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How red is my Jimenez? (courtesy

“Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the 9500 block of Wayne Avenue around 1:25 a.m. Friday for reports of a man with a gun,” Cincinnati’s reports. “According to investigators, Orlando Lowery, 23, was found in possession of a loaded .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun that was painted red to resemble a toy gun.” Nope. As TTAG commentator bryce pointed out, “the Cobra or Lorcin FS 380 comes in that color from factory.” Besides, if the criminal really wanted to fool the cops into thinking he’s carrying a toy gun . . .

he would have given it an orange tip. Duh. As for the danger of criminals painting guns to look like toys, well of course they would. It’s classic disinformation.

Cops should treat every gun as if it’s loaded. And try not to shoot children playing with guns, whenever possible. (Define “children,” define “playing.”) Meanwhile, as TTAG tipster Illinois minion wrote . . .

If toys are to be painted bright colors to help indicate they are not real, is there an inverse law preventing ‘real’ guns from being colored these ‘bright’ colors?

Do we need (more) laws defining legal colors for real guns now?

He’s being ironic, right? Tell me he’s being ironic.

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  1. Ironic doesn’t begin to cover it! Idiotic is more like the truth.

    More laws wont make a dent on this issue. It’s already illegal to break the law. But Obama does it and gets away with it. So why not other criminals? Or even good guys.

    If career politicians are lawbreakers, why aren’t they in jail or worse?

  2. Pro tip: painting a gun to look like a toy is just one of many ways to fool people into thinking that you are not armed. Anyone ever heard of a cane gun? The possibilities are endless.

    • Those are NFA items now right ? I recall a law against guns disguised as non gun but always wondered how that applied to something like a unique homemade. You wouldn’t have to go far to make a homemade firearm that didn’t look like any production and you wouldn’t have to disguise it as any specific object to have it pass un noticed by the general public.

    • In the “GOOD old days” toy guns looked like real guns, too.

      And you didn’t have to worry about being shot by the cops when you played with them. Man, how things have changed.

      • There’s a difference between toy guns looking like guns and guns looking like toys.

        And since kids weren’t shooting people back then it wasn’t such an issue.

        • So you can only play with toy guns if you’re a kid?? …. That sure seems like discrimination to me.

          “There’s a difference between toy guns looking like guns and guns looking like toys.” – Hannibal

          Yes, there is, but not much. The difference is…. hold onto your hats….: “toy guns looking like guns and guns looking like toys.”

        • BTW. as I’ve already stated, adults can play with toy guns too. So if you’re going to assume that the toy gun being waved around by that adult is real, not just a toy, then the same standard needs to be held to kids waving around real looking toy guns.

    • Even a successful dealer doesn’t want to ditch a multi grand gun when things go south. Have you seen the auctions lately? There are some pretty nice guns often enough but you are always gettin a lorcin/HiPoint or two in whatever lot you want.

  3. This whole “guns should look like guns” thing is an extension of the anti’s who hate both silencers and hearing hunters/ranges.

    Their solution is outright prohibition so we need to keep those guns black and scary. Of course any law against painting a thing is asinine but women are getting into shooting and apparently people are buying pink, purple and novelty camo colored guns. More people shooting? Guns normalized and accessorized? This wont do. All guns need to be black and come with shoulder things that go up so the anti’s can continue the march of morons.

    • Indeed;

      You can have any color you want. As long as it’s black!

      Seriously – how to tell if it’s real or fake — Is somebody being threatening with it? Treat as real. Otherwise, walk up nice and calm and have a conversation. If you’re really nervous park a block away and yell over the bull horn to please slowly put the weapon down.

      • Hold it right there. Black guns are scary, and should be banned from “civilian” use. Hence the numerous “assault weapon” bans. Ergo:

        a) all guns that are not black should be banned
        b) all black guns should be banned


  4. Being ironic? I don’t know.

    He’s likely being from Illinois – preprogrammed to assume more laws = more safety.

  5. As long as the colors are not racist colors, ie.,


    White is, as you know not a racist color and all guns should be painted white to show how horribly evil it is.

  6. They sell a LOT of these junk Cobras at Westforth guns in Gary,Indiana. That and Hi-Points. I noticed Hi-Points now come in green. At least Hi-Points usually WORK…and Illinois minion is not being ironic…

  7. gangsters have been painting the tips of their guns orange to buy them a few extra seconds of advantage. if you dont respect the fear of danger of others then you just may end up delt with. be smart and be respectful.

  8. Proposed laws in the order they are submitted:
    1. All guns must be black
    2. Black guns are scary, ban black guns.

  9. So, it’s always the “horns of a dilemma” because you will not know, based on what you see, if a “seeming-gun” will go “Bang!” and fling a bullet into your chest, or not.
    How much time is appropriate for assessment before you have to decide? Or, does the primal instinct for self-preservation override assessment and you just shoot and hope you called it correctly?
    Reality sure is a b*tch!

  10. I’m waiting for the law that bans evil black guns, and separately the law that requires all real guns to be black.

  11. red, blue, purple, you can keep the cobra fs. had one, would only fire on the second trigger pull, changed the trigger assembly and kept stovepiping. besides the fact it weighs over two pounds. like a friend said, if you run out of ammo, you can always beat your attacker with it. oh, almost forgot, you can squeeze the trigger through the safety. Yeah, it went bye bye

  12. We need background checks for paint, including person to person transfers of paint. That will solve all of your problems.

  13. How ’bout one in camouflage (so no one can see it). Got to be careful tho’; think of all the bad things that could happen- just because you “couldn’t” see your weapon…

    List of camo-ed weapons: gun, knife, car (they see you but not car)…

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