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“[Nelson] Gardner, who works full-time and intends to sell pistols and rifles only part-time to relatives and people that he knows, agreed to limit his business to 10 customers per month and to maintain a total inventory of no more than eight weapons at any given time. Gardner also agreed to not post signs or to advertise his business online. His clients would come strictly by word of mouth.” And from this report from First, Mr. Gardner had to convince Holladay Utah’s seven commissioners to grant him a conditional-use permit. They did so unanimously (hey it’s Utah). But not before a local resident said his piece about peace, love and monkeys. “The increase of firearms is an inducement to a spirit of violence,” said Holladay resident Scott Fisher. Talismans R Us?

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    • Operating a commercial business in a residential neighborhood is the issue with the City Council, not a fear of firearms. The fear of firearms stuff was thrown in just to stir the media pot.

  1. My Pastor preaches against having guns, owning guns, using guns….saying they “have a spirit”…he also relayed a story of how he pulled up at home one night and a contractor working at his home (that he had no knowledge of) rushed up on him and his wife and he almost s— his pants, not knowing what he would have done had this been a bad guy….go figure…

    • With all due respect, your pastor is an idiot. Get a new one, God knows their are plenty to choose from.

      • Yeah, I’ve sampled a few, and trust me, in comparison, he’s not that bad, attitude about guns aside….I just keep my affinity for firearms to myself…

        • Get your minister a copy of the book Shooting Back about the guy who shot back at terrorists that opened fire into a crowded church in south africa and the moral and spiritual crisis he faced after words. Comeing to the opinon that it was a just moral and commanded action to defend your self and others.

    • Why do you need a pastor? Read you own Bible, chart your own course.

      Don’t be one of the herd.

  2. “The increase of firearms is an inducement to a spirit of violence,” said Holladay resident Scott Fisher.

    The authorities should take a close look at Mr. Fisher, since he has admitted, in public, that simply knowing about more firearms induces him to violence. His statements show a classic projection of his innermost mental problems on other people’s behavior. Mr. Fisher should no doubt be involuntarily committed to a mental health facility for extensive evaluation, as he is clearly a future “potential violent criminal”.

    I am an undocumented mental health care professional, and have seen psychiatrists played on TV by VERY good actors. I am therefore qualified to comment on Mr. Fisher’s psychological problems, and to recommend appropriate treatment. Sort of like letting the Brady Bunch determine firearms safety requirements.

    • Indeed. He is clearly a barely-contained, seething cauldron of homicidal rage. The mere presence of a gun within half a mile of his person would surely result in dead puppies.

      • And I’m scared of snakes. I’ll have to have a story posted about me over on The Truth About Snakes and have the crap blasted out of me Internet-wise by their readers.

        • So – your admission of a fear of snakes is clearly a case of sublimated fear of garden hoses. You were once attacked by a garden hose in your youth, ja?

          Sad, very sad, but I am sure that 15 years of costly therapy (no limits under Obamacare now!) will be able to help you resolve your garden hose issues. Please send me a retainer of $249,000 immediately, and my appointments secretary will contact you.

        • They don’t come when you call. They don’t play fetch at all. Dead puppies aren’t much fun.

  3. Here in CA you could sell millions in pornographic material from your home, but if you want to be a non stocking gun seller folks have a fit!
    I can understand certain restrictions and in the end he got it, so when he buys he doesn’t have to pay transfer fees yipee!!!

  4. “The increase of firearms is an inducement to a spirit of violence,”

    Does this mean my house is haunted by violent spirits?

    … Cool!

  5. Hey if you have freedom ??? you do not need a government permit for anything, guns are not evil , some people are,,, you don’t want to get into witchcraft? that things are evil,, not by God,,, nor the Bible… the answer to America’s problems not following God’s will or teachings!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Asking permission to store private property in your own home and occasionally sell that private property to family and friends.

    Funny, I don’t see any of the city commissioners’ beeswax around here. Do you?

    • It’s called a “business”. Would love to see your reaction to one opening next door to your house.

      • I can’t imagine anyone on this site being upset about a gun store opening next door to their house. How sweet would that be!?

        • I don’t want any commercial business operating next door to my house. Except a small, private, members only stripper bar.

        • Really? You wouldn’t want a guy selling guns out of his house next to yours? I mean, isn’t that the epitome of freedom… voluntarily transacting with others without “government” interference?

  7. Amazing. Back when an FFL only cost $20 a year (dating myself I’m sure) I had one. I didn’t “stock” guns in my apartment (except of course the ones I transferred to my private collection) but I basically ordered guns for guys I worked with, guys from the volunteer fire department I belonged to, and guys from the Sheriff’s Department. I would even (gasp) bring guns on to Fort Bragg to deliver them. Back then the Army trusted us to have privately owned weapons.

    Of course I did all of this out of my glorious one bedroom furnished apartment. Located behind a school. Next door to a Baptist Church. I didn’t have a business license, a conditional use permit, or a tax number. I had a bunch of distributor catalogs, an FFL, and a kitchen table. Oh, and a lot of buddies who really liked guns. I didn’t make any money, I sold everything for cost plus…the plus being a six pack of my favorite adult beverage (back then it was Coors…I was young, stupid and had very poor taste).

    I miss America.

  8. More projection from what is no doubt a very subconsciously violent individual. If he believes a simple inanimate object can induce violent in normal people, then he must know on some level that he is one of those troubled people.

  9. ltc f, in my time in the service, the early seventies, i lived in the barracks. if we wished to keep privately owned firearms we could store them at the armory. we checked them in, got a weapons card for them and could draw them out at our discretion. we could also store them in our pov’s. they sold rifles and shotguns at the px, saved a lot of money that way.

    • A good friend paid his way through college buying and selling guns. He lived in the dorm for most of the four years. Imagine guns on a major university campus and not one of them went off, shooting dozens.

  10. I’m kinda surprised he is getting the permit. Hasn’t the ATF been cracking down on kitchen-top ffls?

    Although I guess if the city council grants him a use permit and he has regular hours he would qualify under the Always Think Forfeiture’s guidelines.

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