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“The editorial board felt that the paper’s name, which alludes to ammunition for an artillery weapon, propagated violence and did not honor our school’s history in a sensitive manner.” That’s the rationale behind the University of Mary Washington’s decision to change the name of the campus paper from The Bullet to The Blue and Gray Press. Which makes perfect sense…if you live in an ivory tower. It’s always better — and more sensitive — to allude to a conflict that tore the nation apart and resulted in the deaths of over 600,000 Americans than to an inanimate object that’s frequently used to put food on tables, protect innocent lives and defend the nation. Is it too late for this fall’s incoming freshmen — who will pay as much as twenty-two grand to educate their skulls full of mush at the Fredericksburg, Virginia temple of knowledge — to get their deposits back?

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  1. As has been said here a million times.
    You cant fix stupid.
    These Halls of Higher Learning are all in the dumper as far as Im concerned.
    Kid aren’t any better off by going to schools like these.
    Dream On, a name such as the Bullet as in Bulletin and they all run down the halls screaming…………….

    • Correctamundo! College in the US these days is essentailly where you go to get yelled at for being an American. I will say however, in my experience, there are very few liberals in mathematics departments. Hmm… I wonder why that is?

      • If you cant argue over an absolute.
        Where does one of these higher education types have to go??
        Ill tell you where.
        In the bath room look at the mirror and let them argue with themselves.
        That’s where.

        • They missed a few:

          * Target department store
          * Bullets restaurant
          * Bullets Over Broadway play
          * Fire restaurant
          * Firebirds restaurant
          * Shoots restaurant
          * WARHEAD sour candy
          * printer cartridge
          * smart phone holster
          * magazine
          * video clip

          And all business school uses of the following should be banned:

          * Tactical
          * War room
          * Deploy
          * Line of sight
          * Within the scope
          * Command center
          * Bulletproof

          Also, they really ought ban the use of “Android” since that’s offensive to robots.

    • Sadly these liberal hell holes are the only places where I can learn certain skills in science and engineering

      • I’m in my third year of mechanical engineering at a California university right now. I know a few professors who are strongly conservative, and a few who are super liberal. None of them let their political beliefs come through in the classroom though, and with the vast majority I don’t even know what they believe.

        I have noticed that many math professors tend to lean conservative. And the engineering professors who are liberals usually have a background in government funded environmental type jobs.

      • My alma mater Texas A&M was named on some survey the most conservative US university.

        It has the nation’s largest ROTC, and the violent, insensitive name of its paper is The Battalion.

        • The West Point military academy student register is named “The Howitzer”.

          (Is that a Howitzer in your pants or are you happy to see me?)

        • Gig em! Oh, and you just reminded me how terrible the comics in The Battalion were –thanks for the memories. As far as politics, it has little space to invade engineering, thought I did learn some old fossil’s opinions on our use of the A-bomb and the cancelling of the Supersonic Transport in the sixties. For the one US civics course I had to take, our teacher was pretty much a Libertarian, very strong about defining the separation and different roles of self, community, state, and nation with regards to our system of rights and governance. You know, civics.

  2. Well, of course, if it is about an “artillery bullet” (?!?!?!) then the name needs changing. If it was just about your every day, sub-inch caliber bullet, then what is the bother?
    A name recalling all of the agony of the civil war makes so much more sense.
    Maybe “Redskin” is a good choice?

  3. Ah yes, the unicorn and rainbow filled skies projecting Nirvana and political correctness, only if the masses would just follow the program started in the faculty lounge, life would be blissful. Yes the metrosexual hoping intellectual elites that infest the halls of academia, where parents must be so proud to write big fat checks to an ever increasing tuition.

    Caught on Drudge today IQ’s are dropping more so than 60 years ago.

    Wonder why?
    (Sarc) off.

    • Yes! and their motto could be “The bullet of health”. This country is going to be mighty easy pickin’s in about 1 more generation.

  4. Follows the same lines as when the Washington Bullets changed their name to the Washington Wizards.

    At least the school was smart at least once and built a walkway across Rt. 1 for the students. So there’s that, which is nice.

  5. Yes, actually America is insane. Thank you for asking. But our young dunderheads, oops, I mean youths are now safe because The Bullet has a new name.

    • I went to school about an hour down the road from there. Mary Wash was known chiefly as a girl’s school where the guys from the surrounding schools would troll. It was never known as a hotbed of intellect or common sense.

      Although the Happy Clam was a decent place to eat.

    • That link was an eye-opener.

      “DivestUMW member Sofia Dimick said, “At the end of the day, the money we’re paying to this school goes to ensure our future. The fact that the school invests in fossil fuels puts that future in danger.”

      Spoken like a true macramé major. Economics must not be offered there at UMW.

      • Of course economics is taught. The class meets at local sales, for shopping training.

        You really have to wonder if that dunderhead rode her bike to the university or walked.

        • LMAO Shopping class! Dang! I’m starting to feel deprived of a first-class education. “So, Professor Pinko? Like, I’ve still got checks in my checkbook, so that means I still have money in my account, right?”

    • When I see a newspaper named The Bullet, I associate it with “bulletin,” or a concise news report, not the lead part of a cartridge.

  6. Was Ryan Reilly involved in this decision? Maybe the paper was actually called The Ear Plug. We need to know, Dan, can you confirm?

  7. OMG, whatever are they to do with those dangerous dot-like thingies that denote points of interest in an article; you know, those ………. bullets. I guess Strunk and White will have to rewrite their “Elements of Style”.

  8. “The Bullet”
    I bet this newspaper is fast to pick up on news but is also accurate rather than just sensational!

    “The Blue and Grey Press”
    This sounds like a really depressing newspaper which may or may not die of dysentery.

  9. I have a 1.5 year old boy and a 1 month old girl. I’m pretty sure that by the time they turn 18 i will ban them from going to college and require military service.

  10. Wow. My alma mater makes it onto one of my blogs. Disappointed in them. I’ll have to write in to them and let them know.

    The sports complex where all the teams play is called “The Battlefield.” Wonder if that is next to go?

  11. bul•let (ˈbo͝olit/) noun: bullet; plural noun: bullets

    1. A projectile for firing from a rifle, revolver, or other small firearm, typically made of metal, cylindrical and pointed, and sometimes containing an explosive;
    2. Used in similes and comparisons to refer to someone or something that moves very fast;
    3. (in a sporting context) a very fast ball;
    4. ****Printing**** A small symbol, such as a solid circle, printed just before a line of type, such as an item in a list, to emphasize it.

  12. Avid!
    go Injuns!
    The Tribe Rules!

    I did not know when we cheered for the
    Chief mounted on the huge white stallion!
    During games but internet research showed
    I to Be …….
    1/128th Cherokee.

    Go Redskins! Yea!


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