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Obviously, there’s nothing incendiary about this image for TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. But imagine this sign in, say, a bank. Or a church. School? Court house? Department of Motor Vehicles? Post office? Maybe it’s time to go on offense, and I don’t mean that in a Ted Nugent kinda way. More like Elvis. If I can dream of a better land . . . [h/t Enzo]

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  1. My uncle has a sign kind of like that. It says never mind the dog, beware of the owner and there is a picture of a gun. However he doesn’t have it outside for the public to see.

  2. I have mixed feeling about such a sign.

    If seeing a sign like that on any business (or home) I may just pass on by.

    Such bravado looks to me as juvenile.

  3. I rarely read or see something with which I completely agree; but, your idea about posting these, ‘Guns Welcome’ signs on the doorways of LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESSES strongly appeals to me! Yes, I would very much like to see something like this catch on.

    I took my wife to the movies last night for what has to be the first time in, at least, the past 4 years. She was very hesitant to go; and, before she would enter the theater she wanted my personal assurance that the movie we were going to see didn’t have a high, ‘Batman quotient’; and she, also, insisted that – even though we were going to a Cinemark theater – I had to be armed before she would go in and sit down. (I married such a sensible woman – Didn’t I!) 😀

    PS: We went to see, ‘Taken2’. It did have, kind ‘a, a high, ‘Batman quotient’; but, worse, it was also, kind ‘a, disappointing and nowhere near as good as the original. (If, however, you want to see some great video shots of the exterior architecture of the Hagia Sophia mosque and downtown Istanbul then this is definitely the movie for you!)

  4. I would love to see the day that an armed citizen is such a non issue that signs are not even a concern. The only signs a business needs is it’s name and business hours.

    One can hope.

    • Dang–the guy’s shirt was offensive, but how is it a public order violation? And some people wonder why American gun owners talk about how important rights are.

  5. We had those in our bakery.. Except they were guns (a 1911 and a Glock) in a green circle as a parody of the no guns signs.


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