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Anyone who thinks that the Internet is inherently and unreservedly pro-free speech hasn’t been paying attention. Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook—all these privately owned services exercise editorial control over user-generated content. I’m sure YouTube will pull this video of suicide by special effects soon. I’m not sure they should. The faux snuff film is a wake-up call to both its creators family and any other parent who doesn’t know what their kids are doing online. And why.

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  1. You changed the video, I’m not sure why. In the original video, it was clearly an airsoft gun and the kid was standing there smiling at the end. The new one looks like an actual snuff film. Decide this one looks better on the front page?

    • He also deleted my comment about it being done poorly. The muzzle flash on the poster frame was a inch below (above?) the barrel.

      • Well, if he changed the video, your comment wouldn’t have made any sense anymore, anyway.

  2. 1a is just like 2a. there’s no ground for restrictions on either outside of criminal acts. repulsive tho the content may be it’s not up to us or the government to step in.

  3. Crappy graphics and shaky camera angles does not a snuff film make. This seems pretty good if the Director/editor/FX guy is the same age as his actor. But I don’t see a problem with it. Everything is a wake up call for parents, well everything that appears on News/Radio/ Blogs. It seems like every time I hear someone say this is a wake up call parents, I hear a little boy cry wolf.

  4. Meh, there is no shortage of real vids out there. Trust me, if this one disturbed you don’t go looking for them. They are far and away worse than this in every sense.

  5. Yup freedom of speech. There is plenty out there is you search which is real and disturbing.

  6. Big, bloody deal. Hollywood cranks out oodles of ‘fake snuff films.’ And REAL snuff porn, like the Magnotta movie, has been available online.

    Fake, distressing scenarios on Youtube are nothing new–just look at THIS:

  7. I was expect something much worse/better…. More to the point free speech wouldn’t be free if there were restrictions on it (yelling bomb in a theater scenarios excluded).

  8. Not very disturbing. If you want disturbing, go Googling for the meaning of the lyrics to that “hey man nice shot” song.

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