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“I think it’s crazy that you’re on a set with people who don’t know how to use guns and you’re giving them actual live weapons. I thought that was the scariest, wierdest energy to put on a set.” – Jonah Hill (above right) explaining why, when filming 21 Jump Street, he regularly pointed his gun – loaded with blanks – at the prop master’s crotch and pulled the trigger.


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  1. I’m not that surprised that he would try that, but I am surprised that someone let him get away with that…
    You’d think Hollywood would’ve learned from Brandon Lee…

    • Well, Jon-Erik Hexum is the more direct example.

      Brandon Lee was more complicated. What happened was someone made a dummy cartridge (not the same as a blank, it’s basically a snap cap) by pulling the bullet from a .38 and dumping the powder. This is not the way to do this, because it leaves the primer in the cartridge and that can have enough force to eject the bullet from the cartridge, but usually not enough force to expel it from the barrel. Which is what happened when someone at some point pulled the trigger on that gun with the “dummy” cartridge. Later, when the same gun was used with a blank, the powder charge of the blank expelled the bullet that had been pushed into the barrel, which then hit Brandon Lee, leading to his death.

      • I dunno, I think the Chief could handle a comedy pretty well.. Guy was a natural actor, which I suppose isn’t surprising if you’re trained in interrogation..

    • Pretty sure this is a comedy. Think Reno 911. Wouldn’t want to submit real heros to that insult.

  2. Well, according to Channing Tatum, Jonah learned to *shoot* fairly well but seems to have not learned the rule about not pointing it at people (or learned it and ignored it).
    Really, Jonah, does your ego not permit you to simply remove a mag and do a quick brass check while the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction? If you see something shiny down there in the hole, then by all means chew the guy out for making a handling mistake.
    Don’t compound it by risking the injury or death of another human being.

  3. 1 of 2 things was going on here.
    1. attempt to deflect stupid behavior
    2. Making a statement about giving people with no firearms knowledge real guns that can use real bullets and having them use them with no training. Ala if you expect me to shoot at other people and be shot at taking your word on the issue I am going to keep you honest by shooting at you.

    I vote 2. Not that I condone it but I can see his point. If you don’t know the rules you can’t apply the rules.

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