you think.

  50. i have no idea what you are talking about you need to look back at the episodes. First Kris is actually the one who lost the hydro piece it falls when he is just moving pieces around his table and vince is telling him he will fix kris messyou see it fall and then vince grabs another one from flems table. vince did not do anything to hurt the company directly.

  51. I agree Kris was at fault. NOT Vince. Kris only got to do the job because he is dating Will’s daughter. Will should have never given the job to Kris, he does not have the experience. Kris is a good kid, but when trying to get a big contract you don’t give it to someone who cannot do it. Will, will be very sorry losing Vince , if he is smart he will try and get him back.

  52. Well every business has drama…I just wonder how much of it was created by the cutting room at Discovery to pump up their ratings. I enjoyed watching the show at the beginning since they kept innovating already stablished gun designs, but suddenly started to get more dramatic. For some reason it reminds me a little bit of American Chopper. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a spin off from the show with Vince and Will Sr vs Junior style.

  53. It sucks to feel like your not treated well at work. Bottom line is will is the boss, Chris was lead, Vince didn’t do his job on this project. Always do the best job possible. It’s a reflection on you as a person not just as an employee. Pouting and getting pissed off b/c your not in charge and leaving is not a good way to prove any point other than I’m fired. It’s just funny to read that people are making excuses for a guy that wasn’t adult enough to do his job correctly then talk to the boss. I would hate to work with some of the people that posted on here. They must do the same get mad,pout, do a shitty job, and leave other people to correct their mistakes. This is another reason America is in a down fall” lazy people with an it isn’t my job attitude”.

  54. Why are people crying about gun safety? It’s a tv show of course some stuff is going to be cut out. They aren’t going to show people clearing a weapon. And I bet most of you guys don’t either b/c you know what you have loaded and not loaded. Unless I have a weapon ready to fire(loaded) I’m going to just hand it to someone to check it out I’m not going to safety check it b/c I already know if it’s loaded or not. If it is I’ll safety check it before handing it over. It’s kind of funny how people will scrutinize each and everything someone else does, but don’t want to hear critism on anything they do.

    • This is the dumbest comment you could have posted. Are you a F-ing idiot. You will make IGOTD one day not safety checking your weapons. I am glad I am not friends with or know you. Gun rule 1, every gun is loaded. Safety check each and every gun, why wouldn’t you? Does it take too much strength for the fat kid who loves cake? Does it take too much time to pull the bolt/slide/charging handle back? We will read about you one day, mark my words!

  55. These guys are a bunch of tools. I am a gun person and have watched more then a few episodes. I will never own a Red Jacket built firearm. First they are to expensive for what they are. Second when I seen the episode where his gunsmith said I need a head space guage and Will told him no you don’t just eyeball it, well that cut it for me. I’d never put one of their builds up against my face and pull the trigger.

  56. Yeah, started going south just like their missing guns, specially when the idiot started porking the slutty daughter….. WAY TO GO VINCE!!!!

  57. Do half of you people really pay attetion to the show. Yes Vince had an attitude problem as if I had my FFL licens on the line and a chance to get the biggest contract in my life I’d have attitude also, I would not put some idot in charge. But look who’s really running the show? “SURE NOT Will” Did anyone not see that Vince stayed the night working on that crap he was left with. you stay up 24 hours working on something and try to find parts that some one else had been working on and didn’t have a clue what half the parts were and where they went. CONGRATS VINCE G/B and great luck. you can work on my gun anytime. Hope this is just not some TV hype B/S a senior /junior gun show. AMERICAN GUNS is a good show to.

  58. Lets start with the number one problem. (Stephanie) Why is she suggesting who should be a lead on a project? She was telling Will to “roll the dice” on Kris for that AR piston project. F-THAT! I would tell her to go back to her desk and answer the damn phones. She didn’t have any right “suggesting” him for that type of working considering Kris didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. She should stick to what she is good at, selling and answering phones. Problem 2: (Will) The only question I have is, why hasn’t Kris been let go or fired. He is the only person that doesn’t know what he is doing. For being an “apprentice” for two seasons or years, you figure by now he should at least know how to troubleshoot AR issues. I mean REALLY? A little spring (that was bent in half) and a hydro piece, how do you over look that? The other thing is for a guy that gave a ultimatum, he surely can’t keep his word for s***. Any manager in their right mind would never give a beginner a project with that type of magnitude. Kris should of NEVER became the lead. I personally think that Will is a egotistical fat piece of dog poop. He treats his employees like crap for the exception of Stephanie and Kris which he basically bends over backwards for. I don’t know if anyone realizes this but no one else in the shop calls Will by “Sir” except for Kris and Steph. Problem 3: (Kris) … Well … he is a dumbs***. There is no way of saying it differently. For being a “Project Lead”, he really didn’t “Lead”, he just gave up and told on Vince. Conclusion: I think Vince made the right choice by leaving. Granted, the way he left made him look like a baby. But, lets face it, there was probably a lot of other things that happened off camera that made him leave. And he just snapped and said F-IT, I’m out. A lot of people are saying that Vince wasn’t a team player. It is hard to be a team player when you crap from a guy that really doesn’t own the shop. As of RJF misplacing their firearms, well … if heads didn’t roll after that incident then they shouldn’t be in business in the first place. Will should got jail time for that. You would have to be stupid not to think that the ATF wouldn’t audit you considering everything is shown on TV. Reality TV starts off well and then it turns into it’s own version of Days of Our Lives. I mean look at Pawn Stars, I actually enjoyed watching that show and now it just crap. American Guns sucks as well, I don’t see any value in that show at all. I think its just filler space for the shows that are coming up.

  59. Does it bother anyone else, anyone that knows about guns, that this AR build that the folks at red jacket claim to be ground breaking has been around since the 90’s by companies such as H & K and Knight’s Armament to name a few. Im done with show Vince was the only real gunsmith in the shop the rest are just reality TV whores.

  60. Kris struggled putting together the AR but was able to screw around when Ted Nugent was in the shop. When he was really mad about the gun not working it was more or less caused by him test firing the gun in full auto which wasn’t working for him and he couldn’t figure out why (WRONG BUFFER). Vince comes to save the day and puts the gun together and test fires it in semi-auto and the damn thing works fine…failure on his part not to test both but Kris was the one building the damn thing and failed to put the right buffer into the gun. Then when Will notices the problem all Kris can do is act like what the heck was he thinking putting that part in there…like he honestly would have known the difference. I don’t blame Vince for leaving, the show was a lot of fun to watch with the whole crew but watching most of them bad mouth Vince makes me kind of mad.

    • It cracks me up to listen to everyone arguing if Vince is right or Chris or Wil or whoever. Its all fake! They make all this drama up to try and make the show not be so boring. No business owner would hand a job like that over to a rookie. Its all about the almighty dollar, at least for the Discovery channel and Wil. Now that Vince has left there will probably be a spin off….more money for Discovery and Vince too. I would enjoy the show more if it were a real reality show. A show about the real ins and outs of gunsmithing and the cool guns that result from that. That’s why I set my DVR to record it. I sure as hell didn’t set my DVR to record people trying to act that can’t.

  61. My self I watch RedJack every Wed when it’s on the air all I can say is Keep
    up the good work will you have a grate team there and I also like seeing you and your team Blow up stuff

    • How can you have a good team. when one of the team members doesn’t really know how to build a gun at all and is a all out idiot..and all he wants to do is chase a piece of ass and act like a true class clown. And not on building. Guns witch was his dam job..I personally would not buy a gun that chris built I would be afraid the dam thing would blowup in my face!!!!!!!!!

    • How can you have a good team. when one of the team members doesn’t really know how to build a gun at all and is a all out idiot..and all he wants to do is chase a piece of ass and act like a true class clown. And not on building. Guns witch was his dam job..I personally would not buy a gun that chris built I would be afraid the dam thing would blow up in my face!!!!!!!!!

    • Hay mister how can you have a good team when one of the team members doesn’t really know how to build a gun at all and is a all out idiot. And all he wants to do is chase a piece of ass and act like a true class clown.and not on doing his dam job I personally wouldn’t buy a gun from him I would be afraid the dam thing would blow up in my face

    • Hay rick clark how can you have a good team when one of the team members doesn’t really know how to build a gun at all and is a all out idiot. And all he wants to do is chase a piece of ass and act like a true class clown.and not on doing his dam job I personally wouldn’t buy a gun from him I would be afraid the dam thing would blow up in my face

  62. Rick Clark
    this is for steph and Chris you both make a very nice couple together Treat her Good Chris she’s a very good Lady!!!

    • Will has been a Bitch” from day one, he is in Vegas, calls the shop, nobody is their, calls joe, tells him leave school, go open the shop”. basically saying ME ME ME, screw ur career, nice guy will, and your shocked Vince left?? and STIFFANY, “we dont need guys like him their” if Vince wasnt their, you wouldnt have that “GOLDEN SPOON” hanging out your mouth. Then Will gives Kris the credit for “really comming thru on the AR”??? im pretty sure Kris failed and Vince built the gun. The only reason i still watch is i wanna see how Stiffany has her box shaved.

      • i so totaly agree w/ Mr.Rice. Vince ( is ) the man and getts s**t on, as for chris and stiffany. Stiffany, ooo my god what a major ( spoiled brat ), and chris gives a meaning to kissass. I do hope Vince dose come back w/ vengeance.

  63. For get vincent he was acting like a big fat baby I should of called the wambulace for him. Vincent is a p*ssy and acted like a d*ck on sons of guns as part owner to the shop because of his ffl that steph and will turned over to the atf and can not hold a ffl and have to pay someone with a ffl to run a shop vince was crazzy for leaving.

  64. I just watched the show about building a pig gun from an AR format. I did just that on my own last October/November. I had hunted Ferrel hogs in Texas and found a long barrel Savage Police Tactical was too big. And a scope you can’t see thru after sundown ! So I built an AR-15 and upper set for a Russian 7.62 x 39 round. After test firing it produced 30 inch groups at 50 yards!! Max. sub standard results. I slugged the barrel and chamber to fine the chamber was good but the barrel ID was .312. Checking a number of manufactures ammunition I found them using .308 dia. bullets. After investigation I found the Japanese or British 303 bullets to be .312 and .313 in diameter. I polished the barrel bore, hand loaded the British 303 projectile (124 gr./ .313) . Again test firing it to find a 1.35 inch group at 50 yards. To solve the night aiming I mounted a Green Laser. On the next trip to Texas I got off a shot from a moving Polaris vehicle (25mph) weak side shot at a group of hogs also running about 100 yards to the right of us. The first shot hit the hog mid section went thru and killed a second hog running along side. Two with one shot! The second night just after with a dusk a standing shot at 125 yards dropped a third hog with one shot. I was very pleased with my build and hunting.
    The reason I have written to you is the similarity, Your dad is Mr. Will Hayden, I am Mr. Will Heyder. He is a former Marine, I am a former Marine. He owns a gun business, I own a gun business. He has a grown daughter he thinks the world of and so do I. Her name is Sandy and she has a daughter named Stephanie.
    How many times does something like this come along??
    I watch your show often keep it up!
    Thank you,

    William Heyder,

    Iron Sight Range, Master Instructor

    BSIS – Firearms Instructor License- TIF#2129

    NRA & IDPA Range Safety Officer

    NRA – Insured Instructor,

    NRA Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle Instructor

    NRA “Certified Line Coach”

    NRA “Personnel Defense Inside the Home – Instructor”

    NRA “Personnel Defense Outside the Home – Instructor”

    USN “Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor” – Trainer -SAMI “0812”

    USMC “Primary Marksmanship Instructor” (PMI)

    San Diego Sheriff CCW Instructor, TIF 2129

    Calif. Dept. of Justice – Handgun Instructor & Proctor HSC

    Calif. Dept. of Justice – HSC Instructor / Trainer Entity!

  65. What would have really been cool is if “The Motorcity Madman” would have snatched that guitar out of bitchboys hands and beat him with it . That crap he calls music he did in front of Ted made my dog howl . That was some shit for the Gong Show…

  66. The comment about guns going south of the border very inapropriate. Those guns could have left with old employees any number of things could have happened , hell future buyers of mass sales may have walked off with a few after demos . Will Hayden is a patriot and would never sell illegally to other countries .

    • Obviously you didn’t get it. That comment was a dig on the BATF and only the BATF (and their puppet masters of course) not on Hayden, RJF, or anyone else.

      • Thank You and I agree. I think the show is GREAT and Will is a really good person. My wife and I are planning a trip to there for a purchase. hope them a long future in the business .

    • will aint nothing but a dick, he thinks hes some body he aint once white trash always white trash and steph aint nothing but a skank who needs to see a dentist

      • White trash ha? from the way you write and from the way You expressed yourself i would say white trash is something you aspire to be

  67. @ Terry Turner, he is referring to the ATF operation that sent guns to the mexican cartels, not RJF sending/selling to illegals.

  68. Mark said Vince is a crybaby and whiner, Get ur head out of ur @@s and think! We see 1 hrs. worth of footage of events that take place over days, weeks, and even months. Everyone knows that TV is only going to show the drama. I’m sure that Will can be a SOB to work for, and I for one don’t blame Vince for leaving.

    • Hay bennieben I hear ya the tv shows only want to show what they think is a good thing to show but in reality it want show the real truth about the real sobs behind the show! !!!!!!

  69. I watched the show to see guns; not a stupid corny soap opera. They lost me a long time ago, this couldn’t have happened to more deserving people. I certainly didn’t want to see Vince flubbering over a dog, Chris making a fool of himself in front of Uncle Ted or Steph presenting a friggin armband to her lover Chris.

  70. Red Jacket is the first to do everything that has already been done. My cousin and I were trying to figure out which gun in history was the first piston driven, turns out Red Jacket demonstrated it to the “General” while he sat in the back of a tinted out truck. What makes a Red Jacket gun better than one built by a major manufacturer? To answer my own question; nothing makes it better, I’m sure it’s junk compared to a piston driven weapon from any manufacturer big or small. As if little stoner Chris can build a better gun than say………….anyone else in the United States.


    • Just read today that Vince and a partner have started their own company called Mesa Kinetic Research. If this is true,I wish them success in their endeavors

  72. That is the truth Kennith if I was will I would. watch how I treated the man that holds the future of his company in his hands and maybe will needs to pull his head out of sstephnie’s ass a nd run the business like it needs to be run

  73. i like will , but i think will and steph pissed on their cornflakes on this one, vince built the AK not chris. i know how vince felt whan the rug was pulled out from under him. knowing full well the idea is to get “ratings” for the discovery channel, but when the t.v. money is gone red jacket will still be missing a part of its soul and have more mouths to feed

  74. Hey Will Heyder,
    You can have another thing in common with Red Jacket, your FFL license. I hear they are looking for someone.
    I don’t blame Vincent for leaving, why should he be happy when the biggest project is given to Chris who doesn’t know half as much as any of the other guys? That was stupid by Will.

  75. Will is an ass and he had it coming, just b\c you think you know everything doesn’t mean you can be a dick to the gut that is your head gunsmith with the FFL. And to give Chris a big job just b\c he is screwing Will’s daughter is BS i would have left to. the show sucks and the only thing they are good at is making a custom Saiga 12 and Ak’s not even american made. At least american gun’s can make a gun from scratch

  76. well i like will and i liked the show too. i really do feel bad about vince leaving but hey the guy has talent he can do well on his own.
    too bad about the FFL license i dont really know how they are going to keep their unique type of business up and running when its not really theirs anymore , hope they find a way closing up shop and leaving people with no jobs is ALWAYS bad for everyone

  77. I agree, vince is the man, without him there is no show, kris is a puss, that follows stephanie, just to kiss her ass, will has nothing but ego, III…. there is more drama on the show then guns. reals guns that is. And OMG, did you guys see stephanie’s friend when they were both shootings, that chick need some shooting classes… The show has lost my attention. I am a mother , wife, and a gun enthusiatic.but this show is turning out to be crappy .

    • Maybe you should spend less time watching gun shows and more time brushing up on your grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

    • Hey guess what? It is called a REALITY SHOW…. I think there should be some drama after all it is a family business. As for Vince, he is a whinny ass. All I ever hear him doing is bitching and whining about everything and over dramatizing some of the things he is doing to guns. He also acts like a spoiled brat with all of his tantrums and walking out. He likes to play jokes on others, but throws a fit when someone pulls one on him.

  78. I would just like to know , how will feels about, how is daughter’s advice on a newbie, not even gunsmith boyfriend on customer’s project and especially the nuclear security contractor show. I mean really? its all fake and including will business practice. I know when to tell my daughter be quiet. Kris is a little suck ass.and should be ashamed to be around real working man. Maybe a fast food place is hiring.that would be a better job .

  79. Why are you guys such haters? If you think your so shit hot then why don’t you try and operate a gun shop in todays economy! They can’t be that shitty cuz if they were then why do they have such high caliber clients? Im so sick of keyboard warriors talkin shit hiding behind a cpu!

    • I call them like I see them and for the record I spend my time reloading and working on guns, not behind a keyboard Shawn, if that is your real name. I’m guessing you believe SOG is a real life show, sorry Shawn but most of the show is made up for ratings. Do you actually think a major company that specializes in security is going to let a kid who appears to be a pot head build them a weapon to stake their lives on………………the answer is hell no! They’d go to a major player, sorry to burst your bubble.

    • I call them like I see them and for the record I spend my time reloading and working on guns, not behind a keyboard Shawn, if that is your real name. I’m guessing you believe SOG is a real life show, sorry Shawn but most of the show is made up for ratings. Do you actually think a major company that specializes in security is going to let a kid who appears to be a pot head build them a weapon to stake their lives on………………the answer is hell no! They’d go to a major player, sorry to burst your bubble. You’re right about it being difficult to run a gun shop, especially when you’re a self centered pric who claims to be first at everything.

    • CPU – (central processing unit) you can do much with just that, I think you mean PC (personal computer) GO KEYBOARD WARRIORS!! Thanks for playing PEBKAC

  80. Shawn is my real name, but I will admit that I believe it’s a real show. I read a lot of forums on all kinds of topics and I’m just fed up with some people who don’t know shit about anything argue facts like they’re experts and hiding behind their cpu’s. I would love to be a gunsmith but I became an auto mechanic and build guns from scratch and rather crudely also. So anyone who can build a gun gets my respect cuz I can only dream of doing it. Anyway I’m not looking to start shit just wanted to vent. I guess I’ll just have to watch the show and treat it like one of those soap opera’s.

  81. Well, I have built guns for a living. Had a gunsmithing shop in the mid 90’s. We built custom .45’s for USPSA shooters. Went under when my partner absconded with inventory and equipment. That’s another story.
    Josh is right, this show is no more real than the stupid repo shows, or Dog the bounty hunter. Vince is the only real gunsmith there. Kris is useless as any kind of gunsmith. I would have fired him long ago. It was interesting to see that Will and Stephanie lost their FFL due to incompetence. We never misplaced a single gun, let alone 10 of them.
    I’m wondering if Kris is the new FFL holder that the business is running under since Vince left the show, taking his FFL with him? That would certainly explain why Stephanie is going for that loser.
    Oh well, it’s good for a laugh.

    • Watched the premiere last night…Does Will ever watch this objectively? He and Kriss keep dissing Vince: then Will has Kriss “take the lead” on the PPSH–he didn’t even know what it was? I will not watch again, this is obviously a “made-for-tv” soap opera.

  82. I believe the only reason Will has any employees left is because they all want their moment of fame. Look at how Kris has become such a star struck a@@. And Will making Kris a project leader shows how little business sence Will has. I’ve seen good companies ruined because family is put infront of good business practice

  83. You guys are all idiots. Vince is the biggest baby I’ve ever seen, what show are YOU watching? He complains about EVERYTHING and is the worst team player I have EVER seen. Kris is a rookie who they are trying to coach-up, what’s wrong with that? He knows he’s not the man but he works hard to get better. You guys are all a bunch of moronic haters. Good show, like Kris, thank god Vince is gone.

    • Hey Nate, do you actually think everything you see on that show is real???? If you have not figured it out its all fake. It is all made up because they are attempting to make a boring show less boring. It is a ridiculous show because it is supposed to be a reality program when the only real thing about it is the horrible acting. Put that in your gun and smoke it.

  84. When I was a teen my grandpa said “you can’t start out as the boss, you have to earn it”. My grandpa was wrong, all I needed to do was marry Stephanie.

  85. Wait and see how long they stay in business after the show goes off the air!!! After reading reviews from ordinary customers, why would anyone do business with RJF!! I certainly won’t!! The show? It’s all dramatized for ratings!! Discovery Channel and the History Channel are no longer on my favorites list!!!!!

  86. I hope they give vince his own show and I also hope will realizes how he was acting towards vince and appoligizes to him. Then I hope kris realizes that will and stephanie are using him like the pawn that he is. I would watch that show

  87. I want vince to get his own show in his own shop. Then I want to see will apologize to vince and for kris to walk in on stephanie getting f*@#ed hard by that guy she gave the discount to that she knows from highschool or whatever, I bet all he would do is run and go tell will, lol. I would watch that episode

  88. Vince may be a very talented gunsmith, but his attitude, and work ethic left much to be desired. In my experience, the time to voice objections or concerns with something your boss tells you to do is when you are told to do it. Whining, complaining, and throwing hissy-fits when the Boss can’t see is childish and unproductive. Personally, I’d have fired his A@# when he used company time, materials, and business info to send his own personal firearm to another gunsmith.

  89. I like the show but the drama is getting to weird.
    Kris is a ham bone and lacks any real talent other than
    He thinks he is an actor, and not a good one at that.
    I think Vince left the show as he did not want to lose
    His License. Do you blame him? I think the wedding
    Was to keep control of the money in the family as
    Will and his girl both lost their license. What a cheesy
    Wedding shot when Kris shows up in his work clothes.
    How seriously in love is that!
    I keep watching just to see the train wreck.

  90. The show is excellent. I appreciate Will’s leadership style and knowledge.. Vince is obviously very capable and an asset in terms of his knowledge and I can understand his position when Kris gets more respect than he because Kris is a new addition to Will’s family, but going crazy and kicking things around is not the way to handle it. He’s very emotional and needs constant coddling, moreover, you don’t see any of the other guys crying because they want attention. If Vince complains every day because his (you know what) hurts, he’s of little good to the company or any company. No one is irreplaceable, anywhere.

  91. I hope they do what American Chopper did and have Shop vs Shop with Vincent in the other one. But instead of riding motorbikes past each other they can maybe do drive bys with live ammunition. I mean it is america, the home of the drive by.

  92. I will be very happy when I no longer see commercials or episodes of s.o.g. William Hayden is a friggin hick. I absolutely hate the sound of his voice. its enough to lower a persons IQ points by destroying their brain cells. that’s one guy that needs to shut the hell up, crawl back under his rock and never crawl back out again. as for his daughter, she seems like a dirty whore disguised as a sweetheart daddy’s girl. now that’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. rest in misery sons of guns.

    • I completely agree with this statement, however I probably will still watch the show hoping to see something bad happen. The exploding targets are pretty damn stupid if you ask me because things aren’t really going to blow up from a few bullets in real life, its just a way for them to make people as stupid as will and steph think that rj guns are somehow stronger than other guns

  93. Will must think everyone who watches his show is a sheep. After saying “non-lethal” about half a dozen times in the first 15 minutes they then decide to mount a real live machine gun on that tank like vehicle built for the New Orleans cops. Whatever credibility Will retained up to this segment was blown all to hell.

  94. The problem with Discovery’s version of reality Tv is that they inject drama where it isn’t required and doesn’t really fit. They do this in Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and Sons of Guns. As if the awesome guns being thought up and built/demonstrated aren’t enough excitement. They force pointless and poorly written, non-believable garbage they expect intelligent people to watch and believe. The saddest part is that there are people out there that think this drama is in anyway real. Hey Discovery, leave the bad dime-novel stories to the nickle writers, PLEASE!

  95. Perhaps the detractors here might advise the multitude as to what their personal qualifications are when it comes to the topic of “guns”? There are so many cry-baby wannabes out here it hurts; all keyboard talk, no facts. Will certainly will survive the “FFL” fiasco as have others; the feds have no desire to see their own filthy laundry tossed into the wind AGAIN. When the big-mouth keyboard-crusaders here and in our government prove anything they supposedly stand behind the waters of hell will definitely freeze. ALL mouth – no facts. I can see you losers voting for Obammy again as well! Thank gawd the state of Louisiana still exists! Obammy is about as popular there as the christ child is in temple! Steph on the other hand? ROCKS BIG TIME! Breathes through here ears oh yes she does! AND the gal can SHOOT! Now all you keyboard commandos shut up and go back to Days Of Our Lives soaps and leave the REAL GUNS to me and my staff!

  96. ……….. oh yea …….. let’s don’t forget how HOT the Steph can be in those tight jeans! Whoo-Hooh! Bonermaker Deluxe! Nail it husband -nail it hard! All that meat makes the ride soooooooooooooooooo sweet! RED JACKET! I watch the show …. while I do my blow ….. Steph makes me go ….. now don’t ya’ know! “Oh Vince! How ya’ enjoying living on McDoanalds burgers and the crumbs left on your doorstep? Thank goodness we won’t have to hear ANY MORE about your BRAT and OLD LADY and THE JESUS PERSON you blabbed about on every show! Gawd and guns do not mix! Stay gone Mister BATF&E RAT! You ratted out Will and Steph you cry-baby “tat’ mat”! All that “ink” clogged up your tiny brain! Good riddance!

  97. SPAM? My comments SPAM? Oh please! TheTruthAboutGunz ………… is such a farce! Gimme a break! Red Jacket ROCKS and you know it too! Oh yes ……….. VINCE and his KID and old lady are GONE and that is a BIG PLUS for the show! Cry cry cry about “da family time” ya’ give up Vince …………. you tat-mat!

  98. Red Jacket doesn’t create firearms that have never been created before, the last build they made for “guarding nuclear reactors” has been made time and time again by other manufacturers such as Ruger, S&W, and Sig Sauer, it’s a load of crap, they are also seriously over charging for the firearms they “make”. All the firearms they make are based of Saiga which is the cheapest crap you can buy and the “parts” they use are not high quality and not much better than what Saiga’s come with stock.

    • I’ll take my Saiga and YOU take your ‘whatever’ and let’s go shoot for cash. I’ll blow ya outta the water every time – NO doubt about it at all! SAIGA is NOT “cheap”, nor is it “junk”. Twit.

  99. I love the show…i will admit that…vince is alright too…i dont know for sure if alk this FFL Stuff is true but I know that make some nice guns …however they are overpriced I believe….1700$ for that 1911 come on…I’ll just stick with my kimber or wilson combat our my colt government in my right hip and my glick in my back and my springfield xd on my left

    • KIMBER? Oh my! Bling-A-Bling-A-Doo-Doo ……… and nothin’ more. Can ya’ll spell ……… Gar-Ba-Ge? Kimber is no more a 1911 than a Ford is a Plymouth or Pontiac! GAR-BA-GE! Make me toss de’ ol’ cookies.

  100. I was just googleing for Red Jacket after a visit to my FFL today. After work I had to go to my Class 3 FFL / Gun smith to file paperwork for my new M11 and found him working on a customer’s 223 AK redoing some barrel work. At first I didn’t understand why he was so bitchy doing the work it turns out the customers AK was a Red Jacket build, the barrel work was so bad it was returned to Red Jacket 4 times then ended up to his place. He told me he worked on the barrel but it was beyond repair so he had to install a new barrel. I was shown the removed barrel and was surprised it looked like it came out of a gun build by an amateur without the proper tools (Dremel). After finding this article well I feel bad the guys that got their AR’s from Academy.
    You can see the notches were too small a grinder was used for fitting, the diameter of the barrel was too the barrel was welded and grinded down to fit.

  101. I’m not sure what Tommy’s problems are but he has some. A real southern man does not talk about a woman in that manner.

    Sons Of Guns is of course just as scripted as any other “reality” TV shows but it’s much better than most. Survivor? You gotta be kidding me?
    There are two kinds of gun dealers, those who have had problems with the ATF and those who will. Their job is to destroy the Second Amendment. That’s pretty much all they do and most of their tactics are in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
    Red Jacket AR is priced on a par with several others and about a pound lighter than Colt. As for quality, I’ll let you know in a few months. You have to fire a few thousand rounds through a gun to make that determination. $1,700 is not unreasonable for a custom 1911. In fact it’s cheaper than many. I don’t own a RJ 1911 and probably never but that price is not unreasonable.
    I’m sure there are better guns than Red Jacket. I’m sure a lot of it is a matter of opinion. I’m sure a lot of it is just people mouthing off. I KNOW that publically degrading a woman is way out of line. Even a yankee should know better than that

  102. lots of people can talk a lot of shit from behind a key board, the fact is that ladies and gentlemen of Red Jacket Firearms, have done things well enough that they made a show out of it, as for their firearms you get what you pay for, they do really good work and want good pay for it,

    Cheap guns are not good,
    Good guns are not cheap

  103. Hey Dan… F.Y.I ATF isnt as much of a stickler as you think they are when it comes to keeping track of gun’s …. operation fast and furious should have told you that …just sayin buddy….

  104. Wow those pics of that AK barrel are outrageous! I can’t defend them cuz I don’t know the circumstances but still thats terrible work! I was hoping they would have better quality control, but then again look at how someone shipped the AR to Vegas and it showed up busted and scuffed to hell! There are people working there that we don’t see on the show!

  105. i ordered a saiga conversion in march-2011, they told me 5-6 months. they took 1/2 down and came looking for the other half 4 months later. at 6 months i started calling and for the next 6 months i got the runaround and every excusse you can imagine. after a year on my last call i told them that i was a local in baton rouge and i was going to the east baton rouge sheriff’s office to file a theft claim. they put will on the phone and he told me to come in the following week and get my money back.

    i was lucky to get my money back from these guys, if you are getting the runaround try and get your money back before its to late

    dont order a gun from these guys, they are not in the gun business they are moviestars, maybe they can go into the tshirt business

  106. will do you have any ideas on where the 10 missing weapons are. some body in your shop helped them self to your weapons. I am terribly sorry for your atf troubles. trust is something that people abuse. how many times has atf checked your inventory and books. who ever took the guns probably called atf for an inspection.

  107. If you are looking for a saiga 12, look at LONE STAR ARMS. They have some of the finest Saiga 12’s around, I got one from them and it is far superior than anything Red Jacket could ever produce!!!! Besides if you bought one from Red Jacket, That Brain dead, drug addict, looser Chris Ford my have worked on it, and it would blow up in your face!! (the golden child) LOL.

  108. sounds like that boy tommy henderson need to lay off the moon shine, and get his eyes checked. thats right that stuff makes you go blind… what a flaming idiott…I bet he drives a toyota or a madza, and shoots a ak-47, real good for the American economy… needless to say that he is inbread, and has a first graders education!!!!
    PS. red jacket is a joke that is not funny. they lost there best mechanic and they will soon go out of bussiness tommy boy…

  109. Snot loving Red Jacket trash. Sounds to me like you’re the effing idiot Jonathan. The number 2 is spelled two, Jonathan. Spell check doesn’t fix stupid.

  110. That guy Thomas sounds like a member of the RJ team just trying to detract from the discussion at hand. I am a fan of the show, but there are many, many, many and many bad reviews and horror stories out there against these guys.

    Question, Vince left (and he had the license), so who took his place? What about Joe? He quit his teaching job to work at RJ. Him and Vince are both gunsmiths, so I wonder if Joe has a license also and he is now the holder at RJ.

    • Actually Joe isn’t a trained gunsmith. The only person with a degree in gunsmithing was Vince. Joe is a pyrotecnic, thats why he sets up all the explosions for the show.

  111. When the Discovery Channel shows ,those HACKS, COBBLING a firearm together,
    why don’t they show how ” ACCURATE” their guns are? Do they just slap together “bullet launchers”? In the episode where Vince had to take over the drug addict’s project, why didn’t the print some paper and show you the results. Most AR’S are very accurate! When those clowns were looking for the hydrolic buffer, why didn’t they just order one from BROWNELLS, they sell them everyday! What was the big deal? (Red Jacket probably stiffed them on a bill before, and they won’t sell to them any more). I wouldn’t let that kris fool take my garbage cans to the street, let alone try and build a AR-15. I am beginning to think that Will is a stone cold idiot, putting a inexperienced fool in charge of, a very important project for the government. Besides putting together a AR-15 is a cake walk! If you are looking for a extreamly accurate AR look at…. …. they are top of the line. its not “Red Jacket Junk” Those of you looking for a Saiga 12 look at…. ….They are not “Red Jacket Junk”

    • I think jeff g is a jerk if u dont like it dont watch easy as that. Hope you are not just goin by what some gossip column writes about rjf.

      • Well, all I can say about the show Sons of Guns aka Red Jacket Firearms is watch the video Sons of Guns: Blanks Prank

        This video says it all about the owner Will Hayden and the unprofessional atmosphere of the gun shop. It’s a shame.

        A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a million.

  112. Its tv ppl……can’t believe so many people take it so serious…get a life people….get a girl people…get a good job and a hobby and live your life…if you don’t like it don’t watch

  113. Some interesting comments in this thread. I can’t comment on the quality of the Red Jacket products having never purchased one myself or on the temporary loss of their FFL. And if I did that it would be second hand info. which is never 100% accurate from either side of the coin.

    But having been a business owner for almost 2 decades I can comment on the link Dan gave above to the BBB rating for Red Jacket. My opinion now, but one should never base a purchase decision on anything the BBB ever says or has written. A couple years ago they were exposed by “60 Minutes” as being just a legalized strong-arm organization. If you don’t join them and pay a yearly fee (all tiered levels of commitment, or rating?), then you get a poor rating, period. This excerpt is from Wikipedia:

    “Although it has “Bureau” in its title, the Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with federal, state, or local government, and has no direct affiliation with any consumer protection government authority. The BBB, as a privately held corporation, has no governmental authority over businesses”.

    Also if you’re in business for any length of time and do any kind of volume at all, then your going to get some people ticked off at you sometime for something. It’s inevitable. You can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time, try as you might. And if anyone has a grip, no matter how small. As a business owner if you don’t cow down, totally kissing their @** and cave in on the issue no matter how much it costs you. And even when, not if the customer is totally way off base out in left field. They can stick a complaint on you with the BBB. Even if it’s totally unwarranted.

    Now I’m not defending RJF, but I am a fan of the show that likes to shoot. With a total of 9 total complaints in the last 3 years out of the 100’s or 1000’s (I don’t know their volume) of products that go out their door, come on, really. Just 3 people complaining (or whining we don’t know) per year ave., that’s real good in my book! Especially when you consider the growing pains they’ve gone through in the last 3 years.

    It’s going to take a lot more for me to not purchase something from RJF then a bad BBB report. Just my $.02

      • Hey Freddie, That was a excellent posting!!! It has a lot of valuable information…I hope everybody, that is looking for a custom build, reads the link…I think that list of complaints, can keep a lot of people from being ripped off by Red Jacket Firearms. I was thinking about getting a shotgun from them in the future, but that link defiantly changed my mind.. good thing who needs that kind of trouble?

      • No reason to check out the link you’ve provided before now. As I’m not in the market (currently) to purchase. My reference to 9 complaints came from Dan’s posting of the Better Business Bureau link and their having only 9 complaints listed on their site.

        Your post provided a link with more problems people are having, or have had in the past. And as I believe that everyone should be doing their due diligence before making any kind of purchase like this. Any reference link is much appreciated.

        Would I buy from RJF? Probably not. Based partially on what I’ve read on your link and partially on there being plenty of good FFL’s and gunsmiths between the west coast and Baton Rouge. And a very important point for me is that I don’t believe in waiting more then a few weeks for getting something I want or having something worked on.

        You can have a house built from scratch in just over a month. It shouldn’t take months to turn a gun around. I suspect that RJF just grew way too fast and they out grew their mom & pop, corner family gun store business model overnight. And by trying to maintain that, while their intentions may be good, the result is that their just shooting themselves in the foot (pun intended). Order cancellations will kill any business.

        Hey I love the show! But I realize it’s just that a show. I get to see some cool toys, blowing stuff up, and the occasional bit of drama. And if Will and Crew are going to be the front men (and Women) fine be that, it works and their having fun too!

        They just need IMO to get a business manager to run the day to day operations. A couple back office workers. And a small warehouse with a few machinists, smiths, a couple CNC machines and a real shipping dept. is all it would take.

        Fulfillment goes up, turn around times become acceptable, and new items can be introduced to the product line with little interruption. Cancellations can become non-existent. More govt. contracts can be sought out and fulfilled. That in-turn frees up Will and Crew to do the specialized one off stuff for the show. Just my .02

        • I was glad to read Bryan’s post. I’ve been following this thread for quite s while now and most postings are nothing more than rude cursing rants. It was nice to read what appears to be a logical and well thought out post with reasonable and logical assumptions and suggestions. I also agree with his general assessment of the show. More well thought out posts like this make these forums more usefull to everyone. When we (the gun owners) come across as rude cursing idiots, why would we expect to be treated as anything else.

  114. is everybody ready to watch tonites episode of sons of guns? vince is coming back
    to build a BAR for jessy james. I bet it will be a good one, i seen previews where kris
    won’t listen to what vince tells him to do. you might think that he would listen to his
    advice, because he knows a little more about guns than him. why would the owners of
    red jacket let vince back on their property? does it seem like a great big soap opera? maybe it is going to turn in to american chopper where jr fights with sr. i guess they have to make contravercy. maybe that’s why people watch the show. most of it has to be, make believe, try not to take the show to serious. every project that they have showed on their program has been done before, Barrett has been making suppressors for 50 cal BMG’s for years, it is nothing new! many AR15 manufacturers have been making piston driven rifles for years, so on and so forth,,, i guess it is just internment, if they were to do anything with strategic or technical
    they would not be showing it on some television program. it is good that they are raising the countries interest in guns and gun ownership, we have to try to keep our government from taking that right from us!

    • just wondering what you meant by internment? I am sadly fully aware of what internment is as us Irish have dealt with this many time in the past and even recently! I don’t see any references to this in the show at all!

    • You know, I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the comment about the smears against RJF!! Makes me wonder if there might be some pressure being brought by the anti-gun lobby in Washington….HMNN!! Think about it!! Remember what happened when Hitler got all the guns from the German people???

      • Wow, that must be the most stupidest thing I have ever read anywhere on the internet, when did Hitler get “all the guns from the germans”? rofl, you must be the biggest fool ever walked the face of the earth, Oh, btw. I am from Germany… and would like to ask you to repeat your history lessons, then come back and rewrite your comment, thank you.

  115. Will seems like an obnoxious prick. And Kris,imature ass kissing brownoser. I only watch for Vince and Jeff

    • it seems like steven lothamer is a obnoxious prick, and a immature ass kisser. will is my hero and i love kris. do not say anything bad about rjf. they make the best firearms in the world, other wise they wouldn’t have a first class tv show.

      • for such a small statement i really have some issues with it.

        1. for will to be your hero you’ve set your standards pretty low. he’s not even a good role model. he’s probably great to hang out with, listen to some bs stories and talk weapons, but a hero?

        2. they don’t make the best firearms in the world. they put a nice spin on existing weapons and sell them as their own but definitely not the best firearms in the world.

        3. first class tv show? reality tv? it’s an oxymoron, like good women drivers.

    • steven lothamer…I own guns I want more guns and I hope that the owner of any gun manufacturer I look to own is a obnoxious – prick. He (Will) means serious business!!! He’s not building water pistols!

      • This Cherry, is totally CLUELESS! Its scary to know that people like you own guns, and want more. Why don’t you order one from your good buddy Will, at Red Jacket? That might be the attitude adjustment you need. You sound like you are a grade “A” dumb A**….I bet you don’t even know what end of the gun the bullet comes out of!

  116. OK first off how many of you actually have meet or had dealings with any member of RJF. It’s easy to vomit somebody else words as fact for most of you. Makes me wonder if you have had an original thought in your life. I have meet most of them and worked with then for a few days on the USS Kidd when they filmed a show. I have never used their weapons but can vouch for professionalism and character. Here is an idea get your facts straight offer personal experience or document proof to back up you gossip.

    • I have not met any of them except for watching and listening to the program myself
      and my must say it’s a no brainer Vince was treated badly and was played down by Will because of no talent kris. I did like the way the producers contacted James and they worked Vince back into the program. I would hope Will gets his act together and give credit where it is due

      • my comment were not direct on discussion on show drama but the more personal attacks of the business as a whole. Yes Vance impressed me the most out of all the staff. Just remember there has to be drama in these shows or else people get bored quick. For example the Paul Jr. /Sr. drama is all show. I saw them last year at the St Jude Bike Giveaway and there was no drama there. So they ether put it aside for the event or again its show drama. Nothing gets people to watch tv more then a good controversy or plain morbid curiosity.

  117. This is a fake tv show Cherry baby…the men of honor have lied since day one..Will isn’t the owner…he doesnt have a licence…
    The whole show is staged….Vince had the licence.and the power…if you read his blog its easy to see he was just humoring will so they could have a tv show..
    so defend all you want…since day 1…it was wills shop….a lie…and it only gets more fake from there

    • actually there was Red Jacket Inc. which will was the Officer, then there was Red Jacket Fire Arms, L.L.C which joe, vince, and charlie were the officers, then there is Red Jacket International, L.L.C which is a separate entity where will is the officer. but you see just because joe and charlie are the officers will is the owner and founder of red jacket firearms.

  118. And try to save the show…they trot out dirtbag Jesse James…who made Paul Teutel Sr…almost look human….

  119. William and Stephanie (Dad & Daughter) Lost their FFL in 2009 when paperwork showed 10 guns missing

    On or around May 7, 2010, three employees of Red Jacket, Inc. registered a separate limited liability company known as Red Jacket Firearms, L.L.C. 2010 using Vincent Buckles as the one holding the FFL.

    This year a suit was filed that alleges at some point in 2010 or 2011, and upon information and belief, Hayden (either alone or with other members of Red Jacket, Inc.) fraudulently transferred all assets, interest and goodwill out of Red Jacket, Inc. and into Red Jacket Firearms, L.L.C. telling a previous investor that he should throw the stock certificates away because they were worthless.

    Vincent Buckles has since left the company — and two other licensed people are currently in charge of the business

    Dec 22nd Vencent posted the following on his FaceBook account
    From Vince Himself
    in october of 2011, Will and Stephanie Hayden were forced to surrender their FFL due to missing firearms. we formed the company Red Jacket Firearms LLC in may of 2010 and received our new FFL on Nov first 2010. The LLC and license is a matter of public record. Joe, Charlie and myself were the only controlling members of the LLC with Will and Stephanie federally prohibited fro having a firearms deal or manufacture license of any kind. I was an owner in RJF until september 15 of this year when I chose to leave because I just wanted to move on. a big eff you to the whole business besides flemming…hes cool

    • I am just curious by a statement you posted from Vinces facebook page. As I understand business, just because you leave a company does not mean you are not a owner anymore. By his statement, “I was an owner in RJF until september 15 of this year when I chose to leave”…..this leads me to believe thsat he was never a owner but merely a officer. If you dont understand business filing, you dont have to be a owner to be a officer. The company is probably owned by Will and Steph, but since they apparently are not allowed to have a FFL the company has officers besides them to “run” the company. The FFL goes to a individual or company. There are many ways to setup a company, but if vince really had ownership he would not have said “I WAS” because he would still be a owner unless he sold. Which if I was vince, i would have held onto the stock (depending on how much I had) to piss Will off.

  120. I was just reading all these posts about how terrible Will was,losing his FFL because of a mistake and continuing the business by useing other peoples licenses. This is not an unusual practice . Other companies have done the same thing, and not just in the fire arms business. It is a lot more common place than you might think, otherwise the unemployment in this country might be 50%. So I dont see the big deal. If I mand any grammatical or spelling errors,Sorry.

  121. Let me get this straight. Will Hayden and daughter had some missing firearms that they couldn’t account for. They were in deep manure with the feds. They were to be fined and perhaps see some jail time. So they cut a deal to give up their license and have someone else hold the license for the shop. That story just doesn’t quite make sense. What else was part of the stay out of jail deal? I seem to remember that sometimes that law enforcement agencies (federal and state) make deals with persons who are caught committing a crime and are offered a deal that they will not file charges if they will work for the law enforcement instead. Suppose that Will Hayden and daughter did the same. What kind of deal do you suppose they made? Now these are my thoughts. Let’s suppose as a hypothetical scenario that they were offered a sweet deal that they would not go to jail and make lots of money if in return they were to just help in making the gun shops and gun owners look like buffoons. Farfetched? Maybe. But along comes some television execs out of nowhere to this backwoods gun shop and offers them a television series of their own. So now we have a television show that is based on a gun shop where they build and sell firearms but the owners of the gun shop do not have a firearms license to build or sell firearms because they lost it. Does this sound like a missing birth certificate story to you?

  122. hey im a former employee of red jacket and i will say quality was number one but when jupiter entertainment came in and tried tellin me to ACT mad about something i explained im her for the guns im the chris with a mohawk by the way not Kris with a faux hawk i told them shove the show up there a** and subsequentially quit when asked to act at a gunshop that makes firearm to kill ppl i will be doing no acting when my responsibility is to my customer and his weapon funcioning as it should and as he would like it to i never had a complaint on a single build that i personally saw from start to finish.all the bad things ppl say are right stephanie is my best friends babies mom i was the best man in her wedding so no gossip here facts is all just wanted to set the record straight the stardom has changed all the garbage ppl there Kris well his name is really Kronic check high life entertainment and ull see and also was stephanies ex husbands friends since school times but money does bad things to ppl feel free to ask whatever i have pics video and all to back up everything i have said

  123. After Will bitched out that new guy for not cleaning up the piles of crap that Wills own dog crapped all over the place, that was it for me and his show as well as his business.

    He steps in his own dogs crap and goes off on a new guy for not cleaning it up?
    Yeah, nice guy, a real innovator…
    More like a muffintopped powertripper that cannot even maneuver his fatness around some piles of dog crap.

    OOOHHH, better watch out, maybe he be coming after you with his buddies flashing their badges… just drop some dog crap in your yard, that ought to confuse him since he’d need a map to figure out how to walk around it.

  124. It’s obvious that very few of you have any idea of what happens to your business when you get a few million dollars worth of 1 hour business commercials in just over a period of a few years. It is very unlikely that Will could comprehend the extent to which interest in his business would change due to that kind of nationwide exposure. Its VERY unlikely that they foresaw that the record keeping responsibilities required for AFT would expand so fast due to volume that any record keeping system they had prior to the show couldn’t possibly keep up.
    How amazing that people on TV have to a certain extent be actors and provide drama , are not perfect, have made mistakes in their pasts, and have no crystal balls to foretell the future. I am surprised that so many of you take this so seriously, after all, reality shows are never anything of the sort.

    • These folks don’t need trouble and the rats that told their ATF story should take a ride on the one episodes ‘train”. Think about it, gunshop, Louisana, struggling to be the best. You finally make it because you, Will and Steph, and all the staff, are incredibly talented in front of a camera, and people want to bring up ATF stuff. Has anyone out there had a good experience directly or indirectly with the ATF. Do we all have our dream tricked out, surpressed, AK’s in full auto. I know I don’t. These folks make an amazing show. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. I feel like anyone that picks on them is just a loser still working on his Mossberg for next years squirrel season.

      • Hey john floyd, you haven’t a clue, I bet you are the looser that is working on your Mossberg for next years squirrel season. You most likely don’t even have a gun as nice as a Mossberg.

        john floyd, if you don’t like what people post here DON’T READ IT! Go somewhere else! And for your information AKs are garbage for chumps that can’t even afford a Mossberg!

        • Darn, I just typed out a whole reply and lost it. I don’t do this a lot. Thank you all for the reply’s, its great to hear other views. I wasn’t trying to start something just using my free speech to express a view. You are right, I don’t shoot squirrels, and I don’t think I own a Mossberg. I have so many guns that there might be one in a pile so I don’t want to say for sure. I shoot only Continental custom fitted side by sides. Black guns are just such common trash, I only have a few. I do know that AR’s jam at every opportunity and that the VC kicked our asses with non-jamming SKS’s and Ak’s. But thats history. Watch Red Jacket and enjoy it, or go to the old movie channel and watch Rock Hudson. I f you really have a problem with me or what I say just STSEOMFS. Have a great day.

        • Hi Guys, sorry to clog your blog. I realized that I kinda dinged Mossberg. My friends that shoot them say they have one thing directly in common with an AK–bang, bang, bang. They do what you ask. I had to pick an example and they came into my head, but I understand for hunting they won’t let you down.

        • If a Black gun is such common trash, and jams every opportunity, then what you are saying is, the U. S. Military is sending everyone of our soldiers out on a suicide mission, with a rifle that they know its going to jam in a fire fight?!

          When the M16 was put into service 50 years ago it had a few problems, needed to chrome the chamber to prevent corrosion, and shoot ammo loaded with clean burning ball power. As the years went by they solved their problems!

          If you have jamming problems with your black rifles (Ar15/M16) Try a few of these tips…

          1. make sure the chamber is properly cleaned.

          2. Make sure the bolt carrier is clean and properly lubricated.

          3. clean and oil charging handle.

          4. shoot good ammo,(not the crap you buy at Wall mart)

          5. make sure you have magazine, that function properly.

          With all that you should be up and running with no problems.

          Just trying to help you MR. John.


        • John; You can buy a SKS’s and a AK’s for under $200…
          Just member you get what you pay for..You should know that ,” you say”, you have custom shotguns is some great big pile firearms. Something don’t sound right with your story!

        • Hey Tony. Thankyou very much for your help. That was very kind of you. Tom, I live in Delaware and rifle hunting is very slim. I try to buy nice stuff and have in fact had a few custom doubles made for me oversea’s. I was never a black gun fan, cause I love oil finished walnut and am a great fan of model 70’s. But to be one of the guys, you have to have a little firepower. I have seen AK’s stamped out sheet metal but the darn things still shoot. I bought my SKS for $89.99. Now I Midwayed it to the max, but it has never mis-fired once. And yes I am concerned about the weapons our hero’s take to battle. I’m trying to clear your confusion—I put what money I have, which is not a lot, into fine firearms–hand engraved, grade 5 wood. I have cheaper black guns because I also want to be one of the guys. If that doesn’t help, I’ll try again or send you pictures. Again Tony, thank you very much.

  125. I wasn’t aware that Red Jacket Firearms was making a profit of millions of dollars for their 1 hour business commercials in 2009 when they were cited for the firearms violations which I understand happened in 2007-2008. The Sons of Guns un-reality show first aired in January 2011. How is this possible?

    • will h just uses people( yeah will lets make a bomb the kids should like that!)vince got out just in time ,he would of lost his ffl licenses …,The reason the AR package got all torn up in Vegas was that it was torn open on the tenth anniversary of 9-11 by the TSA at the Dallas airport. The episode was filmed on the 16th of september. On the 15th, Will called me freaking out and needed another gun that wasn’t all beat up so I overnighted him one. Then I packed up my tools and left while the cameras were not there making sure to leave the other owners (joe and charlie) with full notice that I was leaving and to contact my lawyer for arrangements to buy me out of my share of Red Jacket. Needless to say I was quite tired of pretending Will Hayden was my boss for TV. – Vince

  126. Now that Red Jacket is making a million dollars a episode, maybe that slob Will can afford a bar of soap, and a razor!

  127. And maybe at a million dollars an episode somebody can afford to buy a stout wooden hairbrush for Stephanie — and I don’t suggest it be applied to her hair.

    Look, the last show I watched was one where Will claimed to have invented the Master Key. I think that may have been the first or second episode. So maybe things have changed and he’s no longer an insufferable blowhard and his child is no longer an unbearable brat. But good lord, what an unpleasant, unwatchable pair.

  128. Just for the record, the reason why I don’t use soap is, it keeps the flies from swarming around my daughter Stephanie, when we all are on set… Could you imagine how embarrassing it would be for her, to see a cloud of flies buzzing around her when we are filming a show? Even all the smoke, from the weed (Kronic) Kris smokes can’t keep them away! Just wanted you all to know, that’s how we do it down here in the swamp. If you could get close enough to Stephanie, you all might want to wash her down with a fire hose. Lucky for me, my son in law Kris moved her out of my house, the state wanted to condemn the barn we all lived in, they thought, there was a dead rotting animal inside, but the smell was only Steph.

    Please keep the questions coming, me or Stephanie will answer them see ya’ll down down here in the swamp.

  129. wondering if we could talk by phone. have a small hand gun app. 75 to 100 years old. it was my great grandfathers. really would like it to be restored. please call me at your conveience. i live in newbern north carolina jim salmons 252-514-1436.

  130. Will, I have a m-Ak 90. I was wondering if you could trick it out for me, and turn it into a bench rest surgical tool? I want a gun that, I can shoot matches (500 yrds. -1000 yrds.) with the pro’s, scene you and a lot of other people on this site think that a AK -47 is the greatest rifle on the earth! What can you do to make it shoot a 1000 yrds. Can you Red Jacket it?
    Thank You,

    • Man all you got to do is take off your wooden handguards, stock and grip. Then replace them with a superduper synthetic stock, grip and fancy snap-on aluminum handguards. Then throw a scope on it and you can shoot over a mile. But don’t forgot the most important thing. You have to throw some Krylon paint on it. Not from a spray can but with a paint gun other wise you can only shoot a half mile with it. Oh oh, I think I just gave them a new episode. My bad.

  131. Will, Steph, Chris, and Staff:
    I truly enjoy watching your TV show. In my opinion, you people do fantastic work. I don’t think others should critic, in negative manners, what you and your staff do as most probably don’t have a clue about running a business as yours. Keep up the great work and interesting/impressive shows. Oh, Steph and Chris, congradulations on your marriage. I hope and pray that you both have a long, loving, and healthy future.

    • My daughter went to work at salon boutique early this year. Not long after working at the salon one of the owners asked to go online and make a positive review on the salon. My daughter asked if it was ethical for an employee to write a positive review on their place of employment. The owner said it was okay since no one would know. As I understand it some employees, family members and friends of the salon owners did. Of course my daughter didn’t. My daughter finally quit because they wouldn’t pay her. Week after week they kept stringing her along. As I understand this was a common practice for the salon. She did manage to keep her tips though. What ever happened to the ethics of America?

  132. love the show. will, buy mazak machine tools instead of those junk haas machines. your wasting your money.

  133. As to my surprise I recently discovered that David that did the flame thrower is the husband of a lady I work with. When I talked to him he was telling me about how Will and the producers contact people and pay them to bring the majority of the projects on the show to them. Not much reality to that, but I guess we all knew that anyway

    • My daughter went to work at salon boutique early this year. Not long after working at the salon one of the owners asked to go online and make a positive review on the salon. My daughter asked if it was ethical for an employee to write a positive review on their place of employment. The owner said it was okay since no one would know. As I understand it some employees, family members and friends of the salon owners did in fact make false positive reviews. This type of unethical practice is not limited to beauty salons. But fortunately it eventually does catch up to them.

  134. 1. The Show on T.V is Good show too! The A.T.F. Should Help them to keep up with the most current Federal Laws on Sales on Fullauto” Firearms too! They should be given a second chance to agreed! Please help them with most current Gun Laws Of States Laws & Federal Laws too! Please put them back on T.Y Show too! They are very care fully how they sold FullautoFirearms to Trusted Customers are American Citizens Part of law forcement Or U.S Military Armed foeces too! There is Full auto Range in Tenn too! Law abiding citizens Right to Owan Fullauto Matic Weapons to is second Amend ment Right & fouth Amendment right too! Of the U.S Bill of Rights too!

    • It is not ATF’s mission to look over your shoulder while you keep your books. Misplacing ANY machine gun is a real problem, but 10 they deserve what they got and lucky they didn’t end up in jail.And before you crack about me NOT knowing what I am talking about I also have a 07 FFL.

      • I agree louis. I also am a type 07 FFL. I cant speak for everyone but during my initial interview with the ATF for my license it was stressed over and over how important Keeping the A&D book accurate and up to date was. That is why the application and approval process to get your license is the way it is. I think its safe to say that everytime I recieve mail from the ATF no matter what it is I always get info with about lost/stolen firearms procedures and yout firearm safety act brochures. Ignorance isn’t a valid exscuse

  135. 1. The U.S.A. No#1 The Maxium Cap limit of (01) Regular Gun Dealers is about near of (5000)(01) is Maxium Cap limit too! No more (01 )Applications not be added too! Extras not be added too! 2. The 50 States is the No#2 The Maxium Cap Limit on Regular Gun Dealers Busineses too! No More Extras (01) Applications not be added too! Agreed! By the Next Year is 01/01 2016 A.D to Future Years of no end of time too! Agreed!! It will stay the Same to forever forever too! agreed!!

  136. You know what you people make me sick half of the show were for the military in order to protect them for protecting your sorry fat asses from getting your head copped off and why don’t you assholes get off the web stop trolling and do something with your sorry life

    • lol just like FLAME DELETED….i support the troops as the brave individuals they are but…the military establishment can kiss my internet lovin ass!!!!! your not making the country any safer by going across the world and killing more innocent people than bad guys. you make all americans look like a bunch of cowboy assholes who will stop at nothing to control everyone’s resources because we feel entitled to it and have the most power to take it….its not your fault, your only doing what your told,i get it, but don’t ask me to like it just because you joined the military,are now owned like a slave by our government,and don’t have a choice… that’s just crap.

      • what the heck is this “FLAME DELETED” crap….why are my words being censored when i didn’t even curse or say anything that was over the top??? that’s the new america for ya i guess….you cant even say what you want anymore without somebody thinking that they have the right to censor you because THEY feel offended by what you say or think someone else may be offended by it, free speech is yet another right that’s being taken away by people who cant handle being free……i got news for ya,the military establishment raises mindless thugs, that’s what they do, if your in the military your a government thug whether you like it or not…i don’t necessarily hold you accountable for that but it clearly is what it is, you can censor me all you want it doesn’t change the fact. here’s a thought…why don’t we get rid of all the damn nukes and the military establishment all together…if THE PEOPLE really want to war with each other they can simply grab there guns and either defend or attack the country of there choice, we would then see that people don’t start wars, governments do, and then they send young people off to fight the battles while they sit in there $200,000 mini mansions reaping the benefits of the blood spilled by the soldiers who get the ultimate “honor” of dying for there country and coming home in a body bag and laid to rest by there families all in the name of stealing another country’s resources…..the military establishment is a controlling entity and has little to do with protecting “the homeland” don’t buy into the bull people, don’t give your life to the king by joining his army and don’t let people that are currently in the military lay a guilt trip on you because THEY made a bad decision for themselves.

  137. The show is what it is….it has to have that entertainment value. As far as character goes I think that is the biggest group of self righteous people Ive ever met. I met a big group of RJF people in a local Louisiana restaurant. Chris and Stephanie are the two most stuck up people Ive ever seen. Will was cool but as a business owner myself I definetly think he made some wrong choices when it came to the whole Vince situation. When your a business owner yes you do expect your key players to deliver for you but you also dont put your weakest guy in charge. I do remember Vince before he got upset voicing his concerns to Will and basically getting told he was to do what he was told. Even though your the owner of company your not suppose to make your employees feel they dont matter. Your only as good as the people behind you. And Vince minus that one indiscretion was most likely your best worker. Like I said its entertainment so from one business owner to another I hope you thrive as long as you like in your industry just dont forget the people that got you to the level your at. GOD BLESS!!!

  138. all of the people making comments on this website should remember a couple of things 1-no-one forces you to buy rjf products or watch their shows it is your decision no-one else’s and secondly you at least have the right to bear arms if you so wish, we in the U.K had our rights,little as they were,taken away from us for the vast majority.The only way people over here can keep up with guns and the innovations to them is to read about them or watch programmes such as this,we can only dream about your rights and your freedom to own and fire such weapons and with all your in-house bickering you are making it easier for the powers that be to eventually take away those rights and then with no-one to blame but yourselves you can sit at home reminiscing instead of being at the range enjoying yourselves

    • You know that RJF built alot of guns and systems for our military !!, in addition i loved the show and steph and chris are a great couple and whoever thinks differently should go and get themselves checked. either they are jealous or just stupaid !! hope that they get themselves back on track. give it hell RJF AND THE BEST OF LUCK TO YA FROM THE FAR LEFT COAST

      • i like the show,i just cant stand chris,biggest idiot .and have NO idea why stephaine married this clown.if will stops short chris will be up his ass even futher than he already is

  139. For me jealousy has nothing to with Sons of Guns/Red Jacket Firearms. I was actually a little excited when I first heard about the show after I heard that Will Hayden was a former Marine. Being a former Marine I figured it would be a decent program. After I saw the show a few times I was a little disappointed but I figured its part of that Hollywood crap-o-la so give it a chance. Many of the new firearms designed on the program I saw back in the 1970’s and 1980’s when I used to frequent gunshows. But what really started my disgust for Sons of Guns wasn’t with the show it was with Will Hayden. The first thing that bothered me was that Will Hayden–USMC was his attempt to insinuate that he was a sniper or perhaps part of the USMC Shooting team. Oh, he did not say he was but the way he said ‘he carried, worked on and shot the M14’. He was trying to imply without implying. I’m sure you all are familiar with those black ops innuendos that impress teenage boys and old dufuses. In an earlier interview he mentioned he washed windshields on helicopters in the early 1980’s. The M16’s were fully integrated by then. I was in the Marine Corps from 1977-1981 so I know what firearms we carried. I also had a FFL Dealers license for number years as a hobby.

    In one program (Sons of Guns) a customer came in asking if they could change his right-handed AR-15 into a left-handed model. Will Hayden—USMC stated “Why? Just shoot right handed. Worked fine for the Marine Corps for 200 years.” Ugh!! Was this guy ever in the Marine Corps? The Marine Corps prides itself as every Marine is a rifleman first. So Marines are not forced to shoot right handed if they are left handed. Yes, the M16 was designed for right hand shooters but even back when I was in we had left hand shooters. The M16 I shot in 1977 did not have a brass deflector. We had two left hand shooters in my platoon in the late 1970’s. So I know that in the early 1980’s when Will Hayden—USMC they still let left hand shooters shoot left handed. Well, maybe we had the only two left handed Marines.

    The topper was when Will Hayden—USMC stated that he was off to Las Vegas [Annual Shot Show] to present a weapon for evaluation to some nuclear security personnel at a Nuclear Facility. Well, the image of the Nuclear Plant shown was where I work. Well, I knew for a fact that wasn’t true. It was a straight out lie. I notified my superiors of the fact. Am I making more out of this than I should? Possibly for many. But you have to understand right from wrong or black from white. It’s a silly old archaic word called ethics.

    Joining the Marine Corps and completing Marine Corps boot camp gives you the right to be called a Marine but doesn’t make you one. You have to live and breathe the life of a Marine. When you do it stays with you for the rest of your life. You may or may not understand what it means to be a Marine. I may not be as lean or mean or look like a Marine anymore but I still feel it. There was a word for those who were in the Marine Corps but did not live up to the title. They were called shiitebird’s (leave out one of the i’s for correct spelling).

    I was involved with flight line operations at the Naval Air Rework Facility at MCAS Cherry Point, N.C. In other words or less fancy words I was a jet engine mechanic for the F4/J Phantom.

    Semper Fidelis

    • Hmm, I always found the show more entertaining than most of the crapola on the regular networks.
      Will, I hope all these other comments didn’t hurt your feelings.
      Go dude,

      • I have stopped watching the show. My first clue about the “quality” was the “….just eyeball it….” regarding headspace. Having seen first-hand a catastrophic detonation on a mil-surp weapon that cost a friend his eye even wearing glasses, that was a HUGE red flag. Then every week “inventing a game changer…” Finally, when you have the biggest project in your history, you invent another “game-changer”-a piston AR which had already been invented in 1962, use off the shelf parts from another manufacturer, then entrust it all to your least- experienced guy, who CAN’T EVEN PUT THE PARTS TOGETHER RIGHT…..Time for me to find something else to watch. The cool stuff doesn’t outweigh the stupidity, and this show is targeted to people with little gun knowledge but a love of soap operas.

        • I’d like to offer a differing opinion if I may. While I don’t have a love of soap opera’s, I do love to watch this show. And I will continue to watch it as long as it’s on the air, and here’s why.

          This show brought me to this forum. Not surprisingly from this exact thread. This show reacquainted me into the gun world as an actual participant. As I grew up the son of a LEO and an emergency room nurse, one guess as to who could never touch a gun, ever.

          But I always had a fascination, having grown up seeing a one everyday. I actually bought a 9m from a LEO friend when I was in my late 30’s. Shot it once and not knowing how to clean it (lame excuse I know) promptly shelved it for the next 15 years. Until I channel surfed into SOG one day which promptly rekindled something deep inside. So I pulled my S&W 39-2 off the shelf and went to the range again and this time I haven’t stopped.

          Fast forwarding now, I’ve traded up to higher calibers and continue to fill up my safe with quality firearms, both hand and long guns. Also because of this show I’m taking self defense training classes, looking into getting certified as a gunsmith, at least for myself if nothing else. Then possibly getting my own FFL. All this came about because of this show setting me off.

          Now I didn’t know, nor did I care that an AR was gas or piston, or that headspace was that an exact measurement (truly sorry about your friend). All I knew or cared about was load it, point it, and shoot it. It’s a show, and as such your right, it’s aimed at people with little gun knowledge. But guess what, that’s most of America!

          I believe that the vast majority of those statistical households with firearms are nothing more than grandpa’s old shotgun stashed away in the closet or rusting over the mantlepiece (like mine was). Yes the household has a gun, but the occupants probably don’t know how to use it properly.

          It’s my opinion that SOG connects with millions of Americans that don’t have an intricate knowledge of firearms, but have interest enough to watch. Having been in that camp myself, as I stated earlier SOG has brought me this forum. Where I’ve gained vast specific knowledge concerning firearms and more about the 2a then I would have ever thought possible (or that I even thought I needed to know).

          You wouldn’t go out and rewire your house after watching one of the house remodeling/rebuilding shows, or rebuild a race motor after watching a car restoration show would you? No you’d (at least I hope you would) go out and get the proper specific knowledge first. These shows are meant to create desire and to be fun.

          With good forums (TTAG), videos and books, anyone can get the proper knowledge if they so desire. It’s my contention that to the uninitiated SOG can spark that desire. To those that have a more intricate knowledge, the show can be fun if you just let it.

          Sorry longer than I expected.

  140. what a bunch of dumdasses no facts just bullshit by most post and belive TMJ as the truth my GOD get-a-life and learn first the truth before talking through your ass

  141. All I know is I ordered and paid for 2 firearms 16 months ago and they keep giving me the runaround about when my dealer would receive them so the atf paperwork can be submitted. I have called numerous times and all I know is they still haven’t been built and they cannot or will not give me a date they intend to do so. I requested a refund of my 5200+ dollars today but have not heard back. It’s a shame , I believed when I purchased these weapons that Red Jacket was a small reputable company with a good product , run by good people……Since I never got the guns I can’t comment on the product but it’s to bad about the people.

  142. I am a partial FFL heolder and I just have to say that sons of guns is a interesting show that has a good story, in addition to that the reason they create so many whacky guns is because its allowed in Louisiana and to stay in business, if you dont like the guns, dont buy them, if you dont like the show, dont watch it, that simple, its suprizing that so many idiots can form a online militia against a single show with a chat thats 3 miles long, seriously people, its not like your being force fed garbage, flip the @#*& channel.

  143. I am a partial FFL holder and I just have to say that sons of guns is a interesting show that has a good story, in addition to that the reason they create so many whacky guns is because its allowed in Louisiana and to stay in business, if you dont like the guns, dont buy them, if you dont like the show, dont watch it, that simple, its suprizing that so many idiots can form a online militia against a single show with a chat thats 3 miles long, seriously people, its not like your being force fed garbage, flip the @#*& channel.

      • there is alot of idiots in the world that need be set straight, that’s what RAZOR does, in addition to that, you fired your bull$hit cannons first, RAZOR was simply retaliating.

        and yes, RAZOR does third person on purpose.


  144. I agree, the best thing the series does is showing that guns are tools and that there is nothing bad about them. According to a t-shirt print, I last saw, “guns don’t kill people, Dads with daughters do…”…
    The thing that I find annoying is that they 99% of the time play around with things that the normal citizen cannot legally own or cannot afford to own.

    • well you got to realize is that Louisiana is lucky enough to have gun laws that allow some fully auto guns (with MANY restrictions) as to how they afford such weapons is not something RAZOR can explain

  145. If there is something you want there is always local talent and independent private dealers. I’ve dealt with one in particular here in Indiana for 20+ years. (Ed Hirschy). Support your local dealers and businesses. There is something to be said for customer loyalty. I won’t just walk into any gun store except for window shopping.

  146. i have to admit i liked the show up until they started mounting machine guns and grenade launchers in police helicopters and boats,i mean,wtf is wrong with these people!! does any domestic law enforcement agency really need mini guns and grenade launchers???? i guess there own people must have felt the same as it seems they’ve all quit or gotten fired. oh and don’t even get me started on how retarded a tazer mounted to a shotgun is…..”i can choose to taze you, or blow a hole the size of a football into your chest” lol anytime a police officer has to deployed a shotgun, a tazer has zero chance of actually being used. seems like red jacket is happy to expedite the full on police state that’s coming, i was going to buy something from them but after realizing that there a bunch of idiots and reading that a guy had to wait for over a year to get a firearms he had ordered through them i decided my money would be best spent elswhere…im actually getting more pissed about red jacket the more type this rant lol.

    • Seriously? Have we devolved to the point that you’re going to make fun of the way someone looks because you don’t like the show? I’m sure you’re a real prize but the rest of us have our flaws. I pity you.

  147. Say … I think you all need to get over it and on with your lives…. throwing stones here…for what ? To just get you to say something? Who cares if the sheriff wants a certain weaponry! If they can do it and they have the skill set to build it….let them do it! It s not RJF fault. they are just a business that seems to be able to market themselves. If you don’t like it…… don’t go there! Go and watch something else. Your words are not going to make them stop. There are Gunsmiths everywhere… Id love to see more of them actually. Picking on someones teeth does what? Shine a light on yours? Are you that much better! Obviously you all are not thinking business… if you can better…let see it! How many times have you crossed a line with the law. I bet you… they did not intend to do so… or made a stupid mistake… . Have you ever made a dumb decision? I confess I have… Time to spend your time being positive versus taking your pointy little fingers finding the faults in all. Go make your own show!

  148. listen all you idiots can bithc and moan all you want will steph and all the team have a business they do the work that nobody can for christ sake it is not just firearms they build things that the customer asks for its a buisness leave it alone they are good people let them do their buisness their making a living leave it be

  149. what is it the anti gun idiots?
    bitching about the firearams they sell?they are licenced to sell/trade any type of firearm i give credit where credit is due they have a good business and if anyone is trying to upset that than you should reconfigure your thoughts. rember guns dont kill people its what is in the mind behind the trigger that does

  150. i’m new 2 computers and consider myself old school. i think the girls in gunsmoke are hot. red jacket should loose their license just like elliots smallarms near new orleans. i dont like it that bushmaster is considering selling off their xm-15 division due to the school shooting. i dont miss sons of guns! my gun count is over 400.

  151. Whaaaa! what a bunch of gun snob haters posting here. Gun laws only take away lawful citizens’ freedoms. If you want to point blame, look at the anti-gun law makers who have put such strict laws on our right to bear arms. Ffl should not even exist! The bad guys don’t care about laws and regulations of autos, cans, sbr’s etc, why should non criminals be at a disadvantage?

  152. Ffl should not even exist! The bad guys don’t care about laws and regulations of autos, cans, sbr’s etc, why should non criminals be at a disadvantage?

  153. i didn’t care much for these idiots. if i worked for that dude i’d have punched his lights out. i cannot stand loudmouths that demand respect but never give it. that would’ve made a great last show!

  154. Great show. To all the nay sayers. I say go F your selves. The 2nd Amendment was put in place for a good reason. Keep a tyrant government from taking over. That is exactly what is happening now. These folks are working to help law enforcement, and individuals protect themselves from the lawless members of society. Criminals will get guns. THEY ARE CRIMINALS. They don’t care about laws. If you disarm law abiding citizens of this country, you open up the flood gates from criminals. I support RJF. People make mistakes. In time, they can be overcome, and explained. Mr. Will, If you read this, please respond. I would love to have you and members of your team come out to our shooting competition and see that, so called rednecks and idiots, can have a responsible and enjoyable time shooting guns. Have a fun family outing and show that not every redneck is a reckless idiot. Lets have some fun. I also invite your counterpart in
    Denver, Mr. Rich, and his family to join us. Hell, invite Uncle Ted. Let’s show that not all firearms fans are backwoods morons. We love our guns and we love our county. We are the land of the free, not the land of government intervention. You can take our guns, just take them bullets first. If you can catch them all, then, you can have them. That is the only way you will get them. I will defend my rights to the bitter end. Mr. Will. You are someone I look up to. Fight to the bitter end. You will always have a champion in your corner.

    • Yeah yeah, but the show still consists of a bunch of idiots, we love our guns too, but who wants to watch the 3 stooges work on guns. I think you are missing the point, that everybody is trying to get across! Guns are great, I build guns too. But their show make me want to PUKE!

  155. tmz only posted that to stir the pot he never lost 10 guns and never lost ffl thats all for the show to add drama

  156. They are definatly a bunch of thieves. I purchased a stock over a year ago, order# 2636. Can’t get them to return a call or answer an e-mail. Won’t return the money. If the ATF won’t do something about them maybe I can get my attorney to do something.

  157. OMW you guys can rant about nothing, I am not a gun lover but I find the show interesing because of the gunmanship ironically, and I think if you have put into making a name for yourself and from scratch build a successful business, and it stands after the resessions that hit the world, like Will has done, then you should be proud, I am saddend that Will lost his FFL he has put so much into this passion of his, and as if certian other institutes never slipped up….Wel anyways he was good engough to get on discovery and I tell you I’d rather watch them doing something constructicve then watching all the other B’S like kourtney and kim,jerseylicious,chicacolicious, Real houswives of OC,or BH or whatever! so to all the num nuts here, if you have accomplished to the same standard as what Will has. where’s your discovery show….waiting….

    • You don’t know Sh#t from fat meat! Go watch General Hospital or something! You say you are not a gun lover, then what do you know about guns? Do you know what the business end of the gun is Luzanne? What is FFL? (Freakin Fat Luzanne)!

  158. Exactly!!! That dude “Kris” is a f—in turd. The show probably wouldn’t be that bad if they would get rid of that moron. Would of never touched my daughter my guns or my tools. Wil put a broom in his hand and put a muzzle on his mouth and don’t let twiddle dee and tweddle dumb make 60,000 dollar decision.

  159. Lived in Solothurn Switzerland for a Year.. Enjoyed the Episode on the Solothurn 20 mm anti-Tank Cannon..Swiss Quality !!

  160. There are a lot of stupid people out there in this world, and I am one of them because I like the show! I would even buy a gun from them, because I need another wall hanger that doesn’t work!

    • Well if you want a wall hanger you plenty to choose from. May I recommend their world reknown AR15 clone that they tested in the desert that failed miserably due to a buffer. LOL

      • I have one of their ZK-22 and Joe even signed it. To make a long story short I bought an Archangel Nomad and swapped out the Ruger 10/22. Now at lest I can put lead downrange.

        • It was innocently sabotaged by one of the expert gunsmiths (sic). The original hydraulic buffer was replaced with a non-hydraulic buffer in the shop. This according to Will Hayden-USMC made the desert wonder weapon not function in full auto. I’m not sure who writes this stuff. If Will Hayden-USMC writes this garbage then he has no knowledge on how the AR15/M16 operates. If he is just the mouth piece for the show then again he’s just another Hollywood actor. But I forget that the show is designed for people who are not familiar with firearms, 14 year old boys and/or those with 14 year old mentalities. My teenage boys as they got older grew out of the show just like they grew out of Barney when they were about 7 or 8. I had to watch it all with them.

  161. all you fools go on about will and rjf. what about vince the snake.he only worked at rjf to be on the he could end up opening his own shop. thats why he messed up the ar build. not kris. vince is a seasoned would he miss anything on that build. what a sh*&* head

    • Sounds like we have a Kris lover on our hands! I really didn’t think, there was anyone in this world that was, that stupid!! Wake up Paul, and get your head out of your rump! It has to be mighty dark up there! Why don’t you order a firearm from them, that Kris built? Then tell me how great RFJ is, and your hero Kris Ford!

  162. Watched the show last night 6-7-2013, the impression I got was RJF was pulling the plug or thats what the show wants us to beleive. This is my first visit to this forum and I have read some interesting posts. I always thought Kris was on something, half the time his eyes aren’t even open far enough to se what he’s doing. Lots of complaints about products ordered but not received. Anybody know if they shut down.

  163. hate to break it to you morons that believe this, however this is an old situation that had happened way before the show started. People also do not understand that filming is done 6 months before the show actually airs. For those griping and complaining about waiting on stuff… maybe if you cancel the order you can get whatever it is you are waiting for elsewhere, but keep in mind that when our lovely president scared the crap out of people saying he was banning fire arms all of america went ape shit and ordered shit at the same time… Red Jacket produces and makes their own stuff and are months behind on getting orders out. This can happen to any family based business EVERYONE is catching up on stuff after the so called gun ban was going to happen. IF they were in this much trouble and their license were pulled, they would not be able to sell ANYTHING and the shop would completely be closed down which its NOT!! THose of you that think they know everything and how the shop operates and what goes on in the shop from day to day bases are the ones that are clueless…

  164. I live half way around the World.
    Even i know that the whole of the Southern Border from Baja to Miami is a drug delivery point; come on guys, did you miss the professionally build drug submarines news item?
    I am enjoying the progams that i get to see, and it includes Sons of Guns; i really am Not interest in the drama side, i want to see some ideas, some building, a good demo, and enjoy the big bangs!
    Why not have visitors plonk a target, “put a star on a low price car=gun”, now that will be an interesting target record. With an accurate basic gun , not too near.
    I was really surprised at the painted machine guns. Pink! can you believe it!Pink?
    Yellow, etc. the metalic blue liked good; the white looked like the United Nations issue!

  165. I just had to see why this was the top visited article.. Apparently it has nothing to do with the article and everything to do with all the bickering in the comments.

  166. Hi Guys & Gals

    We are seeing this show in South Africa. If this is as bad as all is saying, Why is Discovery a well respected organization involved with RJF?

    Is the Feds having double standards by letting RJF operate in the way they do?

    RJF what are you doing regarding these accusations?

    From a pro arm enthusiast and supporter of doing things right and safe

    South Africa

  167. I can’t stand the show and the people on it even less. The truth is out Will. Bummer. Will you ever be able to save enough now to buy Stephanie a chin?
    Good riddance.

  168. you hall taik about rjf, like are bad gus.some poeple have no right to talk. yopu all talk about guns and the show. when in readalaty oyu don’t. i am a canadian, you what to talk gun law. ttry ours. TO SEE what gun lawa are. like, if you do like r j f don’t watch ity.

      • LOL i so love reading all this old English, seeing how words are spelt the way you say it, so glad im over the pond, but carry on its so much fun, hate rjf as yours the only country that allows guns, ready for them dam Commies or Zombies lol, its so great that Zombies only hang out in the usa, cant wait for part 5 walking dead though…

    • Sorry Saipan, this doesn’t prove jack.

      The BBB has been proven to be a shakedown scam. If you don’t pay them a fee, you’re not Accredited. If you pay them a much larger yearly fee, you can get a AAA rating. I know this having been approached as a business owner. You can also make some negative complaints go away by again, paying a fee. Also most people don’t realize this, but the BBB founded in 1912 is NOT a government agency or organization (Probably explains why they’ve been so successful for so long).

  169. this is one of the STUPIDEST shows ever. those MORON’S at red jacket must be related to those retards over at ” FINDING BOOTFOOT”. before you can work at red jacket you must take a aptitude test to see if your STUPID enough to work there. also you must take a genealogy test to make sure your family tree doesn’t have more then 3 branches. Will is the biggest ass i’ve ever seen. Stephanie is a biscuit away from looking like Roseanne Barr or Rosie O’donnell, she’s already fattened up her retarded Gomer Pyle looking husband. with any luck they will blow themselves up at the end of their show.

    • A: Really?

      B: In what way does your rhetoric provide us with any useful information on the subject at hand


      C: Turn the channel I’m sure they won’t miss you. I however will continue to watch.

  170. Well, in all honesty…………. are we here to check spelling or …?

    The show, like it or not, it’s all up to you.

    I have worked in the gun industry for more than 37 years and I have to say that most of the stuff they try to tell you on the show (imho) is very old news or just as useless as a hole in your forehead.

    If someone tries to tell you that they can modify an AK47 to have 1000+ yards accuracy, it will never happen regardless what barrel they put on it or what color they paint it, it will still be a cheap piece of Warsaw Pact hardware that can be turned out in huge quantities in no time at a very low cost and that was the main objective when that gun first saw the light of day.

    Vincent (again imho) is the only the skilled person on the show the rest is a bunch of self taught persons who have a lot of wet dreams about firearms.

    On the other hand, loosing ten firearms from inventory tells you something about their book keeping skills !


  172. Anyone who says Red Jacket sucks can go to Hell. When is the last time somebody made an internal improvement to the M16,let’s see…. back when Colt made the A2. The U.S. Army should stop using the piece of shit A3 and go with RJ’s AR that they made. Also I haven’t seen Will put anybody down unless if it was for their own good. Not only did RJ make superb firearms but they were a family company. May I also mention that women’s protection wasn’t really a field before RJ.”Im a vet from Iraq and those gun ships were used a lot by some of the private contractors over there. As for police using them, just the swat teams. Again hillbillies pretending to be gun experts. As far as the daughter being hot, make up works miracles..hahaha.”-Rick, Well Rick FUCKING get over it. You should know by now that PMC’s are going to get all the good stuff because the U.S is too fucking cheap, again look at the piece of M16A3. If it came to it the average PMC squad would kick a U.S military unit’s ass.

  173. The best part about this comments thread is that the overwhelmingly majority of RJF defenders appear to be barely literate. Proof that it’s a show by morons, for morons.

    Seriously. If you like this show and this company, you’re a moron. QED.

  174. Well, I don’t know about you guys but for me this is one of the best shows on the air waves. Living in New York and all the “Anti” that live and rule in this state, I say keep up the GOOD work RJF.

  175. The Discovery Chanel is bringing these horrible idiots back in 2014. There is something to be said of the Discovery channel’s quality control. Red Jacket is am organization run by a fool of a man and a skank of a daughter. I actually watched the daughter tell a potential customer the M1 Carbine was NEVER DEVELOPED UNTIL THE VIETNAM WAR… These people offer nothing but a view or ignorance within the gun community. This guy thinks he’s in with the Spec Ops community because he was taken to some back lot to have a look at a rifle. He couldn’t fill the magazines of an operator in country. Have a look at their current web site, they offer crab at GOLD prices.

  176. I am seriously blown away. This is the longest conversation thread I have seen. Props to those who still are able to talk about this, I suppose. I thought the show was ok for entertainment purposes only. However, if they are coming back with another season, its seems pretty obvious that they are still making ratings. It could be said that money makes the world go ’round and possibly, that is why they are still on television. Some of the comments that I read makes me lose all faith in our education systems. I am a redneck, through and through. I chew tobacco, love my confederate flag, listen to country music, hunt with my AR15, noodle and get rowdy on the weekends. But I can still spell and punctuate for the most part. So lets not go grouping rednecks into a stereotype. I am also a vet, having fought in Afghanistan and being one of the lucky ones that got to come home. With that being said, I am ashamed at some of the responses that a few vets have posted on here. But they posted those more than a year and in some cases two years ago. So, I wont beat a dead horse. Needless to say, y’all, the show is what it is. Its entertainment. Just like wrestling, the cooking reality shows, american idol, etc. Its all BS and is most certainly scripted in most, if not all, of the situations. Thanks for your time, and God Bless.

    • Is this stupid show still on? I thought by now most had grown out of it like Barney, the Power Puff Girls and the Tiny Tubbies. Oh wait there’s more pre-adolescents boys out there.

  177. Nobody on here will have to pay for RJF sins if there are any but we will answer for passing judgement.
    I was actually looking for a gun part when I stumbled on this mess. I wish I wouldn’t have but I have learned something. I worry more about who voted for Obama not once but twice. Talk about a lie ! He leads our country and that’s more terrifying than RJF and tv. Everyone does wrong like cheating on their wife,smoking crack,stealing from work place etc.
    They could make any of us look bad if they had us on tv. Well happy trails and rednecks when a bomb hits the cities and they come looking for food,give it to them for they know not what they say!

  178. I personally like the show a lot, my dad and my sons all watch it. I am just saying that if I had a FFL and knew they were in trouble I would have offered to help them! When they got stuck with all of those Socom”s if I would have had the $90,000 I would have bought every last one of them. when I win the lottery god willing i will be stopping by at RJF and dropping off my list of guns that i want, and to all those who are bitching and whining how well is your personally owned and family operated business that is televised doing…………. oh that right you don’t have one, so go back to watching LMN with your wives unless they give you permission to watch something a little bit more manly like Hallmark. this is just one Swamp Dawgs thoughts

  179. Shows great just because it’s from the south doesn’t mean it’s dumb rednecks. It seems like people in this country hate all different types of people whether from the north the south the east or the west everybody has a complaint. This show is perfect for showcasing dream guns, also how would all these armchair quarterbacks know their full safety procedures. You’re watching a show that has been edited from hours of film it doesn’t show every single minute of every single thing they do. Some people are so quick to show their ignorance.

  180. Saw the March 28, 2014 show about the Bernelli shotgun builds last night.
    Have some questions to ponder.

    1) If you have the CNC machine already programmed — why not just mill out another muzzle brake while working on the auto version’s trigger?, had plenty of time. Why wouldn’t you want to give the Bernelli reps both guns at their “best”? Please not another fake deadline — it represents your fine employees and shop to be inept.

    2) Did anyone ever see the Bernelli Pro Shooter “hold down” the trigger on the full auto version shotgun?
    I only saw him operate it like the semi-automatic ((as habit ?) pulling the trigger for every shot) — which was nearly as fast.

    3) What does the blowing up of a van have to do with truly showing the added performance of your modifications?
    Why not setup a shot-counter and other measuring devices to get some real numerical data. Don’t dazzle them with lights and glitter — if you can dazzle them with the facts?

    And the “raid” on the zombie trailer, that just made the Bernelli Pro Shooter look stupid, I have lost respect for the Bernelli brand and him.

    I realize this season’s episodes are already in the can, but please stop with all the MOJO pyrotechnic explosions — its ignorant. Have some pride in the products you produce and truly feature them, not all the smoke and mirrors routines — it demeans and undermines your brand and shop.

  181. I hope Will learned something and he treats Joe better than he did his predecessor. If so, RJF will make it. If not, they might fold.

  182. The Red Jacket situation is not much different from an armored truck company. If you’re entrusted to carry millions of dollars, and a thousand goes unaccounted for, you can’t just say “a dog ate it.” and expect to stay in business.

    As a gun manufacturer, 10 serial numbers were unaccounted for, and that’s unacceptable for a firearm manufacturer. The ATF had no choice but to pull the license, otherwise they would be useless as a government agency. It doesn’t matter who has millions of fans. That doesn’t change the facts.

    Some would say that making a deal with Will Hayden and allowing him to carry on as usual with the company in someone else’s name made the whole exercise meaningless. They may be right.

  183. when vince left,,i left,,now u have dumb and dummer steph,,and her idiot husband chris,,he acts like a little girl and cant even sweep the floor right,,so,,im done,,and like will said on one eposode,dont u wish u were me??no will,,u suck and the rest of u suck,,

  184. I can’t believe the rude and demeaning remarks some of you ” men ” wrote about Stephanie, she’s done nothing to any of you, but you call her slandering names. What if she were your sister…mother or another female that is important in your life that you would die or kill for to defend her reputation ? I’m a RED NECK and Vietnam Vet and damn proud of my Country, Old Glory, being Southern-born and my Rights to Bear Arms. If you don’t like the show, you probably have 315 other channels you could turn to. Most of the comments posted sound like they come from Kool Aid drinkin’, glassy-eyed, liberals and haters that have nothing better to do than sling mud ( I cleaned it up a bit…I live in cattle-country and we call it BULLSHIT ) at people , in this case RJF, tryin’ to make a livin’ in this economy thats almost bellied-up because of obama and his cronies in charge.And if you are like that blackrock or blackstone…you’re thinking with the wrong head ! And like most of the haters here, you’re probably holding onto the wrong head pissing in the toilet !

  185. You ever know that Kris has got extreamly fat and his fingernails are long like a girls. He should probaly paint them. I think they get paid too much money making the show and that building the guns is not that important to them. The only reason Will keeps Kris at the Job is cause he is married to the daughter unless that is just staged too. Kris needs to stop drinking on the job and smoking weed behind the dumpster and show a good example. He needs to shave and brush his teeth and trim those falcon claws he’s got on his hands and be a leader not a follower. Flem and Vince where the 2 best gunsmiths they had. They where probaly greaing them up so they could get their hands on their FFL licences and they said we are out of here….

  186. Yeah ,for real. I can’t believe they got a t.v. Show considering their less than stellar reputation they seem to be getting from people that dealt with them. And what’s up with the daughters ( whatever her name is) snaggleteeth, they were getting annoying to look at.

  187. That guy Kris is a total Meth head. Thats why all the guns never work the 1st time or the 2nd time. You got people like Kris smoking Meth and trying to put guns together. It just dont work ….. Just like like John Matrix said above. Snaggletooth needs to leave that guy cause he sucking the life from the show. That dude needs rehab

  188. That was Funny Shotgun. You hit the nail right on the Head. That guy looks like a Wine-O that sleeps on a bus bench. He probaly wakes up covered in News papers and Crawls on of the Dumpster of his shop and goes to work ( or pretends he works ).. Stephanie probaly throws the left over dounuts in Kris’s house ( Dumpster Behind Shop) . Because he knows nothing about guns and he looks as if he Sniffs Glue in the Parking Lot all the time. He is a bum and needs to be fired period ………….

  189. If you have said crap about red jacket I would love to see you try to do what they do. If you even know which way the barrel points

    • Hey Conner. I live to see you eat that Barrel. And when you do, you better save enough room in your stomach cause i am going to ram my fist down your throat and brake your God Damn Spine !!!!!

  190. I heard that Kris was all geeked up on Meth at this little Diner around the shop. That when the waitress didn’t serve his food on time he threw a hot cup of coffee in her face. He may be looking a jail time for that. Also shotgun was Absulutly right . His nails are like a 1 inch of his fingers. I saw that crazy shit on the last episode. He looked like he just to a bath in the swamp.

  191. Everyone thinks that just because you have a reality show you become an expert in something that validates you above everyone else in that profession. If that were the case the kardashians would be labeled geniuses and not jackasses. I’ve been in the gun business for 20 years and these sons of guns guys don’t have a clue. I’ve been building guns from scratch since I was 5 years old. So don’t try to bullshit me. I don’t play that game.

  192. You are right Mr. Benedict. I too have also been in the gun buisness for 2 decades. The way they bring these unworking firearms to the course and jerry rigging them at the last minute to funtion is Unprofesstional. Which client would want to buy a gun that out of spec and used a Mig Welder at the last minute to make it work. That is why there guns get shipped back to them all the time. Their using grinders when they should be using small metal files to agjust things. Keep this Post going. I also like what Shotgun said earlier.. That guy Kris is Bad News. I heard that guy slept with his Sister. WHAAAATTT !!!!

  193. Of course, of course, of course …. That explains why stephanie has those things on her lips. Cole Sores she got them from Kris genetals.. They did not tell you that on T.V did they.. From that Meth house they got going behind the warehouse. Cant beleive the police has not done nothing about it.. If i was Will i would just go burn it down. Its only 100 yards from his shop… I guess thats how he pays his employess.. WITH METH …….. Hey it cuts down on over head cost.. And employees work longer hours on that shit !!! Help a Meth Head !! Buy a Red Jacket Firearm

  194. Redneck is a badge of honor that says I am the second amendment .That’s the bedrock of freedom. YOUR WELCOME


    Well for $16,500, i can buy the coolest ATC-250r,quadzilla,BANSHEE with nitrous and every mod to make it GLAMIS sand dune worthy, with money left over to buy a high end PRECISION CUSTOM 1911,a few GLOCKS,AR/M-4,m9/92fs,M-14,M1 and have much more fun and not be laughed at in the process..

    • What are you taking about dude.. You going to gets Warts from Stephanie no matter what ATC Quadzillia you buy.. Please Read Shotguns message on April 12th 2014 for more details….

  196. I think that everything typed made a lot of sense. However, what about this?
    suppose you wrote a catchier post title? I am not suggesting your information is not solid., however suppose you added something that
    makes people desire more? I mean Oops: Red Jacket Firearms Loses
    Their FFL | The Truth About Guns is kinda plain. You ought
    to glance at Yahoo’s home page and see how they create news titles to grab people to click.

    You might add a related video or a pic or two to grab people interested about everything’ve written.
    In my opinion, it could bring your website a little bit more

  197. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the best websites on the internet.
    I am going to highly recommend this blog!

  198. My goodness….to think that the people who criticize this show have forgotten how to change channels.
    There are many shows on TV which I choose not to watch but others may enjoy watching. So be it.
    What concerns me is the lack of integrity and education some commenters reflect. They breed! They vote! Isn’t that enough or must they bray too?

    • The comments are all true. i was on set a few times. Their blowing lines in their cars and Huffing car nitris . You need to be their to beleive it. You must live in Kansas city then. Cause you ain’t see nothing yet ……..

  199. Anal Probe or Not. This is a crazy ass Blog.. I bet Stephanie probably would like a Black Anal Probe if they make it. I bet her boyfriend Kris probaly likes that too from all the Meth they smoke at gay night clubs they hang out at. All Kris talked about at the Club Tech is where is the MOLLYS so i can Wig out…

  200. I don’t know much about guns and found the show interesting at first. But after awhile, it seemed like they just put silencers on everything or slap a bunch of guns together. Not really a lot of customizing or gunsmithing from what I can tell. Then they get very self-congratulatory. As others posting about haters being able to change the channel… and so I have…. Haven’t watched this show in years. Kind of disappointed it seemed to be back on the air.

    • I believe you. I can tell you’ve seen the show. It didn’t take me long to get sick and tired of William’s foul temper and lousy attitude.