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  1. My experience has been that using a rest can have a huge effect on point of impact (even not putting barrel in the rest). Of course, different types of rests will have different impacts. Handguns are much more sensitive to this than rifles.

    Then again, perhaps my technique is inadequate.

  2. Thanks Robert. I bought a new handgun yesterday that might one day be used for hunting and this video was good to watch.

    Somewhere I watched a video of a handgun hunter wrapping something like a bungi-cord around a tree and then inserting his handgun through a small loop in it as an improvised rest.

  3. I’ve not noticed any impact change when resting on the frame with either bags or a firm rest. We just returned from a South Africa hunt where all but a few critters were shot with a handgun of some sort (T/C Encores and big bore revolvers) and nearly all were from sticks. Shots ranged from 30 yds. to around 150+. The one thing that does change my impact the most is how firmly I grip the gun.

    I would *not* use any sort of bungy trick as the idea is to let the gun recoil the same every time.

  4. handgun hunting should be simple and short-range. when you choose a handgun you really need to have a bowhunters discipline in not taking shots at ranges outside the very limited range of the gun. If you want to shoot longer range, take a rifle and keep the handguns for targets or SD .

  5. I handgun hunt with a Ruger Redhawk in .44 mag. It’s effective to 100 yards and with the scope I can land them on a 6 inch target area holding it. The weight of the gun helps stabilize it.

    I would take shots between 50 and 100 yards with it.

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