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Thanks for helping me BETA test the new interface. We’ll do this again soon. With a heads-up. Suggestions for live interview subjects?

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    • x military here. do you know the difference between a “fairy tale” and a “war story”? “fairy tale” starts out “once upon a time” “war story” starts out”this ain’t no s–t, man”. any more questions?

  1. The over-capacity thing was down to me. I had to upgrade from a free to a non-free (i.e. paid account). That’s how they get you!

  2. Interview suggestions:

    Alan Gottlieb
    Anthony Imperato – Henry Repeating Arms
    Les Baer
    President of Taurus Arms
    Todd Jarrett
    Larry Vickers
    Clint Smith, President and Director of Thunder Ranch
    Chris Cheng
    The Olympic shooting team

  3. I’m just catching the show now on the west coast. Is that SEAL cute with Eva or what? Damn, they’d have lethal children…

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