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In 2011, federal security theater employees confiscated over 1000 firearms at airports around the country. So if Matthew Bysina’s parents think their son’s one in million they’re only off by a few decimal points. Police: Forgetful traveler tries to board plane with loaded gun the headline proclaims above a JumboTron-sized photo of Mr. Bysina. “According to a police report, when a TSA agent using an x-ray machine discovered the outline of the gun, Bysina told them he forgot the gun was there. Officers got to the scene and found a .38 caliber revolver loaded with four live rounds inside Bysina’s luggage, the report said. No one was injured in the incident.” I guess you could say Mr. Bysina isn’t playing with a full gun. Meanwhile, I reckon the cops should try to see this incident in focus and the gun grabbers at the Trib need a nice holiday somewhere.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me that someone could “forget” that he is carrying a loaded firearm into the airport security line.

    • I totally agree, a person would have to have the I.Q. of a tree to not remember that guns at the airport is a bad idea. I really can’t believe he “forgot” and am more inclined to think he had a target in mind. But then again, I don’t know the guy, maybe he IS an oak in his community.

      • Really?

        I BS it’s pretty damn easy to forget. When you carry 24/7 having a gun with you is like having you cell phone. You don’t even think about it being there.

        I manufacture ammunition. I have it in my pockets all the time like the loose change it’s mixed it with. Many times as I walk up to the TSA line I stick my hands in my pockets to see what I am going to have to put in the dish. Out comes a live round. I then have to discreetly throw it in the can with all the water bottles.

        If you carry 24/7 I could see how this easily could happen.

        • Except for work, I carry almost all the time. I home carry. I carry outside. I carry in the car. I always know that I have a gun on my person. Our friend here put a gun in his luggage. If he truly forgot he deserves an IGOTD award. My guess is that he knew it was there but thought he wouldn’t get caught.

  2. I know Matt personally. He is a good person and he truly did forget. It was a surprise trip. He is not stupid and I don’t appreciate that. He who is without sin cast the first stone


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