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Word comes from Robert Bianchin of Cabot Guns of a new high end heater they’ll be introducing at SHOT. Called the National Standard and inspired by guns Tiffany (yes, Tiffany) made a few decades back, you’re not likely to see anyone pumping out 230 gr. ball with one of these babies at the the range. Here’s the skinny…

The National Standard deluxe is a 420 stainless steel that is hand polished to a 2 micron finish (the highest possible) and you could easily mistake the end result as chrome.  It almost looks like a mirror.  This model will also feature an innovation we are calling Thompson trigger.  Rather than a flat front pad it is both rounded and gnurled (difficult to see on the attached photo). The ergonomic feel to the touch is quite unique. We also skeletonized the trigger with stars rather than simple round holes.

This will be an investment grade pistol which will have mammoth ivory grips and a new front we have designed which will be called the Rozic blind sight which is seamlessly integrated into the receiver from the front of the slide rather than staked from the top and finished with a gold dot.  A standard  National Standard model will also be available which has more typical stainless finish.

The National Standard will be available in both right and left hand models. It is likely the pistol set with a left and right will be fit for collection at the highest level.

Actual ivory? Probably not. And that looks like a pretty aggressively textured fore-grip. Anyway, all we have is Bob’s cell phone pic (above) now, but will share the beauty shots as soon as we get ’em. They’ll also be debuting a truly left-handed gun they’ll be calling (oddly enough) the South Paw. More on that when available, too.

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  1. Truly left handed? Like mirror image left handed? Pins and all? That might be kinda cool even if totally unnecessary. As a lefty, the only control that isn’t actually easier to work lefty v righty is the safety. I find it much easier to use my trigger finger to drop the mag and work the slide stop than I do my thumb. And as long as the brass doesn’t go down the front of my shirt like the original M16s, I could care less about the ejection port.

  2. I’m sorry, but 2 microns is not the finest you can go. There are several readily accessible .5 and .25 micron pastes that can be used for finish buffing steels. Are they necessary? No. But possible.

  3. If they use real mammoth ivory, as in Woolly Mammoth from the holocene and earlier epochs, they can probably get around CITES since the ivory would be from an extinct species. I’ll definitely pick up a pair for my “go to” guns during the coming ice age.

  4. Just what world needs an art grade 1911. I bet El Presidente Hugo Chavez will be first in line. I await the Fueher’s opinion.

    • Anyone that complains that they can’t do the “El Presidente drill” well because their “gun isn’t good enough” will have no excuses left after getting this pistol.

    • It’s both, but then you knew that.

      It’s a pretty neato/cool idea, and I really like the idea of mixing 21st century materials and craftsmanship with fossils to produce something unique. That said, it’s art and a safe queen. If Indiana Johns were to trade in his Webley, this is the gun he’d carry.

  5. Screw my earlier plans to send $5K to the Children’s World Hunger Fund. This $5K Jonesy has to be bought and owned. Heck, kids are obese these days and need to diet.

  6. For that kind of money I’d get that Wildey .475 Magnum 10″ barrel I’ve always wanted then I’d top it off with a brand new Shiloh-Sharps 1874 Sharps Buffalo Quigley in .45-110. I’d gladly spend way more time loading for and shooting that Sharps than any modern long range rifle and relish the challenge of developing various loads for the Wildey. Pragmatically I think the Wildey and Sharps would keep more value than yet another, albeit super fine, 1911. I love my 1911 but the thought of dumping that kind of cash on one pistol, especially hoping for a return on investment, seems silly. Maybe its because I’ve always been financially challenged and only buy guns I intend to shoot the shit out of.

  7. Yes, but can it knock a man on his @ss at 400 yards like a Karl Lippard? If not, you can keep it. (c’mon, someone had to do it) 🙂

  8. My guess is the thing won’t feed JHP reliably. Then it’ll get a reputation for small-parts breakage. It ain’t gonna be light enough to carry in a purse and jeez no man is going to want to be seen with one. Sure enough, though, there will be one guy who takes it to IDPA and the gnurling on the trigger will have him bleeding before the third stage. And it DOES look like chrome so as a carry item it’s kind of iffy: As Chris Rock said, “So many people dressin’ hip hop and wearin’ their pants sagged. Yeah, it’s cool now to be black now. Cool right up until the cops come.” Stud it with a few diamonds and send it south with the next Fast and Furious load. Gonna be a hit!

    • I just ordered my national standard deluxe today. I have actually held one and have seen the trigger. The gnarling on the trigger is not enough to rip up your fingers. You could shoot this all day and wouldn’t have a problem

  9. “It ain’t gonna be light enough to carry in a purse and jeez no man is going to want to be seen with one.”

    I for one would like to be seen with it. Why not? But at these prices it’ll never happen. And why would such a gun have a reputation for small parts breakage? Where did that one come from?

  10. I call it Orange County Pistols… I like the (STAR) trigger… looks like someone has some good EDM programming experience. Working with (chatter)420 Stainless… speeds and feeds baby; would love to see the chips flying on that stuff. Not many shops have the proper equipment to start shaping into that material… Great work!

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