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Young girl representing Ukraine points a gun at her own head (it's complicated) (courtesy

In the image above, a Russian model – representing the Ukraine – is pointing a gun at her head. Why’s that, you ask? Let’s start before this suicidal moment . . . “The girl in Ukraine’s blue and yellow colours holds up a gun and points the weapon at the participants representing Russia and the US. The image seems to suggest the Russian view that Ukraine – whose leaders are often branded fascists by the Moscow media and political leaders – are the aggressors in a conflict that has led to the worst crisis in the region since the demise of the Soviet Union.” In Russia, victims aggress you! And then . . .

In a shocking sequence, the schoolgirl representing Ukraine then points the gun at her own head.

The models from Russia and other countries including Britain – who also hold guns and parade up one by one to point them at the audience – are then seen ‘saving’ Ukraine from killing herself echoing the common view in Moscow that the country is slaughtering its own people.

As notes, the fashion show was produced by a ten-year-old, whose view of Russian – American – Ukrainian politics may be slightly less sophisticated than voting-age Russians. Or not. In a country without an independent press, it’s hard to know.

A Russian girl representing the UK holds a plastic pistol at high ready (courtesy

In any event, the fashion show was gun-intensive, reflecting Russia’s acceptance of armed, uh, people. I think. Wait. A UK girl wielding a gun? Now that’s what I call fantastic.

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  1. I’m gonna write this off as nonsense. I am sure they had fun making a play, but that’s all I see here.

  2. Ukraine slaughtering it’s own citizens?

    Sure, just like Bosnians were shooting themselves in the 90’s so that they could blame the Serbs. /sarc

      • Which city if I might ask?

        Sure, I am sure that Bosnians killed eachother as frequently as everyone else due to infighting being common in all groups. My remark was a reference to Serbian propaganda saying that we bombed our own city for 4 years so that we could blame the Serbs.

    • I saw a picture of a boy, a son of some pos in ISIS, holding a severed head with both hands by the hair last week.

      Theyre whatever you teach them or brainwash them to be.

      • Nah, that shizzay has specific (yet as-un-identified) nucleotides.

        You can breed it out of them, if you can convince the dudes that sex with [adult] WOMEN is worth-it.

    • Sure she will. Anything that lets her squawk about guns just equals more dollar signs for her. I sometimes wonder if she really has much of an opinion on guns at all. It’s all about the Bloomberg Benjamins!

      • She doesn’t. According to her own Linkedin profile, she spent a number of years as a lobbyist for Monsanto. She doesn’t care about issues; she just whores out her voice and photogenic face to any cause willing to pay her.

  3. The only day you could afford to be ‘shocked’ was yesterday. Poor joke, but the hits they keep on comin’.

  4. Does the “American” have wings on her head? Put an electric guitar in the other hand, and you’ve got an awesome heavy metal album cover.

  5. Years from now one of those girls will be saying, “I’ll never forget when the FIS picked me to be “America” in the propaganda video. With the money we made my family was able to buy two whole turnips for dinner.”

  6. I’m not up to speed on the Ukraine issues, however my understanding is the US and the european union got involved in ukrainian politics to ouster president Viktor Yanukovych and install their own (US & EU friendly leader). Russia didn’t appreciate this, as they border Ukraine. (kind of like the Cuba – US relationship). Russia invaded Crimea as Crimea is mostly Russian people – who speak Russian & have Russian Culture. The people of Crimea didn’t like the idea of the new US/EU/UN approved government and conflict arose. They took it to a vote and Crimea wished to join Russia (over 95%). The US & EU didn’t like this and the UN passed resolutions stating the union illegal (as if it was actually their business). Russia has since absorbed the Crimea state and asserted the decision will not be reversed.

    However, the whole situation was instigated by US & EU involvement. I have no sympathy for them as the US/EU/ and the lead banking institutions love to get involved and screw over sovereign nations, their people, and their force feeding them decisions and crap that they would prefer not to eat.

    • You are WAY behind the times. Crimea is pretty much out of the picture. The fighting is now in eastern Ukraine where a bunch of militants/rebels/Russian patriots, led by Muscovites, and supplied with Russian military equipment and “volunteers”, decided to declare independence from the rest the country. Unlike Crimea, which had been a part of Ukraine for only the last 60 years or so, these areas have always been part of Ukraine proper. Presumably, if the revolt were to be successful, these new independent provinces would ask to be absorbed into Russia proper, since their leadership, up until the last few days, have been Russian citizens. The central government in Kiev did not look kindly upon this move and sent in the Army. Thy have been fighting ever since, and despite massive propaganda from both sides, it would appear the Kiev government is winning.

      • Crimea used to be occupied by the Tartars as late as WWII according to German Soldiers. Stalin had them relocated and moved in Russians. According to VICE, the Ukrainians are tired of the corruption and ineptness of Russian politicians. Germans who came to USA after WWII stated the Ukrainians were very nice occupiers.

      • Mark N., you seem to have a good basic understanding of what is going on in Ukraine. I would only add that the “separatists” in the east would never have bothered to do anything without “volunteer” agitation and leadership. They’re Soviet in their mentality, they have no idea even how to ‘revolt’, and were it not for Putin’s lap dogs, they be doing what they have historically done – drink heavily and forget about the problems.

        Crimea was always, well, special. While many of my ex-pat Ukrainian friends and families had dachas on the peninsula during Soviet times and beyond, they also always saw it as a sort of foreign territory (at least from the couple dozen or so I socialize with). There’s a reason it was a semi-autonomous region during recent memory.

        Even as part of independent Ukraine, it was always seen as very Russian by Ukrainians. Were you to visit, the signs are in Russian, the people speak mainly Russian, the attitude is Soviet, and the place just feels like the USSR even today. The fact that it’s historically been Russia’s warm-water port is why they would never truly cede control of it, and from what I gather from Ukrainian news agencies and the ex-pats, most Ukrainians really don’t care that it’s gone that much. They worry about the precedent, and VVP’s intentions, but Crimea being someone else’s problem seems to be OK with most of them.

    • Russia has a history of using sham elections to justify invasions, so I don’t buy it. Look at Chechnya and the elections that put the Kadyrov’s in power.

    • @”Anonymous” You overestimated the EU and American involvement and underplay the Russian instigation in the conflict. I’m not saying either side is totally in the right, but it seems you swallowed the Putin narrative a bit too much.

  7. You said independent press ,,,,We have none here…….either ,, All is controlled by the same old Robber Barons of old , read a history book , it may have to be a old out of print history book. and I forgot they do not teach history any more………..We still have the internet a little . 1A is dead , 2A is almost dead…………we are only about 40 % free in Amerika.

    • The scary part is Americans are either unaware or too comfortable to bother to do anything about it. Even internet boards like this where people feel like they still have free speech are probably just the Federal Government’s future hit list. But I’m sure the people at the NSA are recording all this and saying to themselves, “It’s ok, they wont notice until we already have most of them on the trains, to the camps.” After all, thats how it was the last time. People don’t learn from history. In America people don’t even study it. What the schools even teach is ludicrously abridged and children aren’t taught to have any respect to listen. They just groan and bitch until the bell rings and they can run home to their playstations. Or just whip out their iphones, why wait to get home for endless, streaming, on demand, mind numbing, entertainment?
      America is becoming very similar to pre-revolutionary France. And when there is no bread, the government will let us eat cake, on food stamps! Oh I’m sorry, you cant call them food stamps any more, it’s demeaning, you have to call it Electronic Benefit Transfer.

  8. I don’t see what the ruckus is about. Some kid decided to make a play of their view on the situation.

  9. Russia has very strict gun control laws. The person who directed that agitprop was mobbed-up with the Putin regime.

  10. It’s a sorry time when I can easily see American mainstream media organizing propaganda like this.

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