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A trauma surgeon in New York City, where shootings and murders have skyrocketed in the last eight months, believes it is the job of politicians to stop criminals from behaving criminally. The Daily News reports:

As he watches the surge in gunshot victims across New York City, veteran trauma surgeon Dr. Ronald Simon is baffled by politicians’ inability to stem the bloodshed.

“It’s mind boggling to me that we can’t get our act together to start taking steps to prevent this kind of gun violence,” said Simon, Director of Trauma Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn.

Simon also believes that if we just curtail the existence of firearms, the bad guys will stop being bad:

“I just hope that eventually, sooner rather than later, people could put their political desires or motives aside and all get together and create laws or programs that will enable us to reduce the availability of guns and prevent people from getting them that shouldn’t have them so that there are no innocent bystanders,” Simon said.

But Simon — who lives and works in one of the most heavily gun-controlled cities in the country — might want to talk to some New York city politicians who pin the blame for the crime surge on reasons other than guns:

City Council member…Joseph Borelli, a Staten Island Republican, agree that the city’s medics and doctors are doing yeoman’s work in dealing with the violence — but they disagree on the cause.

Borelli blamed the changes in laws governing pre-trial detention and police tactics, and the NYPD decision to dissolve plainclothes anti-crime units.

“This has been an exercise in progressive government gone awry,” he said.

And now for some off-roading op-ed. There is an overwhelming belief by some that guns are to blame for the recent violence. If only gang bangers and violent offenders didn’t have guns, we’d all be safe, even the bad guys! And we all know if politicians would only enact stricter gun control laws, criminals won’t be able to get their hands on firearms…right?

It seems to be forgotten, time and again, that criminals are going to behave a criminals. Politicians can throw all the gun control in the world at the problem, but those who want to do violence will find a way to do it. Either they’re going to get their hands on firearms — just as they already do — or they’re going to use other weapons to injure and murder people.

The idea that ever-more laws will somehow reduce acts of violence is delusional and unrealistic. It’s also asking for trouble because it gives Big Government ever-increasing power over the lives of all of us. Believing government can waive a regulatory wand and end “gun violence,” as Dr. Simon seem to, is unicorns and rainbows thinking, like Maria twirling on an Alpine mountaintop.

Reality is something else. The good guys end up punished and the bad guys become the only ones who are armed. Does that seem right to you?

This may be a biased crowd to ask, but here goes: do any of you believe giving the government more power will do anything to curb violence has any positive effect?

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  1. A sword by itself does not slay; it is merely the weapon used by the slayer. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman Stoic philosopher, 4 B.C. – A.D. 65

    A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.

    In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself
    by passing laws about the means employed.”

    In other news, a new poll has found that 1 out of 3 Democrats are just as stupid as the other two. ….and will vote for Creepy. Sleazy, Senile Socialist Puppet #46 Joey and the real threat Kamal Toe.

    A Liberal is an idiot wrapped in moron muffin and smothered in free shit stupid sauce.

    • True to that, and they are stuck on legacy MSM for their news. How misinformed are they?
      To measure the true effect of the media’s censorship on the election, the Media Research Center asked The Polling Company to survey 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), six of which (all but North Carolina) were called for Biden (survey details below). We tested these voters’ knowledge of eight news stories — all important topics that our ongoing analysis had shown the liberal news media had failed to cover properly. We found that a huge majority (82%) of Biden voters were unaware of at least one of these key items, with five percent saying they were unaware of all eight of the issues we tested.

      This lack of information proved crucial: One of every six Biden voters we surveyed (17%) said they would have abandoned the Democratic candidate had they known the facts about one or more of these news stories. A shift of this magnitude would have changed the outcome in all six of the swing states won by Joe Biden, and Donald Trump would have comfortably won a second term as president.

    • Maybe there wouldn’t be as much gang violence if trauma surgeons stopped patching them up and sending them back onto the streets to play again. I blame the trauma surgeons

      • “Maybe there wouldn’t be as much gang violence if trauma surgeons stopped patching them up and sending them back onto the streets to play again. ”

        I think you are onto something, here.

  2. Immature people are always willing to give away power over them. It absolves them of the responsibility for individual accountability. Claiming to be a victim of circumstances, the environment or some higher power, creates a nice, soft blanket to wrap themselves in and hope everything bad will be resolved by someone else.

  3. I wonder, with all of our “advanced medical technology”, why there are typically over 400,000 deaths annually in the US alone directly attributable to medical errors.

    Doctor, heal thyself.

  4. Human nature has not changed since we emerged from the swamp. Be it the jaw of an ass, a knife, a gun or any other tool, mankind will find away to do in his fellow apes. No amount of law will ever change that fact.
    While laws are a good thing to have in a civilized society, they will never ultimately overcome our nature.

  5. Hey, he is entitled to his opinion, no matter how moronic it is! I wonder what he is complaining about. His investment portfolio must be off the hook with all the work coming in. If he was really concerned he would move to a smaller quieter community and settle into a nice relaxed practice. No, he wants to work in a high volume victim business area so he can make as much money as he can, and now he complaining, what a dipshit. He is a instragram, faceplant, twitter loving moron complaining about something he knows nothing about. It’s New York, a target rich victim city voted for by guys just like him who made this problem and now complain about it.

    • I doubt the good doctor even knows there are laws in place, much less know the actual laws themselves.

      • Southern Cross is correct and perhaps that is a good reason for the doctor to practice medicine and leave the rights of citizens alone, especially those relative to the 2nd amendment and a person’s right to self protection.

  6. The politicians won’t stop the gun violence because they constantly let the criminal thugs back out onto the streets (more demotator voters). Even if the thugs get sentenced, they rarely serve the full time and often get out on ‘good behavior’. If they had any good behavior, they would not be criminal thugs. They just want to satisfy the voters that are still out so that their relatives and friends can get early release. 🤬

    • NYC is a “special” case, first the end of stop and frisk (didn’t agree with it but it was effective) did reintroduce the ability for more criminals to carry weapons without consequence. The bail reform effectively ending lockup for anything short of murder removed consequences (well immediate ones) for criminal behavior. And the defund the police and changing of enforcement priorities effectively did away with actually solving crimes let alone preventing them. All of NY is having issues with at least some of these issues but NYC got hit will all of them and has some historic criminal history to draw upon for reference. I doubt we will match Chicago but I could see giving Philadelphia a run for its spot in violent crime per capita.

      • NYC is going back to the future. Back to the 1970s. Organized Crime will soon muscle in to restore order, or show the street thugs how it is really done.

  7. Why Can’t Politicians Stop ‘Gun Violence’? Because politicians are in charge of gun violence. Just ask FBI.

  8. I’m sure Dr. Simon is as easily baffled as to why potholes exists in the 21st Century. Or for that matter medical malpractice….?

  9. Perhaps the reason politicians can’t stop gun violence is because gun violence is the result of politicians policies and programs. The inner city ghetto (aka urban plantation) is an example and it’s clear politicians have lost control. The handouts aren’t enough anymore and the drug scene has flourished with the continuing economic malaise leading to even more gang related violence. Add in defund the police and it’s the perfect prescription for gun and other forms of violence.

    • No way man. Those gun free zones are a major deterrent. It should enrage us when people don’t follow them. They are the perfect answer to guns. Duh.

    • Politicians aren’t going to stop or even control to any extent any crime committed by a person using a gun until they realize that the “person” holding the gun is the problem.

  10. Maybe we could try stop and frisk, and profiling. I seem to recall that being involved in the previous reduction in crime and violence.

  11. Looks like fake news to me.

    If this is real then it is a grand example of a brainwashed fool given a podium by half-wits.

  12. idiotic or disconnected quote on removing guns does TTAG follow up on these people for a polite debate/rebut and do a Change my Mind kinda thing, that would make for an interesting article

  13. Stop and frisk, and profiling is Unconstitutional. Any red blooded, freedom loving American can see that. Unless the lawman has probable cause that a specific INDIVIDUAL has committed or is about to commit a crime everything else is BS.

    In NYC how come Orthodox Jews never ” fit the description”. They all wear the same style clothes and have the same hair cut. This would be wrong for them and it wrong for anyone else.

    Are we OK with having Constitution Free Zones? Certain neighbourhoods or towns are free of the pesky rights that hamstring cops? GTFO.

    Anyone who has interacted with a cop who has had a bad day can attest to this, regardless of the color of those involved.

    Remember what the original Uncle Ben ( Benjamin Franklin) said ” Those who give up freedom from safety deserve neither”.

    Also remember what the native American Indians said to the Black Buffalo Soldiers ” Today for me, tommorow for you.”

    Also if you have read this far please consider supporting the Republicans in the senate special election run off in GA. Donate your money, your time or By combination thereof to making sure the Democrats don’t have a majority the senate. Your gun rights depend on it.

    • I’m sorry, I missed the news reports about the Chasidic gangs terrorizing New York and Los Angeles, and causing all the crime. The crime rate among the Chasidic community is virtually ZERO.

      Are you intentionally gaslighting us, or are you dumb as a box o’ rocks??

      Now, I agree that “stop and frisk’ is unconstitutional. Don’t want to see it, anywhere. But “profiling”??? AYFKMRN???

      We don’t stop and frisk Amish, Mennonites, Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, either. Perhaps there’s a reason for that. Think about it, with your limited cognitive abilities.

        • Correct, he is not wrong. If you believe in the Constitution and the 2A, and that infringements on the 2A are wrong then such actions are also wrong. Things like stop and frisk are equally an illegal infringement. To stop and frisk someone there has to be real cause that can be defended in a court.

        • Also, we are trying to *prevent* crime, which is not only always unconstitutional but also always stupid. The way to reduce crime is to punish it in ways which do not allow repeat offenders. Someone is a thief? Cut off a hand. Or kill the mofo. Repeat offenses drop very quickly, and once the criminal element observes the penalty is real, first offenses are gonna become scarce as well. Rape? Use your imagination.

    • Downunder a federal government organization known as “Border Force” (also known as Border Farce) announced they were going to do spot checks in the Sydney CBD on immigration and citizenship status. When pointed out this could be racial profiling, they said they would check people according to population demographics. The minister in charge told them to give it up as they would be detaining and questioning mostly Australian citizens who don’t carry visas or citizenship status papers, and usually nothing more than a driver’s license.

  14. Hey Doc, why can’t politicians stop doctors from killing 400,000 people per year?

  15. Why do Doctors need an association to monitor their activities? How many surgeons do stupid things or unethical things? Why can’t the AMA stop that?

    It’s inherent in a free society that we must wait for people to do wrong before we punish them or stop them.

    That’s just the way it is. No where will you find a law having prevented something from happening if the person committing the act was determined to do so. Yes, laws give us a set of rules that we can look to as a list of what we shouldn’t do. But then if we went to church we’ve already got 10 fundamental ones and then there’s one that encompasses them all and more the golden rule.

    But some people are sick or selfish and will not abide by them.

    All gun laws do is punish the innocent. Stay in your lane Dr. and take care of your own business.

  16. 95% of gun violence in the United States is driven by the policies of the democrat party…..they are constantly releasing, over and over again, violent gun criminals……this is our problem. The democrat party is the cause of our gun crime problem in cities they control……..this needs to be driven home to the American people.

  17. “A trauma surgeon in New York City, where shootings and murders have skyrocketed in the last eight months, believes it is the job of politicians to stop criminals from behaving criminally.”

    I have news for the rocket scientist trauma surgeon,there isn’t any politician anywhere that can do anything to prevent criminal use of arms, short of enforcing the death penalty and caring it out but deep down the Leftard doctor knows that.

  18. Attending college for 8 years doesn’t prove anyone is intelligent, only that they can pass a test. I worked with many people with PhD’s that barely could feed themselves or figure out how to exit a room.

    • “I worked with many people with PhD’s that barely could feed themselves or figure out how to exit a room.”

      Often, people with advanced degrees become specialists in minute subsets of their training. These people know more and more about less and less, until they know nothing about anything.

      • @Sam. How right you are… I am fascinated by “experts” that know only one thing, and those people educated beyond their intelligence. These are quite a few of those in the medical profession and of course politics.

        • What I’m the most amazed about is that these so-called experts believe that because they are an expert in one field that carries over into other fields that they are totally ignorant about.

  19. Just contacted the Daily News reporters of this story and Dr. Simon to comment on the 400,000 patients who die each year from medical malpractice and doctor/surgeon/nursing errors. To address the reason why politicians can’t haven’t acted to curtail the action which perpetrate those deaths. I encourage everyone who takes the time to post here to also take the time to Email these individuals in the same manner. While commenting on this and other sites may make you feel good it serves little purpose. Making your opinion known directly to those who perpetrate false narratives to the masses Must Be done on every possible occasion. If for no other reason than to call out their Agenda Driven Ideologies for what they are and show not everyone falls for their lies and half truths. Stop being the “Silent Forgotten Masses” By making your voices heard. Peace Be with You

  20. Why can’t politicians stop gun violence?

    Because jailing your own constituents is bad for re-election.

    Because reduced gun violence would remove the justification for a burgeoning police state.

    Because in cities like Chicago, NYC, LA and Atlanta you don’t want to disarm your own employees and organizations.

    Because gun laws have never been about preventing gun violence – they are about controlling the law abiding citizen who poses a threat to your tyrannical aspirations.

    Because laws control the law abiding, not criminals.

    Because in order to stop “gun violence” you would have to destroy or confiscate all the guns in The United States, and then it would only change the nature of the violence, not the existence of criminal violence.

    Did I miss anything?

    Stolen Authority is Illegitimate///Do Not Comply///Boycott BRCC

  21. How much do you bet that this moron will eagerly support a ban on “assault rifles” to reduce “gun violence?”. With the exception of people killed by police (mostly justified), there is an extreme paucity of people getting killed in New York City with rifles of any type much less military style semiautomatic rifles.

    • Elmer, being shot by the police is less of a concern to criminals than it has ever been. A few days ago I spoke of a friend who had spent the previous weekend in Atlanta and of his observations. He and his family visited a friend, who is from Florida, and her Brazilian born husband. The husband related an incident that had occurred recently in front of his home. Husband hears verbal altercation and looks outside. Two men across the street yelling obscenities. One has a handgun, fires a shot into the ground then points handgun at his adversaries head. 911 is called. Operator, “Has anyone been shot?” Husband, “No, I don’t think so. Not yet.” Operator, “We won’t respond unless someone has been shot.” Husband later confirmed this with a local officer in a private conversation. Husband then began to lecture Casey on how the United States needs to enact firearms laws similar to Brazil. Casey, no dunce, quickly asked how that was working for Brazil since Brazil has one of the highest murder rates on the planet. The crickets chirped.

        • tdiinva, I’m not sure I understand. Not sure didn’t flip-flop the numbers? 3800+ vs. 17 the cops way sounds good to me. Well, maybe the cops could use a little more range time.

        • Of the 3890 people shot in Chicago the police have only shot 17 and not one of them is controversial. The rest involve criminal behavior by at least 1 party.

  22. NY Shitty where Gun Control is fashionable and still there is “Gun Violence?” Stopping The Criminal Misuse Of Firearms Is One Thing. Trampling The Rights Of The Law Abiding Is Another And At This Stage Of The Game It’s A Very Dangerous Idea.

    Who in their right mind would place their life in the hands of a wondering surgeon who does not bother to seek out the facts before asking such a dumb question and making a fool out of himself?

  23. Physicians are mechanics of the human system. I would no more tolerate my auto mechanic to control my natural, civil and human rights than I would/do my human mechanic.

    A trauma surgeon is in the business of treating trauma. There is nothing in the physician’s creed/oath that obligates the surgeon to reduce his/her workload. If one does not want to deal with trauma, that person should practice a different art. It is extraordinarily rare for a Pharmacist or Dentist to deal with gunshot wounds. Same for the admin staff in any Doctor’s office.

    • My son is a doctor; I started out as an engineer. I used to pull his chain with “Engineers make life better by creating new products and services. Doctors are merely God’s Mr. Goodwrench.”

  24. “NYC Trauma Surgeon Wonders Why Can’t Politicians Stop ‘Gun Violence’?”

    Very simple answer, he’s off topic. The topic is HUMAN VIOLENCE. That’s a real thing, a real problem.

    But he is confused, he thinks the inanimate weapon is a cause of human behavior. His off-topic thinking is typical of the Hoplophobe.

    Possibly some Electro-Shock Therapy could help him overcome his mental/emotional malfunction.

  25. Actually Doctor, your politicians are turning them back to the streets instead of what you’re probably thinking they should do!

    • “Actually Doctor, your politicians are turning them back to the streets instead of what you’re probably thinking they should do!”

      Pretty convinced the Doctor agrees with turning criminals back onto the streets, but it should be illegal for them to get firearms.

        • “Not quite right, he has no problem with those criminals being armed, it is *ME* he wishes to disarm.”

          Are you a gun owner? If so, you are simply a criminal who has yet to self-identify. Thus, disarming you is elegant logic. And fits the Doctor’s demand that “something” be done to eradicate “gun violence”. Also, it is elegantly logical that if all guns are removed from the nation, “gun violence” will be at an end: no guns, no gun violence. (Just like “no laws, no lawbreakers.”)

  26. He is correct. My local gun range has an extremely high concentration of firearms, ammunition and armed individuals, relative to the rest of the city. As a result, it’s like downtown Fallujah during the height of the US invasion. The amount of blood and carnage there is simply relentless, thus proving the correlation between firearms and “gun violence”.
    Just kidding, it’s actually the most peaceful and chill spot in all of NYC.

  27. Look at who you’ve been electing Doc! The people in power, especially where you are, are pretty much promoting it with nonsense like bail reform ( no bail) revolving door for violent felon, etc. And yet you and them still look at us first when see rampant gun violence. Pull your collective eggheads outta you sphincters!

  28. Yes give any government enough power and it can curb anything it wants. Is that a good thing? Depends on how a person perceives freedom.


  30. The Dr. is right: before there were guns, there was no violence and no innocent bystander victims…

    Wait … is that right …?

      • “Doesn’t the Old Testament speak of crime problems 5000 years prior to the invention of firearms?”

        Absolutely. However…..

        There was no gun violence in the times of the Old Testament.

  31. Perhaps Dr. Ronald Simon should take some time to read and understand the @nd Amendment to the Constitution along with the method necessary to change that or any other Amendment. Along with that he should also become knowledgeable about the Laws already on the books and ask why those in violation are not arrested and sentenced. He should then realize that their are already many restrictions in place by Law which allow legal ownership of legal weapons , however the law is deficient in keeping weapons out of the hands of those not supposed to acquire them; they can and do purchase on the black market, acquire stolen weapons along with the ‘grey or area’ weapons which need to be outlawed.
    His inquiry will undoubtedly enlighten him and cause him to question the motives of the politicians for every recommendation they put forward is in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment and they wish to do it through EOs. Those same actions will do nothing to keep weapons out of the hands of the criminals or from those with mental conditions which would preclude them from owning a weapon. INSTEAD, their actions penalize the normal American citizen from owning and using a weapon for protection or in shooting sports.

  32. I firmly believe that all Doctors, but especially Trauma Surgeons are required to make a deal with the Devil to obtain their degrees/licenses. Turn over your common sense in exchange for your degree/license.

  33. Hmm… has there been a huge increase in carry permits awarded or purchased in NYC in the last couple years that I’m unaware of?

    If not, someone using logic might consider OTHER factors that have drastically changed that could have caused a jump in homicides.

    But no. We can’t do that. Keep releasing criminals from prison. Keep stopping cops from doing their job. I’m sure that will convince everyone to buy less guns.

  34. So, the good Doctor has shown himself as an educated idiot. Blame the hardware for what the user/possessor does with it. I own a fairly extensive collection of firearms. By the Drs. line of thought, I should have a number of dead at my door on a regular basis. Because it must be the guns that cause the crimes. Conveniently forgetting that the person behind the gun has free will and can choose to act in any number of ways. Including not drawing the weapon and not committing the crime.
    NYC doesn’t have a gun crime problem. It just has a violent crime problem which means they have a criminal population that needs to be dealt with. Not the tools used.

    • My great-grandma summed up the medical profession about 75 years ago (and she died on the farm at the age of 105)…. “Dr. mind the sick, and leave the we’ll alone.”

  35. “This may be a biased crowd to ask, but here goes: do any of you believe giving the government more power will do anything to curb violence has any positive effect?”

    Short Answer: No

    Long Answer: Nope

    • “…do any of you believe giving the government more power will do anything to curb violence has any positive effect?” ”

      Yes, but you wouldn’t like it.

      Visited Taipei once. Felt very safe, day and night. There were three layers of “protection” on what seemed like every corner: city police, island/national police, army. Walked the alleys to sample local cooking, with no concern (the alleys were full of street vendors anyway).

      So, yes, if we had three layers of police types on every corner, with complete intolerance for disorderly conduct, and a justice system that tolerated zero crime, and a willingness of the public to not create disturbances, giving the government more power would likely result is less crime physical crime all around.

      Of course, that visit to Taiwan was long ago. With modern gadgets, the government could also monitor crimes like not wearing a mask in your living room.

  36. There is no way in the flaming fires of hell that doc is that ignorant, no way. So, since he simply cannot be, then he’s lying and he knows it, too. He’s acting as if taking an AR away from some farmer in Oklahoma will somehow magically make gang-bangers stop shooting people in NYC. Obvious bullmanure!

  37. If you curtail drugs, the drug use will end.
    They curtailed alcohol, how did that work out? Just ask the mob.

  38. They are stupid they want to blame it on guns, guns don’t kill, people does, they want the crime to continue, that’s why they won’t do what needs to be done, like, open hanging for murder, e- chair, stricter more Hearst punishment not a slap on the hand, once convicted they traded their rights for freedom, for a cell block not a fenced in hotel with free food, tv, and playthings to enjoy at other expenses, they are criminals not v.i.p. guests, they should be made to work and produce and grow their own food r do without no TV no sports Nothing but hard labor everyday 12 to 14 hrs then back to the cell block, then they will think before doing, blaming something that has no control of itself, doesn’t move, won’t operate at all without something or someone picking it up it’s a tool how it is used is the responsibility of the user not the tool (Firearms )

    • This. That’s why the prison farm and chain gangs worked. Work those guys from sun up to sun down, and they’ll be too tired to concentrate on illicit activities, fighting with each other, etc. Either that, or do what they did in the Minority Report, which is put them in suspended animation for their prison term. The point being that their time every day no longer belongs to them, which to me is the worst punishment there could be.

  39. The politicians are the cause of a lot of the crime and violence via the legislation they enact, and the legislation they fail to enact. They will deny their failings, but 2 + 2 still equal 4.

  40. Where do we report this crappy BIG and little Text size/format used for articles? Is this being done to approximate the focus shift from rear sight tofront sight and repeat ad nauseam? And RED at that. I hate it.

  41. Huge appetite in the US for drugs and prostitution, of course gangs will set up and defend territory, which when combined with a lack of willingness to defend the border ends up in a free for all in the inner cities. The police know where the gangsters are, and which ones have firearms…but you can add a lack of willingness to go after the gang-bangers due to political considerations on race. Everybody knows this, the simpletons that think “if we just ban guns, nobody will ever die again!” aren’t worth talking to or about. In the current political climate, I would say the gun grabber efforts have absolutely nothing to do with stopping crime – if they actually cared, they’d go after the criminals – and everything to do with disarmament.

  42. Why don’t we just ban guns? That ought to work. Let’s see: we banned cocaine, marijuana, heroin, prostitution, even alcohol , at one point. That worked! Oh, I forgot. We still have drugs and other illegal stuff. Maybe we should legalize marijuana? Heroin with needle exchanges. We are doing these.
    Maybe we should allow MORE carry by legal , background checked people. Then, if a criminal thinks a person or house has a way to protect themselves, they will go somewhere else.

  43. “Then, if a criminal thinks a person or house has a way to protect themselves, they will go somewhere else.”

    That would work only if criminals knew and understood. We talk about 100 million gun owners. That is one in three. The risk is 33% that an attack on a person will be met with fierce resistance. Yet….the attacks continue. Somehow, the criminals either do not have the information about the risk (why is that?), or, maybe they don’t believe it. Or, maybe, they don’t care.

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