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Rapper Kodak Black’s lawyer suggested there are “two tiers of justice” on Tuesday after Hunter Biden received no prison time and no felony convictions for the same federal weapons crime that stuck the rapper with a sentence of three years in federal prison.

“Kodak was charged for the same crime. Got over 3 years,” Bradford Cohen, a Florida-based criminal attorney, wrote in an Instagram post. “Mr. Biden will not serve a day. Feels right? Do FBI agents and federal authorities take cases personally?”

Biden and Black were both charged with possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance. Black—then 22 years old with prior convictions—was sentenced to over three years in federal prison but was pardoned by then-president Donald Trump the day before President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Hunter Biden struck a plea deal with the Justice Department Tuesday on two counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax and agreed to a pretrial diversion agreement on his gun charge.

— Washington Free Beacon in Lawyer for Rapper Kodak Black Complains Client Got 3 Years for Hunter Biden’s Gun Crime

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  1. I’m sure Kodak black like most black people are voting Democrat. So why is he surprised???
    And why are so many other black folks surprised? When the democrats and Biden disappoint them?

    Perhaps because there is a mental illness in black people. Because doing the same thing over and over again. And expecting a different result is a definition of insanity correct?

    But that definition does apply to a lot of American voters.

    • Well don’t be so quick to blame gullible Blacks for voting democRat when you have bigots on this forum ready to categorize Black Americans at the drop of a hat. Like when a range owner, his wife and their grandson were murdered close to Atlanta. The finger pointing on this forum was close to a cross burning klan meeting. The perp turned out to be white as rice and not a beep of an apology was heard from the knee jerk finger pointing bigoted white trash who permeate this forum.

      • Actually it was President Lyndon Johnson who said he would have those N words voting for Democrats for the next 200 years. Not because of the voting rights act passage. But because Johnson signed the war on poverty program. Which replaced the black father with a government welfare check. And the Democrats have been bribing Black people or anyone else ever since. Using the welfare industrial complex

        • Yep, and some people online have been calling it out for years. And they have been cancelled by youtube and other platforms because you can’t tell the truth.

          Just like google/facebook/twitter said people were lying about the Hunter Biden laptop, people were lying about the Wuhan Lab leak, people were lying about the Steele dossier, people were lying about Hillary violating many federal laws, etc. All of them were true, every single one. Yet people were “canceled” because they were spreading misinformation, even though it was google/facebook/twitter that was spreading the misinformation.

      • To Debbie W.
        I have news for you. It was Colonel Jeff Cooper who served with people of all skin colors in the US military. Who said the best way to solve the crime problem of the inner city, is to give the residents guns. This way they could solve their own problems. And it is unfortunate that the Democrats, and some members of the “gun community”, don’t want to follow Colonel Cooper’s advice. Instead they would prefer to use a government solution.

        As far this range owner goes. Who is suspected of murdering people. We have covered many stories on TTAG about People who turn out to be criminals who owned guns. And the white pr0gressives who are always screaming the loudest about racism. They are also the ones who are the loudest about not wanting the black residents to have guns.

      • Most blacks vote democrat and they cant even tell you why they do… when You ask them why the say “republicans are rayciss”.. as for cross burning you don’t know anything about that, but I bet you’ve seen it on TV…stfu!

        • Actually white liberal democrats have a long history of, in their own words, supporting cross burnings. Including their support for The burning of crosses on the private property of black people.

          I’m sure people are surprised reading me saying that. Now go look up the court cases. The ACLU is quite proud of supporting the burning of crosses on the private property of black people.

          The ACLU has never supported the Bill of Rights. But they do support protesting at military recruiting centers. And of course, they support the burning of the cross and the burning of the American Flag.

          But they have never supported protests at abortion clinics. And they have never supported the 2nd amendment. They have publicly said only the government has the right to guns.

      • Debbie, you are right. We are our own worst enemy by racializing the debate.

        Every one of us needs help of one kind or another. The constituents of the Democrat Party (AKA, “THE Party”) are most acutely in need of a broad range of help. Let’s reach out a hand of friendship, empathy, understanding and the kinds of help that could make their lives better, rather than worse.

        School choice is one place to begin. Re-funding the police to patrol their communities. Vigorous criminal justice for violent criminals and a reappraisal of the War on Drugs which was a War on Blacks and Hippies who were political enemies of Nixon.

        • I gather from his remarks that Mark in PA voted for Fetterman. For Mark’s edification, the war on drugs started back as soon as the ink was dry on the repeal of prohibition of alcohol sales. Prior to that time one could purchase drugs in (drum roll please) DRUG STORES! Whodda thunk? One could purchase opium, cocaine (Coca Cola used to contain cocaine. That’s what made the pause that refreshes. Marijuana wasn’t that popular, but I am confident it was available in certain drug stores. Even when my kids were small one could purchase Hadacol with codeine, a very effective cough medicine. When my kids were teething we purchased tincture of paregoric to rub on their gums. It was quite effective in easing the pain of teething. One of the most prescribed medicines in the U.S. service when I was on active duty was bismuth and paregoric. A very effective medicine in treating non-specific diarrhea. All of those used to be OTC. Try even getting a prescription for one of them today. It’s much easier to get top secret documents out of the Grey House on anyone’s laptop than it is to get a prescription for one of those effective drugs. Yeah, a helping hand is good to have but not a lifetime of handouts. Unfortunately, the War on Poverty established a lifetime on the dole and created a generational class of folks on the dole were generation after generation see living on the dole as some kind of sustainable life. Your philosophy sucks and is responsible for the misery that the dole recipients find themselves in. It’s a kind of dope that the dimokrauts keep their voters on.

  2. Because Trump is a hateful racist while a rich, powerful and white family of proud Democrats cares about the trod upon minorities who are routinely railroaded by the justice system.

    • Yep it’s all that President Trump’s fault. Who has been out of office for two now???

      • Who has been Out of office for two years now??? Didn’t President Trump pardon Kodak Black?

      • I thought it was all Bush’s fault. When did it switch to Trump? Did you overlook Barry “If You Like Your Doc You Can Keep Your Doc” Obammer? Or Joe (Fire Two Shots In The Air) Biden who is controlling the border so no terrorists can sneak across?

    • George Orwell reported on this way back in 1945. Every coupla’ years we can assign new faces to the farm animals, but the roles nevertheless remain the same.

  3. Lying on a 4473: 3 years in federal prison or a hand slap. Maybe Democrats are just racist. Wait, did I just write ‘maybe?’

      • I don’t like seat belts. Now will you please stop this harassment? I’m being triggered. I’m not sure what that means but I’m pretty sure it’s bad. Or something.

    • The Democrat party is the biggest racist group in the United States. They are just more sneaky and less overt about it today. The Democrat party basically founded racism in the US.

      • I was born and raised near Chicago. You don’t have to tell me how racist Democrats are. Ask Former Water Walker.

  4. I care about this rapper why? You got a pardon dude. IF the republicans ever get power Hunter may be in trouble again. Still🙄

    • I’ve seen the CNNs and MSNBCs say that Hunter *may* have violated some esoteric gun law that no one is familiar with, so it’s not his fault. No harm, no foul. Let him go.

      This tells you that the leftist media have zero idea what they are reporting on. They absolutely have no clue.

      • there were actually two more felony gun laws he violated too. Not a word about them.

        • So three in all? I may not be up on all the Hunter federal violations, but I am familiar with the lying about drugs one. Was he legal to carry when his dead brother’s wife who he was screwing threw his gun away? But that would be a state thing, not federal. I guess I don’t know all of his violations.

        • lied on the 4473, its a felony.

          he also lied to the FFL when he did that. its also a crime, a felony.

          he knew he was a prohibited person, yet still got and kept posession of the gun thus was a prohibited person in posesion which is also a felony.

          that’s not couting a fourth possible charge of trying to dispose of evidence he knew was part of a federal investigation.

          all of these are federal crimes.

        • @Danny Griffin

          18 U.S.C. Sec 924 – AND 18 U.S.C. Sec 922 (g), (n). Explained in video below.

      • They’re doing their job. They’re paid to be regime shills. They shepherd the regime drones.

  5. Well they had to let Hunter(accchtooie, bad taste) slide in court because if they didnt President Biden the greatest president America has ever had would have pardoned him and people would say negative things about the greatest president America has ever had.
    As for me I do not believe that Hunter(acchtooie) had his girlfriend put a gunm in a trash dumpster, it was fake news perpetuated by Trump and the Russians to make the Biden organization, I mean family, look bad.
    Our President Biden has an approval rating of 96% so making him look bad is out of the question, America loves their president and his awf spring.
    God save the Queen-
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride my bike
    Get down make love

    • “I want to ride my bicycle
      I want to ride my bike
      Get down make love”

      Doin’ it Possum-Style? 😉

  6. I dont really know anything about Kodiak Black, don’t know how he votes.

    But I do think he got a raw deal plain and simple. And the reason I think that is because of the way the DOJ operates in these cases, they operate in a manner to specifically make examples of the common folk instead of serving justice as they are suppose to do for all.

  7. Now compare and contrast the tax charges with Wesley Snipes. Hunter didn’t just avoid paying a couple hundred thousand in taxes. An IRS whistleblower said it was millions. The whistleblower said the IRS recommended felony charges.

    • Hunter didn’t just avoid paying a couple hundred thousand in taxes. An IRS whistleblower said it was millions. The whistleblower said the IRS recommended felony charges.

      When you receive millions of dollars of unreported income, you don’t just owe $200K.

  8. Instead of focusing on the 2 tiered justice system we need to focus on the fact that now hunter is an admitted and proven guilty dead beat dad, tax and gun control evador, and his father the president is proud of that. Every time you see a liberal you need to ask them why they support someone who is proud of a deadbeat dad and proud of a tax cheat. A vote for democrats is a vote against all the single moms. A vote for democrats is a vote for tax cheats and gun crime.

    But alas the feckless republicans will default to decorum and like charlie brown lining up to kick the ball be surprised when the dems pull dirty tricks in the face of their morals and honesty.

    Not sure which is worse, at least the dems stand for their own.

  9. A Timeline of Black’s Legal Troubles
    From The New York Times:

    October 2015: Arrest for kidnapping, battery, and other charges
    December 2015: Arrest for marijuana possession
    February 2016: Arrest for sexual battery
    April 2016: Arrest for weapons possession
    Feb 2017: Arrest for violating house arrest, assaulting bartender
    April/May 2017: Angry outburst, sentencing in house arrest violation
    January 2018: Arrest for weapons and drug possession, child neglect
    April/May 2019: Arrest for weapons possession Black and three others were apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents while trying to cross into Canada from New York. He was found with a Glock 9mm pistol and marijuana, less than a month later he was arrested on weapons charges in Miami
    November 2019: Federal prison sentencing
    January 2021: Trump sets Black free
    January 2022 arrested on New Year’s Day in Pompano Beach on a trespassing charge
    February 2022 shot in the leg in West Hollywood, California,
    July 2022: Broward arrest 31 oxy-co-done pills and more than $74,000 in cash
    February 2023 In the Broward painkiller pill case, allegedly violated his bail terms by failing to show up to a drug-test and later testing positive for fentanyl

    So yeah, one of these things is NOT like the other… One is a guy with political connections who took advantage of his family’s name to engage in illegal drug use financed by selling his father’s influence to the highest bidder and avoiding arrest and jail time because of WHO (not what) he is, the other is a regular guy who did stupid shit, got caught and continued to do stupid shit even after being arrested numerous times AND pardoned by then POTUS Trump, but the jail time for HIS gun charge appeared to be due to his prior criminal history (he actually only served about 13 months) not the color of his skin in fact, the federal charge arose from an instance in which the rapper allegedly lied about the status of his criminal cases when he filled out official paperwork for a gun purchase.

    • but still, lying on the 4473 is the same thing Hunter did and Kodak was convicted for. Hunter gets the legal equivalent of ‘bad boy, go stand in the corner for a while and it will be forgotten’ and Kodak gets prison time – for the same charge.

      Not defending Kodak and he probably needs to be in prison…but the difference in penalty here on the lying on the 4473 can’t simply be ignored especially when the DOJ prosecuted others for lying on the 4473 about drug use and sends them to prison and they had no prior criminal record.

      • Didn’t say it was right, there are several individuals (Black AND White) doing time over a 4473 “error”) just saying your boy Kodak has pretty much made crime a “Lifestyle” and they used the 4473 to put him jail for shit he should have been jailed for but never was … Bribem has also made crime a lifestyle but as the saying goes “Some pigs are just more equal than others”… I think Bribem should be sharing a prison cell with “The Big Guy” and a couple of other family members and not just for the 4473, eventually he WILL be held accountable, hopefully AFTER Braindead is out of office…

      • I have to agree. An arrest record may be impressive but really counts is how many convictions out of all those arrests and were the convictions for misdemeanor plea deals or were they felony convictions, but also reduced from a higher sentencing value velony due to a plea deal? On sentencing a judge may consider convictions but arrests while six o’clock newsworthy don’t count for didley squat. Many times cops do what newshound DAs do, allege everything they can find in the book in the hopes that some of the muckem will stick. Those baloney charges never make it past a DA review if the DA is honest and not some glory hound trying to rack up spurious convictions via plea deals to win an election or move up in the political world.

      • Doesn’t matter where it comes from, facts (i.e. police records) are facts… I don’t endorse The New Youk Times, but they had the first complete compilation of ol Kodaks criminal history that I came upon…

  10. Well, that’s poopy.

    Not charges and conviction of Kodak Black, but that apparently, there will be no effort to sue government for the legal outcomes being different, based on individual connections with the authorities. The circumstances of the violations of gun laws clearly prove ruling politicians of the Dimwitocrat Party remain rabid racists.

    • Dimwitocrat Party remain rabid racists.

      No denying that but not based on 4473 prosecutions… I found instances of white men, white women and even a Hispanic woman in Texas prosecuted AND sentenced to jail for lying on a 4473… The most numerous of those prosecutions were related to another illegal act involving a firearm which could explain the higher rate of “minority” prosecutions…

      • “The most numerous of those prosecutions were related to another illegal act involving a firearm which could explain the higher rate of “minority” prosecutions…”

        Not quite following. Are you making a distinction as to 4473 violations based on whether a violation is OK if unrelated to some other crime?

        And that lying on the 4473, then throwing the gun away in public garbage, isn’t really as serious an infraction, as obtaining a gun illegally to rob homeowner?

        I know I am missing something, here.

        • Don’t know what you are missing but to clarify the last part of your post, Bribem did not “dispose” of the gun his dead brothers “widow” improperly disposed of the firearm… Two different and separate crimes perpetrated by two different individuals… Why do I get the feeling that YOU want to make this whole thing about RACE when it has nothing to do with it

          Not quite following. Are you making a distinction as to 4473 violations based on whether a violation is OK if unrelated to some other crime?

          No Sam, nor did I say that… So, let’s fix THAT so you might more easily understand… First of all, only about .04% of “lying” on 4473s is EVER prosecuted and (according to ATF) the MAJORITY of prosecutions come about as a result of ANOTHER crime committed involving a firearm, which I’m assuming causes them to go take a look at any existing 4473 that the perpetrator might have filled out…

  11. It really depends on how Absolutist your view of the 2nd Amendment are. Do you believe the 4473 to be an Infringement? If so, then neither man should have been charged, with the exception of Black who committed some Violent Crimes (I don’t know if he was Convicted, but I do believe Violent Criminals should get a Life Sentence, period).
    Distasteful as it is, and the bitter pill it is to swallow, is we either defend Hunter’s RTKABA, or look like Hypocrites ourselves demanding he get time for the crime of Lyingbon an Unconstitutional Form.
    Those are our choices.
    I prefer not to look like a Hypocrite.

    • “…we either defend Hunter’s RTKABA, or look like Hypocrites ourselves demanding he get time for the crime of Lyingbon an Unconstitutional Form.”

      It is legitimate to hold two opposing positions, at times. Here, you are posing a condition that is speculative (2A is absolute), but can be honestly debated. The other condition is unwarranted, unjustified, disparity of application of federal law. It is the latter that is at the heart of the current debate here.


    Thanx for the clarification.

    My conflating Biden ditching the gun vs. the girlfriend ditching the gun was due to the fact that Biden would know the girlfriend took a gun that was not hers, and hid it for Biden (at his direction), in an attempt to avoid prosecution for having an “illegal” gun. If Biden didn’t know, then he is guilty of losing control of an illegally possessed firearm, and recklessly endangering the public.

    As for race, nothing implied, or stated. My observation was that Biden got special treatment not available to others. I did note that it didn’t matter if the falsification of a 4473 was directly related to a separate, associated, crime (where the illegally acquired gun was used), or not.

    If Biden gets a walk on lying on the 4473, then no one else should be more severely penalized for lying on the 4473. In both the case of Biden, and Kodak, the fact of lying was/is not in dispute.

    We all know there is different law, for different folks. Biden’s case is an “in your face” insult, intended to demonstrate that peasants (all the non-privileged) dare not expect/demand they are of equal legal standing as the privileged.

    Dims took up Hunter’s case so as to show arresting Trump was not singling him out, but that even the president’s son was subject to “the law”.

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