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After the obligatory acknowledgment of the atrocity that happened earlier today in Orlando, President Obama assured the nation that the investigation continues and made sure to note that the killer’s motivations haven’t yet been uncovered…only that the murders were carried out by a “hate-filled individual.” Neither the word ‘Muslim’ nor ‘Islam’ ever crossed his lips. He then thanked first responders and acknowledged the difficulty of this for the LGBT community as a whole…that in attacking a minority, the Pulse nightclub massacre was “an attack on all of us.”

Then, of course, he moved on to decry the ease of access by the killer to a “handgun and a powerful assault rifle”, intoning that “we have to decide if this is the kind of country we wan to be” referring to the availability of firearms in America.

It was a remarkably perfunctory performance. More an exercise in checking off all the obligatory boxes than an effort to reassure the nation or pledge action against our enemies. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that, with seven months to go, he’s already checked out of the job. Despite the brevity of his remarks, there’s apparently no truth to the rumor he had a tee time to get to.

In short, more mush from the wimp, to coin a phrase.


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    • I’ll leave the crew with this quote from Mark Steyn.

      “Alas, it becomes harder to mourn the dead when we never avenge them.”

      Hope our next President does.

      • If we get trump, everyone else better watch the fvck out, he will be looking for people to fill the nooses.

        If we get hillary, we better watch the fvck out, she will be looking for people to fill the nooses.

        I honestly do not anticipate either….

        • I haven’t laughed harder or groaned faster at the thought of Hilarious and Trump, in my life than I did after reading your comment, thank you.

  1. “High powered assault rifle.” Not only was it not an assault rifle, but an assault rifle shoots an intermediate cartridge, not a high powered round. Can you at least get your facts right before you wave the bloody shirt?

  2. Bumer was not able to come up with any words related to “Islam”. What a surprise.

    Actually I don’t want a country with such morons as Barry in charge of ANYTHING.

    • Don’t hold your breath waiting for dear leader to fix blame on Islam/muslim terrorism. He’s already stated that ISIS is the “JV team” and that we have them under control; he’s not walking back those comments. What he will do is find every chance to “blame the gun” or how easy it is to get a gun (easier than checking out a library book). Even more infuriating is that there will be utter silence on this killer’s targeting of soft targets in a gun-free zone. The liberal mind-set will be we need to further disarm lawful citizens to make America safer, like LA, Chicago and NYC.
      My prayers and condolences to those families and victims in Orlando, my contempt to the tyrants and fascists in Washington and the media that contributed to the crime.

  3. Obama on Orlando Massacre: We Have to Decide if This is the Kind of Country We Want to Be
    Yes, are we going to be an Islamic Nation or not?

    • I think what he meant was, while we should sympathize for the LGBT community, we need to decide if we want to continue to tolerate their openness? Otherwise Islamic terrorists will continue to find ways to murder them.
      Right? Makes more sense than expecting us to give up our liberty.

  4. There is actually no such thing as an assault rifle per se. If I assault someone with a hammer do we call it an assault hammer? A rifle is a rifle is a rifle.

    • According to the US Army there is. It is a shoulder fired, gas operated, magazine fed, select fire weapon.

    • There is a formal definition of an “assault rifle”:

      * intermediate cartridge (more than a pistol cartridge, less than a full rifle cartridge)
      * high-capacity detachable magazine (20 or more cartridges)
      * SELECT FIRE capability

      More-or-less formalized with the Stgw 44.

  5. “Obama: We Have to Decide if This is the Kind of Country We Want to Be”

    I asked myself the same question when he became President. And my answer was, “Not his kind of country. Never that.”

    Eight years later and my country is falling apart, stabbed in the back by the Democrat cabal and drowning under a wave of illegals.

    And it’s about to get a lot worse.

  6. The ‘arm America while ironically trying to disarm America’ president speaks again. Ready for another record breaking NCIS month?

    • I’ll be keeping an eye on this site for those numbers, because the MSM will outright refuse to put them out there.

    • NCIS is on break til next season… Though this clown probably would love to be shoehorned into an episode just like his wife.

  7. Letting thousands of unvetted Islamic fundamentalist terrorists into the country and giving them my tax dollars is NOT the country I want America to be. That’s probably not the answer bath house Barry is looking for but I think it’s what the majority of us want.

  8. Come on, Omar was a democrat and Obama supporter. Isn’t this what they want? The party of intolerance.

  9. I’m waiting for Trumps comments. I’m not sure, but I think this is in line with his narrative and further renders Hildabeast the incompetent lying crooked bi— she is.

    No this isn’t the nation we want to be Mr. POTUS. How are you going to stop it, by banning the modern sporting rifle while trying to skirt around the fact that it won’t stop radical Muslim extremist from having them or any other weapon who are intent at cutting us down at will? God Obama is a piece of sh–!

    • I think his comments will start along the lines of “I love the gays. I really do, I love the gays, I support them. I have lots of gay friends. The gays are wonderful people, I’ve always said that, I have gay people working for me. I’m not gay obviously and we all get along fantastically.”

    • Obama is worried about his “legacy”, which is he will be seen as the most ineffectual President since ever.

  10. “Obama on Orlando Massacre: We Have to Decide if This is the Kind of Country We Want to Be”

    Beotch, puhleeze. YOU sir, created this kind of environment, decisions of the people be damned, mister I-have-a-pen-and-a-phone.

    “In short, more mush from the wimp, to coin a phrase.”

    Jeeze, this guy is truly the worst POTUS in 275 years of U.S. history.

    • Why stop at 275 years? Hell, he’s going to be really hard to beat. He’ll probably be the worst president for 450 years of presidential history.

    • I hope I live to see him laid to rest at the Obumer Presidential Library at Gitmo. Will likely be to old to go urinate on it.

  11. Rules for Radicals” Obama. I could have predicted almost every word that worthless wimp uttered. Wonder who has the turn operating the manikin this month? Zukerberg? Gates? Soros? Schumer? Look, they can make him talk with even moving their lips! What a useless tool, and to think that the American people voted that empty suit into office! This country has fallen from its glory!

    • A home grown terrorist who the FBI had previously investigated (for who knows what) was able to legally obtain firearms (and a license to carry). Yep, more laws would have stopped him /sarc

  12. Of course he avoided the Islamic connection and went right to gunz as the problem.

    Once he gets his machine in gear he won’t waste this opportunity to make it all about the AR 15.

  13. Since Islam has tenuous Judean-Christian roots, the next carefully prepared statement from the Terrorist-in-Chief will blame Jedeo-Christians.

  14. He transitioned to his Anti-gun propaganda and agenda pushing at the 3:47 mark of his address. Frankly, my money was within the first two minutes. With one breath he decries the ease of obtaining “assault weapons”, and in another pledges that Americans will defends themselves, their community and their country.

    My prayers go out to the victims and their families.

  15. Allowing people to express their extremist beliefs in text and speech, without fear of government consequence? Allowing people to practice their most insular beliefs to the extent that their actions do not interfere with the rights of others? Allowing people to defend themselves from harm ising tools that have also been used to harm hundreds?

    Yes. I believe that freedom means that some will abuse that freedom, but that is no reason to hide in fear.

  16. Liberals will blame the gun, not the Islamic terrorist. He could have made a bomb and killed more. He could have set the place on fire and caused panic. He could have rammed his car into a bunch of pedestrians. Blame the car, blame the match but don’t blame the gay hating Islamic terrorist.

  17. Serious question: The guy didn’t detonate the explosive device he (allegedly) had strapped to him. Did it fail, or did he just not get around to it? If the latter, and he was somehow denied access to the rifle and/or handgun he had, wouldn’t he have just walked in and hit the button?

    My point is to reiterate the argument that “getting rid of the guns doesn’t solve the problem.” He would demonstrably have found another way, because he had another way.

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the terrorist had a Florida Firearms G License, which means he had to receive a training before to get access to guns, and even get an annual training confirmation, etc… So, how does it play in Obama’s plan??? Well, it didn’t… it just proves that regardless how much laws they will pass, it would not stop this kind of madness…

    But somehow, he was a registered Democrat voter… so if it’s not already a proof of madness!

  19. Since our benevolent overlords refuse to even acknowledge the actual problems and instead choose to attack the Constitution, I predict that these attacks will continue for some time to come.

    And the big medical kit goes into the trunk. c’est la vie.

  20. “We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be.”

    No. I am not OK with hundreds of people simply having a good time being an obligatory soft target because of our government’s policies and relentless propaganda.

    I am not OK with leaving ourselves open to imported intolerance by other means; being a liberal – classic meaning – democracy means people doing as they please is the good. We are not required to tolerate people who decline the live and let live compact.

    I am not OK with aggressively, systematically, pursuing blanket surveillance, arbitrary stop and seizure, limitations on travel, financial controls, employment restrictions and imposed searches on the general population in the name of “securing liberty / freedom / safety”, while letting self-identified threats and their sponsors slide.

    I am not OK with relentless, demonizing propaganda from the government directed at people who seek to protect themselves, when the government can or will not.

    This is not the kind of country we want to be.

    The strength of the Democratic party’s “presidential year” get out the vote operation; national media and administrative state alignment (but, I repeat myself), does not mean it is the country “we” want to be. It’s the country “you” have managed to partially impose by slight and manipulation. Notice the historic transition away from Democratic party officeholders in congress, governors’ offices and state legislatures. Notice the relentless, multi-pronged, grass-roots opposition bubbling up to every single major policy of this administration. (Even this administration’s record on Supreme Court appeals of administrative overreach is abysmal.)

    No, this isn’t the country we would like it to be. If you can’t or won’t help make it better, please stop making it worse.

  21. The very first responders could have, and should have been over 100 Americans enjoying the right to protect themselves in public spaces… from ignorance and feel good politics of people that are consumed with taking the teeth from common self defense.
    Americans are not push overs, we are different from the rest of the world.
    We believe to the core of the right to fight back and protect ourselves.
    We are not born victims but turned that way due to policys by those too weak minded to support basic self defense in our daily lives.
    All Americans need to stop this by being prepared to repel these attackers where they stand.
    They have proven they are here and that LE are not enough to keep Americans from dying en masse.
    Time to let the dogs go.

  22. I’m just trying to figure out how I can afford all the gunz and ammo I’m planning to get…Trump 2016!

  23. What type of country? The type that allows innocent citizens to be murdered in nightclubs by radical psychopaths? No, that is not the kind of country we want to be. That’s why citizens must have the right and ability to defend themselves.

  24. I am sure BHO will find a new Executive Order to stop this. (NOT!)

    Florida law could be changed to allow carry in alcohol serving establishments if the armed citizen is not drinking (designated CCW) (Wisconsin has this provision). Maybe even open carry of an AR-15/AK – Ooops FL Supreme Court (Dem) Justice and RINO legislators think that would lead to “blood in the streets”.

    Honestly – 4 hours to continue to kill – WTF are the authorities thinking? Even Paris shootings were cleared sooner.

    • Exactly what the spokesperson for the Pink Pistols said. If you can have a designated driver, why not a designated carrier?

  25. The time is very near when the words spoken by the head of Interpol will finally sink in. Either you have to harden targets to the point that people will literally be unable to access them or you have to allow the public at large to carry. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of Americans will not stand for overly restrictive curtailment of movement. The politicians better wake up to the anger rising in the populace and stop attempting to blame the gun for their failures.

  26. The kind of country we are is one that is at war with radical Islamic terrorism. Just like the middle-east and Europe. They are killing civilians in all of these places and we won’t acknowledge they have waged war on us. We won’t name them, and we don’t seem to be re-evaluating the failed policies that were meant to contain and destroy them, because these attacks are increasing in frequency!

  27. We need a countdown clock for how many hours are left before this asshat is gone from office, gratefully forgotten.

    He needs to sign an executive order stating that he is a disgusting opportunist who will stand on top of the dead to push his larger agenda of easily transitioning America into a cesspool.

    He campaigned on a message of change, and true to his word, he accomplished change in America, it’s just that the change has screwed us over. Good job buddy! Change change change, the channel.

  28. Mr. President, I would like to have the sort of country where my government isn’t importing our enemies and then using the predictable results to try to strip rights from it’s citizens.

  29. ‘We Have to Decide if That’s the Kind of Country We Want to Be’

    So it’s settled then, we kick the Muslims out of the country. The Mexicans can stay (for now).

  30. I am horrified by the event in Florida today, and once again horrified that murder is committed in the name of religion, of love, and of something as ridiculous as My God is Bigger than Your God or I’m Right and You’re Wrong. How is this happening, how can there be so much hatred in the world? It seems to be getting worse every day in a time when tolerance and love is shouted from every window.

    But I am equally horrified by the response of our leader. How dare you sir, the man elected by the American people, to serve the American people, how dare you make a statement such as “is this the kind of country we want to be”. How dare you send a message saying that I am to blame for the murder of 50 people today. The message you made is that every American is responsible for the attacks made by a radical Islamic terrorist today.

    Is this the kind of country we want to be.

    How dare you, sir. How dare you point the finger within our borders at your own people. How dare you point away from the terror and hate spread by enemies of the USA, the hatred taught by radicals who want to destroy us. How dare you blame me for this.

    I am not the problem. I am a hard working American citizen and proudly fly the flag of the United States of America. I don’t wave or salute the flag of another country. I don’t spread hate by speech or writing, or principle. I didn’t kill people today, a radical terrorist turned to hatred by evil men did.

    How dare you sir. How dare you claim I am the problem because I own a gun. How dare you blame the millions of other American’s who also do. Gun owners are not to blame, radical terrorists turned to hatred by evil men killed once again on our soil. And yet you point your finger at me. Funny how you have nothing to say when a bomb is used to kill as effectively.

    How dare you sir. How dare you use the horrifying events of the day to further your agenda against the millions of legal gun owners who want nothing more than to protect themselves against home invasions, rapes, and robbery, and against attacks made by radical terrorists turned to hatred by evil men. Obviously you can’t protect me. No weapon, or firearm, or any other tool of rage is to blame for the events of the day, the only blame lies on the shoulders of radical terrorists brought to hatred by evil men.

    How dare you sir. You owe the American people an apology.

    I weep for the families who lost loved ones today, and I weep for the future of the world. And I weep for the America our children will inherit, an America led down a path of destruction by the mismanagement, arrogance, and selfishness which has become the focus of our elected officials. An America divided by a broken political system which can no longer serve the needs of the people.

    How dare you sir, how dare you drive on more stake through the heart of America.

  31. I want this to be the kind of country where if I go with friends to a gay bar, the shirtless bartenders and bar backs have pistols tucked in their waistbands, making them at least twice as sexy as without. and where any terrorist wanna-be will never know if the cook and dee-jay are also packing.

  32. The families of the victims in the Orlando massacre don’t need any of your prayers or condolences. They need everyone who is in denial about the need for gun reform to start getting a clue. This guy was investigated twice by the FBI and VERY easily and legally purchased the guns he used to kill 50 people. A person convicted of a felony theft can’t get a job, but a guy on the FBI watch list can buy guns legally. WTF?

  33. Based upon month after month of record background checks, and sales figures; I think that ship has sailed, Obama.

    America has not only decided, but acted upon it.


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