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We don’t have to tell you that gun control can be a contentious issue. But why does it seem that anti-gun people are always so violent? “During an alcohol-fueled argument over gun control, an Aloha woman fired a shotgun inside her own home, shooting out a softball-sized hole from the wall.” As relates, Susan Fleming wasn’t happy when she found out her live-in boyfriend’s scattergun was under her roof . . .

Police said Fleming was in a dispute with her 55-year-old boyfriend after discovering that he had brought his loaded 12 gauge shotgun into their shared home. They were discussing gun safety, including the proper handling of a loaded firearm.

It’s unclear the other details of the argument, but police said Fleming at one point intentionally opened fire from a close range from an upstairs room and blew out a hole about the size of a softball.

Police said alcohol was a factor in the shooting but that Fleming was not trying to shoot her boyfriend, who was in the room.

Whew. At least she wasn’t trying to kill her one and only for violating her anti-gun beliefs, right? Allegedly.

Whatever she was really trying to do, Susan’s gotten herself into some deep kimchi now. She’s facing charges of unlawful use of a weapon, menacing, recklessly endangering another person and second-degree criminal mischief. So we’ll be sending an IGOTD trophy to her care of the Washington County Jail where she currently resides while her BF tries to raise the $50,000 bail. And we’re sure he’s working just as fast as he can to scrape together all that jack, too.

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  1. I wonder how she is feeling about firearms for self defense now that she’s spending some quality time with the thugs in the pokey? I bet she’s singing a different tune now. Not that she’ll be able to use her newfound right, cuz of the felony(s?) and such.

  2. Wow amazing how those antis and some alcohol fuel seem to lead to discharges of all types followed up by a few real charges lol

  3. let me understand this. in order to prove that guns are unsafe she blasted inside her own homw with a 12 bore and got herself a raft of charges and jail time. if only all antis were this easy. our jobs would be done in a week.

  4. Was the argument over gun control while they were covering gun safety? The headline and story at the link are confusing. A drunk anti-gunner ending up in jail for firing a gun in a house. Now that is funny.

    The journalist who wrote the story is Sally Ho. I don’t know why but I find that name funny too. I need to go for a bike ride.

  5. For some context from a local, realtors commonly get the following answer to the question ‘where on Portland’s west side are you looking to move?’…’Anywhere but Aloha’. The high school figured out how to win awards by pushing illiterate sophomores into AP classes.

  6. I’ve posted many times that antis are, whether deep down or bubbling just beneath the surface, far more violent and morally bankrupt than gun rights advocates as a whole. It’s pretty simple psychology of projection and compensation.

    I guarantee you, get into a debate about guns with an anti and let it go long enough, 9 times out 10 they’ll burst out that they wish you’d shoot yourself/your family/etc.

    For whatever psychological reasons, I for one am extremely glad that antis don’t pursue gun ownership…talk about blood in the streets.

  7. She’ll walk because she shot that gun for all the Politicaly Correct reasons,,,,Social Justice rules in Portland

    • Why not just discuss it here? Why do you constantly feel the need to divert the discussion to your blog? Shameless.

      • it’s simple, his blog is dying on the vine. if he provokes one of us to go to his site he’s doubled his traffic for the day. the grabbers cause is bankrupt, in every sense of the word, and they are desperately lashing out trying to keep their heads above water.

      • Sorry to be so “shameful,” Ruffy, but if you notice I am discussing it here as well as there.

        Did you have a point about the story, or did you just want to get a little shot in at me? I think that’s shameful, by the way.

        • No, you did not discuss it here. You just pointed to your blog and said “Look at me! I’m discussing this over at my place!” Do you notice that no one else on here is pointing people back to their own blogs? This is because that is commonly known as trolling. A shameful practice done only by a select few who are then shunned from the rest of the group for their behavior.

    • As I pointed out on your site, she wasn’t the owner of the gun. She was, apparently, someone on your side. She doesn’t like guns. You have no evidence for any of the things that you’ve claimed here.

      • She wasn’t “apparently” anything. You’re reading that into the story, which is what you always accuse me of doing.

        It could have been the guy who was the gun control person and she the gun nut. Or they could have both been gun nuts.

        • “Police said Fleming was in a dispute with her 55-year-old boyfriend after discovering that he had brought his loaded 12 gauge shotgun into their shared home.”

          Reading is fundamental Mike. I don’t know any possible way that you could get that the guy was the gun control advocate out of this story.

  8. guns & booze never mix.

    I tell everyone the same thing when they want to go get drunk:

    why not just go buy some crack? the high will not impare you as much, it is just as addictive as booze, and once it wears off you will not suffer from a hang-over…win/win/win….right?

    Now lets go shooting!!!!!!

  9. We need to do a better job of getting out the message.
    “If you’re a liberal and you see a firearm: Stop! Don’t touch! Go tell an adult!”

  10. How does not wanting a gun, unsecured and loaded, brought into the house make someone anti gun? Responsible owners unload before dragging their firearm into the house.

    Try reading further than the press’ sensationalized headline, morons.

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