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JK. As Nick predicted, the firearms industry has gone zombie mad. In the run-up to Halloween, Brownells’ marketing mavens are spending big bucks promoting products based on their ability to kill the undead. (The products not the mavens, who aren’t undead.) TTAG reader Don is no fan of the killer B’s Zombie Elimination Crew campaign. “I think a zombie Fonz jumped a zombie shark on in swimming pool of liquefied zombie brains on zombie skis with this one.” Safety Susie says watch that muzzle missie! To their credit, Brownells offers a zombie-specific email opt-out (below) and WTH are zombie skis? Wait. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. [Note: the link below doesn’t work.]

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  1. I wish the whole Zombie Craze thing would have an unfortunate encounter with a Nuclear Warhead…

    • Goes double for me.

      I have no idea where it came from, why, how, etc. I just wish it would stop.


      • OK , time for the Reclusive Bookworm to explain things to the Dyseptic Gunsmith for once, as he usually is the one doing the educating. About 8 years ago I was tutoring (i.e, loaning books to) a friend’s 13 year old son and he loaned me a hilarious survival-manual spoof called “The Zombie Survival Guide.” It was written by Max Brooks, son of Mel of “Blazing Saddles” fame, and the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree. Max followed it up a few years ago with a much thicker book called “WWZ” which is an oral-history compliation written after mankind’s all-out war with the living dead. It’s a takeoff on Stud’s Terkel’s “The Good War” which is one of the best books I’ve read about WW2. Unlike the “Survival Guide” there is nothing funny about “WWZ” – it is creepy as all get out and pretty nighmarish, but extremely well written and recommended. Gets into a lot of social issues – the outbreak of the epidemic began in the vicinity of China’s Three Gorges dam, which is a massive environmental disaster in reality, and one of the reasons the living in the US have such a hard time against the zombies is that the military is broke and broken after a decade in the sandbox. Yeah, the mania has gotten silly but Brooks’ books are outstanding.

      • “I have no idea where it came from, why, how, etc. I just wish it would stop.”

        Said every character in every zombie movie ever.

      • I heard something about Zombie Apocalypse being the theme for the CDC preparation campaign this [past, now] year. I think that’s what started it.

    • Look on the bright side, anything that brings firearms into the mainstream, and emergency preparation, should be welcomed. Would you rather have all the people that didn’t prepare knocking down your door to get at your stash when the SHTF?

  2. Brownell’s “Zombie elimination crew” campaign is so drenched in sarcasm on purpose that it is simply a joke. Please, if you haven’t yet, visit the website and see for yourself. It is a good laugh and should not be taken seriously, because it is not meant to be serious. In respective to being sued for discrimination, there probably was a black guy at some point but, well zombies are “horror” themed and we all know what happens to black guys in horror movies: they die first.

    • No Will, I am not going to their website to check out their Zombie nonsense, whether sarcastic or serious. Please Firearm and Firearm Accessory Industries, make this $hit stop!!

  3. I must be half-asleep ’cause I don’t see the anything about a law suit… unless that’s where the “JK” comes in. I was wanting to read about my [sarcasm] favorite Constitutional defending organization [/sarcasm], the ACLU, suing someone(s) over some rights violation but I fail to see the tie in here or on their site.

    • Okay… more awake now… joke’s on me. LOL. Still… the ACLU isn’t a friend of mine.

      Still… someone else whoring for the “zombie” money.

  4. “ACLU Sues Zombie Elimination Crew for Racial Discrimination”

    Because zombies are/were people too? >.>

  5. Wait until zombie rights organizations like PETZ gets involved. Those People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies are reeeealy nuts.

  6. The sad part about this is the various gun shows are even in on the Zombie bandwagon. Gunsmoke made a zombie gun for a guy and the other show made a zombie 22.

  7. The video was very sarcastic and seemed to make fun of the Tactical Ted types. “Don’t worry, sir, I’m from the Internet!” comes to mind. Case in point: one guy slips and falls. Another team member runs over and applies a very small bandage to his finger. It went on like that.

    Zombies were fun. Now it’s getting tiresome.

  8. What’s with all the zombie hating??

    I know this is just a craze/phase. It is a product of mainstream media i.e. video games, movies, etc. Just look at how many Resident Evil movies and Games they already make (FYI its on its 6th).

    I’ll probably get flamed for this, but I like all the zombie stuff. Who really cares.. why do people get all ruffled up with the zombie craze anyway… its all fun and games. In time it will phase itself out once people realize that the zombie apocalypse isn’t going to happen.

    Or is it?

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