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Huey P. Newtown Gun Club (courtesy

A reader writes regarding our post Huey P. Newton Gun Club Holds Dallas Open Carry Rally:

You and the readers of TTAG should know that the “Huey P. Newton Gun Club” appears to be a project of the so-called “New Black Panther Party” (NBPP). While the website for the club does not explicitly state that it was founded by the NBPP, news reports show club members wearing the black uniform and logo patch of the NBPP. Several known members of the NBPP are members of the club, and they have been quoted in media reports. It must be assumed that the NBPP is the organizational power behind the gun club . . .

Former leaders of the historic and original Black Panther Party (BPP) have denounced the New Black Panther Party in the strongest terms possible. The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation released a statement titled, “There Is No New Black Panther Party.” The Newton Foundation statement brought up many issues;

“The question the Foundation raises, then, is who are these people laying claim to the Party’s history and name? Are they reactionary provocateurs, who would instigate activities counterproductive to the people’s interests, causing mayhem and death? Are they entertainers, who would posture themselves before the media, and, according to numerous sources, with empty guns, to spin gold for themselves? Are they, given the history of their late-leader Khalid Muhammad, a group of anti-Semites like the very Ku Klux Klan they allegedly oppose? What is their agenda?”

Click here to read the full Huey P. Newton Foundation statement

Khalid Muhammad was a spokesman for the Nation of Islam (NOI), a close advisor to Louis Farrakhan, and a popular speaker for the NOI… until he gave a 1993 speech at Kean College in New Jersey were he labeled the Jewish people “bloodsuckers,” and blamed them and “their father the Devil” for crucifying Jesus.

In the speech Muhammad also called the Pope a “no-good cracker,” and called for the murder of all white people who did not leave South Africa. Soon after, Muhammad was forced out of the Nation of Islam. In 1997 he became the national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, a position he held until his death in 2001. To this day the NBPP regards Khalid Muhammad as the leader of their movement.

Click here for more info on Muhammad at the Anti-Defamation League

Bobby Seale, along with Huey Newton, founded the original BPP in 1966. Seale has again and again condemned the New Black Panther Party as “separatist black nationalists” and a “black racist hate group” who oppose working with non-blacks on any level. It should be remembered that Eldridge Cleaver, the Minister of Information for the original BPP, ran for president as a Panther in 1968 on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.

Though controversial and guilty of many failings, the Panthers were never a racist or separatist organization. Bobby Seale eloquently talked about the original BPP vision of working with all nationalities and ethnicities for “human liberation” and his opposition to the NBPP in this 2010 CNN interview

The NBPP is currently led by Hashim Nzinga. The Anti-Defamation League has documented the racist and anti-Semitic extremism of Nzinga and the New Black Panthers. Click here for more information.

It should be remembered that Hashim Nzinga and the New Black Panthers posted a $10,000 “Dead or Alive” bounty on George Zimmerman.

TTAG recently reported on the NBPP threatening the Open Carry Texas organization for planning a demonstration in the Fifth Ward, one ofHouston’s African-American neighborhoods. Quanell X, the head of the NBPP in Houston, was generally referred to by the media as “an activist,” the TTAG article called him a “community organizer.” Here is but one quote that gives insight into the type of “activism” Quanell has been involved with. In 1995 the New York Daily News quoted Quanell saying:

I say to Jewish America: Get ready … knuckle up, put your boots on, because we’re ready and the war is going down. … The real deal is this: Black youth do not want a relationship with the Jewish community or the mainstream white community or the foot shuffling, head-bowing, knee bobbing black community. … All you Jews can go straight to hell.

In 2008 Quanell X “apologized” to the Jewish people after visiting the Holocaust Museum in Houston, but he remains a leader of the New Black Panther Party – which has been roundly condemned for anti-Semitism.

Due to your article, many will see the NBPP as allies in the effort to preserve and defend the 2nd amendment – those types of views have already appeared in the comments section following your article. It is a shame that the NBPP is afforded such a cover. For the NBPP, whites and Jews are the “enemy.” Those who cherish equality between all people should find no commonality with the NBPP.

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    • Emotional Reader #63…so you’re telling me there are at least 62 others out there who base their opinion on how they feel?

      We’re doomed! I hope they don’t vote! Lol

  1. Funny, those guys are demonstrating way better trigger and muzzle control than that fedora toting clown and his buddies from OCT.

    I have no problem with this group.

    • They want to kill whites and jews and YOU have no problem with them because they have good trigger finger control?? WTF???

      • I posted this in the other “Huey P Newton Gun Club” article comments, but it’s a signal worth reboosting. NBPP’s King Samir Shabazz (of PA voter intimidation case fame) in his own words…

        • Again other than because someone said so and some of the members were wearing NBPP patches, nothing has actually connected Samir Shabazz and NBPP to this group. And even if it is sponsored by NBPP you are being no different than those yuppie Prius drivers who have a “The NRA are child murderers” bumper sticker on it.

        • Tex: the context of my original posting in the first thread was someone saying that the Black Panthers, NBPP, Nation of Islam, and presumably this gun club, etc, were all the same. Someone else posted that they weren’t (they have a beautiful black wife, and said so, and wanted to correct the record). I was merely augmenting his argument. No, all people, all groups, are not the same. This was to draw a distinction between the old BPs of days gone by and the NBPP. You’re drawing your own conclusions here. To compare me posting a video where NBPP members say they need to kill whites and white babies is not the same as someone saying NRA members are killers. I’ve put no words in anyone’s mouth. Now, as to the question … to what extent is this merely an offshoot of the NBPP? I dunno. Some are wearing the uniform, others not. It’s not a stretch to assume that a gun club for blacks might attract some NBPP members, as well as non-members. In fact, the same guy in the video above also has videos of him teaching handgun use and safety to members of the black community without all the ranting. I’m not advocating disarming them or going all “icky guns!” on them – no way. Quite the opposite. It would seem that would be the general sentiment here on the comments I’ve read. I don’t even want him, or whomever, to stop ranting. By all means, rant away. And post it on Youtube. Same with any white power groups who advocate killing minorities. That way we know where everyone’s heart is – all cards face up. The moment rants become violence, however, is where a line must be drawn.

      • HPN Gun Club is allegedly linked to the New Blank Panthers, because someone said so, and some of the members were wearing NBPP patches.

        Have they killed anyone? No… was that crackpot threatening war against jews and whites at this rally? No

        Did this particular rally advocate violence? No they merely did what we actually advocate the second amendment is for, which is remind the police and government officials that they will not run roughshod over our rights and freedoms without encountering resistance. I have ZERO problem with that, and any professing supporter of 2A probably shouldn’t either.

        So shut up already.

        What they didn’t do is walk into a Target or Home Depot with their guns at low ready and hands on the pistol grip like they are ready to go to war or something like other groups have done… so yeah in my book these guys are ok. A lot of people have been channeling their inner Shannon yesterday and today in response to this. That’s the sad part.

        • Hmmmmm, I’m with Tex on this one. 2A applies to black people too and I have no complaint with this group staging an open carry event; none at all. I may not like their politics but that is beside the point.

        • The are clearly a hate group. Not the same as Open Carry Advocates. Get your head out of your ass.

        • Bob, how do you know they are a “hate group”? And what is the criteria of a hate group? According to The Southern Poverty Law Center, you are in a hate group called gun owners. So wake up will ya!

        • @ Paul +10000000000000000!!!!!!!

          The SPLC is downright evil! If you own an American flag, and or a gun, you meet their definition of being a Hate Group that’s hell bent on committing terrorist attacks in the US.

        • They have a right to use the 1st amendment just as much as the 2nd. I may not agree with what they say or even stand for. But in this country they have the right to both. It did make me cringe when they were chanting “Black Power” repeatedly. It’s no different then when people do the white power thing. I sure if that would have been a bunch of white people dress in all white chanting “white power” the antis would have made that the video of the week to reinforce that all gun owners are racists.

        • Tex, kudos for your restraint, but to imply there is a moral equivalence between the New Black Panthers and Open Carry Texas, because the both opn carry, is both a logical FAIL, and obscures the history of the NBPP.
          Read the Wikipedia entry. The SPLC does list them as a black racisr hate group, btw.

          Now, both groups DO need some adult leadership, and PR consulting, but correct me if I am wrong but I dont see OCT threatening to shoot black children….

      • Looking at all of the posts here demonstrats to me that although it might be true that there is race-related prejudice in this NBPP group, it has not been demontrated by them. The hatred is demonstrated by one or two individuals we are told is associated with them, and that’s not good enough … (when we actually ‘get our head out of our ass’ as you suggest and look at all of the info presented).

      • Seems to me that, more than anything, they want to be left alone and take back their right of self-determination.

        I offer them a handshake and best wishes.

    • You need to do a little research on these people before you stand up for them. There may be a time coming when you will be forced to kill or be killed by thugs such as these in defense of yourself or your loved ones. Don’t defend anyone just because of their race. That is racism.

      • How did they become “thugs”? When they act in such a way, I am with you. A picture of people holding firearms offends me not at all. What is your problem with it?

        • Evidently, they became thugs when they were born with black skin. You noticed that word “thug” is the new “nigger”?

        • No, it isn’t, the media just wants to portray it that way because it assuages their white guilt. Thug: violent criminal. Someone who would push a shop-owner down to steal cigars. Someone who would bash someone’s head against a sidewalk. But also someone who would rip a grandma out of her car to steal her wheels (I actually don’t know if that criminal from a recent story was black or white but my point is… it doesn’t matter)

      • I will defend them even after one of their “thugs” assaults me because it wasn’t the group who did it. It was one or two assholes. Stop using the same logic as the antis.

    • As much as it enrages ya’ll, Tex is right until we get all the facts. As far as we’re concerned the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, is not working for with NBPP. If the only thing you have to go off of is hearsay, and patches, then there is not an argument, only speculation, which is not worth a damn. This is the Truth about guns not lets make shit up an speculate about it. Saying the two groups are one in the same is like becoming a filthy democrat and calling the Tea Party racist because some members show up sporting rebel flags. And even if they are working together, they still have 1st and 2nd amendment rights just like the rest of us, no matter how ignorant and stupid it may be.

  2. Well, I don’t like white people.

    Then again I don’t hate them either, I try to not form an opinion about someone based on things they are born with and religion.

  3. I support every person’s Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. When they abuse those rights, then I support striking them down with an iron fist.

    • That’s where I am. Yes, you can tell who these people are, but I still support their right to bear arms without reservation. Just like I support Al Sharpton’s right to free speech without reservation. Liberty for all, unless they use force to harm the person, property, or liberty of a non-consenting other. If they do that, come down on them. But until then, we just cannot pick and choose who is protected under the Constitution.

      • Spot On, both of you. Yeah I wish I could say I was shocked by all the condemnation in this thread and the one yesterday, just because there were members of NBPP there. Lots of people channeling their inner Shannon Watts in here.

        They are free men and entitled to arm and defend themselves how they see fit… period. And from the pictures they look like they have way better muzzle and trigger discipline than some of OCT’s rallies, so rock on in my book.

        As long as everyone is legal, carry on. Would be even better if OCT would reach out to these guys and try and organize a joint rally. Then watch the medias’ collective heads explode at the awesomeness and solidarity that would portray. Wont happen though, and if you don’t understand why, just read all the ignorant fear spouted in this comments board and the one yesterday.

        • Tex, I am guessing you are a member of OCT, or very sympathetic, but before you make casual comments about others being ignorant, you may want to do some more reading. I’m also guessing you are young, or perhaps intellectually immature, for failing to appreciate shades of gray, and making black and white, either/or arguments equating this group with law abiding gun rights advocates is just plain silly, and makes you, and OCT look silly too. Did you know that King Shabazz was convicted of caryrying an illegal, unlicensed gun. Are an of the folks in this oicture felons? Are the poses antagonistic, or careful, safe weapon handling? Are they intimidating, or educating? No need to answer, and I’m certainly not going tit-for-tat on some silly technicality. Either you get the common sense point, or you don’t, and if thats a mystery, then talk to some one older and wiser you respect, and see what their take is, on these OCtards, at NBPP…

  4. The lead photo shows an angry looking crew. Why do I have the feeling that their idea of justice for Michael Brown involves extreme acts of violence and mayhem on anyone that does not resemble them?

  5. before we get all Kum By Yah we may wish to do a little background on the original Black Panthers as well as these NBP wanna bes. just google: Black Panthers, murder

    • Don’t for once believe the peace and harmony BS about the BPP of the 1960’s. They were black militants then, and the NBPP are militants now. As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      For even further insight to the BPP, read the David Horowitz book, “Radical Son.”

    • Well, I’m of a “certain age” so I actually remember the original BP party. Admittedly, I was young, but they made an impression none the less. They were good for their community then and preached armed self defense just like we do now.

      • Newton was a murderer. Seale was a murderer. Cleaver was a serial rapist and murderer. George Jackson was a murderer. The Manson Family had fewer murderers and a smaller body count than the original Black Panthers. The only one who might have been a decent human being was Fred Hampton, or maybe he just got killed before he could make his bones.

        • lol wtf, NOI has more in common with Scientology or Mormonism than Sunni Islam. They’re apostates and blasphemers by any orthodox standard of Islam. “Wallace Fard Muhammed” would give Hubbard and Joseph Smith a run for their money.

  6. None of this is news.

    Moreover, none of this changes the fact that the members of this group, no matter how heinous/silly/evil/violent their beliefs are, still have both the right to free speech and the right to arm and defend themselves.

    The simple fact that they are exercising their GOD given right to arm and defend themselves does give them one point of commonality with all others who choose to exercise those same rights.

    The only thing that could change this would be them either committing or actively planning to commit an act of unprovoked violence.

  7. +1 BobB. I’d be at the top of their list with my shameless race mixing. Be careful who you include in your big tent. They HATE you too.

    • That doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to keep and bear arms… is that what you are trying to say?

  8. Supporting their Second Amendment rights (and their First Amendment rights, for that matter), while denouncing their racist hatred will be quite the tightrope walk.

    But if Wayne LaPierre, et al manage to do that, the result could be a win for 2A rights all around.

    Take another look at that picture. This is what the Second Amendment looks like.

  9. The dude on the left, what’s with his right shoe? Looks like it sticks out an extra six inches or more. Is that something to do with the photo, or is that for a hideaway gun??

    • Something with the photo. Look at the guy on the right- His left foot is elongated versus his right. I think it’s the lens distorting around the edges.

      • Yeah, some of those rifles are really, really short. It’s a fisheye lens, the rifles are perfectly normal.

  10. If standing for your rights requires demeaning or subjugating others, I for one shall not support you.

    that old “do unto others”………

    • I did not notice the pictured individuals doing any such thing. Or were you talking about US?

  11. I’m an Italian Jew….My wife Asian, My Sister married a black dude…their kid is black, my other Brother in-law is a Mexican dude…The whole race thing is pointless to us.. But i pity the fool who attempts to make their race issues ours.

    • +1

      Well, it’s all about dividing people, using all old tricks of the book: Religion, Race, Politics, Gender, Wealth, Sexual Orientation, and even Patriotism…

      I’m not saying it’s not important matters, just they’re used them against people to divide them, create conflicts, insecurity and fear. It’s during those time that the weak are inclined to give up everything to get a tiny feeling of “security”.

      Everything governments need to roll out their agendas and restrict even more people’s freedom and enslave just a little bit more 99.99% of them. Not rocket science, but it still works pretty damn good all around the world. And shockingly, everywhere in the mean time. What’s the odds…

  12. All I get from this picture is the image of the woman in the middle on horseback. Amiright?
    The New Black Panther Calvary edition. NBPC.

      • Have not gone through all posts but even the SPLC lists the NBPP as a hate group specifically against; White, Jew, & Law Enforcement.
        I apologize if I duplicated a post.

        • For credibility, please don’t look to the SPLC. That’s been a sham organization since its inception. Morris Dees and I have personally locked horns face-to-face. The product of the SPLC is politically tainted and monetarily motivated. In other words, money making bullshit.

          • John I hope everyone with a modicum of sense realizes what the SPLC & Dees is. Point I was showing is even the loonies consider the NBPP a hate group against Whites & Jews. Pretty much anyone not Blacks. When the pro black groups classify a black pride type group, one must wonder.

            Either they did not make a “contribution” or they truly are a hate group.

  13. Of course there is a new bpp. Just because someone doesn’t agree with them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  14. And now the left can pull out that “we need gun control to keep all these uppity negroes in line!” nonsense that worked so well in the 80’s and 90’s.

      • It sure did. To the moron masses all black rifles are evil, all black dogs are evil, all black people are ….
        If you can use them as useful idiots then great. Once they start acting autonomously or outside of their pre-defined parameters then lordy lordy it’s an uprising!

  15. I have to wonder if the “Moms” will have anything–anything at all–to say about this open-carry demonstration.

    • They will be ignored for not fitting the narrative. The NBPP has sweet nothing to do with the Left’s gun control agenda. Plus they keep their racists pretty much under lock and key until it’s time to bus them all to the polls a few times.

  16. The NBPP is just a punch of pansies disguised as black militants. Every time they threatened George Zimmerman I howled with laughter, since the proverbial blind newsboy could kick the crap out of the entire NBPP without breaking a sweat. But gee, they sure are menacing in their snappy uniforms and black berets.

    • Yahoo for 1st and 2nd Amendment protections, but when I look at that picture all I see is a photo negative of the Klan, and I don’t appreciate being threatened by them because of what I look like, no matter how big their bark or how small their bite.

    • Ah, another Keyboard Rambo. I am 100% sure that you wouldn’t face them. And my money would clearly be on them vs any wannabe -they had the guts to get out and march.

    • Ah, another Keyboard Rambo. I am 100% sure that you wouldn’t face them. And my money would clearly be on them vs any wannabe -they had the guts to get out and march.

      • With due respect to whom I hope isn’t my Lord & Savior, a trite statement of false bravado doesn’t become more cutting when you say it twice; it just becomes twice as trite.

        A lot of truly ignorant, hateful people have had the “guts” to march publicly in a nation where it isn’t illegal to do so, but so the Hell what? That’s not a reason to celebrate their ignorance and hatred.

  17. Guys – as I stated on the other story about them, this group strikes me as odd. Odd as in timing. Odd as in ferguson. Odd as holder in ferguson. Odd as Obama soetoro speaking about guns. In ferguson. Odd about holder and the new black panthers and his refusal to deal with the voter intimidation case in philly. Woth the new black panthers. Odd as in a lot of odd damn coincidences.

    This strikes me as having fed and doj fingerprints all over it. I am willing to bet that the plan is to let blacks get armed up and use that image as the face of gun rights to scare America into restrictions. Just like in California when the original black panthers marched with guns. Openly. In the streets.

    Hoover had his CONTELPRO program to discredit black civil rights leaders. Do we really think it is above dignity that Eric “black power” holder wouldn’t do the same to discredit us?

    Just sayin

      • “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you” Stokley Carmichael. One of the original black panthers, misquoting Joseph Heller.

    • And you didn’t mention how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder did absolutely nothing, zilch, nada when the New Black Panther Party publicly issued a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman. How does the U.S. Attorney General let that slide?

      I have a different angle. Obama and Holder want retribution for past racial injustices. And the best way to exact retribution is to break laws themselves, refuse to enforce laws themselves, and generally drive the country into the ground. I’d say the dynamic duo (Holder and Obama) are doing a pretty damn fine job of it.

      And before anyone jumps on me for being a bigot, there are only two explanations for the awful performance that we have seen from the U.S. Attorney General’s office and the White House: it is either gross incompetence or malice. You decide.

      • I’ve been working on that for over 4 years. Can’t make up my mind for more than a few months before I swing back the other way. Overall, though, I tend to think it’s malice with its basis in sheer stupidity.

      • Well, there is that third option. That you are clearly not smart enough or qualified to judge the performances of Mr. Holder or President Obama.

  18. The NBPP is as bad as the KKK.

    But I suppose people already forgot about their intimidation of voters with pipes and chains.

    I refuse to support any group that promotes violence and murder.

    But hey if you do go for it. This is America. You are allowed to be a flaming idiot.

    • Actually, RF is remarkably tolerant when it comes to said “badmouthing of his tribe” in the comments in this forum. Given some of the stuff one gets to see here on this topic, I would have long snapped and shoved people’s 1st Amendment privileges up their blooming arses.

  19. Where’s McCain? I figured he would be all over this one…

    Maybe have a cutesy name for these OCers?

    Nzinga Ninjas, perhaps.

  20. “Those who cherish equality between all people should find no commonality with the NBPP.”

    My endorsement of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club open carry march was exactly that … an endorsement of their open carry march.

    I cherish equal liberty and rights for all people. That means I support the ethical, moral, just, and lawful behavior of everyone … even if the people behaving themselves have some sort of affiliation with the New Black Panther Party. The corollary: I do not support New Black Panther Party statements or positions that deny liberty and rights to anyone based on their identity.

    • Don’t look now, but they don’t seem very fond of you, either.

      But by all means, you fellas just keep that cycle of irrational hatred going. Nothing bad has ever come out of it, after all.

    • Since the audience here is mostly white men those blacks you hate will never know of it. Unless you go their next rally and express your hatred in person. Don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  21. The comments here supporting these hateful thugs, which is exactly like supporting Nazis or the Klan, because they are “carrying purdy guns and have good trigger discipline”, is the reason why you pro-2A morons are thought of as lowlife scum. And its also the reason you loose so big in blue states, and you are hurting your own cause. Damn you are stupid asses.

    • Well, thanks for keeping an open mind, and participating in civil discourse. We now know you for what you are.

    • No, that’s not the real reason. The reason gun rights often lose in certain blue states is because they are populated by people like you.

    • We lose big in the blue states because of the corruption built into the system there. If there were no corruption my right to keep and bear arms, a civil right as important as voting and freedom of speech, would be respected in the blue states and there would be no battle to fight.

      But thanks to right wing hate mongers such as yourself, Stan, I have to continue my struggle for my civil rights.

    • Stan sounds like some of the OWS wannabe’s posting their progressive white suburban boy youtube videos on reddit the second and third, fourth nights of the riots, looking for likes as the next hero of DU or Kos, I guess.

      Until the NBPP thugz with molotovs showed up, and others driving down from Chicago on their gas money to do some easy looting…

      thats when I noticed the “power to the people” stuff got old, and they realized their proletariat homeboys weren’t there for the berkeley wussified politics, and the progtards Ace Reporter Legends in their own mind with an iphone were just as likely to get their A$$ kicked for taking the homies pictures, as they were of taking pics of the SWATTIES from Ferguson, first night out…

  22. +1Dirk. I’m saying I don’t buy this BS Tex. And I’m not a fan of neo Nazi’s or Communists or Islamic jihadists. Support this if you want. BTW where is the good rev?

    • Probably undergoing his umpteenth intense operator training course from those fellows in missouri that found a golden calf to milk.

  23. What’s with that sign “horse broad” is holding: “Justice for Mike Brown”. Am I missing something, didn’t he get “his day in court” when he attacked the officer in the car?

  24. I think at this point I will withhold judgement on this group. Maybe they are associated with violent radicals. I don’t know yet, but I’m not too worried about it. I won’t be driving down to south dallas to shake hands(yet) either though.

  25. Y’know … I guess that I am just surprised that you characters were as naive as you are and were unaware of the history and the squabbling within the Panthers.

    A perfect parallel example would be the squabbling within the gun/Klan/militia/Tbagger movement. Not every gun owner is a Klanner, but every Klanner owns a gun, and a shocking number of conservatives hold the same views as old time Klanners they just don’t speak them publicly. By the same token the various Klan factions are bitching among themselves about Ferguson and the Arizona and Texas militia factions have done more chest pounding in recent months than they actually have spent time chasing migrants around the border.

    Between predominantly white gun crazies and assorted reichwing groups, or the Black Muslims and their assorted activist groups, you are simply looking at two sides of the same coin and the similarities are startling.

    Gang signs? Hoodies? They see many of you jokers out in camo with your molon labe tats and black folks see the same signs of troublemakers that you see, only reversed according to your respective races.

    • “Gang signs? Hoodies? They see many of you jokers out in camo with your molon labe tats and black folks see the same signs of troublemakers that you see, only reversed according to your respective races.”

      There is miles of difference, being born in Chicago I never put on a drop of camo until I moved out to TN and the “people of the hills” were nothing but welcoming. Molon Labe is not aggressive but, defensive. It says I will PROTECT what is mine.

      Reverse the situation, take a country boy of TN to the south side of Chicago and see what happens. A gang sign is different than Molan Labe as the gang sign says “this is who I represent and will assault you if your views are different.” You have no idea how hard it was growing up with blue being my favorite color…again in Chicago.

      And finally to these people it is sad that they get support from anyone, they are preaching “black power” which is no different than the KKK, it is ironic that out the 20+ states I have lived the people in the country of WA (near Mt. Rainier) and the people of East TN seem to ….not be tolerant…. but just co-existing, good neighbors yet by liberal media are portrayed as backwoods racist hicks.

      Travel, experience, make your own opinion, I am sure the experience will be an eye opener.

    • jesus, ol’ buddy. Let me explain something to you that I point out to quite a few trolls here. When congress and the senate and statehouses are mulling more anti gun laws it becomes a numbers game. The pols have these numbers shown to them from sites like this proving that guns are important to the majority of Americans.

      Every time you post a hatefull, snarky anti liberty post here you boost the overall numbers of a progun site. You and your kind, by posting here are actually boosting the RKBA.

      If you weren’t stupid enough on your own to show up here we’d have to invent one like you to help boost our numbers.

      Keep up the good work, dumbass.

        • yep. I almost miss MikeyBnumbers, that guy was entertaining in his own libtarded way. And Burke was 30% of the comments some days, until he jumped the shark…

          So hang around Hay-soos. We have some new gunfolk who need troll hunting training.

          To new members of the POTG, aka the armed intelligentsia,
          my vote for a manual of arms, for verbal jousting with progtards, and the occassional liberal about to see the light, , is Ben Shapiros book “how to debate liberals so their tiny little pointy head explodes” (ok, jk…)

          You can get it at Truth Revolt for free if you sign up for email newsletter. (h/t Mina).

        • What shark did Burke jump? It must have happened while I was gone. He jumped so many it’s hard to imagine what he could have done to get the ban hammer.

          • Constantly and unnecessarily combative to virtually everyone, flying off the handle and being over-the-top abusive to anyone who held an opinion contrary to his own. The final straw was when he turned his ire toward RF, absolutely lambasting him for every perceived failure of his duties as editor and publisher, which in his opinion happened on average about once a day. Towards the end he wrote a couple extraordinarily vitriolic paragraphs because some grammatical mistake of RF’s agitated him to a degree normally reserved for things like finding someone molesting a young female relative of yours. The nonsense finally outweighed the meaningful contributions to a point that it was necessary to put an end to it.

        • Thanks Matt. He started at Over-The-Top and picked up speed as the day wore on.

          So when are we going to see another Dailey Digest? I liked them.

    • Jesus, your argument is so flawed on the facts, the illogical arguments, and the ad hominems, that its hard to give you credit, vs the obvious conclusion that you are a troll, and a rather inept, and obvious one at that.

      But just in case you believe your passion justifies your right to say something, anything, to win. The old soviet “ends justifies the means” rationale…

      here is something I challenge you to read, and think about, and ask if YOU arent being played for a fool. And not by a bunch of OFWFs and gun nuts here at TTAG. You are looking in the wrong direction here, son.

  26. They are like a friend that does embarrassing stuff on a regular basis. These guys fly in the face of the stereo type that all gun owners are old, fat, white, racist men. For that I’m glad they are around. Then they try to act like pretend soldier, and shouting black power and I just kind of shake my head.

  27. They are as free to hate my skin color as they are free to bear arms. I hope we are never on opposite sides of a barrel. Peace to all.

  28. If they are capable of controlling themselves and limiting their message to that which is compatible with our message (and more importantly, vice versa), why not combine our efforts? It’s a heck of a lot more productive than having them work against us, which is the current situation. We just have to give show them that they can enhance their image and clout (and funding) by teaming up, and getting us access to these neighborhoods where “white ideas” have been aggressively shut out for decades. The fact is, there are basic fundamentals to both our messages that ring true; there is a lot of undeserved hatred, restriction, and oppression in this country, and firearms & community activism are tools to deter it.

    If we can get them to stow the tune about Jews, and we can get ours to stow the tune about “moochers,” there’s actually not any reason we can’t use eachother to mutual disadvantage. Why not achieve eachother’s goals up to the point we must part ways? If teaming up with Panthers can get gun laws and attitudes loosened in a ghetto where people really need them and where they really can do some good, and they are the only gatekeepers we have to work with, we MUST go for it.

    Gun rights activism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism or racism. I would hate them on my own time, but gun rights are far more important. After all, if the minorities have and use guns, who’s gonna go first? The gun rights portion of the message wins out every time (which is why the new panthers are historically pro-gun only secondarily and for emotional effect). I think it’d be pretty easy to ‘guilt’ these panthers into promoting our message by reminding them and their community that power grows from the barrel of a gun, as is so often said by ‘militant’ activists.

    Even if the ‘leadership’ of the group are worthless blowhards playing at revolution (and never following through or doing good for anyone), there are plenty in the lower ranks who are surely spoiling to accomplish something useful for their community.

    • Yep. I believe that the message, RKBA is an individual right to be exercised by free people, will get through to many who otherwise wouldn’t be as exposed if the OCers were primarily white folks. The hardcore racists won’t see that message as primary but I believe that countless others will get the importance of the individual bearing arms in a free society. Some of our black OCers are quietly considered “Uncle Tom” in some circles but these OCers couldn’t possibly be smeared in that way.

    • Article is horrible and uninformed. The man wasn’t shot because he was ‘open carrying while black’, some ass anti called 911, claimed he had a real gun, he had fired rounds, and was reloading a fresh mag, while pointing it at kids just prior to this. Then a man in the background of said 911 call claims he has just been shot. After which, said 911 caller (the anti) goes outside yelling saying there is a man inside firing. Funny thing is, this anti was a former marine and would be utterly impossible for him to confuse a toy with a real firearms. So the question is, why are people trying to racebait this? Probably because liberals would have a nightmare trying to explain an anti action of using mere words to get someone murdered. All you liberals who furiously defend your 1st Amendment rights, remember: More people have been killed because of words than with guns.

      PS – Don’t really know if the marine was an anti, but sure as hell looks like it.


      An attorney for the family of a man fatally shot by police at a Wal-Mart store said Tuesday that surveillance video of the shooting shows it was unjustified, and the state’s top lawman said a special grand jury will begin considering whether charges are appropriate against the officers.

      DeWine said that on Sept. 3 a special grand jury will begin considering whether charges against Beavercreek officers would be appropriate.

      He said his investigators would work as quickly as possible to within two weeks turn over to the grand jury evidence including more than 200 photos of the shooting scene, interviews of more than 75 witnesses, 911 recordings and video footage from as many as 203 cameras inside the Wal-Mart.

      • Waiting on the facts on this one, too. Not because the victim is black, per se, but because of the difference in what some witnesses have said, about his innocous behavior, and the quite different 911 call by the “former marine” that sounds like SWAT-ting.

        IANAL, but would that exxagerated 911 call rise to the level of a crime, of false reporting, if it could be proven?

        • I too am waiting on facts in both cases (Ferguson & Beavercreek). Hopefully, I didn’t give the impression that I wasn’t waiting to form solid opinions. I was just passing along the news link.

          Unless racial tension drives it, I highly doubt there would be any criminal charges for the 911 caller.

  29. Don’t really know if the marine was an anti, but sure as hell looks like it.

    He was either an anti or a racist. Take your pick.

    Did anything happen to the people who SWATted the guy with the airsoft gun? Calling 911 and lying like that?

    • “Did anything happen to the people who SWATted the guy with the airsoft gun? Calling 911 and lying like that?”

      Too soon to tell, the investigation is ongoing.

  30. They have a right to carry guns just like I do, thank God for that point. You never know the NBPP and White Republicans may find themselves fighting on the same side to protect the right to have open carry. Or for that matter for gun ownership in general one day.

  31. When you look at just the picture at the begining of this article, I ask, “What do you see?”. I see one person holding a sign saying “Justice for Mike Brown”. And all others in the picture are presenting firearms in a militerised way. My impression is vigilantism. What type of Justice are they implying with this picture? Are they implying justice would be to shot down Officer Darren Wilson? By looking at this picture alone, these people want to possibly take the law into their own hands.

    • Antis have made similar assumptions and associations with signs at protests I’ve attended while we OCing. Signs like “Impeach Obama” etc were falsely assumed by antis to be direct threats. There is nothing wrong with the carrying of their signs and their firearms at the same time. Any false conclusions are the responsibility of the one doing the assuming.

  32. Owning guns does not make one a gun rights activist, or give half a crap about freedom or justice. Wearing a flag on his lapel doesn’t make Cuomo a patriot.

  33. They just represent themselves and they march in the same KKK uniforms their white counterparts use to. They’re an armed mob with weapons that they probably have no operating knowledge of how to use. Nothing wrong with marching with guns but knowing and practicing tactics are important and should go side by side with the guns.

  34. who cares…. it’s Texas and Texas is a social and mental wasteland. Look at the “leaders” that state has produced. Enough said.

  35. To clarify any misunderstandings perpetuated by the media or those that seek to fan the flames that have been lit around our efforts in Dallas, let me assure you that the Huey P. Newton Gun Club is not a project, faction, or member organization of the NBPP. HPNGC is in itself a coalition of organizations that came together specifically to combat police brutality in our communities, to promote self defense through legal gun ownership, and to work towards effective community policing.

    Any organization, journalist, reporter, media or other online outlet that puts forth information that contradicts what I have just said, is either purposely misinforming people, or has failed to conduct due diligence into our organization. Our political platform is clear and does not include anti-white or anti-jewish rhetoric, because it is not relevant to our situation on the ground. We do however see an overwhelming and disproportionate use of excessive deadly force in our communities. If you doubt this, we can provide a decades worth of evidence to refute your arguments.

  36. This article looks like a typical guilt-by-association hit piece that the statists and bootlickers love to use. I don’t care if somebody knew somebody else who knows another person who has a bad reputation. I don’t care what name they use for their club. Everybody should be armed.

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