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[Ed: It appears that, being the stand-up guy that he is, Seth Hendrix, AKA SethDoesVlogs, has disabled the embedding for his magnum YouTube opus. He was evidently getting too much attention from the wrong kind of people. Namely, the Armed Intelligentsia. Not a problem, of course. If you’d like to view Seth in all his Walmart-loving amazement, you can simply click here. Enjoy your pretzels, Seth.]


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  1. Few things bother me more that watching people try to speak with authority about a topic they clearly know nothing about…

  2. Meh! What a Schlemeil! This guy needs to go to Walmart, buy a dictionary, look up the word “Machine Gun,” and then compare the definition with the manual provided by the manufacturer of one of these scary (to uninformed liberals) semi-automatic rifles.
    (Hint to video narrator; Don’t use Wikipedia. The definitions are too easily changed to match the most current liberal meme.)

    • Yup, and I checked out some of his other videos. This is the only one I found that has commenting disabled. I’m guessing he knows he’s full of shit.

      I am curious, however, how Wal-mart determines which stores will carry firearms, and which firearms they will carry. Of the three here in Orlando I visit with any regularity, two have no guns at all, and one only has shotguns. I wonder if the decision is made at the store, district, or corporate level. Maybe I’ll ask next time I’m in one.

  3. Wow, Walmart’s repealed the NFA? Yay! I’ve never been fond of them before, but this totally changes my opinion of them.

    Oh, what’s that? Those are the same semi-automatic guns I can get in any gun store in any free state? Never mind…

    • Yeah, ours too. They did used to sell guns about eight years back. No big deal, just cheapy Remington rifles and various 870 clones.

      If they actually started selling guns with the selection of say a Cabela’s, watch the eff out. Cha-ching for them.

      Never happen though.

  4. At first I was angry. Then I saw he had around 2400 views. My friends made a video of a skit we did in high school. A 10 minute skit for a school of 160 kids. And our video has about as many views.

  5. My WalMart only has Federal .303 British for $28 a box… No rifles or shotguns at all. Let alone some semi automatic AR15s. Because 65gr. .223 is hella more dangerous than the .303 I can walk in and grab here. God, I feel so much safer living in Canada where being a firearm owner is a pita and everyone thinks like that moron in the video there.

  6. Well he’s going to get a lot more views now that there’s a link up here.

    I didn’t watch much of it. But the terms machine gun and M4 immediately turned me against him.

  7. Wow. I was not aware that it was possible to cram that much fail into 2 minutes and 39 seconds. I am in awe.

  8. Modern times. Another individual makes a video about something he doesn’t understand and people he doesn’t understand. But he will belittle them anyway. He seems to be all for the First Amendment but not the Second. Not surprised.

    If ignorance is bliss, he must be a happy, happy man.

  9. I love how he included the Sig 522 in his description of the various “machine guns” available. You know, since the 522 is a .22lr rifle, and we all know that .22lr is a standard military chambering that civilians shouldn’t have access to because it’s quiet stealth technology makes it harder to hear the shots. Or something.


  10. They should actually sell machineguns at Walmart. What would the problem with that be, exactly?

  11. I tried to leave a comment on this MORONS site, but he disabled it because he’s a coward who doesn’t even know what a real machine gun does. I’ll just have to flame his dum ass video on one of his other stupid videos.

  12. Seems like a joke… I mean, he talks about a gun rack like he’s never heard of one before and describes it as being purpose-built for terrorists.

  13. I get a real kick out of hipsters. Despite their extremely high opinion of themselves, they’re usually so painfully transparent and vapid that it makes me smile when I think about them encountering any actual adversity. Most of the time, the two neurons bouncing around upstairs think along these lines :

    “If I wear obviously unstylish clothes and glasses… but take a stand for an “important” cause and start a blog, then girls will instantly see through my carefully pre-fabricated exterior and realize how ironic and awesome I am… I’m a genius!! God I love me so much…”

    What. A. Douche.

    At least he has mad barista skills.

      • You sir are officially now a Hipster. Immediately change into skinny jeans, get a $10 coffee, and drive away in your unicorn fart powered Prius.

              • Because it’s now become too mainstream to hate hipsters, I’ve decided to be a contrarian and like them…

                Wait, did I just become a hipster? Shit…

          • Hey, I live in an urban area, have a fixie (actually, two), and my glasses are a lot like this guy’s (with polycarbonate lenses, of course). I, however, know the difference between a semi-auto M4 clone and a “machine gun”.

            This guy’s head might explode if he walked into my local big box outdoor products supplier and saw the .50 BMG ‘sniper’ rifle sitting on the counter where it can actually be touched.

            On another note, since I am a fixie riding member of the AI, I’m thinking I might need to design a bottle cage mounted retention holster for the pistol pack’n cyclist.

            Would that count as open carry or vehicle carry?

            • I’m moving up to SD where open carry is legal so I am 100% behind your bottle cage bike holster idea for mountain biking.

  14. I’m in NJ and Walmarts here do not sell guns or ammo. I think they don’t bother since it’s a state that has tended to lean towards more gun “control” and they can’t control the way the laws go. What if tomorrow it becomes more difficult to buy a gun, then it becomes more difficult to sell the gun, so it’s not worth the effort to have to adjust as the laws change. BS gun laws are probably the same reason you won’t find a Cabella’s or Bass Pro Shop in the state.

    Ammo is also annoying to sell for the seller, since they have to log every ammo purchase and take down you FID card info. They then write this info in a notebook and stick it on the shelf never to be seen again. For those who do not know this is a firearms purchaser card. It is required in NJ to buy a gun. Basically an ID card that you have to go through a couple months worth of hoops to get before doing anything else.

  15. “Y’know what they don’t sell at Walmart? BRAINS.” LMFAO.

    The comments for this video are disable, so I just went to his other videos that aren’t and posted about it. I’ll probably get banned from Youtube (so what). I see Joe did the same thing. Not saying everone should, but if a lie is repeated enough times it becomes the truth.

    • I would, but it’s just not worth it.

      It’s like wrestling with a pig: You both get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.

  16. ma·chine
    1. an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work: a sewing machine.

    …It’s a machine!!!…it’s a gun!!!…It’s a machine gun!!!!

  17. Check his Twitter page. He already posted about all the comments over the machine gun video. He claimes he got a death threat. I have’t checked it out yet to see what was said though.

    • I honestly doubt he got a death threat. If he did I’m sure he would plaster it up and whine about how violent gun owners are.

      Facts don’t matter for these jackholes. They are perfectly happy to openly lie to other hipster know-it-alls through youtube in their make believe universe while driving a Prius.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen what douchebags like this think a “death threat” is. He plays it off as something small and blown out of proportion, but talk like his is what lead to the assault weapons ban. Guns got classified as assault rifles based on how they looked instead of how they functioned. As a result rifles got banned that weren’t assault rifles because they looked a certain way, and real assault rifles slipped though because they didn’t look a certain way. Now this guy wants to muddy the waters even more with his definition of a machine gun. Either intentionally or through ignorance.

      • It’s entirely possible that he did get a death threat (it’s the internet, after all); and it’s also just as possible it came from an anti-gun activist trying to show what “nuts” gun people are.

        I guess we’ll find out when he reports it to the federales and they complete their investigation.

  18. As soon as I saw his glasses I knew he was a douche. He was probably wearing skinny jeans too. Watched the vid without sound and still wanted to kick his punk ass.

    I hate hipsters.

  19. Wow. Just…..


    I could see this RTard in a Wal-Mart after buying a hydrogen fuel cell car.
    “Did you know Wal-Mart sels gasoline?? *picks up a bottle of Dasani* See…. GASOLINE! Can you believe it?????”

  20. what an absolute moron. You could go down the street to gander mountain, or Cabela’s, or dozens and dozens of other retail stores and buy the same gun. also, ALL GUNS ARE MACHINES. and does this guy know that there is a permit needed to buy one along with and FBI backround check? People like this make lose hope for humanity.

  21. just goes to show, no matter how thick your glasses are, your ignorance might just be thicker.


    That’s why this video was made.

  23. If Wallyworld blew his mind then someone should take him to Bass Pro and watch him explode

  24. He is too young to remember when Sears, K-Mart, Western Auto, all sold guns and ammunition. Heck, half the hardware stores around also sold guns and bullets. We could mail order firearms before 1968 from Sears, Mongomery Ward, etc. I thought of sending him a comment, but I realize I’d be better off just banging my head on the wall, it would be just as productive. I’m just astounded that he is so amazed to see retail firearms in a store. It was like he had entered an alien culture, and in a way, I guess he did for him.

  25. Let’s see… some know-nothing gets a video camera and starts uploading insipid videos to YouTube… mainly of things he is scared of but wants to make fun of at a distance…. isn’t man enough to let people post their opinions of his insipid videos, because that might make him feeeel baaaaad.

    I bet he considers himself to be one of the “tolerant” progressives.

  26. First thing that I wanted to write was “What a douche!” But it does blow me away just how many citizens see the use of a firearm as something so WOW, REALLY! I can own a firearm? There is just something sad about not enjoying all of your rights.

  27. God forbid someone sits him (and other liberals for that matter) down and explains that a semi-auto rifle in the hands of a shooter with a good training portfolio is WAY more dangerous than a full-auto rifle. Semi-auto allows precise and rapid shot placement as well as ammunition conservation. Unless I’m supressing or doing a mag dump for some reason… I shoot the full-auto table on my Agency’s qualification and then fuhghetabowt’ it for the rest of the month.

    I imagine the aftermath of that revelation would look like a scene from The Exorcist: profanity, spinning head, green vomit, etc…

  28. This guy is such a douche. He requested embedding disabled and disabled comments too. DOUCHE! Machine guns????? Do some friggin homework before making a video to show the world how much of a douche you are. Ok buddy?

    • He’s young, dumb, and full of you know what, it affects the brain . . . when I was 5 I thought the same thing.

  29. Seth,

    The day I see that gun at Walmart jump out of that case, load itself, and run down the street and do harm without being touched by one human hand is the day I turn mine in.

    I recommend you take some of your youthful infused free time and travel to Switzerland. Go make some friends and go shooting with them. That is Americas future with firearms. Your point of view is the past. I’m part of the new generation of Americans that has come to understand that firearms are not the problem. Modern liberalism is. But I congratulate you for voicing your point of view, debate is what America is all about.

    All the best,


  30. You know I’m a young gun owner (just turned 22), and I feel god awful. Dumbasses like him make people like me look bad. I work, go to school, and raise 2 kids at 22. My theory is that he Is like a lot of people my age who don’t know what work really means, appreciates nothing because everything has been handed to them, and has smoked/drank his mental capacity to shit.

    Cheers dumbass, to making the youth look worthless and fucked.

    And to those who are older, I hope you are investing to a good retirement because my generation sure as hell won’t do anything that actually involves manual labor.

    • This is exactly the argument I use on my friends who tell me that voting doesn’t matter.

      Everyone has someone in their life that has some wacky ideas, often it’s some guy at work that just won’t leave you alone because you disagree with him. That guy votes. Vote, at least to counteract that guy in your life.

  31. Ha, ha, ha…once that dumb$@@ leaves the “machine gun” display, he should go ahead and pick up some things at the “nuclear bombs” rack and finish up at the “guided missile” counter. That’s next to the bait tubs…

  32. “I’m speechless right now…”

    Sadly, no, he wasn’t.

    This guy is a f#%&tard of the highest order.

  33. I e-mailed the guy in response to the video, man did that piss him off. You see, he is a stand-up comedian and this is part of his act. You a suppose to laugh and giggle and think him brilliant for his comedic insight.

    But if you send him a little truth, because you couldn’t find the humor in it, that makes you a meany that needs to be chastised and taught what humor is.

  34. And now he’s made the video private. Must not be bringing in those huge advert bux like he’d hoped . . .

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