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You may recall that a recent Question of the Day on mod mania featured an Oleg Volk snap of a Springfield M1A Scout in a Rogue bullpup chassis with a Weaver 2.5-10x scope, Magpul BUIS and Atlas bipod. Well, here it is in action. And it seems to throw lead downrange with aplomb. As for the XS Products’ high-capacity X-FAL Coil Mag, what’s not to like about having 50 rounds of .308 ready to rock and roll? Other than equipment price ($270 plus S&H), ammo cost (around $35 per mag), weight (not known) and reliability (seems to work just fine here). The company promises to invite TTAG to their next hoe-down. We promise to give our readers more T&E and less T&A. Well, more T&E.

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      • Well you know when we get to be OFWG’s some of us, not all but some, do like to look at a pretty lady, young or even middle aged, and either reminisce or just wonder what if.
        Seriously tho’ just didn’t add the “sarc off” when I got done typing.
        My better half is 11 years younger than me and pretty damn nice looking and her attitude matches, so all I need to keep me happy.
        Like my Dad used to say, and still does sometimes ” you can look at the menu, you just can’t order anything from it!!”

  1. Watch that blonde girl’s face when she reacts to shooting the rifle. close to the big O for her.

    Now to the serious bidness. The weight of an m14 with the added weight of 50 rounds of .308? And 270 bucks for a single mag? WTF? Did everybody hit the lottery but me?

    • I keep going back and watching just that part. I don’t know if she’s ever fired a gun before, but it’s like she hasn’t and you can see the moment when she “gets it”.

  2. I cant see toting those things around. I can get 120-140 rnds in the same foot print and mag change much faster with traditional 20rnd mags.
    If you try to make the full-auto case, I would tell you to let the SAW or the M60 do their job and the DMR do its job – no need to bridge such a tiny gap.

  3. I got one of the skeletonized 308 versions for my LMT MWS rifle because . . . . Well, just because. One of their videos shows that it might be necessary to take a file (???) to the front of the mag where it goes up into the mag well to get it to fit. Sure enough, when I got mine it wouldn’t fit in the mag well. Oh well. Broke out the set of files and, per their instructions, went to work and eventually got it to fit. Locks in good and tight. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any trigger time behind it. Cracked a rib and can hardly hold the gun up right now, much less fire it. The gun’s a beast to begin with. Add the weight of a fully loaded mag and you’re talking bench-press weight.
    When loading the mag, you don’t want to rotate the mechanism forward too far without adding more cartridges. If you do, the ones already loaded will get out of their channel and flop around inside. You can imagine how I know this.

  4. Looked like lots of fun with some damn fine eye candy and rifles. Love me the M14/M1A, I have more of them than any other rifle but those mags just don’ t seem worth it.

    jwm hit the nail on the head. Too heavy, too much money.

  5. Um – I have a RRA AR-10 that takes Metric FAL Mags. TTAG – buy one and send it to me to review. 20 Round FAL Mags are like bricks, so I can only imagine how hard that is to pack around. I have been working out so I can give it a whirl. What do you say? BTW, high cap mags are legal where I am in Colorado (except for Denver) – where I ain’t


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