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A few years back, Mossberg expanded their line of dependable shotties. The gunmaker wanted to earn a rep for more than reasonable and reliable pumps and auto-loaders. They introduced a range of affordable over/unders for field and sport shooting, christening them their Silver Reserve line. They expanded the lineup, adding side-by-sides a few years later. Now they’re refreshing the brand with their new Silver Reserve II Series. Their website doesn’t have pics of the new guns yet and they didn’t see fit to include one with their press release, so that’s one of their older Silver Reserve guns above. And while we’d like nothing more than to review one of these – or any other Mossberg gun for that matter – TTAG seems to be on their no-fly list. But we live by Peter Quincy Taggart’s motto – we never give up and we never surrender. So by Grabthar’s hammer, we’ll keep harassing the Nutmeg State gunmaker until they send us a gun or two to review. Press release after the jump into hyperspace . . .

North Haven, CT – In 2005, Mossberg International™ introduced the family of Silver Reserve over-and-under shotguns to fill a void recognized in the shooting sports and in the field – that of an affordable break-action gun.  A series of side-by-side offerings joined the line-up in 2008.  Now Mossberg is pleased to announce the next generation of these classically-styled and handsomely-crafted shotguns – the Silver Reserve II Series with the features that hunters and shooters expect from high-quality double guns.  The new Silver Reserve II series includes 18 well-appointed break-actions in your choice of 12, 20 and 28-gauge and .410 bore in Field, Bantam™ Field and two-gauge Field Combo O/U models; similarly-appointed Side-by-Sides in 12, 20 and 28-gauge; and competition-ready 12-gauge Sporting and Super Sport O/U platforms.

All Silver Reserve II shotguns feature rich black walnut stocks with handsome satin finish and fine-line checkered forends and grips; complementing blued barrels; and polished silver-finished receivers with wrap-around classic scroll engraving.  But these doubles offer more than good looks; this all-new series combines aesthetics, craftsmanship and design features. Chrome-plated chambers and bores, robust dual-locking lugs and convenient tang-mounted safety/barrel selectors are standard features; and finding a model to meet your needs is easy with a variety of chambers, barrel lengths and stock options available.

Silver Reserve II Field Over-and-Under – Ideal for the wingshooter or small game hunter, the Field versions feature vent rib barrels with single front bead; our Field flush choke tube set (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full chokes included with 12, 20 and 28 gauges; .410 bore has Fixed Modified and Fixed Full chokes); shell extractors; and 28-inch (12 gauge, 3-inch chamber) or 26-inch (20 and 28 gauge and .410 bore) barrel lengths. The 12-gauge Field version is also available with optional shell ejectors.  The Bantam Field is a 20-gauge version, designed for the smaller-stature or younger shooter with a 13-inch length of pull (one inch shorter than standard Field).  For the hunter who may want more versatility, two-gauge Field Combo versions are offered – 12/20 gauge and 20/28 gauge combinations with 26-inch barrel lengths. These all-purpose Combo Sets include second barrel, forend and choke tube set. Suggested retail prices from $693 – $1,042.

Silver Reserve II Sporting Over-and-Under – Designed for shooters who want an edge over their competition, the 12-gauge Sport and Super Sport models feature quick-swinging 28-inch barrels to longer-reaching 30 or 32-inch trap-style barrels. All sporting models have ported barrels to lessen recoil and choice of extra-wide ribs – 10mm (Sport) and higher-profile 12mm (Super Sport) with dual bead sights (fiber optic front bead) for faster target-acquisition. These competition-ready shotguns come with our Sport Set of five extended choke tubes featuring silver finishes and checkered knurled grips (Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full chokes). Shell ejectors are standard with select Sport models featuring shell extractors.  Super Sport models offer a choice of adjustable (height, slope and cast) or fixed high-comb stocks; higher-profile, extra-wide 12mm ribs; and optional 30 or 32-inch barrel lengths.  Suggested retail prices from $851 – $1,145.

Silver Reserve II Field Side-By-Side – These traditional double guns are available in 12, 20 and 28-gauge with shell extractors standard on all models.  The 26-inch vent rib barrels come with our set of five flush Field choke tubes (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full chokes) and feature single front bead sight.  Suggested retail price:  $1,005.

Whether you choose a Silver Reserve II Over-and-Under or Side-by-Side shotgun for your hunting and shooting needs, you will discover the perfect combination of style and function at a price that won’t break the bank!  For a complete listing of available models or to purchase a Silver Reserve II break-action shotgun, visit your local Mossberg dealer today.

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  1. I looked all over my keyboard and can’t find a “release” button to press. Does it just show up after I jump into hyperspace?

  2. Their SxS barrels are too short. They need to be at least 28 inches.

    The only folks who seem to prefer 26″ tubes are the skeet competitors. Most doubles tend to be 28 to 30.

  3. i like mossberg pumps. but the only over/under mossberg i have experience with belonged to an in-law. iirc it was actually made in turkey. started to fall apart after very few factory standard birdshot loads. went back twice for repairs and it never was right.

  4. Mossberg,

    Make a SxS in 18″ or 20″ barrels with a RELIABLE single trigger. Got it? Now go! Don’t come back until it’s done. That is all.

    • It’s a mossberg, not a citori. The only way I’d consider one of these is if they start making a double trigger coach gun version with 18.5″ barrels so I can blast both barrels at once like a badass.

      Double trigger guns are under marketed nowadays. You’d think it would be otherwise, with all us 30 somethings that grew up playing Doom.

  5. A 12ga 28″ Silver Reserve was the first shotgun I ever owned. A little clunky, heavier, and much less refined than a Beretta or a Krieghoff or what have you, but it went bang every time and I never had trouble with the single trigger in 4 years of college team sporting clays. Probably have 10k rounds or so through it, though I’ve tapered off using it after getting one of the aforementioned Berettas.

  6. My 20-ga Silver reserve is my go-to gun on the opening few days of dove season. I’ve used it for quail as well, but 22″ barrels would be better for that game species.

    The only “issue” I’ve ever had is that Mossberg’s turkish manufacturer didn’t thread these for standard accu-chokes, so if you want extra chokes you need to order Huglu threaded chokes from Briley or Trulock.

  7. I have a Mossberg Silver Reserve over/under 12 Guage.
    Works fine, I am lookiing for some extra chokes. can someone let me know what kind of chokes does this Gun Take. Thanks

  8. Purchased a Mossberg Silver Reserve II was doing very well with it until this week, Started to have issues with the lower Ejector then the round would pass the ejector and I could not close the gun. Then Miss Fires Could not fire the Gun when closed. Selector switch U/O would jam and malfunction. Had to go back to dealer to verify problems they sent it right out to Mossberg. I really like the gun started shooting 18s but now i’m not sure if this is a fluke or I was a sucker for buying one. Very embarrassing at the range people telling me should have purchased a Browning or Beretta.

    • Follow Up Information:
      So I called Mossberg and they said it will be about a month or so before I will see my 3 week old Silver Reserve II. So I went out and purchased a Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1. I will either sell the SRII or keep it for someone who want to shoot with me but has no shotgun. I guess the the lesson here is you get what you pay for.

  9. Its now been an amazing 5 months and still nothing I keep getting the We are waiting for parts If I didn’t buy the Beretta 686 I would have never been able to shoot this year. Mossberg are you there ?

  10. Just convinced to cancel my plans about buying a Mossberg! Sound like a schlock house. Think I will bite the bullet and go Browning.

  11. I bought a silver reserve, sporting model. Worked fine but when a shot paper at 30 yards to check the pattern the lower barrell was 100% below the horizontal line with full choke. Sent it back. After 10 weeks I received a brand new gun- Silver Reserve II. It has the exact same problem, lower barrell shoots low. The top barrell shoots right on. I guess they are all like that. The jig used a t the factory in Turkey is set that way. Perhaps I will shoot paper at 15 yards and 40 yards to see if it changes.

  12. I had a Silver Reserve I from Mossberg made in Turkey. Nothing but problems with the wooden forend piece coming lose in the field. My son ended up losing the forend in the field. Sent for repair twice, and just heard today that Mossberg discontinued and doesnt have parts anymore.
    Will never buy Mossberg again.


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