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This isn’t the first time we’ve drawn your attention to the fact that the blue-shirted goons at the Transport Safety Administration are regularly, in fact routinely, stopping passengers with loaded guns in their bags. The above report chronicles the 17th such ballistic intervention at San Antonio International Airport so far this year. And here’s one the prepared earlier. Which proves A) there are millions of otherwise law-abiding and perhaps-OK-it’s-true intellectually challenged people for whom a concealed firearm is no big deal and B) the TSA has to do something to justify its $8.1 billion annual budget. The WE STOPPED A GUNMAN FROM FLYING meme makes the government gropers seem like heroes and gives the mainstream media a major stiffie. Just once I’d like them to contact TTAG ([email protected]) for a quote about allowing guns on planes. I mean, why not?

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  1. I’d like to have one of those tip barrel beretta’s. Wonder where you buy one of those “magazine clips” to make it run right?

  2. Ahh yes, the infamous magazine clip. They should charge him with a felony just for having one of those elusive creatures.

    They’ve caught 17 pistols this year which is likely 10% or less of the guns accidentally carried through security.

  3. “…with one round chambered, and seven rounds in the magazine clip.”

    Is that the scattergun approach to getting the terminology right?

    I’ve never seen a handgun with a tilt barrel and a magazine before. Curiosity indeed.

  4. Why doesn’t the media ever interview anyone who hates the TSA? There has to be lots of people. I for one don’t appreciate being pecker – imaged or groped unless I’m at a party. And I really don’t think my 4 oz bottle of sunscreen put anyone in grave danger. Thanks also for chucking my “flammable” RemOil wipes which were sealed in their aluminum packaging. Think of the children, for the love of God!

    I’ve always thought about how unobtrusive it would be to have bomb dogs give my gear a good sniffing. Nah. Can’t have that…

    • The media doesn’t ever interview anyone who hates the TSA because their guy is president. Should we get a new president, all bets are off.

  5. @matt in fl…… I think Beretta made a .22 semi auto with a flip up barrel and a mag in the grip.
    I may be wrong but it seems like a gent in our local gun store was looking at a used one like that about 2 months ago.

    • “We’re not happy ’til YOU’RE not happy.”
      “Keeping you safe, one grope at a time.”
      “Celebrating over ten years of sucking the fun out of air travel.”
      “Security theater: it’s better than nothing. Sorta.”

  6. Nice, Moonshine. You like poetry? …

    What can we say,
    About TSA?
    They grope little girls,
    For very low pay.
    And when we protest,
    All they will say,
    Is “Don’t blame us!
    We don’t think…
    Just OBEY!”

    – Paul the Cab Driver

  7. “I mean, why not?”

    Because the logic, demand for individual freedom, and suggestion that people be responsible for their own safety would blow their little despotic minds.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I dislike the TSA and what they do. But what I dislike more is that this has become the new normal. We don’t like the TSA because we know how it was before. How it was to be free, not simply to be less annoyed or inconvenienced. The biggest problem I have is that younger people who have come into their “cognizant years,” say ages 13-16, within the past 10 years have come to regard this as normal. Perhaps an inconvenience or an annoyance, but not “way out of the ordinary.”

    That kid that turned 13 or 14 in 2004 is now 21 or 22, getting out of college, and presumably becoming a member of the voting, thinking adult world, and this is normal to them. They’re not incensed by it. Annoyed sure, but in that bored, blase way that teenagers are annoyed at anything that takes up their time. They’re not mad. They don’t know that this is wrong. The bar has been reset for many of them. The question is, how much more intrusive will it have to get before it sets off their “too far” alarm, like it already has for most of us?


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