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  1. Santa demands that the title should read:

    “Christmas Weekend Photo Caption Contest.”

    He has the firepower to make it happen, apparently.

    • That’s a 240, not a 249.

      My son carried a 249 in Iraq & should know.

      But it’s an awesome coal delivery system for bad boys…

  2. Who’s been very naughty? I see you behind that hill. The next time you fire a RPG at my sleigh I’m calling in an airstrike.

  3. And laying his finger just under his nose
    And giving a nod, from his fox hole he rose.
    As he sprang up to slay, to his team gave a yell,
    And they all went full-auto, Santa’s helpers from hell:
    But I heard him exclaim, and all doubters relieve-
    ‘Happy Christmas to all, NOW I bet you believe!’

    • Mike,
      ‘K, I’ll go with the “Jesus with the AK” being sacrilegious. I agree with you there.

      But – given that “Santa Claus” is disassociated in the USA with Saint Nickolaus, and is instead a secular symbol not a sacred, I cannot agree that this is sacrilegious nor blasphemous.

      Don’t know the story behind the photo, but I ‘spect it was a case like that of 40 Commando, who were having their Christmas Eve service when the pagan Taliban decided to attack.
      cf: for more info.

  4. Santa‚Äôs response only moments after the helicopter in which he was flying–painted like a sleigh and still filled with undelivered presents–was downed by small-arms groundfire.


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