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New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced today that, among other measures she’ll be taking to fight white supremacy and domestic terrorism after the Buffalo supermarket shooting, she’ll also be working with the New York legislature to pass a microstamping mandate.

After laying out a range of moves she’ll be making to combat white supremacy and domestic terrorism (focusing on domestic terrorism, threat assessment, social media monitoring), she announced what she intends to do about the “weaponization of hate.”

She then held up a couple of .233/5.56 rounds to show the kind of ammunition the Buffalo killer used, then announced . . .

What we don’t have is a way to give each bullet a unique fingerprint. Microstamping allows police to trace bullets and casings back to gun that fired them. That’s just common sense. We’ll work with our legislature to get that done. 

What the governor didn’t talk about is exactly how that will work. She didn’t mention the fact that microstamping doesn’t exist yet. She didn’t say that California enacted a microstamping mandate years ago and no gun maker has produced a working model yet.

Neither did she talk about how she sees a prospective microstamping law working in New York. As ardent an anti-gunner as Governor Hochul may be, she’s not likely try to outlaw the millions of standard firearms without microstamping capability — which is all of them — that are currently owned by New Yorkers. Or maybe we’re being too optimistic.

Oh, and the governor also neglected to mention that microstamping would have done precisely nothing to prevent Saturday’s shooting in Buffalo.

ammunition microstamping
By Microstamper at en.wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, Link

Microstamping, however, isn’t her only big-brain idea to do something in the aftermath of Buffalo. After praising the work that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown and Moms Demand Action civilian disarmament operations did to pass a red flag law in New York, the Governor proclaimed that it’s time to strengthen the currently law.

As such, she’ll be signing an executive order mandating that state police file an extreme risk protection order for firearms confiscation for anyone they believe is a danger to themself or others. That’s now an option under current law. She also vowed to work with the legislature to extend that mandate to local police departments.

Hochul also announced that after outlawing “ghost guns” in the Empire State, it’s time to address another class of firearms she said was specifically designed to skirt the law — any other weapons.

She told her audience that . . .

You’ll be shocked when you see type of gun that can be bought in NY, a new category, specifically designed to fall outside regulation…that’s why they exist. Our laws don’t regulate [any other weapons]. They will now.

“A new category.” She then displayed what appears to be an AR pistol which can be considered an AOW in some lengths and configurations . . .

The Governor no doubt expect her audience to be suitably horrified.

It’s concealable, they’re high powered, and they can be modified to take a high capacity magazine. We will revise definition of a firearm to ban them in New York. It’s a loophole so big you can drive a truck through. 

She also announced that she’ll sign an executive order requiring New York law enforcement agencies to report recovered crime guns to state authorities within 24 hours for testing and tracing.

The Governor then cryptically mentioned working on “…background checks and permitting for specific guns. There’s strong interest in being smart about this.” No further details were offered.

Governor Hochul pronounced that New York has . . .

…the toughest gun laws in the nation, but the gun [the Buffalo killer] purchased was legal. But you can go across the border to PA and buy a magazine with 30 bullets in it. 

That’s her justification for calling for spreading the kind of New York gun control laws that failed so spectacularly this weekend to the nation as a whole.

I hope this is the wakeup call this country has needed. Parkland, Sandy Hook…Charleston, Pittsburgh, El Paso…enough is enough. We’re doing something right now. That’s my promise to New Yorkers. 

That’s when the Governor introduced her next speaker, Al Shartpton, who she thanked “for being the voice we need at this time.” Because when America thinks racial healing and reconciliation, the first name to come to mind is always Al Sharpton’s.

Sharpton echoed Hochul’s comments decrying white supremacy and domestic terrorism before referring to “replacement theory” that apparently motivated the Buffalo killer and about which he wrote in his unhinged manifesto.

Sharpton then declared, addressing racists and white supremacists, that with Governor Hochul’s help . . .

We won’t replace you, but we will disarm you. 

If you concentrate really hard, you can feel the healing begin already.

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    • “..measures she’ll be taking to fight white supremacy and domestic terrorism..”

      One of the reasons we Americans need to fight so hard to win our country back from these Marxists, is when the history books are written, these people that have currently usurped power are exposed for the racists they are.

      They are a stain on this great nation and its history.

    • BREAKING: G G GHOST GUNZ banned in ILLannoy. Dims are happy. Crime stays the same. They still blame Indiana…

    • Sieg Heil fraulein hochul…The fuhrer sends you best wishes. Your unwavering support for Gun Control has not gone unnoticed.

      When your term as governor ends the fuhrer has a management opening waiting for you at a concentration camp housing former gun owners that is quite convenient to your location. There your duties will cover grounds maintenance, gas chamber maintenance and environmentally conscious corpse disposal.

      Indeed you have proven yourself worthy of the position and the fuhrer eagerly awaits your reply. Sieg heil fraulein hochul.

  1. Wow she looks like a drunken Cruella De Ville. But honestly they have the guy in custody and the gun and the ammo? What special problem is Miss DeVille trying to solve for now?

    • Free speach, right to bear arms, due process, protection from capricious search/seizure, and a few others but if anyone is playing bill of rights infringement bingo and hasn’t hit today I would be amazed. Oh and civil rights lawsuit pending and may take a while but this could stand to neuter many methods of government infringement if litigated well.

        • Yep, Hey I know their kind (politicians) avoid sunlight, but damn. Get outside once in a while.

        • We are still pushing masks as we have a hot zone and runaway infections…….and not blaming the unvaccinated this time so she is in a weird place lately.

  2. This joke of a politician should be holding accountable the people that failed New York’s ridiculous “red flag laws” that allowed the p.o.s. to buy a gun in the first place. But she’s just a pandering p.o.s. herself.

  3. Tracing tracing tracing. I am still waiting for SOMEONE to explain what is so all fired important about tracing. Arrest a guy in possession of a firearm and tracing is entirely unnecessary, and if it is a stolen gun, the odds of finding other bad guys who used the same gun to commit a crime is essentially zero. All you will find are those persons who lawfully purchased a firearm and then had it stolen. What is the point? The one and only time it is PERHAPS useful is when you have a gun and a crime scene but no criminal–but again, if the gun was stolen, you are SOOL.

    Then this microstamping thing. Microstamping was sold in California as a way of assisting police in SOLVING crimes, and in no way was it (supposedly) a means of preventing crime. Turns out it was a lie. The purpose of the law was and is to limit the number of pistols available for sale, and if Hochul follow through, semiautomatic rifles as well. It is a gun ban that by indirection finds direction out.

    • Tell you what…if microstamping ever became a reality, anyone could simply pick up random brass from the ground at the local pistol range to be used to “salt” a crime scene and point the finger at some other (innocent) person. You could go one step further and simply drop in a generic replacement barrel to commit a crime, then put your original one back in afterward and toss the bad one into a restaurant’s bathroom trash where it’ll disappear. That’ll thwart any attempt to forensically match your gun with a recovered bullet. Or you could…or…or…

      Anyone with half a brain can think up a variety of ways to get around gun laws, if they’re dead set on committing a crime. So why aren’t we looking at the root cause of people choosing crime in the first place?

      • The barrel swap trick is cool, but won’t solve the Microstamping issue, as that number is on the firing pin, not the barrel. It WILL fluster the knuckleheads with spent rounds to assess, the ones they find will never match your gun once yuo swap back to the barrel you always use for lawful purposes.

        Presently spent rounds recovered from a crime scene or shooting can have their barrel markings analised, and can most often prove these rounds were fired from THAT barrel. But nothing connects THAT barrel with ME.
        Here is a novel idea for this wretch of a governess: how’s about taking strong and VERY unpleasant actions against those who DO use arms for unlawful purposes? And who kill in general as well. Cars, molotov cocktails, claw hammers, axes and knives, are all used far more often in sereious crime than are firearms.

        The ability to TRACE back to which gun fired THIS bullet is only one of many steps to finding the guilty parties. So you now know THIS gun fired THAT bullet. WHO fired that round? HOW does one make all those connexioins? WHERE is HE right now? Where WAS he when that round was fired? HOW do you sknow his pal Charlie isn’t the one who lit off that certain round? (you don’t) WHERE was he when he did that?

        Until you have the answewrs to ALL those questions you have no case. And until you KNOW who held that gun when one certain round And even IF yuo have the stamped number imprinted on that empty brass you stil have to play at least twenty questions to find out what is really going on.

        • Machine tooling changes from run to run. Connecting casings and or spent rounds to a specific barrel is a fiction created and perpetrated by hollyweird. The best that could be done is narrowing it down to a serial number block within a manufacturing run.

        • @Tionico,

          “The barrel swap trick is cool, but won’t solve the Microstamping issue…”

          Yes, I know. That’s why I said “you could go one step further”, not “do this instead of…”

          I concluded my comment by stating anyone can think up a variety of ways to get around gun laws, if they’re dead set on committing a crime.

        • “But nothing connects THAT barrel with ME.”

          Possibly. Ever wonder what happened to that test bullet the manufacturer fired before shipping the gun to a retailer? Would it be possible to trace that bullet to a specific gun, sold originally to a specific buyer, who then just might keep a record of subsequent sale?

          Point of tracing is not to fight crime, but to hold the original owner accountable for not practicing “safe storage”, failing to timely report the theft of the gun, gross negligence, depraved indifference, or something, anything.

          “And even IF yuo have the stamped number imprinted on that empty brass you stil have to play at least twenty questions to find out what is really going on.”

          20 questions in not an obstacle; it’s part of the fun.

    • “I am still waiting for SOMEONE to explain what is so all fired important about tracing.”

      The point is to make the process so onerous, no one bothers to do it.

      Kinda like how Haz has been treated getting his LA county carry ‘permission slip’.

      The question I have for those that know Constitutional Law is, if we get the Glorious ‘Strict Scrutiny’ from the high court, can we use that to attack bullshit like that?

      And question number 2 – I was unaware an AR could be built as an ‘Any Other Weapon’. This is very important, as an SBR stamp costs 200 dollars, and an AOW stamp costs just 5 dollars.

      Can someone please show me an example of a legal AOW AR build. please?

      • Strict scrutiny means the gun control is upheld only if it is strictly necessary to achieve a compelling government interest. The burden is on the government. Re microstamp the compelling interest would be catching people who flee the scene of a shooting and leave spent casings as evidence of their identity. However if there is a less restrictive way of achieving this interest, say for example ballistic matching between a particular gun and a spent casing without reference to a micro stamp, the law is struck down. Here while there is a compelling government interest in catching those who shoot a semi automatics and flee the scene leaving spent casings, micro stamping is not necessary to achieve this goal as there are many other ballistic or investigative techniques to achieve this goal that are less intrusive, such as traditional ballistic matching between the type of gun and the spent casing. Thus this law fails strict scrutiny because it is not strictly necessary to achieve the government interest.

        • “Thus this law fails strict scrutiny because it is not strictly necessary to achieve the government interest.”

          I hesitate to disagree (no, I don’t), but the “compelling government interest” here is to break the firearms industry, make firearm ownership so onerous that people will simply disarm themselves, eliminating a threat to government tyranny….for the children.

          And we don’t even get into the “compelling interest” government has in protecting people from themselves.

  4. To simply be put, microstamping is Registration for FUTURE CONFISCATION!! Funny how the inventor of Microstamping admitted that the Microstamp Structured Firing Pin weathers and wears away after a short time of use, and while the Firing Pin remains 100% usable, the micronumber…….goes away.

    “We won’t replace you, but we will disarm you”.

    If only Sharpton included the Black & Brown Urban Gangbangers whom are committing 70% of the murders in the Country in that statement.

    But then again, “Dey his brothas”.

  5. I guess requiring microstamping is much better than forcing the mentally ill to get treatment. And requiring microstamping is better than allowing black people and everyone else to shoot back when they need to.

    It’s nice to see that things have not changed. The white s0ci@list Progressive liberal always knows what’s best for black people.

    • Careful the roads we go down with mental illness . Not saying there isn’t a merit for it but to what end ? Anyone with mental illness in their medical records does that mean they aren’t allowed to protect themselves? Say the middle aged woman down the road who had an abusive husband now has ptsd that is a mental disorder does she just wait like a wounded gazelle?

      • Adam Lanza was severely mentally ill. And everyone knew it. He planned to murder school children for at least a year before he did it.

        Elliot Rodgers in California was also mentally disturbed. His family knew it. And they called the police on him. They interviewed him and did nothing. He had planned to murder people a year before he did it too. He continued buy ammunition, magazines, guns, and anything he needed to kill people. And he passed all the background checks because nobody wanted to write him up for being mentally disturbed.

        Same for the Buffalo New York shooter. He was arrested after he made threats and sent to a facility for evaluation. He was released in less than 24 hours.

        The reason for the passage of “Red Flag” laws is simply a reaction, to not locking up the mentally ill, when everybody knows they should be locked up.

        I don’t think we need red flag laws. I think they’re dangerous. But the real dangerous people are the so-called “smartest people” in the room. Who believe the mentally ill should be allowed to run free. It’s those people that are setting up situation that is causing fear in the General Public.

        Many of us in the gun Community have speculated that the reason why Liberals are against gun ownership is because they know themselves they are mentally dangerous people. And they know as liberals they can’t be trusted with guns. So they don’t want anyone else to have them either.

        Because Liberals believe everyone else is just as sick in the head as they are.
        I think it’s the same for this mental illness issue. The people who are against locking up the mentally ill, are themselves mentally ill, to some degree. And they would much rather be free to disturb Society instead of being forced into treatment.

        This is what is going to cause gun control to be eventually passed. As well as red flag laws To be passed. Because we as a society have refused to hold mentally ill people accountable. And it doesn’t matter if they’re mentally ill or not. Everyone needs to be held accountable.

        • Don’t give more power tot he government. Especially not the power to decide who can and can’t have a gun.

        • I know a guy who was nuts and couldn’t buy a gunm so he killed his roommate with a machete.

        • I know a guy who was nuts and couldn’t buy a gun so he killed his roommate with a machete.

      • I feel like I keep repeating the same things but…
        Since 2014 in PA when PSP started prosecuting all non appealed PICS/NICS denials we discovered that an awful lot of people who should not be prohibited are prohibited because of some lone youthful encounter with the mental health system. We also discovered that PSP was interpreting things that were not prohibiting as being prohibiting.

        If we would just let everyone have guns and carry them anywhere then if a person does something bad with a gun someone else can stop them, regardless of their mental health.

      • to The Crimson Pirate

        The forced mental care for an sick mentally ill individual in this country, that decision was always made Historically by their family. Because they lived with the family. They saw how their sick family member acted. Their family doctor help in advising them on making this decision.

        But Outsiders. Libertarians Liberals and Leftists said no. They said a family should not have “the power” to decide how or if their mentally ill family member, be committed to a facility for treatment. The Three L’s would prefer having the government make that medical decision. Instead of the family and their private doctor.

        • Also in the old days. A mentally ill person, if they could fake it long enough. They could walk into a gun store and buy a gun. And if they were seen in the neighborhood, the residents would recognize them, and know they were a dangerous person. And shoot them dead on site. If they saw them with a gun.

          And they were almost not prosecuted. Because everyone understood it was a self-defense shooting.

        • Not to mention that the doctors are pushed into releasing these mentally damaged people. The law in Ca requires a group of doctors and a judge to sign off on a longer than 72 hr hold. Many of these people haven’t come down from the self prescribed drugs they were on, so the doctor never sees the mania(by design).
          The state does NOT want to pay for housing and treatment for these people, and neither does their insurance companies.
          The streets in any city or suburb in Ca are full of these people. It is either Drugs that got them first or mental problems, but it all ends up the same. (yes, many people are broke and live in their cars, but they save up the money to get first and last months rent, find a room mate and get a place – not the same.

      • Yes because Pshrinks are so successful (in extracting $ from the taxpayer with their voodoo BS). See also chiropractors. “Same time next week…… forever or the cash runs out”

    • I would like to see a debate between Al Sharpton and Thomas Sowell. The latter would fully own the former.

  6. LOLOLOLOL! Al Sharpton, folks! Race-baiter extraordinaire! “Give us money or we’ll call you racist!” Doesn’t he still owe the Feds back taxes??


  7. “Those who cry out that the government should “do something” never ever ask for data on what has actually happened when the government did something, compared to what actually happened when the government did nothing.” Thomas Sowell

    • Would that one tenth of our elected “public servants” were a tenth as sharp as is Thoimas Sowell.

      He’s written on just about everything, including firearms ownership nd use, gun control, (nearly all of which can easily be traced back to the days of Jim Crow laws, with an end to disarm the blacks…..).

  8. So🫄 The same “criminals” that steal guns, file serial numbers off guns won’t take a file to whatever mechanism stamps the casings 🤔🤨🤨🧐 ohh ok and to that you still would only have casings there wouldn’t be any way to stamp the actual projectile 🤭 I think these politicians are under the impression the whole big scary cartridge comes out of the barrel for some reason. I mean let’s be real what would stop a criminal mastermind from acquiring say casings from a shooting range if the owner was careless enough to leave them around , maybe that someone because of their political power had the luxury of being able to protect themselves with firearms that the common person didn’t what would the outcome be then if their micro stamped casing showed up at a crime scene?🤔🤔🤔

    • In my opinion the example photo of a print at the tip of the firing pin would be flattened out if you placed a steel plug in the chamber and dropped the hammer. Or add valve grinding compound. Or replaced tbe firing pin.
      Or bought a street gun. Or……

        • Hush, my DOG is far smarter than politicians. Most paramecia are far smarter than politicians.

      • I would bet a dollar that microstamped casings would soon prove to be so unreliable as evidence that they’d soon be disregarded entirely.

        Similar to how the mere presence of the username “possum” doesn’t definitively mean the Great Marsupial was the one who typed these words.

    • “…you still would only have casings there wouldn’t be any way to stamp the actual projectile.”

      You got to git chur mind right.

      Microstamping isn’t about tracing a bullet, but the gun itself. Microstamping traces the casing found at the crime scene back to the gun used (but not left at the scene). Once traced to a gun, then it is possible to charge the owner with something. The neat part is that microstamping is most useful when firearms are registered. If the actual criminal cannot be identified, at least the owner can possibly be made culpable, which is just as good as finding the actual shooter.

      And no, criminals are not smart enough to swap barrels, file firing pins, or extractors, or ejectors on any other part that would otherwise mark the cartridge casing. On the other hand, microstamping isn’t about actually reducing crime, but reducing legal ownership. Nobody cares if criminals or gangs shoot each other, or anyone else. Deterring gun purchases/ownership is the core of all gun control.

      Now, you should understand right thinking.

        • “…sell the gun to another criminal after the crime.”

          Zackly. Criminals would never figure that out; settled science.

    • They are supposed to stamp on the primer, so that it is visible. Leaving found brass would be a red herring, but you can bet people will police their brass at the range if it ever comes into effect.
      The also want to mark the bullet, but how many time does a bullet get so mashed up that they can’t run ballistics on it?
      It doesn’t work, and until you can tie the ammo down to a single purchaser(maybe by having a secret serial number on every round, would that work. It still won’t stop violent people from being violent.

    • Or who actually assassinated President Kennedy without the warren commission,millions of dollars,& a magic bullet theory
      And ultimately no definite answer decades later from a firearm with serial numbers

      • but don’t you remember the fairy tale? The one that there was ONLY one shooter involved, and HE was up on floor 6 of the book warehouse. I’m certain whoever it was who was up there was careful enouth to police his own brass… all ONE round of it. Hah, just walk off wiht th rifle, spent casing still chambered. Right?
        Never mind about the rounds that came from two additional different directions…… they never exist4ed so no numbers needed.

  9. I don’t fully understand how micro stamping works, but I have heard that if it’s built into the firing pin, simply ordering another firing pin does the trick or running 50 or so rounds will change the firing pin shape. I laugh when I buy a gun and there’s an expended casing in a little paper bag inside. I reload it if I reload that caliber, or toss if it I don’t, but can’t the technology easily be defeated? I know some states have very stringent laws on what you can or can’t order such as (maybe) a firing pin, but I could easily have someone in another state order it for me.

    This is obviously just another “feel good” proposal that won’t accomplish a damn thing.

    • No problems buying anything firearm related in the free State of MS. Even full auto if you have the $$ and can pass the FBI check.

      • Maybe regulate files?
        Old folklore ; violent students in Czarist Russia made bombs, so they banned the sale of dynamite.
        The students made bombs from wood ash, electricity, and salt. They explained slowly to the Tsar that they couldn’t easily ban those materials.
        The moral is that you cannot control supply of materials

    • Firing pins? Drive across state lines, and buy the pin you need. You don’t need a background check to buy such things. If that seems too much trouble, just make your own. When I was still a kid in school, I took my mis-firing .22 to an old man to fix. He got the firing pin out, examined it, told me he would have to replace it. Turned around, rifled some drawers, told me he didn’t have one to fit. If I wanted to wait, he could make one in something like an hour. I waited, and watched. Pretty simple, once you know what you need to do.

      Today’s modern firing pins can’t be much more difficult, can they?

    • I did a little research and the breach face and/or firing pin can be stamped. The firing pin is easy to buy anywhere as are most slides, but I’ll bet firing a few rounds will start to erode the breach face stamp.

    • All it takes to defeat the microstamp is either fire a couple hundred rounds through the gun, or remove the pin, gently swab it around on a whetstone for half a minute, then reassemble.
      There would have to be systems in place to trace and identify every new owner of that gun, then the rounds found at some scene will have to tally with who owned it when In otherwords, true registration just liie with cars But even THEY get stolen, numbers and all, and can go ghost for years. then maybe get cut up along with a bunch of junkers abandoned on the streets, all mixed together and sent to China in the hold of a 1200foot long bulk carrier. Gee, no clue what happened to that blue Mazda killed that kid on the bike four years ago.

      that Hochul critter must be stumping for votes. Maybe she will shoot herself in the foot by angering the wrong crowd with all her gun control hype.

  10. Anyone besides me expecting another run on guns, ammo, and other items related to firearms and self defense? The rest of this month and for the next couple months should see a spike in sales.

  11. Ftb nwyd ugly cuts to the bone! They aren’t just going to replace whites, all poor and middle class US citizens. Reckon black, brown, yellow,& red moms are looking for baby formula? There’s a pot full @ the border. If you are undocumented you get formula & a cellphone & a ride into the interior. Just waiting for the call that the revolution has begun.

  12. And again we hear from another tyrant. So much of this kind of crap is going to be tossed on the trash heap of history and the Democrats are gonna howl if SCOTUS comes back with requiring strict scrutiny in the NYSRPA v. Bruen case in the next few weeks.

  13. Microstamping. Yeah, sure. Because nobody would ever take a nail file to the business end of a firing pin. Or just apply a little dab of J-B Weld to the same. It’s sad. These people are *almost* too stupid to breathe. If only they were just a teeny little bit dumber…

  14. *yawn*

    Microstamping wouldn’t have prevented the murders in Buffalo. Now would it have helped solve the crime one second sooner. That’s IF they are capable of doing the microstamping. And, IF the stamp ever comes out legible.

    All she’s doing is adding higher cost to firearms sold in New York. So, who’s going to bother with buying a firearm in New York? There has to be legal ways to bring firearms across state lines. Whether there is or not, there will always be illegal ways to carry firearms from one state to another.

  15. Microstamping is stupid! First of all there are thousands of guns out there already that don’t have this technology. Then of course there are the other 49 states where there is no microstamping required.
    Hochul is a nitwit with the brain of a Leftist anti-gun freak.

    • Walter E Beverly III,

      You would be wise to consider the possibility that Hochul and her ilk are not nitwits: rather they are exceedingly shrewd people who are intentionally enacting a plan which exploits us for their–NOT our–benefit.

    • 48, Walter. KKKalifornia TECHNICALLY requires it (they haven’t changed the law, yet), but it doesn’t work (as it won’t in NY).

  16. Microstamping hasn’t even hit a proof of concept stage under a controlled environment yet. It’s little more than a white paper and few fabricated examples.

    Why not just mandate a space elevator, matter replicators or that somebody should love her? All equally vapor-tastic figments at this point.

    • “Microstamping hasn’t even hit a proof of concept stage under a controlled environment yet.”

      The Californication Supreme Court already declared that a law impossible to comply with is still a valid, enforceable law. So far, it seems Calif is reluctant to run with that ruling. When the state finally enforces the microstamp law, others will follow along.

      Beware tyrants who go silent on a matter of control over the populace.

  17. “We won’t replace you, but we will disarm you”

    when we don’t comply, will you be in the stack, Al?

  18. … an executive order mandating that state police file an extreme risk protection order for firearms confiscation for anyone they believe is a danger to themself or others.

    Why do I have an unshakable hunch that voting for Republicans rockets you to the top of the list of “dangerous” people who deserve to be the subject of such orders?

    Sadly, that is the history of the human condition: declare that people who are outside of your “tribe” are “dangerous” and therefore worthy of extermination.

  19. Why does the NY governor strike me as a wine swilling smug, front pew “Bertha Better-than-You” type. Someone who disapproves of anything your kids do while her little angles are needing bail money?
    Can anyone show us how the current gun control demands are supposed to do anything to prevent another nutcase from arming themselves or prevent some street thug from buying a gun behind the Bodega or Liquor store? How do they plan to disarm the actual criminals? or is the actual plan to disarm those folks who have not committed any crime or who have no desire to do so?

  20. “But you can go across the border to PA and buy a magazine with 30 bullets in it. ”. I need to go to PA and get some magazines that already have the 30 bullets. Are they cheaper as a package?

    And Al Sharpton, what you need to be doing is advocating for our people and all people to be able to defend themselves against any threat!!

      • And it costs extra to get the 30 bullet magazine with the optional powder, primers, and casings upgrade…

        • Why do I get the feeling someone trolled her by pointing out an old add for preloaded magazines for sale circa zombie theme craze

  21. The Supreme Court of Californication ruled that their microstamping law was valid, even though there is no physical way to comply.

    Wonder if the NY Court of Appeals (highest court in NY) is smart enough to rule likewise?

  22. I got a question; how many people in New York have complied with their registration requirement for ARs? My understanding indicates the percentage was single digits, this is among normally law-abiding people. The more outrageous and unreasonable the law the fewer people will obey.

  23. For one, she looks like she used to be a he….or otherwise at one time had a penis instead of god knows what is “down there” which I’m confident is nasty.

    It’s incredible they think microstamping would work or couldn’t be easily defeated.

    But really, we can’t blame her for getting up there and spewing retarded babble. She has to say something!!! There’s not a damn thing she’s going to say at this point that would be even remotely intelligent.

    • MLee,

      She is a Dimocrat politcian, so QED. A Republican politician would at least make an EFFORT to understand something about firearms (and probably get it wrong, but at least they made the effort).

      • The dims know what they are saying. People who understand firearms don’t pay the least bit of attention to them. They are reaching the people who are uniformed. You know, stupid f—king people!

        • MLee, the problem is that we have to engage these people when they show just how uninformed they are about firearms in general and AR-15’s specifically. If we do not counter their stupidity, the uninformed masses will swallow what they say, hook, line, sinker, boat, anchor and chain.

  24. Why doesn’t this stupid bitch just catch the shooters and criminals and lock them up? That is what will stop the most crime.
    Must be beyond her job description…………….

  25. So what rifle is that she is gesturing to in the photo? That has a pistol grip, so unless it’s a fixed magazine rifle, it’s already illegal in this state? You can buy an AR pretzel gun (as I call it) which has a “conventional” rifle stock (which to fit an AR makes it look like a pretzel) and a newer variant of said stock that looks very very very close to being a thumbhole stock, so much so that I wouldn’t buy one as it could be seen as skirting the law, but you cannot have the rifle she is posing with unless it is something prior-owned before the SAFE Act that you registered, or has a pinned magazine, or is a bolt-action.

    • Theoretically others (specifically the AR version not the shockwave template) are legal as they are not covered by the SAFE act. Same with AOW (likely not what they meant) and destructive devices. Totally not looking to start a stamp collection with 12 gauge pistol abominations.

  26. I need some clarification. My understanding was “Any Other Weapon” was an NFA term for things covered by the NFA that weren’t machine guns, short barreled rifles, or short barreled shotguns. They have a cheaper tax stamp, but the same convoluted background check process. Do I have that wrong?

  27. Not sure I understand her push for microstamping. Had the Buffalo shooter’s rifle had microstamping capabilities, would it have helped them identify the shooter who they apprehended at the scene and currently have in custody? Or was she compelled to fluff the AFT’s tracing fetish because … reasons? (I have been informed by my State’s AG that an investigation can’t happen without a trace, so maybe that’s it.)

  28. Hochul can p’$$ the f’off… it’s not the gun, it’s the mentally disturbed individual… it’s the parents not knowing what kids are into, it’s fatherless homes and it’s democrats who want discrimination to run rampart.

  29. Forget Micro stamping just wait until the Leftist idiots wants all guns to come with permanent molded in Tiles or Air Tags so they can have real-time 24/7 tracking of all firearms. Coming to a Liberal haven near you. The good news is that it won’t have any effect on crime rates though.

  30. Micro stamping bullets , will NOT stop any crime that a criminal wants to commit using a firearm. It’s just a waste of Tax Payers monies. It will NOT stop any weapon crime or do I believe any crime will be solved by micro stamping. Show me Past Proof were micro stamping was effective in any crime case .


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