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A couple of neighborhood kids stopped by the other day for a NERF battle. Lola and I were hopelessly outgunned. Our opponents had a brace of twelve-shot handguns. We had two six-round Mavericks that fired about as reliably as Lada’s four-cylinder engine. It may have something to do with dart incompatibility. While I investigate the caliber issue,  I’m considering a N-Strike Tactical Vest. In case you didn’t know, NERF battles are ferocious—up until reload. Then age-advantaged combatants yell “Time out!”and hunt for darts. Well, they do if they can. I’m not sure how goofy Lola would look in a tactical vest, and whether or not our opponents would view the vest as an unfair escalation, but Lola wants any edge she can get. Bless. So, what’s THE best NERF handgun?

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    • I think paper plates would work fine, especially the hardened “Chinet” ones. Easily replaced when heat, humidity and sweat degrade their “performance”.

  1. I prefer the yellow darts over the orange ones. EVERYONE knows the yellow ones have more stopping power…

  2. Unfortunately it has been at least 14 years since I had a NERF battle. The four guns I remember specifically were the SharpShooter and the Eagle Eye, both had great dart velocity or at least they seemed to at the time. The Ratchet Blast because you could sling cock it. And finally the Crossbow because you could shoot darts or arrows. I wish I had nieces or nephews in the proper age group to enjoy that again.

  3. I haven’t been up to date on all the latest NERF NERDOM.
    Guess I better head on over to my local toy store and check it out, it looks like serious fun!
    I guess as I got older, my toys got more expensive, and well I have enough kids for a baseball team, might as well train them now on NERF.
    By the time they can enter 3 gun lord knows they will be dangerous lol

    • My kids have a ton on nerf stuff… and there are few things more fun then when the kids gang up on a nerf gun fight against daddy.

  4. My son has an arsenal of Nerf.

    Another cool thing to try.>>>>Wrap the front with cellophane tape (just behind the rubber tip) for faster harder hitting fun. Less drag and a little more weight makes a noticeable difference but eye protection is probably a good idea.

  5. Own two Mavericks myself. Best $17 dollars I’ve ever spent.

    Mavericks have plenty of power, fire their six-rounds reliably with their revolver design, unlike the jam-fest of the box-magazine-fed designs. You just need to know how to pull the trigger.

    The key is to pre-stage the trigger. The first half of the trigger pull rotates the cylinder in-line with the air-piston. My guess it was a safety design choice. Because of the inertia of the cylinder, if you pull the trigger too quickly, the cylinder may not be aligned before the air-piston is fired. So slow-pull the trigger until the cylinder turns, and maintain that pressure as a “ready” stance. Then pull until the break to fire the gun. Cock and repeat. I don’t know about the trigger pull in pounds, but it’s quite a heavy two-stage trigger, so you don’t have to worry about accidental discharge.

    Obviously, operating the gun in this manner may not train you with the best habits, so I wouldn’t try too hard about integrating NERF into your regimen.

  6. Can y’all imagine how bada$$ some of these young people are going to be at 3-Gun?

    They are going to raise the competition to a level we probably won’t even recognize in 20 years.

  7. There are several different kinds of darts… the Maverick is pretty reliable, but yes, you need the right kind.

    I wouldn’t recommend the whistling variety of darts… too unreliable. Discs seem to be the new thing, but if you want to stick with darts, I’d recommend this:

    It’ll solve the reloading issues with its 35 dart drum magazine. Haha.

  8. I’m so glad there are other grown ups that have nerf stuff to fool around with. I felt very immature the other day buying some Nerf guns haha.

  9. This stuff kinda makes me wish I was a kid again. I would have had SOOO MUCH FUN with this stuff had it been around back in the olden days.

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