The Assembly Chamber is pictured during a legislative session at the state Capitol on the last scheduled day of the 2022 legislative session Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Albany, N.Y. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)
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By Marina Villanueve, AP

New York’s legislature voted Thursday to ban anyone under age 21 from buying or possessing a semi-automatic rifle, a major change to state firearm laws pushed through less than three weeks after an 18-year-old used one of the guns to kill 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo.

The bill raising the age limit is the most significant part of a package of gun control measures announced earlier this week by Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Other new legislation will restrict civilian purchases of bullet-resistant armor, which was worn by the killer in Buffalo, and require new guns to be equipped with microstamping technology that can help law enforcement investigators trace bullets to particular firearms.

The age limit bill passed the Senate along party lines, 43-20, and in the Assembly 102-47, and will now head to Hochul’s desk for her signature.

New York already requires people to be 21 to possess a handgun. Younger people would still be allowed to have other types of rifles and shotguns under the new law, but would be unable to buy the type of rifles used by the 18-year-old gunmen in the mass shootings in Buffalo and at a Texas elementary school.

Besides raising the legal purchase age to 21, the bill would also require anyone buying a semi-automatic rifle to get a license — something now only required for handguns.

Republican candidate for New York Governor Rob Astorino speaks to a reporter about gun laws and election issues outside the state Capitol on the last scheduled day of the 2022 legislative session, Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Albany, N.Y. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)

Many Republicans opposed the new gun limitations, arguing they would inconvenience law-abiding firearms owners and could be easily circumvented by people determined to get weapons.

Sen. Gustavo Rivera, a Bronx Democrat, said he had no problem putting up obstacles.

“It is meant to be a hassle to those folks who might want to get their hands quickly on something with which they could mass murder people,” he said.

The age limit change would largely impact areas outside New York City, which already requires permits to possess, carry and purchase any type of firearm and prohibits most applicants under 21.

New York would join a handful of states — including Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Vermont and Washington – that require buyers to be at least 21 instead of 18 to purchase some types of long guns. Similar legislation has been proposed in Utah.

Legal fights over the legislation are expected. New York’s law limiting who can get a handgun license is already the subject of a lawsuit now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

California’s attempt to raise the legal buying age for semi-automatic weapons has also been challenged.

State Sen. Brian Kavanagh, D- New York, left, speaks with Senator Deputy Majority Leader, Michael Gianaris, D-Astoria, before a Senate session at the state Capitol on the last scheduled day of the 2022 legislative session, Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Albany, N.Y. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)

On May 11, a U.S. appeals court panel in northern California ruled 2-1 that the state’s ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons to adults under 21 is unconstitutional. The two judges who ruled in the majority were part of Republican President Donald Trump’s wave of conservative-approved nominees that reshaped the famously liberal court.

The National Rifle Association is also challenging Florida’s ban on the sale of rifles and other firearms to adults under age 21, which was passed in the wake of a 2018 shooting that killed 17 students and staff at a high school in Parkland.

Previously, people as young as 16 could possess long guns like rifles and shotguns without a license in New York, although they had to be 18 to buy one from a federally licensed firearms dealer.

Sen. Alexis Weik, a Republican of Long Island, pointed out that an 18-year-old could still travel to another state and buy a semi-automatic rifle.

Sen. Kevin Thomas, a Long Island Democrat and one of the bill’s sponsors, replied, “Are you advocating for federal gun control? Because that what’s needed.”

New York lawmakers were also passing legislation expanding the list of people who can apply for an extreme risk protection order, a court order that can temporarily prohibit someone from purchasing or possessing a firearm if they are believed to be a danger to themselves or others.

“Even as we take action to protect New Yorkers, we recognize that this is a nationwide problem. I once again urge Congress to seize this moment and pass meaningful gun violence prevention measures. We have no time to waste,” Hochul said in a statement.

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  1. So the question then is, if SCOTUS rules in favor of NYSRPA will this nullify all such state’s laws?

    • I like that you said “if”. What are the chances that Thomas has been removed from writing the opinion and Roberts is now in the process of authoring a very watered-down version? For the children…

      Just speculating.

      • Roberts can’t remove Thomas from writing his own opinion and if the other four real conservatives sign on to his opinion and Roberts writes his own, the Roberts version loses and becomes nothing more than a mostly concurring opinion. The power of “Chief Justice” is rather limited and he is unlikely to want to encourage a break away conservative group, so my bet is he will simply sign on to the Thomas opinion.

        • I highly doubt Thomas will allow anyone else but him to write the opinion, as much as he has loudly and publicly complained the 2A is “A second-class right”…

    • Assuming we get a favorable ruling we will likely need to litigate each law case by expensive case. The body armor one especially sucks.

    • No, not at all. SCOTUS is deciding a very particular question involving the “may issue” status of handgun carry licenses.

      Now, they COULD determine that “strict scrutiny” should apply to gun laws. That would, theoretically, impose a much different standard upon circuit courts that should cause many infringing gun laws to be tossed.

      HOWEVER. The reality is that each of these laws would have to find a plaintiff, lawyers, and go through court motions to be adjudicated. It’s very unlikely that even a ‘friendly’ SCOTUS would take any such cases before circuit courts got a crack at them. Realistically this could mean years for each law. That’s the key problem with this system, lawmakers can just keep writing unconstitutional laws and face no consequences for it due to legal immunity while citizens suffer.

    • Like I or anyone with good sense cares what leftist virtue signaling politicians signal, though the people of Nevada will have the chance to kick this particular dim-bulb to the curb in November like so many others we will be rid of.

    • Gun manufacturers don’t need any state investment. The people are investing in them tens of thousands of times a month.

      Have I told you you’re an idiot lefty cocksucker this month? If I haven’t, consider it done.

    • Said gun companies making “assault rifles” should refuse to do business in Nevada like Barrett and Hornady did in California a while back

      • Exactly. If those weapons are so unacceptable, state agencies certainly don’t need to be using them. Parts vendors shouldn’t deal with them either.

    • Nevada will return to being a red state after lake Meade finishes drying up and Las Vegas has to be abandoned, with all the leftist ilk returning to California.

      • California is in it’s own worst drought in over 1200 years, nope they’ll most likely continue infecting flyover states.

        • “California is in it’s own worst drought in over 1200 years“

          Wow, it’s almost like the climate is changing…

        • I think it is more like God has had enough and shut off the water to the leftist coast. They are already knee deep in mentally ill, and homeless, and of course all the drug addicts; now they won’t even be able to hose the crap off the sidewalks!

        • Climate has ALWAYS been changing. And NOTHING the left offers can do anything about it, except destroy the American economy and make China our masters. Kinda want the left wants.

        • REALLY In over a THOUSAND years” Bloviating BS

          WTH in LA was measuring/recording rainfall in 800AD? Were the injuns use inches or the metric system? How often/how did they calibrate their collecton basket? They writing this down in Mexican or Injun? Progs are such gullible, lying morons.

          They are short on water but are still importing Mexicans/etc by the buttload. Smart folks aren’t they.

    • Outside of a few bloated old manufacturers the majority of the companies in the gun industry are self-funded and quite profitable. It doesn’t matter what Nevada does.

  2. Hmmm…

    Must be 21 to buy or possess a semi-automatic firearm.
    Must be 21 to buy or possess alcohol
    Must be 21 to buy or possess marijuana
    Must be 21 to vote.
    Must be 21 to join the military.
    Must be 21 for consensual sex.

    Let’s at least be consistent.

    • This right here….

      ***”Must be 21 for consensual sex.”***

      Stop us Democrats from having sex with, or pushing/grooming 18-20 years olds into porn, and we will back away from this faster than a church service on Sunday.

      On that matter, and voting, we want the age lowered to 16 years old. Maybe lower, we will let you know.

      What fun is taking/confiscating your guns if we can not enjoy the spoils from our war?

    • Actually the Democrats want to lower the age of consent to 12 years of age or perhaps lower. It depends on who you talk to. Also they want the lower the age to vote down to 16 years of age. And they would like to legalize the use of any drug for a child at any age. They’re quite comfortable with 6 or 8 year olds smoking marijuana.

      • “Actually the Democrats want to lower the age of consent to 12 years of age or perhaps lower“

        Christian conservatives just cannot stop themselves from lying, it’s a fascinating phenomena.

        The fact is, it’s Republicans who want no age restrictions on their child brides:

        “Republicans in Louisiana’s state legislature are attempting to block a law that would set the minimum age for marriage to 17.

        The bill was introduced by state senator Yvonne Colomb, a Democrat from Baton Rouge, who first proposed the age as 16. Louisiana currently has no minimum age for marriage.“

        If it wasn’t for disinformation, conservative Republicans would have no information at all.

        • That’s the fake Miner.

          Poorly written, mundane subject, cliché attacks, without much to any substance.

          Fake. Ignore.

        • “That’s the fake Miner”

          Incorrect, you can tell by the veracity of my statement and the fact that I included an actual citation and a link to the source document.

          And the facts show that Republicans have attempted to block the imposition of a minimum age for marriage without parental approval.

    • Logical Conclusion,
      Since there is a minimum age for so many things, then it stands to reason that there should also be a maxed out age for certain things and a mandatory comprehension test for all political candidates over 70. And, it would be a good idea to start with President biden considering he languishes in being on the forefront of bringing about change.

      • Is there a “mandatory comprehension test” when you reach 18 to enjoy your majority rights? NO, so your logic is flawed.

        You want to “max out” certain politicians, cool. We have it, it’s called voting.

        Stop the incredible amount of voter fraud and Bidet will not get anywhere near 81 million votes.

        One Day, One Vote.

        Conservatives are always playing down stream of the problem.

  3. Why is 21 the magic number?

    If you are old enough to drive, enter into a contractual obligation, join the military to fight and die, then you are old enough to smoke, drink, and own any gunm that you want.

    You are either an adult with ALL rights and privileges or you’re not.

    This half @$$Ed 18 for this. 21 for that, 30 for the other is pure BS.

      • SUNY (state university of New York) is not much better and largely taxpayer subsidized for tuition. So naturally will eventually need to push it back to 25.

        • 25 is the magic age for “children” as set by Obumer for medical insurance on parent policy.

    • It’s about as magic as that 10,000 steps every idiot with a smart watch is always chasing.

      Pointless and arbitrary. But it makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something.

    • I’m not concerned about all the rest of that – just the military age. Any youngster who is deemed mature and responsible enough to carry a weapon on behalf of arseholes in Washington, is also mature and responsible enough to conduct himself as an adult. Adult citizens don’t need permission to arm themselves. The same actions that they might take on behalf of Biden are permissible when taken on that citizen’s own behalf.

      • “I’m not concerned about all the rest of that – just the military age.”

        Why not? Why should someone be able to elect individuals who will gladly strip rights, when the individual voting can’t even exercise those rights.

        Not far off from people from other countries moving here and voting illegally. You should need to have skin in the game to elect the people who will strip your rights.

    • No one 21 or over ever drives while intoxicated or commits acts of violence, so NY is effectively saved, hooray! Too bad if you are a responsible 18-20 year old, you can’t be trusted.

      Not that you could really still buy good NY semi auto rifles anyway.

    • They want 18yos to be responsible for contracts and given full terms in jail and be declared a felon at 18, but he can’t have a beer. Adults more than 3years older than a minor should be charged with rape if the deed is done, but you will need the worlds trickiest crowbar to keep like minded teens from doing the wild thing. Allowing a 16 year old to get married to the other parent of a child should be a no brainer, that is the right thing to do. Many young teens came to the city, all ready hitched by a justice of the peace before WWII. Just look back in your family history, read government census and you might be surprised how young you grandparents and great grandparents were.
      The whole purpose here is to keep young people out of the real workforce, out of the middle class, and responsible with no means to pay other than tagging mom and dad for their bills.

    • Don’t forget the big one: voting

      So, not trustworthy enough to own a gun but old enough to help set public policy and vote for the leader of the free world who could (theoretically) end civilization in an hour?


  4. Thank God I live in Kentucky. We may have a lame duck governor and the republican super majority has incredibly outdated thinking on some subjects, but this kind of bull-hockery would never f*ing fly here. We just got constitutional carry a year and a 1/2 ago.

    • Kentucky… Hah!

      The land of Moscow Mitch/Turtle who is a deep state plant.

      Or a Blue Governor with a 58% approval rating.

      Kentucky is backwards country.

      • That’s okay. You keep thinking that. As the residence of Kentucky continue to buy more guns and ammunition than anyone else. It’s going to make that National Divorce so much easier.

      • Fake Miner, even the lowest hill-jack in Kentucky has more personal integrity than you.

        Why don’t you exhibit some personal responsibility and use your own handle when posting your comments.

  5. “…would be unable to buy the type of rifles…”
    seems redundant- didn’t the safe act effectively do this already?
    and to michael, it would be nice to see what strict scrutiny would affect.

    • SAFE act missed AOW, Other/Firearms, and destructive devices. What this did was make anything not a rifle (16 inch barrel with stock) or a shotgun (18 inch barrel in whatever legal configuration) an assault weapon and banned unless it is an approved pistol on your license or one of the few registered assault weapons from a decade ago. Jury is out on what it means for shockwave, stripped lowers, and fire control units. Strict scrutiny would be wonderful but would still be the opening to welcome to litigation hell.

  6. Attention all 18 year olds… make the treachery your central voting issue… And stop joining the military until 21, you are no longer considered trusted or mature enough to handle guns… Stop signing up to make The globalist military complex rich..

  7. But they won’t require armed security in every school in NY state. The one thing that would stop school shootings has never been part of their plans. Thats because the don’ t want to stop school shooting. They want to disarm the populace they are planning to subjugate.

    • Meanwhile dims want 16year olds voting. In ILLanoy fat boy just decided girl’s under 18 can murder their baby without parental consent. I’m pretty meh about 18year olds buying an AR-the monster of Newtown was a psychotic 20 who murdered mom & stole her rifle. AND Chiraq has thousands of teens murdering & committing mayhem.

      • I want 16 yos reading, getting an ID, passing American History, learning what the Constitution and BORs says.

  8. So would a ban on AR-15’s result in a call to arms?. Biden quote: The second amendment is not an absolute right? Biden is possibly the most stupid man in America. He is delusional on almost every issue. No plan for anything. People, even liberals are waking up. There have been over a million guns sold every month for the last 34 consecutive months. The pull out from Afghanistan, 87 Billion worth of military hardware and weapons left to our enemy. The infant formula scandal, He claims is not his fault. Fuel costs at at least $5.00 a gallon of Gas. No plan on immigration. The first responsibility of government is the saftey and security of the nation, total fail! He is responsible for every but of it, however he continues to lie and lie. . Now he wants to infringe on law abiding citizen rights. A drunk 16 year old can make better policy decisions. To you democrats who voted for Biden, well you owe me gas money.

    • “People, even liberals are waking up. ”

      Really?? Biden holds a solid 75% to 80% approval rating from Democrats.

      He is doing more to implement the Marxist agenda than any other President before him. More than Woodrow Wilson, even more than Obama.

      Everything you mention Wally is necessary for The Great Reset.

      You people who cling to your Sky Daddies and Guns need to be dragged into the Great Community….

      ….where you will own nothing and you will be happy.

      • “Biden holds a solid 75% to 80% approval rating from Democrats.”

        Proving just how insane these bastards really are.

      • Keep mocking my Lord Jesus Christ you moron. You will bend the knee. I honestly hope you come to realize Jesus is the way because I wouldn’t wish the alternative on anyone.

        • watch out, if you don’t believe in santa he won’t bring you any presents. And will instead send elves to torture you into eternity

        • Hannibal, if you wish to spread atheism, go do it somewhere else? Thanks.

    • “The pull out from Afghanistan, 87 Billion worth of military hardware and weapons left to our enemy“

      It was New York City confidence artist Donald Trump who negotiated the retreat treaty with the terrorist Taliban, and the $87 billion figure is the entire cost of our involvement over the past 20 years.

        • “No. He NEVER would have given up the air base, and THAT was the problem.”

          I regret to inform you that the surrender deal Donald Trump negotiated with the terrorists included a complete withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, including the airbase.

      • Senator Biden voted for the Afghan war. VP Biden helped oversee the largest influx of US troops and US casualties in Afghanistan. And it was Resident Biden that surrendered our equipment and civilians in Afghanistan.
        Nice try though.

        • “it was Resident Biden that surrendered our equipment and civilians in Afghanistan“

          No, civilians had over one year after the announcement of the surrender withdrawal by Donald Trump, to leave Afghanistan but many chose to remain after the deadline. Joe Biden actually extended the deadline by three months to give American civilians more time to leave.

          Donald Trump negotiated the surrender deal with the Taliban, agreeing to leave the weapons with the Afghanistan army.

      • Liar. You keep alluding to that lie, and have YET to post a cite or source. F*** YOU, MajorStupidity, you lying liar. Now do (i) the FACT that the actual abandonment of hundreds of Americans AND the abandonment of billions of dollars of high-tech weaponry actually happened under Senile Joe, and (ii) Joe “the Big Guy” was getting his 10% rake off from the illegal/immoral scams of his crackhead son WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE.

        You are too stupid to insult, MajorStupidity.

  9. “…..ban anyone under age 21 from buying or possessing a semi-automatic rifle,….”
    Yep, that’ll do it. Bad guys…bad boys….follow laws to the letter like “Thou shalt not kill”, Murder 1, Murder 2, Manslaughter, and 20,000 plus other “thou shalt nots” about guns. Yep, just one more law was all we needed to stop willful intent to dispense Evil, Violence, and Mayhem.

    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns. They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.

    The late Col Jeff Cooper commented in 1958, “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.”

    The problem is NOT guns.
    It’s hearts without God.
    Homes without discipline.
    Families without two loving parents.
    Courts without Justice.
    Politicians hating America.
    Schools without prayer….hope those kiddies did not violate school rules by praying while being shot, waiting for “good guys with guns” to NOT save them.

    These mass shootings again serve to prove that when seconds count, police may be standing outside for only 45 minutes or an hour……..”You are on your own.”

    • “Schools without prayer.” Funny that the bitch that got prayer removed from schools ended up being beheaded. When satan was finished with her that was her reward. God Bless!

      • “Schools without prayer.”

        Prayer has never been outlawed in schools, any student who wishes to pray is permitted to do so, as long as it does not interfere with the educational process for other students.

    • That’s the worst part of this madness, can still go to downtown Albany and buy drugs guns and other stuff within a block of the Capital that our laws supposedly prevent. All this trash means is citizens can’t get body armor if they have to work/live in dangerous areas (unless they get a second job in security) and need a license for 10/22, pc9 and neutered AR’s as well as any hunting rifle that happens to be semiautomatic.

    GOOD PARENTS … ! ?


    • A mandatory draft? You maintain that a government that repeatedly lied us into multiple wars of choice and wipes its ass with 4A on a regular basis should be granted even MORE force over the people’s liberty? Get real.

  11. “I once again urge Congress to seize this moment and pass meaningful gun violence prevention measures. We have no time to waste,” Hochul said in a statement.”

    Unelected fucking tuesday!

    • Rumors of something regarding primary and her NRA rating got mentioned but yet again she is way more willing to spend taxpayer money in losing court battles to keep her position than Coumo ever was. Well guess no slow descent for NY we are going right to crazy land.

    • My man, that’s not how NY works. The same was said about Cuomo after ’12. Wasn’t even a close election.

      And the worst part about is that voter turnout was garbage upstate.

  12. I’ve been wondering when and why the gun controllers haven’t gone after body armor. Body armor would be included in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as the old 1800s definition of “arms” included armor as well I believe, but I doubt most court justices will understand that. I am curious as to how the microstamping requirement is supposed to work, as the technology for that isn’t doable and it is easy to bypass. The license for a semiautomatic gun is probably going to limit a lot of people from purchasing such because if it works like the hand gun licenses in this state, you need like four non-family references who have known you for like some number of years, and not all of us have those. Challenges to such laws as violating a person’s ability to defend themselves will be shrugged off by liberal judges, as they’ll just say, “You can still buy a 12-gauge pump action shotgun, or lever action, or bolt action rifles to defend yourself at home, so your right to self defense is not restricted.”

    • The microstamping may be a throwaway do something as the technology is not viable (but some gov appointed panel of experts may get a lucrative project job to figure that out), you are spot on with the semiautomatic license issues and those may get slapped down liberal justices or not. Armor I fear may stick and the others are likely gone till the safe act goes.

      • Apparently, from what I can gather from another forum, the armor ban only affects soft body armor, not plated armor. The details of the microstamping law are, basically, that the state is going to make a very serious try at implementing it, but it is like a multi-year project. First the relevant authorities have to test the technology and make sure it is viable, and then other processes have to be completed, and so forth. It does not mean that the moment the law passes, boom, microstamping for guns is required. Also it only is for handguns, not long guns.

        **IF** the armor ban is only for soft armor and IF the semi-auto rifle license requirement isn’t as strict as for handguns, the laws passed aren’t as bad as they seem I think. But if plated armor is banned, and if you need a bunch of references for the semi-auto rifle, it is going to really suck.

        People buy armor for protection though, such as during lawless times, so such a ban might still get struck down, who knows.

        • Here in Ca, we are very limited to the handguns we can buy(new). No AR or broom handle types and only those with 10 or fewer magazines(that are approved on the handgun list).
          Until micro stamping becomes a reality, (which it won’t), we have very little choice. This is where the rest of the country is heading.
          I am embarrassed for my state and of course, LEOs have exemptions.

        • The problem is while plates can hilariously be cheaper (even with the carrier included) they are not as well suited/concealable for everyday americans as a level 2 vest/teeshirt/hoodie can be (or 3a if one pays extra for thinner pressings). With that said I am hoping it gets struck down and the rifle licence doesn’t go anywhere but hope in one hand……

    • Microstamping is a backdoor gun ban. Since it doesn’t exist, manufacturers can’t implement it and won’t be allowed to sell guns. If they try to implement it, the AG can say their implementation doesn’t work (for all the reasons we already know), and they can’t sell guns until they magically invent a method that can’t be defeated by swapping parts or spending 10 seconds with a metal file.

      • In NY it’s not written to be a backdoor ban like it might be in CA. It doesn’t come into effect until it’s viable (like NJ’s safe gun stuff was). It’s a meaningless gesture that does nothing (but is still shit)

  13. If people between the ages of 18-20 aren’t mature enough to handle tobacco, alcohol, or firearms, then they aren’t mature enough to vote or serve in the military either. So say goodbye to all those young votes and eager young soldiers.

  14. The only reason age to vote changed from 21 to 18 was Vietnam War. The soldiers went all out on “if we’re old enough to fight, we’re old enough to Vote
    This was under LBJ’s administration.
    Was not a fan of our engagement there but I did support our troops there!
    I’m glad we have all volunteer Military now and thank you for your service if you signed up

  15. Can any of these anti gun politicians actually demonstrate just how their proposed laws will accomplish their advertised intent? We already know the actual intent is to disarm the legal gun owners.
    Not 1 law ever written has or ever can prevent someone from committing a violent act. Laws only codify what a society has decided what is unacceptable behavior and what the proscribed punishments should be. Even in countries like China, Russia, and according to some the oh so civilized countries of Western Europe, violent crimes and mass murders happen.
    So what makes the idiots in state or in the federal legislatures think more laws or restrictions will actually change human nature or prevent someone with evil intent from doing violence?

    • To a gun-control liberal, these laws are all pretty reasonable, because none of them ban guns or require you to get a license for non-semiautomatic long guns, such as pump-action shotguns, bolt-actions, lever-actions, etc…so your ability to protect your family is not all that inhibited as they see it, mass shooters who want to just go and buy an AR-15 will be restricted though, those who really want AR-15s will still be able to buy them, and so forth.

  16. All of Biden’s gassing and all the BS in the House is really just a smoke screen cover for what is going on in the Senate! Write your Senators and those spineless GOP pretenders Graham, Cornyn, and Collins; also write McConnell (yeah, I know, but it needs doing). I am half way there, but still need to write Cornyn, Collins, and McConnell. Then I will call all of them. Don’t let the Democrats damage our rights right before we can get them kicked from politics.

    Donating money is good, but writing and calling are free and do every bit as much or more.

  17. yeah, check into the legislators who proposed this and see if they got ‘donations’ from the company that makes microstamping machines.

  18. Pretty clear why they’re starting to push this.

    They’ve seen the polling on approval political violence, including assassination. Their staffers have made clear to them the historical trends for “post public health emergency” violence too.

    They have a good idea that things are boiling and very likely to boil over and that it’s the fault of the politicians and bureaucrats that this likely will happen.

    Sure, the top line on the SPLC is all “right wing” nonsense but look deeper. 40% of Democrat men under 50 support attempting to intimidate pols they don’t like. 25% of Democrat women under 50 feel the same. 44% of the men in that cohort support assassination of pols they don’t like along with 32% of the women. Some of these numbers are higher or lower in younger Republicans.

    Other polls generally line up along this front too.

    But what’s worrying them, for sure, is the numbers on their own side from these pol’s point of view. Hard Lefties may not like Democrat pols and may see assassination as the answer.

    Not paying attention to your kids and grandkids or the school system for decade after decade has some nasty consequences, eh?

    • “44% of the men in that cohort support assassination of pols”

      That certainly is quite the claim, have you a source that I might examine in more detail?

      • DuckDuckGo “Southern Poverty assassination poll” for summary articles, or go to SPLC’s website and read their spin on it if you’re a masochist.

        • “stuff to cherry-pick“

          As you did in your original post…

          And I understand why you wanted to cherry pick, given this conclusion from the article:

          “Those on the right appear more likely to approve of political violence. When asked whether they believed that “some violence might be necessary to protect the country from radical extremists,” 41% of Republicans agreed, compared to 34% of Democrats and 29% of independents. Over half of Republicans say the country seems headed toward a civil war in the near future, compared to 39% of Democrats.“

          What is especially interesting is how rabid Republican women are, both younger and older expressed approval of “assassinating “a politician who is harming our country or democracy.” at a much higher rate than their democratic counterparts.

          40% vs 32% for younger Republican women and 10% vs 9% for older Republican women.

          Gotta watch out for them ‘Church Ladies’…

          “Miner doesn’t strike me to be a particularly smart person“

          And good morning to you as well!🌞

    • The only laws you have to follow are the ones you choose to follow. You can always go the way of a bitch.

    • That’s the “current thing” flag. You’re supposed to care, and care deeply, about the current thing.

      Are you not reading the memos?

    • The npc update when they realized BLM flags were not keeping their people satisfied with virtue signaling. Honestly surprised the rainbow+prime hasn’t replaced it yet.

  19. Not one of these bills will do a darn thing to stop violent people from getting guns or knives, etc to do their deeds.
    These Leftists have no clue that you have to do something about the violent people. Not inanimate objects.

  20. An 18 year old who is about to be detained by a police officer and has a semi-auto he stole will likely panic and start firing.
    Unarmed citizens throughout history never survived that condition.
    Laws only provide for punishment. Honest people do not need laws. Laws punish criminals and owning a semi-auto before 21st birthday will ruin your life essentially and society has one more angry citizen to add to the mix. Imagine it being a Black person. Already has been discouraged by Sharpton so let’s add more trouble.
    Fuck New York once and for all and forever. I never want to hear another thing about that cesspool of human idiots.

  21. Even if all of this Phoney Feel Good Legislation Passed with overwhelming support, it wouldn’t prevent the next Mass Shooting. The Gun Free School Zones Act didn’t stop them. The 1994 Assault Weapons and Magazine Capacity Restrictions Ban didn’t stop then (Hey Joe, remember COLUMBINE?).
    The End Goal is Disarming American Citizens. The Democrat’s want Total Hegemonic Control over the American Citizenry. That’s the unspoken Mission Statement of the DNC, PERIOD!


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