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“The majority of bondsmen are very professional and take their job very seriously.” Stephen Owens, owner of Wichita-based Owens Bonding Inc., Lawsuit alleges bond agents came to wrong Hutch home with guns drawn [via]

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    • Dog the Bounty Hunter is a felon and not allowed to own guns, I believe. That’s why they always raid with paintball markers and tasers.

  1. I know next to nothing about bond agents or Dog. What I know is that because of some ancient unrevised laws left over from the old days they have a lot of power and potential to abuse that power.

    Didn’t Dog loose his lucrative show and it’s advertiser’s because his son made an allegation of racism on the Dog’s part? I’ve never actually watched the show, but thanks to the modern media I’ve been exposed to some of the controversy.

  2. This is the very reason to have guns in your home within easy reach in every room.
    It is tough to do that with small children around but even a dog or two would give you the time you need to reach a gun to repel these invaders into your home!

    With 3 small children it is even MORE of a reason to have access to guns because the old saying about “when seconds count the police are just minutes away” will play through your head as armed men break your doors down.

    Nope, in my state I am allowed to protect myself with deadly force inside my own home (castle law) and anyone breaking down my door will have to deal with my very mean dogs while myself and my wife will bringing a hail of lead down on their heads!

    I don’t believe in no-knock warrants, am an upstanding citizen, never been in trouble with the law, and live in a bad hood so ANY kind of forced entry on my property will end poorly for those seeking illegal entry.

  3. So what you are saying is that in addition to cops knocking on the wrong door and shooting our dogs, we have to worry about these guys too? Great……

  4. These “bounty hunters” should be seeking up o paper towels. Where do the get the backing of society to bust in peoples doors in the middle of the f’n night with deadly force?! Takes their job seriously? How about taking the laws seriously? And if this is in the boundaries of the law the laws must be changed. No self anointed posse should be given law enforcement powers. They should be charged with pre meditated home invasion with a firearm. Again, if that’s not a violation it should be.


  5. Bondsmen break into the wrong home and scare the hell out of the residents, including children, and get sued. Cops break into the wrong home and scare the hell out of the residents, including children, shoot the dog, slap grandma around and for all we know urinate on the potted plant and it’s business as usual.

  6. Party like it’s 1997

    September 6th, 1997 by Dave Kopel

    Americans were rightfully shocked recently when a gang of Phoenix bounty hunters broke into the wrong house, assaulted the inhabitants, and–when one of the victims fought back–murdered the man and his wife. The bounty hunters were allegedly attempting to capture a scofflaw, who had jumped bail. The bounty hunters were thus, in a sense, trying to make money by enforcing the law.

    Such bounty hunting is much more common than most Americans realize. The Phoenix bounty hunters were private citizens practicing a largely unregulated profession….

  7. I friend if mine had a tense exchange with some bondsmen looking for a skip that was supposedly renting a room from him. They broke out the gats and were waiving them around carelessly and at one point right at his three year old daughter. Bondsmen are right up there with the criminals in my book since so often they are one in the same.

  8. If a real bounty hunter existed it might not be such a problem. Nowadays it is all about the money!
    Of course if they had the police to go with them then they could kill dogs too! Might make the police mad tho!!

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