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I hope this image is incendiary to all the citizens of Australia who enabled civilian disarmament, leaving themselves defenseless against criminals, crazies and terrorists. I hope it’s incendiary to the American antis who use any example of “gun violence” to lobby for limitations on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. But no, it won’t be. Not in the way I’d like. Now that the attack is over (police stormed the Sydney cafe), the American and Australian antis will use this incident to continue their crusade against common sense armed self-defense. So I find this image and its inevitable aftermath incendiary. You? [h/t PetitionForRedress]

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  1. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In the land of the disarmed, one man with a pistol can hold a whole city at bay.

      • Yeah I was thinking, as I heard it on the radio this morning, that it would have been a DGU where I live. No way there’s a coffee shop full of people and at least one of them isn’t armed. Actually, it probably wouldn’t happen here or in much of the U.S. because of the decent possibility that a patron is armed. Hence all folks, even the rabidly anti-gun folks, benefit from the free rider effect of increased safety and crime deterrence due to CCW legality and pervasive firearm ownership.

        • It would happen here. In NY, Chicago, much of CA, D.C., NJ, Maryland, etc. Of course, highly unlikely in flyover country. Us bitter clingers don’t take kindly to evil people doing evil things.

    • The offender got a gun…in a country where civilians are disarmed.
      Australian politicians and laws made it very easy for the offender.
      It can happen everywhere.
      In particular where politicians and civilians make the same mistakes.

  2. Do you think it is OK for career politicians to lie to us?

    If not, why not follow their example and ignore the laws we do not like and declare open season on them?

    After all is said, I believe that respect and obedience to the constitution is paramount. All laws stem from that one document for us. If they, the politicians, do not respect and adhere to it, why should we?

    • Sounds a lot like the democracy vs constitutional republic. How many voters know which we are/have been since founding? I’d like to say I do

  3. No I don’t, I’m sure she is like a lot of Australians who believe guns have no place anywhere and I’m sure most if not all of the hostages when interviewed in the coming weeks will all be calling for further bans on firearm ownership by Australians.

    • Yep, unfortunately this X1000, I work with a bunch of Aussies who have either moved here, or who work in our Sydney office. I didnt even bring this up today because I already know the answer. “Guns were banned for the good of the people!” they say

    • Yep, it’s gonna be the laws just don’t go far enough!! Nobody needs a long gun that can hold more than one round, except the police and military…

      • Yep–that’s what they say as they are returning from their “hands up” protest. Liberals really are that stupid.

  4. This guy was on bail for some involvement in a murder. He was able to get a gun. No lessons will be learned.

  5. The terrorist attacks are not their fault, but they should not be proud of disarmament.
    Sadly if every hostage had been slaughtered they would still fail to see the benefits of an armed populace.

    • Yes, the terrorist attack is their fault The Australians have been pandering to the Muslims for years – even today they are carrying signs “I’ll ride with you” in solidarity (according to the WSJ) with the Muslims; they’ve disarmed themselves; they have a joke of a “justice system” which let this murderer out on bail after stabbing and burning his ex-wife. Yeh, it’s their fault. You can’t blame terrorists for being terrorists; you can’t blame vermin for being vermin. But you can and should blame the people that don’t clean their house and breed the vermin for having a vermin problem.

  6. Sadly, most of the public simply won’t make the connection between a situation like this and the fact that armed citizens are not so easy to round up and hold hostage…

  7. Nope, they’ll call for more and stricter gun laws, even though we see pictures of garage built full autos they have confiscated adding the final nail in the coffin of the illogic in Australia. The police are “trained” you know and have now stormed the ramparts getting several people killed in the gun battle. “Acceptable” losses I suppose to the powers that be. Truly sad day.

    • I was reading the current Economist yesterday at the bookstore. It had a long editorial complaining, as usual, about gun-ownership in America and extolling the virtues of the more civilized gun-free countries. And now this. No surprise, really. In virtually every “gun-free” country in the world, there is a lively underground trade in firearms. Like drugs, guns are easy to smuggle and OZ, with it long coastlines and small population, is cake for people bringing stuff in. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened and, of course, a place that prides itself on being gun-free is a natural target.

      Ironically, I thought about this as I was reading the Economist’s gun-control twaddle. Of course we never really know when The Bad Thing will happen. And, of course, when it does happen it’s usually with a suddenness that’s completely unexpected. But to be cornered in a coffee-shop with an Al-Qaeda terrorist with a gun? I sure wanted a couple of those folks in OZ to be armed.

      • Funny, its like the old F4. When it first came out it didn’t have a gun because the missiles would do everything. after flying it in combat, the f4 got retrofitted with a gun cause stuff happens…..

  8. I choose not to be a defenseless sheep, and I Thank God and our Founding Fathers that I am able to do so. I personally know of several women who have also come to this same conclusion in life – sadly, some of them only after being victimized. The Antis want always propose their notions with an ‘in a perfect world’ context assumed. Sadly, we do not live in a perfect world.

  9. I can only hope that unfortunate woman wishes that she had a firearm on her person when that attack happened.

    Regardless of what she may want, I hope we learn from her mistake.

  10. I see where the “sheik” was pretty much allowed to have free rain in the land of OZ. On FOX news they are speaking of the importance of being armed. Iranian boy should have been in jail at tthe very least. Coming to a soft American target near me(like Chicago).

  11. I say we shove one of the antigunners(F-stein, Bloomberg, Watts) up there infront of the terrorist and have them voice their displeasure at how they are violating their beloved gun laws.

    I’m sure he’ll listen.

  12. On Fox, I hear repeatedly “it could happen here!”, like that’s big news. Of course it could happen there, in NYC. It could also happen in D.C., L.A., Chicago, San Fran, and others. What they are not mentioning is that it could NOT happen in Austin, TX, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, and a bunch of other places, because the looney-tune would be shot dead in the first 30 seconds of the 17 hour hostage situation. Unless he was smart enough to carry out his attack in the secure area of an airport, for example. A grabber would say “don’t be silly, no guns are allowed there”. Yeah. So uniformed guy says he sees something of concern, “step over here” and the perp shoots him in the face and we’re off to the races. But if you think some chocolate shop is going to be home to some rat-bastard’s new Islamic state, you’re dreaming.

    • It could happen anywhere, the only difference due to location will be in how the situation resolves itself.

    • Which is why it will not occur in a coffee shop but a school which adheres to the gun-free zone policy. Similar to what terrorist have done in Russia. Great theater, huge visceral impact, hundreds of young children at the mercy of gunmen, national real-time video on the news detailing second by second what is, or is not, occurring…

  13. “The thought of having a gun never crossed my mind.”

    There’s your answer, straight from the Sandy Hook teacher’s article of last week.

  14. Whenever some cretin asserts violent authority, there are two outcomes.

    One, the cretin is ventilated while the police cars are dispatched. By the time the cheif and the mayor are informed ,the thugs already en route to the coroner.

    Two, the hostages are armed with nice words and 18 years of liberal miseducation. The thug uses a gun, but his violent demeanor is so outside their experience even if he had a knife they’d be cowed. The police chief and mayor are informed, meetings are set, and 4 hours or so later the authorities have a solution which spares them political risk in the aftermath. Notice that may or may not mean acting in the best interests of the hostages.

    If I’m in a room which becomes the scene of a hostage situation, I know which outcome I’d prefer.

  15. Australia has a severe math problem — the 500,000 Muslims living there outnumber the guns. There will be a lot more bloodshed in Australia until the numbers are reversed.

    This is what the Aussies wanted. They chose to open their country to radical Muslims, and they chose to close their nation to self defense. They chose to be what they are — defenseless, foolish little children. Sorry, mate, but I’m not crying for the Aussies.

    • Sorry Ralph, tricks are for kids. The Ozzies didn’t want open borders any more than Americans did. But they, like us, and most of Europe, have no control over the international elite that design our policies.

  16. It DID happen here, at Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma. However: adding one rifle to the “victim” pool subtracts hours from the length of the incident.

  17. WE need to take note of what just occurred in Sydney only the unarmed are the victims. This lunatic criminally insane individual didn’t take his frustrations out on the police station he took it out on the unarmed. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS !
    Terror is tyranny.

  18. Good commentary here at PJMedia’s Patrick Poole, including two meme’s that are relevant to the POTG in U.S.:

    1.”known wolf” and how an overly politically correct government let this rapist and racist-hater off the kook.

    We are in the Long War with the Religion of Peace™. Islam means domination, taking away freedom of the individual, top down by an Islamist state. Its fascism, pure and simple, which is why its so important for leftists and progressives to avoid the topic, as it explains why the two are so similar, at the roots.

    2. “voxplaining” by progressives to change the narrative to avoid the obvious…

    One good guy with a gun could have stopped the bad guy with a gun…

  19. Sadly, no, I don’t think she did wish she had a gun. I bet she was thinking, “I wish the police would save me.”

    Australians, like Brits and most people worldwide, have been conditioned to live as subjects and slaves to their government overlords. The natural act of defending one’s own life has been ripped out of them, replaced with dog-like need for government protection and utter obedience.

    Like it or not, the classic American mindset is truly unique.

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