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It was kinda hard to decide on a category for this little contraption. The thingy could just as easily fit in the Deepest Depths of Uselessness category. But we suppose that, for the right user (who left his knife on his dresser), a Picatinny-mounted, spring-loaded glass breaker might come in handy from time to time. Even if it adds (we’re guessing here) eight or ten ounces to the front of your pistol and requires a custom holster. But don’t worry — if hanging one of these off the bottom of your gun crimps your laser-aiming or target-lighting style, it features its own length of rail so you can daisy chain a RailMaster under your window cracker. But if you double up like that, you’d better do a few more 12 oz. curls if you plan on toting that much hardware on the end of your G17.   [h/t Chewbacca Defense]

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  1. For the man who has everything. And insists on hanging it all off his gun. Can you imagine how cluttered a man’s life would have to be if he was the type to think this doo-hickey is a must have?

  2. Um, doesn’t your average Glock, Springfield, S&W, or whatever usually have a bunch of window breakers packed inside?

  3. I already have a window glass breaker mounted on the muzzle of my EDC; and, it still fits nicely inside my standard Blackhawk SERPA holster, too. 😉

  4. Looks like something out of “Sons of Guns”. “Nevah bin dun befoe” because it’s such a stupid idea in the first place.

    Get a spring-loaded center-punch from the hardware store.

  5. Couldn’t it be for cops? Think about a BG in a car who is refusing to get out who may be armed, instead of taking your gun off him to hit the window with a baton you just you know, poke it with your gun. You keep the BG in your sights the entire time, and if he goes to grab a gun or something right after you break the window, you can shoot him without having to switch from a baton.

    • This is a terrible idea and goes against everything I have ever seen or heard or done in training, or anywhere else, in police service and in the Army. By policy (and by the universal safety rules) we do not aim at anything we do not intend to immediately shoot. To draw and hold low ready on someone who may quickly need to be shot is one thing, but to point a weapon directly at them is bad enough without then trying to use it as an impact weapon at the same time. That’s just begging for a negligent (not accidental) discharge.

      Unless you have night vision, there’s not much you should want on your weapon besides sights and maybe a flashlight. If you’re in a sniper role, you can add a bipod.

      • Bipod for a sniper? Only because he’s just another pansy with a rifle instead of a manly man with a fantabulous, miraculous, Lippard .45… Bet that punk needs a scope too…

      • Maybe should have said weapon includes pistols and rifles both, although some of the TC rifle caliber pistols could maybe use a bipod anyways. Wouldn’t make much of a service weapon, though.

        And I want to see Lippard make a high angle mount for his pistol, with some sort of ranging device so it can be the first .45 mortar on the market. Previously untapped sector of the market right there.

        • Depending on the chambering, you can do some verifiably accurate long-range damage with a 16″ (let alone a 21″) T/C, but I imagine you know that. I didn’t use them often enough when I passed my very early 20s so they went away. I did keep my .221 XP-100 for nostalgia’s sake – bipod and scope, prairie dogs beware…

          Love the mortar idea. “Sarge,we got incoming! Tango has a Lippard!”

  6. This could be useful for a dedicated car gun. Imagine you fall asleep at the wheel or something and end up sinking into a lake, pond, or whatever. Now, instead of fumbling around for a tiny window breaker in the center console or glove box while the car is filling up with water you grab your car gun and just use the window breaker mounted on the end of it.

      • Yes. The effects of the firearm’s report inside of a closed vehicle at night can very well result in blindness and almost certainly cause you to be deaf for quite some time.

  7. Generally, it’s not a good idea to let fly with a sd caliber round just to break a window. It _will_over—penetrate, and possibly hit someone or something you don’t intend (even from under water.) That said, I think it’s frigging stupid to mount one of these on the business end of a weapon where you’re panning everything on the other side of the window when you’re operating the device. The crap you mount on a gun should be purpose built for the use of the gun and nothing else. If you have a need to break a window or such, use the striking surface on a knife or the reverse end of a mag light. Gun safety shouldn’t be a convenience imho. This product encourages users to act in an unsafe manner.

    • I completely agree one should exercise requisite caution, but a handgun simply will not over penetrate anything in the water. In fact, 6 feet away, it will cease all forward momentum and simply sink. That’s how they test fire in a ballistics lab, a 6-8 foot tank of water.

      Beyond being relatively low velocity, a handgun bullet (especially a HP) is rather light, and about as hydrodynamic as brick.

  8. Please don’t be offended but that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen to hang on the end of the gun. If you need to break a window with a gun use the gun, DUH. Guns typically being made of at least a pound of metal break windows really well even when not using those bullet things.

  9. #1 If I am drawing my GUN and not at home or the range, I am doing so because I need it. I have 13 window breakers in my mag and one in the chamber. I also have an additional 13 window breakers on my left hip.

    #2 If youre publicly drawing your gun mounted window punch for a non-shooting situation, you might be in some legal trouble. A window punch is mot much bigger than a pen, I have one on my keychain.

    This is a cool concept I suppose but in my humble opinion, a laughable novelty item like pistol bayonets. But the later might have some more practical use.

  10. – I have a hammer in the toolbox in the car I can use when it sinks into the lake or if I have to extricate someone from their burning vehicle.
    – I don’t feel the need to break my home windows when I can just open them.
    – I don’t feel the need to break other people’s windows because I’m not a criminal…

    Ahhh, that’s what it was designed for….the criminals!

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