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The leading lights at Halifax’s Saint Mary’s University have taken a principled stand against campus violence. And this time it’s not just a meaningless gesture like a candlelight vigil or a take back the night march. No, this time it’s something that will really make a real difference. Forbes reports that when a gamer club put up posters promoting a “game-themed social event” that included a gun-shaped Zapper, it was time to make it clear to everyone that the Canuckleheads who run SMU aren’t messing around . . .

…Saint Maryโ€™s must have feared it was a call for armed insurrection; when the poster was submitted to the university for approval, the gamers were told to get rid of the gun….

No doubt it was a close brush with unbridled anarchy, only narrowly averted by the decisiveness and firm hand of under-appreciated college administrators who toil away in obscurity. Rest easy Canadians — your children are in good hands.

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  1. Clearly the admins at SMU have never played Borderlands 2 (@Nick: I hate you for getting me hooked on THAT time sink ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). A light zapper is the least of their worries.

  2. Hey, I know you are 18 and old enough to sign up for the military, smoke, vote, drink (in Canada anyway), drive, get married, etc etc, but we will still make-a-few-decisions-for-you. Feel free to put off personal responsibility a few more years…

    Am I the only one who thinks it is wrong to call college students “children”? They are all 18yrs or older.

    One more example of the Infantalization of the western world.

  3. Am I one of the few posters here at TTAG who manages to fit into the age group that actually played Hogan’s Alley on the NES with a light zapper when he was a kid?

    It was one of the first games my dad got for our family Nintendo. I have a lot of fond memories of playing it as a family.

    It’s amazing I didn’t grow up to be a serial shooter! (/sarcasm)

      • See See!!! I remember playing all those games as a kid and adult!!! Still play the hunting and Terminator arcade games whenever I run into one.
        OMG !!! That explains why I went into the Infantry and own guns!!! Now we know what has brought about the downfall of our young and old alike!!!
        (Sarcasm Off) I think it might be the fact that so many parents today expect the school system and the Gubmint to raise their kids because they are either too busy or too involved in useless trivial matters to worry about having to do it theirselves!!!

    • I was playing duck hunt at age 7 with the orange zapper when my cousin gave me his NES and all its goodies. Those were the days.

  4. Next they will be regulating the use of power drills because they are “pistol” shaped. Oh the children! Must protect the children!

  5. In other news, SMU (the one in Canada, not the ones with the Horned Frog mascot) anounced the immediate closing of their Electrical Engineering program after realizing that soldering guns not only look like a gun but are called one.

    • Southern Methodist University (SMU in Texas) has a horse for a mascot (mustangs maybe?) TCU are the horned frogs.

      -signed, the son of an SMU/TCU grad.

      • Fun fact about SMU, that galloping horse you see on the Ford Mustang car series is actually the mirrored SMU Mustangs logo. Ford paid the school for the rights to put the design on their car and flip it backwards.

      • As a HUGE Dan Jenkins fan I should have known better. But once you get me outside the 610 loop I’m pretty much lost. As I’ve remarked several times, I consider myself to be a Houstonian, not a Texan. I mean, who in the hell would want to live in the same state as Dallas?

  6. Thanks for all your support on this matter. We were really frustrated but thanks to everyone standing with us, we are seeing a lot of change coming our way.

  7. Good Lord! There’s NOTHING remotely dangerous about an NES “Gun” controller.

    Surprised they haven’t banned any game controller, or add-on piece for a controller, that looks like a gun… Surprised, but glad.

  8. OMG! That ancient NINTENDO Light Zapper is like a Flintlock….guess I better go bury my GUNCON Controllers for PS2 (They are like 1911’s relatively speaking.)


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